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Naruto was sitting in his chair grumbling as he dealed with the paperwork.boruto was on mission and himawari is in academy.he thought about his beautiful wife hinata.he was feeling like a idiot for not noticing her earlier.she has grown into a beauty like a goddess.hinata was an angel to everyone but on bed with him she is a complete succubus. "Damn its always the quiet ones"naruto said thinking about their everynight escapades.he heard knocking on door as it opened revealing his wife.

Hinata smiled at her husband working as she brought him lunch.she waved at him as he leapt from seat onto her kissing her on lips.hinata balanced the bento as she melted into his kiss.she moaned as his hands had gone to her ass.she slapped him away saying"not now naruto".naruto turned her with teary eyes saying"hinata i missed just saved me from paperwork hell".hinata smiled at her husbands antics as she beside him and placed the bento saying"come on naruto eat your food.i have to pick up hima after this".she expected her husband to sit on and eat but he instead started kissing her again saying"hima can wait hinata i want you now".

Hinata blushed saying"now?but this is your office naruto".naruto smiled deviously saying"what are you saying isnt it one of your fantasies".hinata blushed red as naruto lifted her skrit up and pulled down her panties saying"we have to be quick no foreplay for you".hinata gasped he entered her pussy.she felt complete with his dick inside her.he kissed her on lips as he pumped his dick in and out her pussy.hinata moaned in pleasure as naruto fucked her on top of hokages table.she hugged him as naruto cummed inside her.naruto groaned as he dumped his load inside his wife as he slid out her pussy.hinata got to her knees as she cleaned his dick using her mouth.

Naruto and hinata adjusted their dresses after the fucking session as hinata kissed him saying goodbye.naruto stopped her saying "hinata can you sit down i have a news for you".hinata looked at questioningly as she sat before him as he handed her a file saying"remember my mission to demon country.during my childhood i was clueless and i promised a thing with the head priestess shion".hinata just listened as she was about to ask what the promise was as she opened the says "marriage contract between shion and naruto".naruto bowed his head saying "sorry hinata but i promised her to make a heir for her accidently but they took it seriously".

Hinata sat there calm not saying anything.naruto turned to her saying"i wanted to show it to you before rejecting.if you want i will reject the proprosal.i dont care for the consequences".hinata was glad that he is risking the alliance for her as she thought about it.she remembered his life as said "naruto what are your opinions about her.tell the truth".naruto gulped at her voice and said"she is also beautiful like you hinata.she resembles a lot like you.kind hearted and innocent.i have to admit that i also have a small crush on her".

Hinata calmly listened to her husband and said"then accept it i dont have any objections".naruto was shocked at her answer and asked why is she agreeing for his second marriage.she looked at him sadly saying"naruto i have followed you in your childhood.i know the hardships you have a bit extra love wont hurt our relation.also during our sex once kurama summoned me into the mindscape as a part of your parents remained.they said everything to me on how to show more love to you.considering the fact that you declined cra even though you are eligible proves youre loyal to me naruto so no problem.iam also gald that i will be having a new sister".

Naruto was shell shocked at her answer.he kissed her on lips lovingly saying"even though i marry another will be my main love hinata".hinata smiled at him as she shunshined to the academy.naruto signed the application as he delivered it via summon.what both naruto and hinata dont know is that sakura heard everything from the door.


Sakura laid on bed as she thought about what happened this morning.she felt extremly horny after seeing naruto fuck his wife.she loved sasuke but the distance between them increased more and more after sarada birth.she got a plan as she sent a message to naruto to meet her.she got dressed as she waited for naruto.a yellow flash signaled her of his coming.

Naruto teleported to sakuras house as she asked.he turned back and saw sakura wearing a beautiful dress."wow sakura you look beautiful"naruto said complimenting his blushed saying"you flatter me naruto".

She invited him for drinks as they sat together exchanging drinks as they recalled their past.naruto sensed negative emotions from sakura as she talked on how sasuke rarely comes home.he assurwd her that he is just busy.they talked as naruo noticed something wrong with drinks.he flared his chakra saying"whar did you do sakura".sakura paled that plan didnt worked as she forgot that he is immune to potions due to kurama.she turned to him saying"sorry naruto".

Naruto was angry at her saying"what sorry tried to drug me.what the hell are you thinking".sakura got tears in her eyes saying "sorry naruto.i just thought it was easier while you are unconsious".naruto calmed down after seeing her tears saying"sakura whats wrong".sakura turned to him saying"naruto do you still love me".naruto was conflicted to answer that because she was his first crush.he loved hinata with his heart but a small part of him still loved sakura.he asked her why is she asking that.

Sakura turned to him saying"please naruto i cant take it.sasuke rarely comes home.he forgets that i also have needs as a woman.i still love him but i cant bear this frustration of not being touched.please naruto i beg you just one nighy.please make love with me".naruto stood as sakura hugged his body crying.he dont know what to answer.he wanted to refuse but sensing her emotions he dont know what to do.he looked at her teary eyes and suckled lips as he leaned down on her moaned as she felt him kissing first it was simple but they battled their tongues as the makeout grew hot.

Sakura turned to naruto saying"thank you naruto.i will make sure you wont regret this".sakura gragged him to sasukes bedroom as naruto placed her on bed saying"sakura this is only one time deal.hinats nor sasuke will not know about this".sakura said yes as naruto again kissed her on lips saying"oh sakura you are beautiful.if you simply loved me instead of sasuke.i will be pleasuring you everyday".sakura was glad ay his answer as she got from the bed and kneeled before him.she removed his pants as she was shocked at his dick.naruto asked her whats wrong."nothing its just that you are more bigger than sasuke" sakura said as she marveled the cock before her.

Naruto moaned as he felt sakura giving him a blowjob.he held her head as she bobbed her head back and forth.he failed to sense a pair of white eyes watching them through the window.he held her head as he eyes widened as the amount of cum as she struggled to swallow it.she coughed as naruto came on her face."wow that was amazing"sakura said as she straddled naruto.

Sakura bought his dick to her pussy as she slowly inserted it inside.she moaned as it stretched her more than sasuke.she rode him moaning saying"yess naruto you are big.its stretching my unused pussy.its much more bigger than sasukes".naruto proud that he was bigger than his rival as he started to pound his friends wife.he flipped her backwards as he started fucking her doggystyle.

Sakura moaned saying "yess just like that fuck me.fuck me hard.fuck me like a your bitch,your covk is much better than sasuke".naruto groaned at her tightening around his felt his dick twitching signaling his release as she wrapped her legs around his waist saying"today is safe day naruto.inside me.cum inside.fill my womb with your cum".

Naruto groaned as he cummed deep inside eyes rolled back feeling the globs if cum hitting her womb.she felt full as she was filled with narutos cum.she kissed him saying"thank you naruto".naruto smiled at her saying"what are you saying sakura the night just began".sakura was shocked as his dick hardened again because sasuke lasts for only one round.she screamed as naruto started fucking her more house was filled with moans as naruo fucked his friends lonely wife.


Naruto woke up the morning to see sakura sleeping ontop of him.he left her bed as he saw both her holes leaking his woke up as she gotto him saying"last night was awesome naruto.don worry his will be our secret.i wont tell hinata.fell free to come by anytime".sakura kissed him on lips as he sighed feeling lonely in her pussy as she got into the shower.

Naruto got to house as he sensed that hima has left he house to play.he got upstairs as he heard moaning.he got doubts as he hurried to his room.he was shocked seeing the scene before his bed was his wife hinata completly naked moaning as she was fucked by a unknown male.he saw red as he shoved the man away as he was about to attack him.he was stopped by hinata saying"stop right there naruto".naruto was shocked as hinata stood between them.naruto glared at her saying "what are you doing i not enough that you decided to cheat on me.what about our kids".

Hinata shooked her head saying"then what are you thinking sleeping with sakura last night.doesnt that count as cheating".naruto paled as hinata talked further saying "i had a doubt so i followed you.imagine my surprise as you fucked her last night".naruto world crashed down as hinata turned towards the man and kissed him on lips.naruto saw in horror as his wife kissed another man.hinata turned to him asking"well how do you feel about being cheated".naruto didnt move from his place hearing her voice.he regretted sleeping with sakura last night.he turned towards them begging"please hinata.that was an accident.give me a chance please.i dont want to be alone again".

Hinata still hugging the man saw naruto bowed his head down crying as the thought of being alone just like his childhood.she shooked her head as she kneeled before him saying"sorry naruto.but i took the joke too far".naruto was confused as hinata continued saying"i wanted to know on how you feel while fucking sakura.i wanted to know that you still love i decided to test you".naruto saw her sad face as he turned towards her asking"hinata i love you.last nighg with sakura was an accident.please tell me if you saying the truth".

Hinata turned to him saying"like i said was a test.and the truth is that i didnt cheat on you".naruto was confused as hinata said watch this.he heart saddened as hinata stared kissing the male again.their makeout got hot as the male before him changed.instead of a man there stood a woman unknown to him wearing a strapon kissing his wife.hinata turned to naruto saying"naruo meet ami.i brought her from the brothel for this act.she is my regular client to relieve myself when you are busy.i promise you that the only man i slept is you naruto".

Naruto got his head up as hinata hugged him saying"as i already said i know your childhood naruto.even if you bought girls home i wont judge you because you need love as much as iam not mad at either sakura or you".naruto wiped his tears saying"dont scare me like that again hinata.i cant handle it".

Hinata got up saying"well i can make up for that".she got to ami as she removed her strapon.she threwed ami on bed as she hugged her saying"ami is it okay with you".ami truned to her saying"hinata sama i may be a lesbian but i too like any teeange girl have a crush on the young hokage".hinata spread ami pusyy as she turned to naruto eho was spotting a boner at her action.she smiled seductively saying"come on naruto.i hope her pissy is enough to make up to you".

Naruto saw the smiling faces of hinata and ami as they invited him into the bed.he smiled as he created shadowcloes all over the room.he turned to them saying"i hope you are ready girls.because i will show no mercy for pranking me".the girls screamed as his shadow clones leapt on them tryimg to ravish them.

The uzumaki household was filled with screams of pleasure as naruto fucked both of them into a sexually coma.

Naruto woke up late at evening as he saw hinata sleepin on tip of him.he saw ami dreesing up as she turned to him saying"naruto sama last night was wonderful.if you want company just call me".ami kissed him on lips as she left his house.he woke up hinata as he kissed her saying"i love you dont prank me like that again".hinata smiled saying"naruto i also love body and soul belongs to as long as you love me i dont care who you fuck".

Naruto smiled at her as he dragged her into the shower for a steamy bath.after shower they both began to eat food as they got a message from chouji saying hima has a sleepover at their house with his wife.they heard someone knocking the door as they opened it to see the maid hyuga natsu standing outside the house.

She bowed to him saying"naruto sama,hiashi has invited you both to the hyugs household for a family meetup tomorrow".naruto nodded as natsu left his house.he told hinata hinata about the meetup as he carried her again to the bedroom for some lovemaking.

Hyuga natsu was gasping as she leaned in an alley way fingering herself as she activated her bakugan and saw her mistress hinata and hokage naruto fucking each other.she came imagining herself in place of hinata.she failed to notice a pair of eyes watching her accidently.




Hi guys this is my new story.i hope you liked loves sasuke so she will be just using naruti to satisfy her not complete cheating.hope you like the scene with ami.

I will make naruto fuck almost every girl using various reasons.

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