Naruto's Rebirth

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Naruto coughed blood as he saw his village in ruins.he dared not to look at his family dead bodies.he gasped again as a punch tore through him.he looked up and smiled as he saw the person and said"as expected from my apprentice.right sarada".in front of him stood a 15 year old sarada wih external sharingan and her body almost covered in both black and yellow flames.

He didn't know why but sasuke and sakura along with orochimaru decided to betray him.he was even surprised as mitsuki fought for him against orochimaru.sasuke and sakura secretly experimented on sarada giving her abilities that can nullify his powers.his thoughts were interrupted as he dodged another punch to death.he felt wet as he saw sarada crying.

She turned to him crying as she said"please master kill me.i cant hold any longer.please release me from this nighmare".naruto cried at the thought of losing his apprentice.he already lost his wife and kids but after seeing her crying face he resolved.he saw that for a moment the flames stopped.he used a truth seeking ball as he pierced her heart.

Sarada  returned to normal as she smiled at him.naruto was shocked as she planted her lips on him.sarada drew back saying"sorry master looks like i wont be completing my training as hokage".sarada fell limp in his arms as naruto exploded.a bright light engulfed konoha as it vanished leaving a huge crater killing every enemy within it.


Naruto opened his eyes to see a white room.he turned his eyes and saw hagoromo siting beside him.the sage bowed his head saying"sorry naruto.i didnt expect sasuke to turn evil again.its my fault for giving him that much power".naruto shooked his head as he still felt the last kiss by sarada.the sage interrupted him saying"i have a proposition for you naruto.i can send you to an other konoha without meaningless you can experince love for sarada i know that you can meet her in future again".

Seeing naruto not responding the sage opened a portal and kicked him into it saying"you will have your powers along with kurama.i will give you all bloodlines but someone has to help you in that.also dont just stick to hinata.there are many other girls along with hinata who love you idiot.i hope you live this life to the fullest".naruto blinked as the portal closed.he sighed thinking that it will be not bad to live his life without regrets.

 naruto woke up as he cleaned himself.its been 10 years since he was reborn in the past.he was more fit than his past life.he readied himself as he got to the academy.

Sakura moaned as naruto slammed into her pussy in the ladies washroom.naruto grunted as he cummed deep inside her undeveloped slide down as he felt ino behind him saying"i hope you are not done yet dobe".ino lifted her skrit as he slammed into her without remorse.ino moaned as she felt his cock reach deep ino womb.she cummed on his dick as naruto also cummed inside her womb due to her tightness.he was glad that they applied a anti pregnancy jutsu on themselves before fucking.

They got up as they adjusted their dresses saying"remember we will kill you if you brag about it.also dobe we can bet sasuke is much bigger than your pathetic cock".naruto sighed as they left.he cleaned himself as he also left to classroom.despite what they say he was not small.he was nearly 7inches which was big for his age.he laughed as he wanted to see the faces of them as they realise the size of sasukes 3 inch was a arrangement to use him to sate their lusts for sasuke.he wanted to get rid of mizuki so he failed the exams again.

Mizuki baited him again as he followed the same script not wanting to change it.currenly he was siting on his bed as looked at the ceiling saying"yugao you can come out".a shadow wearing cat mask came ou saying"naruto i told you not to call me by my name in mission".naruto just smiled saying"look ism a you know what that means right".

Yugao removed her mask blushing as she said"ok brat.i guess its time".naruto go horny as the anbu stripped infront of him.he and yugao were close but she promised her pussy only afer he became a genin.she kneeled down saying"your cock is impressive as always naruto".she licked the tip as she swallowed the entire lenghth due to her flexible throat.naruto moaned as he held her head thrusting his cock deep into her mouth.

Yugao eyes widened as she felt him cumming inside her throat.she gulped not leaving a single drop saying"mmmmh tasty".naruto was held on bed as yugao hovered above his cock saying"here is your present naruto".she fell down on his cock as she screamed due to pain.she began to rode his cock as the screams turned into moans of pleasure.

Naruto massaged her boobs as she gasped saying"yess just like tha.fuck me hard".naruto grinned as he held her hips slamminf into her pussy.he groaned as he cummed deep inside her womb filling it.yugao fell on him as she also came on his cock.she was flipped as naruto said "i hope you are ready because my dick wont calm down from this".yugao started moaning again as naruto continued fucking her.


Tsubaki got the news that mizuki was arrested for treason.she remained calm but she was told by an anbu to meet naruto uzumaki.she sighed as she reached his house.she opened the door only to saw the 11 year old naruo fucking a 22 year yugao doggy style.she blushed at the sounds as naruto saw her.he summoned a clone to take care of yugao as he drew his cock back.

He saw tsubaki face and got the expression he wanted.tsubaki looked at his dick shockingly at the size.naruto cleared his voice saying "look at these papers".tsubaki read them as she paled as naruo knew that she knew of orochimaru.she thought that naruti will hand her to hokage but sat on chair saying"if you agree to become my slave.then i will burn these papers".

Tsubaki thought as she know that being his slave is much better than treated as a traitor in the village.lust clouded her mind as she saw his cock and listened to the fucking at the side.naruto clicked his fingers saying"kiss my dick for start.then rub your face on it".tsubaki nodded her head as she knelt down as she gently kissed his cock.she admitted defeat as she rubbed her face in his cock covered in yugaos juiced.

Naruto felt satisfaction on knowing the fiance of the bastard mizuki is down her kness serving him.tsubaki didnt know when but the next thing she knew her mouth was filled by his cock.tsubaki groaned as her throart was unable to handle his length.her eyes widened as a torrent of cum blasted down her throat.she coughed as naruto said"apologise to me while using your pussy".

Tsubaki slipped her ring of her fingers as she undresses.she hovered on his cock saying"please forgive mizuki.he has done a horrible thing.please use the pussy of his fiance as payback".naruto smiled as tsubaki lowered herself on his dick.tsubaki moaned as his dick stretched her pussy much better than mizuki.

"Yess fuck me.your cock is much bigger and better than that bastard mizuki.fuck me like a slut"tsubaki said as she rode on his dick like a whore.naruto but his finger ss he drew a slave seal on her back.he completed his seal as tsubaki squealed squirting on his dick.naruto held her downsaying"here take my cum slut".tsubaki moaned as her eyes rolled as his cuk entered her womb.he can alter his cum i be fertile or non fertile and the slut below him is not worth his cum.he lifted her to bed where a unconsious yugao laid.he summoned some clones as he took care of all their holes.he thanked the seals becaude their moaning can be heard to hokage tower.

He woke up and saw yugao leaving for work he dragged his slave into the shower to calm his morning  wood.he left a barely sane tsubaki as he left for academy for team selections.he grunted knowing whatcthe team will be.

Naruto held a fainted hinata in his hands as remembered what happened a few moments back.he dreaded that sasuke will kiss him again but the place was changed to hinata.their lips connected as hinata fainted on spot.after leaving hinata at nurse he left for clasroom.he still loved hinata but he has to think if a solution to convince hiashi and elders.

The teams were same as naruto was stuck between a more emo and cock sasuke combined with completly useless sakura.he smiled seeing kakashi but groaned at the introduction.after the meeting he left to the nurse office as he waited for hinata to wake up.he heard mumbling as hinata woke up cutely.

Hinata opened her eyes only to see her crush close to her.she was about to faint but naruto held her saying "if you faint again.i wont talk to you again".hinata satby willpower as she listened as naruto blammed himself for not noticing her love.she held his chin saying"dont worry naruto.for you i will wait for 100 years to get your love".she kissed him on lips as she closed her eyes into sleep.naruto was shocked but chuckled as he aaw hinata faint again.he got o his home as he did nothing for the survival test.

The survival test has gone similar to his past.he wanted to show sasuke who he alpha is but decided against it.he groaned as the cursed d rank missions started.

Naruto looked up and saw that today was wave mission date.he completed extra d rank missions to take a c rank mission.they got to the tower as naruto stepped in saying"old man we have done more than enough d rank so please give us a c rank mission".hiruzen nodded as he invited tazuna in.

Naruo packed his stuff as he got ready for the mission.he ild tsubaki bye as he got to the gates.he saw his team waiting as they left the village for the mission.

The fight with the mist brothers was normal as kakashi killed them.he saw an angry kakashi demanding tazuna for answers as he looked to the sky saying"haku i wont let you die this time".


Far away from them a masked person stopped as she saw the sky.her partner trned to her saying"haku what's wrong".haku shooked her head as they continued their path to meet kakashi and his team.




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