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I wrote this in response to the kushina x older men challenge.i hope you enjoy it.



Naruto moaned for the first time in morning as he looked down to see his mother blowing him.kushina was kneeling before her son sucking cock since minato has gone to work.she heard him saying "mom iam cumming".kushina clamped his dick hard as she swallowed every bit of cum.she left the cock saying "i really glad that you inherited uzumaki genes rather than your father".she was about to leave as naruto stopped her saying "please mom can we go a round".kushina shooked at his cuteness saying"sorry son i have work to do with your father".naruto was crestfallen but kushina kissed him on lips saying"dont be sad how about this night".naruto cheered as he got up to get dressed for academy.

Kushina shooked her head at her sons antics as she left his room.the real reason she cant fuck is due to her escapade last night.damn anko had dragged her to a stripping club.after fucked by everyman in the club they got home covered in cum . thankfully minato was asleep.

Kushina got to dinning hall as she was greeted by third hokage eating breakfast.she kissed him on lips saying "sorry hiruzen naruto got me first".hiruzen just waved at her as she left along with naruto.she didnt notice anko below the table serving the former hokage.

Naruto left for academy as kushina strolled towards hokage tower.people blushed seeing her attire.she was dressed in normal jonin outfit which was several sizes small.her top buttons weee undone showing her cleavage.her pants are soo tight that they can easily picture her ass through the cloth.she got pass the crowd as she was heavily molested by the guys in the crowd.she just blew a kiss at them as she got to the tower.

She got to the office as minato called her this morning.she opened the door and was greeted by her husband working through paperwork.she greeted him as minato handed her a file.kushina took it questioning him as she opened.

She turmed to him happily saying "is it for real" showing the team formation.minato nodded as kushina tackled him and proceeded to kiss on his lips saying thanks.minato thought that she was happy because she got a chance to teach but kushina was glad that she can experiment with guys outside konoha."i think i should properly pay raikage a visit.its been a long time" kushina thought as she got up leaving the office leaving a dazed minato.

Kushina opened the file and saw her students.the team consisted of her son,tsumes son kiba and a civilian named ryuto.if what tsume told is true then she was in for a ride.she heard giggling from training ground as she crept to the sound.

She teleported to a branch and saw her students there as a anbu bought them.down the tree naruto looked around to see anyone was spying.he turned to kiba as he took out a cloth saying "here a black lacy from my mother worn for 2 days".kiba smiled as he took the cloth.he instead took three cloths saying "worn panties from my mother and sister along with the secret lace of hinata".naruto was shocked at the pieces as they both hugged in friendship.ryuto just sat their shooking his head at their antics and bought out a small file.he tossed them as they took it.they opened it revealing naked pictures of kurenai fucked by ryuto possing for camera.

They smiled at each other as they kept the photos on ground.they dropped down their pants revealing their boners.kushina got wet at their sizes.sure she know narutos but both kiba and ryuto are also packing some monsters.they started jerking to the photos as they kept an eye their teacher.kushina sensing their release teleported infront of them."oh shit" the boys eyes widened seeing her as they cummed.ropes of cum shoot forward decorating the hokages wife.kiba and ryuto got scared but kushina just smiled as she gathered the cum and decided to drank it.their boners hardened at the sight.

Kushina completed cleaning as she turned to them saying "hi guys i will be your teacher from now on.you have to follow some rules.first is that you dont talk to anyone on what i do on missions.second if you want a piece of me you have to prove it.third iam happy to work with you".kushina clicked her fingers as a seal appeared on kibas and ryutos cocks as it dissappeared.they turned to her as kushina said "thats my insurance if you either treat me like a slut or try to tell my adventures to others.if you do lets just say that you cant satisfy anyone".she didnt fid it with naruto as he knew how much slutty his mother is.

Their attenion was drawn towards kushina as she said "now the training starts.you guys will strip naked as we play hide and seek.if you guys touch me you will get a reward.now strip".kushina saw in lust as they stripped down naked.she dissappeared as they chased after her.

Hours has gone by as kushina was getting bored that no one catched her.she tore a small hole in her pants as she started fingering herself as she failed to notice a shadow behind her.kushina was dogpiled as her studenrs got on top of her.kushina substituted with a log saying" wow i didnt expect this.but i gave you my word".they thought in anticipation as kushina stripped naked saying"jerk off.jerk of seeing the hokages wife naked infront of you.you are no allowed to touch me but can cum on me".

The boys started jerking seeing the naked figure of her.kushina also started fingering seeing their cocks in work.ryuti was first as they cummed a torrent on the naked milf.kushina smiled as began to lick all the cum on her body.she simply kissed each one on lips saying goodbyeas they dispersed.

Kushina got home as she saw a limping anko leaving the house.she entered the house and saw hiruzen watching tv stark naked.she got to him as she straddled him and proceeded to make out.she drew back as hiruzen said" what are gonna do since you left me this morning".kushina smiled as she pulled her top revealing her breasts as hiruzen startred sucking them.

She removed her pants as she sat down enjoying the sensation of the old cock.hiruzen never left her boobs as kushina rode him saying "i will say again but thanks for saving the village grandpa".hiruzen just kissed her as he cummed deep inside her.

During the kyubi destruction,he stopped.minato and sealed the beast himself resulting in him being crippled.he can move but only for very few meters.minato got him to their house to look after him and told kushina to look after his every needs.but minato didnt know that kushina will be getting balls deep of cum inside her everyday by the oldman.kushina turned away as she bent forward to the floor and she moved her ass up and down enjoying the pleasure.she sighed again as he cummed inside her.

Hiruzens fault is that even though he has stamina.he cums very quickly.kushina just shooked her head as she again began riding.

Kushina looked at the clock and saw that it was getting late at night for mianto to come home.kushina thought she forgot something as she look3d back to see the dehydrated body of hiruzen still breathing.she removed herself leaking so much cum as she thought that she has gone way too far.she lifted his body to his bed as she applied a healing jutsu on him.

Kushina cooked the dinner as she got a message from a nuke dog daying that naruto will be staying at inuzuka house for the night.she smil3d at sh3 sensed minato entering the house.

Dinner was calm as minato and kushina got to the bed and started making out.kushina stripped of her clothes as minato started fucking her.

Kushina shook her head as she saw the figure of minato fucking his imaginary wife as he was under genjutsu.after being fucked by so many cocks,she cant be satisfied by his mere 4 inch cock.she even doubt that how it was able to make her pregnant with naruto.minato cummed as the glob of cum hit kushinas face.she licked it as minato fell backwards exhausted.

Kushina got to a seperate room and started a meditation like sleep.

Kushina opened her eyes and saw a world dark in color as she approached a bed located in her mindscape wearing nothing.she smiled looking at the figure on bed.

Kyubi also known as kurama laid on bed naked reading a human novel.he was 9 feet tall with fur covering his back.he looked human from front but he has a pair of fox ears on top of him along with 9 tails coming from the back.

The main thing is the monster between his legs.shaped similar to a animals cock it was hard standing proud with 15 inches.her legs got weak looking at that.kurama sensed her as he tossed away the book he sat properly and waved his cock saying "what are you waiting for slut".

Kushina just jumped on him as kurama started to fuck the uzumaki brutally.they were doing this since her marraige.since it was mindscape she completly enjoys the cock rather than tearing apart.hours passed as kurama tied a knot in her pussy as he cummed deep inside her.

Kushina again started screaming as kurama pounded into her abused pussy.she forgot everything about outside world as she indulged in the cock of the mighty tailed beast.

Well life was good for her.




Hi guys i hoped you enjoy it.kushina will be a utter slut in this story fucking almost everyone she likes.

I wrote this in response to kushina x oldermen challenge.i will introduce more older men in later chapters.

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