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Naruto could only stare down in disappointment, as Hinata writhed beneath him - practically foaming at the mouth as he slowly pumped in and out of her. He occasionally gave her clit a little nudge, remaining impassive as her walls tightened around his member. Eventually, it grew to be too much... and the former Hyuga heiress passed out, her eyes sliding closed and her tongue lolling out of her mouth.

He sighed, pulling out of her. He glanced down at his engorged length, grimacing. This wasn't the first time he hadn't come - and it most certainly wouldn't be the last. Hinata always insisted on missionary... she was too cowardly to do anything 'exotic' in her eyes, like doggystyle or cowgirl.

At first, the sex had been alright. He could admit Hinata was pretty damn hot - but she just wouldn't do anything. She mostly just laid there, forcing Naruto to do all of the work. It was a huge pain in his ass, especially considering his long days at the office, working with Kakashi so he could eventually replace his silver haired sensei as the Hokage.

He crawled up the unconscious Hyuga's body, sliding his cock into the valley of her breasts. Pressing her tits together, he began to thrust back and forth, a bored look on his face. Eventually he came, shooting a sticky load onto Hinata's neck and chin.

Naruto laid back onto the bed, pulling the sheets over his naked body.

For a long time, he had made excuse after excuse. 'This just how it is' or 'You have to do it for her'. But he couldn't take it, not anymore. He saw people like Ino and Sai... Shikamaru and Temari... they were so happy together. Always talking, always laughing. Hinata could barely look him in the eye without blushing, and a decent conversation was a fantasy that hadn't even come close to being fulfilled yet.

He could admit, he hadn't put much effort into the relationship. After the war, he wanted a shot at a normal life - one without battle and fighting and death. Hinata had confessed to him, risked his life for him... the least he could do was go out with her, right? She'd been more than willing to give her body to him. She cooked for him, cleaned their shared apartment. She was the perfect woman - on the outside.

But... he just wasn't happy.

Naruto sighed. He supposed he should sleep. It wouldn't do to spend all night tossing and turning. And he definitely didn't want to be awake when Hinata finally came back to consciousness - she might want to go for another round or something.

He rolled over, his back to Hinata. Bright blue eyes slid closed, and soon he slept - his slumber filled with visions of red eyes.


Naruto stirred his tea with a spoon, a look on his face as if he'd just sniffed a pile of manure.

Satsuki sighed. "What's wrong?" she asked, taking a sip of her own cup of tea.

He glanced at her. "... nothing." he said a tad too quickly, refusing to meet her gaze.

The Uchiha shook her head slowly. "You're an awful liar, dobe." she said. "Just spill it - you're not going to get out of this."

Naruto grumbled something underneath his breath. "It's... Hinata." he began.

"What about her?" asked Satsuki.

"It's... not working out. At least for me." Naruto admitted, his dropping his head onto the back of the sofa they sat on. "Hinata and I we just - we just don't really know each other. I know she has a sister. She's a Hyuga. That's about it. Other than that... I don't know. She's a stranger to me, a stranger that loves me for whatever reason."

Satsuki pursed her lips together. "Have you considered just... telling her?" she suggested.

"And face everyone's wrath?" he said. "They love, no, adore Hinata. Sakura and Ino would beat the hell out of me if I even tried breaking up with her."

She sighed. "I don't know what to tell you, Naruto." she said quietly. "I guess you're just going to have to deal with it."

He rubbed his forehead. "Mind if I sleep here for a bit?" he asked, downing the last of his tea. "I don't want to go back home unless I have to."

Satsuki glanced at him. "Go right ahead." she said.

Naruto smiled. "Thanks." he said. He curled up on his side of the couch, blue eyes sliding closed once more. He slept - the soft sounds of Sasuke's TV helping to lull him to sleep.


He was pumping in and out of her at a rapid rate, a grin on his face.

"Fuck...!" he groaned. "You're so damn tight!" It felt amazing - more amazing than anything ever had before. Did Hinata finally improve? Maybe this could work out after all.

He looked down, expecting to meet with Hinata's distinctive lavender eyes. Instead, he met mismatched ones - one black, the other a violet. It was Satsuki... nude... moaning softly as he pounded her, her breasts bouncing with every thrust. He wanted to recoil in shock, and yet he couldn't. She was so tight, so warm, so amazing... he could help himself. He began to throb deep inside of her. He called out her name as he reached his limit.

The second he came, he woke up.


He was jolted from his slumber, eyes widening. It was night outside now - it had been afternoon when he'd gone to sleep. Beside him, Satsuki sat, her feet on the coffee table as she watched television. She was clad in a pair of black shorts and a thin blue t-shirt. He... he could see the outline of her bra through the fabric, Naruto dimly realized.

Naruto glanced down, his face flushing as he shifted his legs slightly. Had he... had he just came in his pants? From a dream no less?

It had been so vivid. So real. Amazing - better than every night he'd spent with Hinata so far. And it had all been in his head too. 'I wonder what the real thing is like...' he thought, blue eyes gazing at her long, long legs, ending in a foot with toenails painted a ruby red.

He had to get out of her. He had to go - before he did something he regretted.

"I-I'll see you later." he said, standing up and facing away from her - hoping to kami that she wouldn't see or realize the mess in his trousers. He trudged out of the door, walking normally to anyone but his closest friends - who could see the odd way he was striding. The door closed behind him.

Satsuki smirked, stretching out like a cat on the couch.

'I wonder what's up with him,' she thought sarcastically.


Once again, he and Hinata are in bed. The same position as they were in every night - with Naruto slowly pumping into her since she didn't like it 'rough'.

This time... something odd happened. Blue hair became raven for an instant - and his pleasure intensified. Pale eyes became violet and black, and he felt his cock twitch inside of Hinata. The soft features of the Hyuga slowly replaced themselves with the face of a woman who looked strangely similar to a certain Uchiha, and Naruto actually moaned.

It dawned on him.

Every time he thought of Satsuki - every time he thought of that dream in particular, he... sex actually felt good. How was that possible? He tried it again. He closed his eyes, imagining her beneath him instead of Hinata, her writhing on his cock. His thrusts began to intensify, picking up in pace and tempo. Hinata's voice cried - "Naruto, Naruto!" over and over again, but in Naruto's head, it was Satsuki's low tone screaming it instead.

His eyes opened. Once again, Hinata had passed out - and he could feel his cock throbbing. He was on the verge of cumming from being inside of Hinata for the first time in nearly a year and a half.

Naruto pulled out, stroking his meaty cock. Once more, blue eyes slid closed.

"Come on, Naruto..." Satsuki's voice purred in his head. "Come on me. Claim me with your seed. You know you want to."

"Satsuki...!" he moaned, his cock exploding in his hand, sticky jizz spurting from the tip and plastering Hinata's nude body. His load was massive, and the whole time he was cumming, Satsuki was on his mind. "Fuck..." he groaned, falling onto his back. He felt... satisfied. Content.

Naruto slept.

And once again, she invaded his dreams.

"Naruto..." she purred. "Come and get me." Her body was nude, one of her hands spreading open her pink insides - her juices dripping down her thigh in copious amounts. His cock was as hard as a diamond, ten inches and throbbing. He approached her, and they melted into each other's arms, falling onto the bed in a tumble of limbs. Soon he was inside of her, and finally - Naruto reached nirvana.

He woke to the chirping of birds, a sleepy smile on his face. His girlfriend was gone - the door to their bedroom open, and the smell of Hinata's cooking down the hall. He stood, stretching luxuriously - his bones popping. Naruto scratched his back idly, slipping on a pair of boxers before walking out of the room, padding into the kitchen. He planted a kiss on Hinata's cheek. "'morning." he murmured into her ear.

"G-good morning..." she said. "I-I-I'm making some eggs for us... if- if you don't mind."

"No, that's fine." Naruto said. "Whatever you want to make, go right ahead." He shot her a smile, stealing the Hyuga's breath away. "I'm going to take a quick shower. Be right out, alright?"

"O-ok-kay." Hinata replied.

He left the kitchen, whistling a jaunty tune under his breath.

Man, he felt great.


Okay, he took that back. What was she thinking wearing something like that?

He couldn't resist the urge to look, as Satsuki walked across her living room. She was wearing a pair of skintight shorts - showing off an amazing, firm ass. Her t-shirt was incredibly tight, and possibly a size too small; showing off her navel. She wasn't even wearing a bra beneath it, perky nipples poking through the thin fabric.

"Shit...!" Satsuki cursed, 'accidently' knocking something over. She bent over, and Naruto's mouth went dry, as the lining of her shorts revealed the outline of her thong. He discreetly wiped his nose, rubbing the blood that had leaked from his nostrils onto the side of the couch. "You look like you have a fun night," she commented. "Patch things up with Hinata?"

"Uhh.... n-no, not really.' Naruto said, cursing his stutter. "Just... just had a good morning, that's all."

"Oh." Satsuki said. "So nothing interesting happened then?"

An image of her naked, coated in sweat, dark hair in disarray and breasts bouncing as she rode him filled his mind. "No." he said, tucking his erection into the waistband of his pants. "Nothing at all."

"Hmm." she hummed. "Alright. What do you want to watch?"

"Whatever you want." said Naruto.

They leaned back on the couch, eyes glued to the TV. For some reason... they seemed to be a foot or two closer than normal.

Satsuki smirked, glancing at Naruto out of the corner of her eye. 'Tonight's the night.' she thought. 'Finally...

'... he'll be mine.'


"Fuck!" he growled, into Hinata (Satsuki) like a beast unleashed. He pulled at indigo (dark) hair, forcing her to tilt her head so he could claim her plump lips in a deep kiss. Again and again he drove home, thick slaps echoing throughout the room.

"O-o-oh... kami...!" Hinata moaned. "Y-you're s-so big...!"

"Shut up." Naruto grumbled, groping her ample breasts. He was so close, he needed this, he needed it.

Yet, luck appeared not to be on his side that day. Hinata was simply unable to keep up with his vicious pace, and soon she passed out - and just like always, he went unfinished, his cock throbbing in need for a torrential release.

He laid back down, groaning in frustration. It appeared that he'd have to finish himself off again. It pissed him off - that outfit Satsuki had worn had drove him nearly crazy, and he'd had to hold himself back from bending her over and fucking her right there on her couch.

Naruto closed his eyes.

Perhaps a moment later, they opened once more - his ear perking up as the door to his and Hinata's room gently slid open.

"Satsuki..." Naruto murmured, grinning at the sight of her naked body.

'A dream,' thought Naruto. 'Thank kami.'

Satsuki gave him a smug smile. "Aww..." she murmured, glancing at Hinata. "Did little Hinata not get you off?" the last Uchiha purred. "A real pity," she said, groping her breasts for Naruto's view pleasure. "Well... I suppose that I wouldn't be opposed to helping you out, dobe." she mumbled, her ruby red lips parted slightly.

He was up in a flash, picking her up. Her long and smooth legs locked around his waist, Satsuki leaned into the passionate kiss as their tongues swirled and dueled for dominance.

"Fuck..." he groaned, slamming her onto the bed. He shoved Hinata out of the way, the unconscious Hyuga dropping to the floor with a soft thud. "I'm going to fuck you really good, Satsuki..." Naruto mumbled, his voice low and husky. "I'm going to fuck you until you won't be able to walk for a week."

"What are you waiting for?" she said, groaning slightly as his long and thick shaft slid up and down her dripping slit. "Fuck me already."

Naruto pressed the tip of his member up against her folds, and then with a single thrust he was in. The Uzumaki almost doubled over in pleasure - she was so warm, so tight, so wet. "F-fuck..." he groaned, throwing his head back. "You feel so good."

Satsuki let out a strangled moan. "You're pretty damn good yourself, Naruto..." she murmured, eyes half lidded with lust. "So big..." She wriggled her hips slightly, bathing in the delicious friction of his cock rubbing against her walls. "So thick... so hard."

"I've been waiting for this..." Naruto groaned, giving her a hard thrust. "I just wish this was real..."

She merely smiled, wounding her dainty arms around his muscled chest. "Harder," she murmured into his ear. "Faster." Her wish was his command, and soon he was pounding into her with a fury rarely seen outside of battle - his massive cock filling her tight little pusy again. Satsuki let out a low groan, as she tightened and came around his member, her juices dripping onto the bed sheets.

He didn't last as long as he'd hoped. Like it or not, his little session with Hinata beforehand had gotten him going, and Satsuki just felt far too good for him to. "Fuck..." he groaned. "I'm gonna come, Satsuki-chan. Can- can I do it inside?"

"Go ahead." she murmured. "Fill me with your seed, Naruto. Claim me."

Naruto bottomed out inside of her with a moan, his cock throbbing and twitching deep within her. He came, and an incredibly hot load of his seed burst from the mushroom head of his cock, filling up Satsuki's womb to the brim with jet after jet of his jizz. She merely remained still, the sound of his low groans like music to her ears as he filled her up with two years worth of frustrations.

He panted, the idea of unsheathing himself from her cunt not even in his mind. He waited... and waited... and waited, for this fantasy to fade away - for him to wake up in his bed, beside a girlfriend whom he didn't love, the girl he did across town in her own apartment.

And yet nothing happened. Here he was, still inside of her, blue eyes still staring into her mismatched ones. Her walls were still milking him for his seed, and his hardened cock still felt the incredible tightness of her cunt.

"Wait..." he murmured. "This is... this is..."

"... real?" she completed. "It is." Satsuki smiled, pecking him on the lips. "I didn't want to have to do it like this," she admitted. "but I saw no other choice."

"Do it like what?" Naruto said.

Satsuki shook her head softly. "I knew you loved me, Naruto." she said softly. "But... you thought you'd never have a chance with me. And I- I'm just too prideful to admit those sort of things." She chuckled. "You were killing yourself, dobe, forcing yourself to be in a relationship with that pathetic girl on the floor. So... the dreams, the thing that helped you realize your feelings, they were all me. I hypnotized you with the sharingan, to implant those thoughts in your mind."

He stared at her. "That's not possible." he said. "Kurama would have-"

"The Kyuubi has been helping me from the start." Satsuki interjected. "He wants your happiness - as do I. And we both knew that the only way you would be happy, truly happy, was with me. So we worked together." She bucked her hips against him, Naruto moaning as her walls gripped his member. "You feel that, Naruto?" she said. "You feel how my pussy was made for your cock - and your cock was made for my pussy? It's a perfect fit."

"But... what about Hinata?" Naruto murmured. "I told you - I can't break up with her, not without everyone hating me."

"Why does anyone need to know?" Satsuki whispered, her lips mere inches away from his. "I could be yours, and you could be mine... and Hinata would never need to know. I could be your dirty little secret."

If it had been anyone else but her, he would have said no. But... it was her, it was Uchiha Satsuki. Her she was, their bodies connected, bathing in the afterglow of their love making. He felt so right in this position, so complete - as if finally, he was whole again.

She was his one weakness. And he couldn't help himself. He pressed his lips to hers, beginning to thrust his cock once again into her tight snatch, the bed squeaking with every pump of his hips. Satsuki grinned triumphantly into the kiss, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist in order to force him that much deeper into her.

The rest of the night was lost in a haze of pleasure. But one thing was certain - Uchiha Satsuki had finally gotten her man. And Naruto couldn't be any happier about it.


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