The Prophecy

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The road was a dark and dangerous place, filled with bandits and scum that would take your life sooner than you could say ‘hello’.

Sometimes he missed Konoha - the safety, the feeling of being secure inside of its tall walls. The delicious scent of his mother’s cooking… the warm smile his brother shot him whenever they saw each other.

Great. He was getting sentimental.

Sasuke poked the campfire with a branch, embers sent flying into the air as he adjusted the logs. Above it, a rabbit he’d caught earlier slowly roasted, Sasuke occasionally twisting the spit to ensure every bit of it was cooked.

The sun had long since set, bathing the clearing where he had made camp in darkness. The moon shone high above him, the great orb surrounded by billions and billions of tiny stars.

Once the rabbit had finished cooking, he was starved. He ate half of it now - sealing the other half into a storage scroll for later consumption. It was best he get to sleep… Sasuke wanted to make it to a village the next day, so he could take a hot shower, and more importantly, sleep in a nice and warm bed. Bathing in rivers and lakes had been ‘exotic’ the first few times he had done it, but it had become tiresome after a while. Not to mention the bugs. He didn’t have arachnophobia or anything like that, but waking up with a spider crawling up your arm wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

He pulled out a sleeping bag, spreading it flat on the grass. Crawling into it, he made himself comfortable, lying on his side with his back facing the campfire. He considered putting it out… but he’d surrounded it with stones and such, and he doubted it would spread out of control.

Dark eyes slid closed.


Shukaku grinned triumphant.

Had the kami finally decided to reward her? Finally, she had come across a human, one that she could subjugate and use to further her plans.

It wasn’t a very well known fact that every bijuu had two different appearances - a tailed beast form, and a humanoid form.  Currently, she was in her humanoid form, the weakest of the bijuu appearing as a sixteen year old human female.

Her hair was long and spiky, colored a sandy shade of blonde that made her look as if she were a native of Sunagakure. Her arms and legs were covered with blue arcane runes,  running up and across her back as well.

Shukaku’s humanoid form was fit and petite, with a slim body that made her look deceptively fragile. Her eyes were yellow, the pupil in the shape of a four-pointed star. A single tail waved behind her, the same curse marks that were on her arms and legs running along the extra appendage.

Her clothes were made entirely of sand, thin enough that they were essentially see through. The sand was thicker around the nipples and crotch area, to avoid any accusations of being ‘indecent’ if she were to run into a human by chance. Her ears weren’t dissimilar to a raccoons, pointed in shape, but they were effectively hidden from view by her sandy locks.

By human standards she was incredibly beautiful, to say the least.

Her tail curled up in joy, a malevolent grin spreading across the bijuu’s face as she watched the human in the clearing. Crouched behind a clump of bushes, she was concealed from sight, watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike. She would have to break him of course… but he was a mere human after all. How hard could it be?

Soon she saw him drift off to sleep, cocooned in a sleeping bag.

Now was her chance.

As silent as a ghost, Shukaku crept forward, crouching low to the earth. She held her breath, four-pointed eyes narrowed as she grew closer and closer to the sleeping boy. It would be best to incapacitate him… breaking a leg would do, she thought.

She extended a hand, and sand began to swirl around his ankle. Shukaku smirked. Closing her fist, the sand compacted, crushing his bone like a twig… well, at least it would have, if he’d actually been there.


The Kage Bunshin disappeared in a puff of smoke, her sand floating uselessly in the air. Her eyes widened, and she whirled around - to face the boy, who was now standing about five meters away.

“I’m impressed.” he said softly. “If I hadn’t noticed you before I went to sleep, you would have been able to sneak up on me.” A sword was clutched in his hand, glinting in the moonlight. “Now… who are you. Speak, before I cut you down.”

Shukaku smirked. “You really think you could kill me?” she said, placing a hand on her hip. “I am far out of your league, boy. But… I will indulge your question, if only because it will not matter in the long run.” A pause. “I am known as Shukaku… but to you humans, I am called the Ichibi. Now… what’s your name?”

“Sasuke.” he said, eyes narrowing. “Uchiha Sasuke.” Sasuke glared at her, clutching the hilt of his blade with both hands. “The Ichibi? Do you take me for a fool? The bijuu are myths. Drop the henge, and face me with your true form.”

She chuckled. “My true form would squash you like a bug.” she said, taking a step forward. “And now… Uchiha Sasuke, I have a proposition for you.” Her dark eyes glinted with malevolence. “Join me, or die.”

His dark eyes twisted into the ruby red of the sharingan. “I have no intentions of fighting you.” he said. The sharingan twisted, and soon Shukaku was sucked into a drab, grey world.

“You think your pathetic doujutsu can trap me?” she said.

“If you truly are a tailed beast.” said Sasuke. “Then no, I do not. However… nothing is immune to the sharingan, not even a bijuu.” His voice was all around her, as if he was surrounding her from all sides. “However… I would like to offer you a challenge, Ichibi.”

“A challenge?” she said, an eyebrow raised in interest.

“I have been on the road for a long time.” Sasuke said, his voice low. “The company of a human has long since eluded me, due to a unique set of circumstances that I would prefer not to divulge.” He paused, his voice sounding as if he were coming closer. “Here is my proposition, Ichibi. If you can resist me, if you can resist my cock, I will willingly serve you.”

“Hmm.” Shukaku hummed. What kind of a fool was he, to think that he could take on a bijuu as great as her? No human could match a tailed beast, whether it was in battle… or in the bedroom. She would show him. “And if I am… unable to resist?” she asked, her voice sounding as if the very idea of that outcome was ridiculous.

“Then you will be mine.” he said simply. “Do we have a deal?”

As Sasuke had said, no creature was immune to the effects of the sharingan. Perhaps, if he had not been influencing her with his cursed eyes, she may have denied his challenge. But… under the influence of the sharingan, she would practically be guaranteed to say yes.

And Sasuke knew that.

Shukaku grinned. “Very well.” she said. “I accept your offer.”

The grey world vanished, Shukaku returning in an instant to the clearing. Sasuke was still standing in front of her, the only difference being that he had sheathed his sword.

A moment passed, a breeze running through the plain - ruffling Shukaku and Sasuke’s hair. A leaf flew by in between them, carried by the wind. In the distance, a symphony of crickets could be heard.

“What are you waiting for?” said Shukaku. “Take your clothes off. We haven’t got all night.”

He smirked. In no time at all, he had shed his apparel, stripping down to just a pair of navy green boxers. “Alright. Your turn,” Sasuke said, folding his arms across his muscled chest.

Shukaku shot him a smug smile. The sand that made up her clothes dissipated - flying off in all directions, revealing her perky breasts and neat, shaved cunt. Sasuke licked his lips, his flaccid member twitching at the sight of her revealed body.

She walked to him, her hips swaying back and forth. Slowly, she drops to her knees before him, a small grin appearing on her face as she stared at the bulge in his boxers. She hooks her fingers into the waistband of his undergarments, and then tugs them down.

Stars appear in front of her face, as something quite literally uppercuts her across the jaw, the tailed beast taken aback. Her vision clears, and her jaw drops at the sight of his member, oh his absolutely massive member - easily over a foot in length, possessing the thickness of a fucking lead pipe.

“Holy shit…” she breathed, attempting to wipe the shock from her face but failing. Her eyes traced his length, from engorged veins and throbbing muscles to the orange-sized balls dangling beneath his shaft.

Shukaku couldn’t deny the damp feeling that had settled in her loins, nor the way her nipples had hardened at the sight of that… that beast mere inches away from her face.

She had made a deal. And a bijuu never went back on their deals. She would have to go through with it… even if the sheer size of this mere boy frightened her, loathe as she was to admit it.

Gently, she took his swollen length into her mouth, plump lips stretching around his immense girth. One inch down. At the very least twelve more to go… and already, her jaw was beginning to sting.

Sasuke chuckled. “What are you, an old grandma?” he said. His hands slid into her blonde hair, fingers grasping tightly at her sandy locks. “Don’t worry - I’ll help you out, Ichibi-chan.”

Then, with a single thrust, he stuffed the rest of his cock down her tight throat. Her eyes bulged, Shukaku gagging, an imprint of his member visible along the creamy skin of her neck. The walls of her gullet constricted tightly around his shaft, unprepared for the sudden invasion.

She was helpless to resist, much more focused on breathing than resisting this titan of masculinity. With brutal, vicious pumps of his hips, he plundered the bijuu’s tight throat, his balls slamming against her chin with wet slaps. The sound of her throat squelching around his thick shaft was like music to his ears, her pathetic gags and moans serving only to turn him on more.

He glanced down, a smirk on his face as he saw the puddle of juices that had dripped into a pool, the grass below them soaked in her juices.

Her throat was incredibly tight, possibly the tightest he’d ever had the pleasure of shoving his cock into. He could last longer if he really wanted to… but Sasuke was more than eager to get to the main course.

Sasuke bottomed out, his balls resting languidly against her chin. He forced her head to stay down, a groan escaping his lips as he came - great jets of his seed spurting from the tip of his member, shooting down her gullet.

She swallowed, and swallowed, lest she risk drowning in his massive load. It was so thick, so warm, and the little bits that she could taste drove her wild. His jizz felt… right, as it settled inside of her belly. How had she lived before now, without the taste of his cum? She wasn’t entirely sure.

He unsheathed himself from her throat, a bit of his cum leaking down the side of her mouth. Shukaku almost felt like burping, loving the way his seed sloshed about inside of her whenever she shifted slightly.

“Fuck… you… you bastard.” she spluttered, coughing into her hand - four-pointed eyes widening at the globs of cum in her palm. “You’re going down.”

Shukaku glomped him, forcing Sasuke to the ground - not that he was resisting. She straddled him, and once she had lined herself up with his thick cock, slammed herself down, all thirteen inches of his meat filling her in an instant.

She let out a long, guttural groan - her voice bouncing off of the nearby trees, her hands resting on his firm chest. The bijuu felt so… full. Complete. He fit so well inside of her, as if her tight little cunt had been created by the Sage of Six Paths specifically for him.

Shukaku rocked her hips ever so slightly, gasping at the shiver of pleasure that ran up her spine. He wasn’t even moving… he wasn’t even doing anything - sitting there, a smug look on his face, hands at his size. There was no effort involved on his part, and yet she felt better than she had in… in forever.

It didn’t even occur to her, that technically she had already lost the bet. Here she was, having forced his cock into her, riding him like a cowgirl would a stallion.

She began to bounce up and down, her breasts coming along for the ride, perky nipples flopping up and down in a hypnotic manner.

Sasuke felt great. How could he not? The sight of a breathtakingly beautiful woman forcing herself onto him, riding him, was one many a man would kill for. The fact that she was a bijuu merely was icing on the cake. Sasuke had no qualms about fucking a beast such as her… well, not really a beast, not in the state she was in. More like the pathetic little tanuki she was based off of, powerless against the might of Uchiha Sasuke.

He let out a low moan, her walls tightening around his shaft as she came, screaming her pleasure out for all to hear.

Sasuke grew tired of being idle. Sure, it was fun to watch her bounce up and down on him as if her life depended on it, but he truly wanted to stake his claim on her body.

He wound his hands tightly around her thin waist, pulling her forward onto him, her breasts pressed tightly against his chest. Like an animal unleashed, he began to bound into the bijuu, Shukaku unable to help the broken moans that fell from her lips.

Again and again he drove home, sheathing himself inside of her like a sword into its holster. She convulsed against him, her body shivering as she came once, then twice, then again. Eventually she lost count of her orgasms, her eyes rolling up into her head as this bo- no, this man well and truly fucked her senseless.

He was battering against her cervix, his cock like a battering ram against the gate to her most inner place. So deep. So good. Her womb itched for his cum - her body ached for it. She finally felt complete. How had she ever hated humanity, what with a man like this among them? The idea seemed ludicrous to her now.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. His cock throbbed inside of her, his balls tightening beneath his shaft. With an explosion of cum, he came, continuing to thrust inside of her as wave after wave of his seed filled her up.

Her womb stood no chance, being doused with jets of his jizz until full. The canal of her cunt was next, Shukaku shaking violently on top of him, her tongue lolling out of her mouth. She couldn’t even moan any more, only small little groans and mewls managed to spill from in between her plump lips.

She went limp on top of him, her head resting on his chest. Despite their obvious nakedness, and the lack of cover, she felt… warm. Fulfilled. In the arms of her lover, her life felt complete.

Unconsciousness came quickly, and she embraced it - content, as long as his cock was inside of her and a healthy load of his seed was in her womb.

The first of the tailed beasts had been claimed.


Sasuke awoke late in the morning, a… warm and wet object seemingly wrapped around his member. He glanced down, a smirk on his face as he found the wonderful sight of Shukaku going down on him, lust in her four-pointed eyes as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

“Oh… I don’t think so.” he said. He reached forward - shoving the once great bijuu off of his cock and onto her back.

Her eyes widened. “W-why?” she blurted out, the look of absolute need on her face taking him aback slightly. “Your cock…!” she pleaded. “I need it- I need it so bad!”

He climbed to his feet, a smug look on his face as he folded his arms over his chest. “No cock until you answer a couple of my questions,” Sasuke told her, his tone leaving no room for argument.

Shukaku whimpered, her lip wobbling. “A-alright…” she said after a while, bowing her head. “What do you want to know?”

“You said that you wished for me to… ‘join you.” he said. “Why?”

She took a deep breath. “I wanted to collect an… an army of sorts, one that would allow me to take down Sunagakure no Sato.” Shukaku said, her voice low. “You were to be my first soldier.”

“Sunagakure?” he scoffed. “What the hell has the Sand ever done to you?”

“It’s not the Sand I have hatred for.” Shukaku grumbled, her face darkening. “It’s humans,” She spat the name, as if it were a curse upon the earth. “Back then… they hunted us. They formed groups - of hundreds, thousands, to try and kill us, to claim us and trap us within seals, to use our power for their own gain.”

“Back then?” Sasuke asked.

“We adapted.” Shukaku said. “In order to avoid detection, we adopted humanoid appearances - that allow us to traverse the land without too much attention. My sisters and I have been planning, plotting to take down the Hidden Villages, to put them beneath our boot.”

He gave her a blank look. “You are tailed beasts, are you not?” Sasuke pointed out. “How could your combined might not be enough to take on the Hidden Villages?”

“There has been… complications.” said Shukaku. “First, the man that you know as the Shodai Hokage - Senju Hashirama. His kekkai genkai, the Mokuton, was able to subdue us. We were able to escape… but attempting to take him on in battle would merely result in our capture.” A pause. “Once he died, we tried once more. My sister, Gyuki, decided to probe the defenses of Kumogakure. Their Sandaime Raikage defeated her handily - and only sheer luck prevented her imprisonment.”

Sasuke frowned. “I see.” he said. “If a single Kage could take down the second most powerful bijuu, then there’s no telling what all five of them combined could do.”

“That was our reasoning.” she said. “So… we’ve been in hiding since then… mostly.. We tried once more - Kurama, or as you would know her, the Kyuubi, attacked Konohagakure, only to be repulsed by the Yondaime Hokage. However, there is a group known as the Akatsuki - who travel the Elemental Nations, clad in cloaks of black and crimson.”

“The Akatsuki…” Sasuke said, familiar with them.

“They’re immensely powerful.” she said. “Powerful enough to force us below ground. So far, all of us have been lucky enough to avoid their grasp - but I fear the worst.”

“How come?” he questioned.

“My sisters… have waited a long time, to destroy humanity.” Shukaku said. “The slightest spark could set them off - and the carnage would be unfathomable. Even if your kind could repel us… there’s no telling what would happen to the Elemental Nations.” She sighed. “Despite my dislike for your kind, Sasuke-sama, I do not wish for so much needless death. Unfortunately, that sets me apart from my sisters.”

Sasuke crouched, staring at her intently. “... there must be some way I can stop them.” he insisted.

She smiled softly. “You can… but it will be a daunting task, Sasuke-sama.” the bijuu said. “Look at your arm.”

He glanced at his arm, his eyes widening ever so slightly at the tattoo on his arm - of what appeared to be a small version of Shukaku, in her tailed beast form. “What…?”

“That’s a mark of your dominance over me.” Shukaku said. “When you do not wish to talk to me, or to use my body as you wish… I will go there. When you wish to summon me, merely tap it with your finger, and funnel some of your chakra into it.”

“I see…” said Sasuke, a hand brushing against the ink on his arm. “Very well.” he said. “Do you know the locations of your sisters?” He smirked. “I suppose there’s a ‘reward’ in it, if you agree to tell me.”

She had never answered a question as fast as she had that one. “Yes!” she blurted. “I-I can help you track them down, Sasuke-sama. I don’t know exactly where they are, but I promise you I can help you find them.”

Sasuke nodded approvingly. “Alright…” he said. “I suppose you’ve earned yourself some cock.”

By the time the words were halfway out of his lips, she had dived onto his shaft - humming in delight as his raw heat filled her warm cavern. A soft hand wrapped around his member, Shukaku staring up at him with nothing but adoration in her four-pointed eyes.

He ruffled her hair affectionately, a smile on his face.

A great journey had started. One tailed beast had fallen to the might of his cock… and now, there were eight more to go.


A young woman walked through the streets of a village deep in the heart of the Land of Fire.

Most who looked at her would note that she was beautiful, extraordinarily so - but unremarkable otherwise. However, those who knew her true identity, would know her as Matatabi, or Nibi… the Two Tails.

She paused, her head tilting to the side.

‘Shukaku,’ she thought, at the feeling of her sister’s chakra suddenly becoming… tainted. The tailed beasts were organized into pairs, four to be exact - the One and Two tails, the Three and Four, the Five and Six, the Seven and Eight, and the Nine tails in a group by herself. It was their job to keep an eye on each other, although gradually they had all split up despite the pairings.

Even so, she still had an intimate connection to her sister’s chakra, much deeper than to the rest of the bijuu.

She could taste the submissiveness in it, the weakness. Shukaku, it seemed, had fallen victim to the humans.

Matatabi cursed under her breath. ‘This could be a problem,’ she thought. ‘Best to sweep this under the rug, see if I can get her out myself.’ she thought. ‘The others would ream me out if they found out that Shukaku and I had separated.’

Despite her assurances, she couldn’t stop the ghost of a shiver that ran down her spine. Whoever, or whatever had taken down Shukaku had to of been powerful indeed.

Matatabi had no idea just how right she was.


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