The Conquering Hero

BY : PenXIII & PenXIII & CompassOpposites
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Disclaimer: Neither of us own, or make any money off of Naruto, or any of the other properties in this fic.
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CyXIII: No pun intended. This is to be an AU, designed specifically to ensure Naruto isn’t shafted this time around.
So, without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?
Chapter 1: A Quick Primer
To think, it was as simple as breathing. Kushina and Minato lived after the Kyuubi attack, and Tobi did not. A simple thrown kunai,of all things, ricocheting off of a stone wall, into the exact place Tobi hadn’t thought to protect---the back of his head.
Tobi was killed instantly, but the Kyuubi was still free. Unfortunately, Kushina, weakened by childbirth and the battle against the mystery Uchiha, was in no condition to re-capture and hold the beast. Minato, cursing himself a dozen times over for his own weakness, was forced to seal the fox inside the only potential hosts they had on hand...their own children, just born.
Minato had help, in the form of the Third Hokage. The old man and his successor together were enough to perform the technique without killing themselves in the process.  
Kushina had been furious, but she understood her husband’s logic; as Uzumaki, her progeny were the only people on-hand who could hold back the Kyuubi’s raw power. Instead, she swore that Naruto and Miso would have a better life than any other Jinchuuriki might be doomed to.
As a result, the twins’ early life allowed them to grow up under their parents’ love and affection.  Minato wasn’t always around, but when his duties as hokage allowed it he would spoil his children rotten. Kushina made every effort, giving up a chance at special jounin, just to devote her attention to her children.
Naruto grew up a rambunctious, kind-hearted young boy, whose drive to become a ninja was clear even from a young age…not to mention a penchant for annoying pranks. Thanks to the tutelage of both his parents, he had picked up a great deal of knowledge on the subject of sealing, in addition to his father’s famous Rasengan. His sister was loud and even more wild than her brother, but had a soft spot for cute things. To her parents’ consternation, she’d also become attached to a small plush fox toy. Until the age of thirteen, she carried it everywhere.
But of course, Naruto soon came of the age where he grew interested in the opposite sex. His sister was just that, his sister, but a little too much time spent with ‘Uncle Jiraiya’ started his curiosity in other women. He began to develop a fascination with the female form, how their bodies grew plush and curvy and pleasant, even (or especially) kunoichi.
Due to the closeness between his son and his old sensei, Minato had seen no reason to not let the boy tag along with Jiraiya to go and bring the village’s greatest medic back to them. After all, he had just been promoted to Chuunin, having gone through the Exam. Tsunade, seeing what Jiraiya’s influence might lead to in Naruto, sought to curb such influence before it grew too over the top.
Her usual methods wouldn’t suffice; even she knew that Kushina was violently protective of her children. The last fool that had attempted to strike Naruto suffered two broken arms, three broken ribs, a broken jaw and a fractured spine. Tsunade was powerful, yes, but even she didn’t dare try and intimidate Naruto into curbing such ecchi desires…
So she decided to try a carrot instead of a stick.
She’d simply answered all of Naruto’s burning questions and done her best to slake his burgeoning desires. Tsunade had dressed herself in various skimpy outfits and offered her buxom body to the young Uzumaki scion.
He’d responded with such enthusiasm that she found it hard to walk the following days!  She didn’t know what was worse--the way he ate up her ‘lessons’ with such energy, or the way he would apply what he learned!
Why, just take the second week into their ‘lesson plan’...
“N-nnhaah...Tsunade-sensei, am I doing this right…?”
Tsunade struggled to answer, struggled to even think straight, gasping and muffling her moans as she saw stars.
The female member of the Sannin, in today’s lesson, had attempted to teach her prized pupil the advantages of handcuffs.  After all, if one were to have a mark that they might need to seduce before interrogation, one might need a certain means of ensuring they couldn’t immediately escape or retaliation. To this end, she’d positioned herself face down, huge, jiggly ass up, and allowed Naruto to handcuff her arms behind her back, with ‘special chakra sealing cuffs.’
Tsunade had meant to grab the fake demonstration pair, used solely for practice of this type. But instead, she’d grabbed the real pair!  She hadn’t realized her predicament until she’d tried to use her chakra enhanced strength to break them and it was no longer active.
Her protest died on her lips.  She’d tried to tell Naruto, to warn him something had gone wrong, but...
The largest penis she’d ever taken was currently stretching her out so powerfully that she feared she’d never tighten back up again. Her poor cunny was stretched full to bursting by the mighty shota-cock relentlessly stretching her womb. Enormous, hairless balls beat a tattoo against the underside of her thick thighs as they smacked into her, practically sloshing with underaged seed. The boy panted and groaned with exertion, his voice high and filled with elation at being able to perform this viscerally pleasurable activity.
She’d been screwing Naruto for the better part of a month and she still feared she’d never get used to the boy’s immense girth. The blonde older woman was no blushing virgin herself; her title as the Legendary Sucker was earned for two reasons.
One, she was a hilariously bad gambler, to the point that her winning a bet in any way was seen as a bad omen. Two...she had once sucked off an entire army of Samurai in a single night, leaving them all drained, exhausted but utterly satisfied. Jiraiya bitterly cursed being left out of that arrangement, but never when he thought she was in earshot.
Their first night, Tsunade had demonstrated a fraction of her incomparable skill with her mouth; lightly, but firmly fastening her plump, pillowy lips against the swelling head that peeked from his foreskin, sucking with the force of a vacuum as she stroked off his long, veiny shaft. She’d had Naruto at her mercy, begging her to let him cum just once...she’d taken pity on him and swallowed his entire load.
This proved to be a slight miscalculation on her part. Tsunade hadn’t counted on the sheer volume of cum Naruto could spout, and worse she’d been building his climax for nearly an hour, testing how long the young would-be stud could hold out. To her astonishment, the resulting orgasm was a veritable flood of young, virile jizz that flowed down her throat like a powerful river of soupy goo. She’d swallowed so much of it that her belly swelled up, visibly pooched out for days. Only one person cracked a joke that she looked pregnant...she’d promptly cracked Jiraiya’s jaw in kind.
Her next lesson for Naruto had involved her other famous specialty: her tremendous, mountainous breasts and the lovely things she could do with them. She’d wrapped her titanic titties around his monster cock and pressed them snugly around his shaft, and jerked them up and down the shaft, her lips sealed around the uncut head. The combination of her silky skin, full, ripe, cushiony jugs and that oh-so-naughty kiss sent the poor boy reeling, his inexperience leaving him unable to do more than hump the underside of her soft rack, moaning mindlessly. With those twin mounds kneading his boy-prick like the softest of dough…
He’d barely been able to hold back this time, his whiskered face screwed up as he struggled to hold back his climax as she ordered. All too soon, he’d cum, this time painting her face white, cum splattering all over her face, her chest, her hair as he cried out her name in joy.
Tsunade hadn’t minded so much, this time. His mucky cum worked wonders for her skin---she’d barely needed to put as much strength in her usual genjutsu. The aches and pains in her bones receded somewhat for the first time in years…
She’d tested this---she’d walked around without any such illusion, in one of her skimpier outfits designed to show off her huge, gravity-defying jugs and ample, cushiony rear. The Senju slug princess had pretended not to notice the wolf whistles and catcalls, and had only twisted the arm of one guy that got a little too fresh.
Jiraiya, she’d been nice enough not to injure on that particular day. Instead she’d lifted her top and given her a closeup eyeful of her perfect breasts; it felt like giving in, but it was a small price to pay to see him go rocketing out the window with a bloody nose.
Unfortunately, Naruto had seen her, which had given him an idea for his own defensive trick that he called the ‘Oiroke no Jutsu.’
The next week saw Tsunade showing Naruto the best ways to practice anal sex. The first thing she’d told him?
“Lube is love, lube is life.”  
Naruto had taken her at her word and dumped an entire jar of the stuff over his cock before he so much as touched her - he nearly needed to break open a second bottle just to slather his entire length in the stuff. Tsunade had prepped herself beforehand, but she’d still nearly lost consciousness when he shoved that endless shaft into her rear, splitting her phat cheeks apart!
He’d found this even more fun than normal fucking. Something about how dirty this was just appealed to his natural naughty inclinations, and he’d humped her with wild abandon, his hips tirelessly smacking into hers with audible slaps. The lube turned out to be a bit of a double-edged sword due to his enthusiasm, as his hips clapping against her expansive ass stung it a cherry red after a while. He spent around upon hours lying across her curved back, letting her massive ass cushion his crotch; the small boy got right down to it, reaming out the older woman like a child possessed.
Tsunade’s eyes had bugged out before rolling up in her head, tongue lolling out as she’d clawed the bed underneath her, digging her nails into the sheets as the shota-stud behind her fucked her like a bitch in heat.
Their sessions continued for months, and with each fucking, Tsunade found herself growing more youthful, more of her old power and energy returning to her body in great leaps and bounds.
She’d reacted accordingly, traversing the streets in lighter spirits than she’d been since losing Dan and Nawaki. Everyone had noticed the formerly grumpy alcoholic striding through the village in increasingly more daring outfits.
At present, her favorite getup consisted of a pair of green, tiny hotpants that showed off nearly her entire booty, each cheek rippling and spilling over the tops of her thighs, coupled with a halter top emphasizing her jutting GG-cups and toned belly. The ensemble was just above the standards of decency, covering enough that no one could legally complain, not that anyone would dare. What they covered served only to tease the viewer, to tempt them with what they could see but never touch.

Everyone but Naruto, that is. The hung little boy took great pleasure in sitting in her lap, cuddling with her in a manner that an ignorant bystander might consider a young nephew and his favorite aunt. His head would be comfortably pillowed on her bosom, much to her assistant’s annoyance. Shizune had no malice towards Naruto, but she did wonder just why Tsunade was so enamored with Minato and Kushina’s son.
The black-haired young woman had voiced her question---just why did she spend so much time with this young boy in particular?
Shizune had gotten her answer the day after Naruto had completed the Chuunin Exams and learned the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.
Tsunade had invited Shizune in for a demonstration...and the busty, shy medic-nin found herself in the center of a gangbang with the biggest cocks she’d ever seen in her life. Naruto outsized every man Shizune had ever seen in person, and she was certain he was even larger than some farm animals! It sprouted from his crotch like an obscene serpent, plump head obscured by a roll of foreskin, completely and utterly hairless. It slapped his thighs heavily when soft and speared up and out when erect, oozing and spouting with thick, musky, oily precum. A pair of orange-sized cum-cans dangled underneath, stretching the bag of skin containing them taut and audibly churning and gurgling with fresh, fertile sperm.
He’d taken great pleasure in liberally pummeling all her holes at once, his clones taking Shizune’s holes any way they pleased. Tsunade had provided running commentary and advice on the best way to stretch her out most pleasurably.
Shizune had been left on the bed, belly swollen as though she were pregnant with septuplets, her body liberally spattered from head to toe with boy-jizz...while Tsunade was next. The only reason neither of them was actually impregnated was because the busty blonde had used a simple, easily-reversible medical jutsu on Naruto to prevent such a thing.
The lessons continued even on the long journey back to the village, the buxom Sannin spiralling deeper, teaching the impressionable young lad far dirtier things than his godfather would have. Likewise, he’d developed a strong attachment to her, always coming to her with an impressive tent pitched in his pants and an expectant look on his face. Frankly it was a miracle that Jiraiya somehow never caught on: Tsunade didn’t want to even consider his reaction.
Even worse, rather than fearing what Kushina might do if she hurt her son, the ultra-stacked blonde felt herself wondering what the redhead’s response to Naruto’s sex-addiction would be. Would Kushina throw the greatest tantrum in her life? Would she attack Tsunade?
Would she be jealous?
Minato’s reaction...Tsunade really couldn’t predict what he’d say.
The village gates were in sight.  Tsunade broke off her train of thought as Naruto bounded inside, and quietly, she smiled.  

At least he was happy.
Naruto sped into the village, grinning.  Finally, he was home!  He was back! All his friends were alive, and best of all Tsunade could help save Lee!
Oh yeah, and heal Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke. But more importantly Lee!
He did hope his team was doing okay. He hadn’t seen Sakura since he’d left, and Sasuke had been in bad shape since that fight with Itachi…
Naruto didn’t know much about Sasuke’s home life, but he’d heard rumors about the horrible things that the Uchiha’s most talented son had done…
He couldn’t imagine being so evil you would kill that many members of your own family…at least Sasuke still had his mother and sister. The blond shuddered to think what life might be like without his mom, or even without Miso, obnoxious as she was. Losing Minato didn’t even bear thinking about.
Now that he did think about it, though, it occurred to the preteen boy that his teammate’s family members might be just as worried about Sasuke. Hm…I should go visit them-ttebayo, he considered, shrugging, Mikoto-obachan is always nice with Kaa-chan. His face heated up a little as he thought about the mature beauty. Maybe Satsuki-chan needs some comforting…it can be awful scary when your twin is in trouble, dattebayo.
He changed direction, heading towards the house where the remaining Uchiha had moved.
“Ooooi! Mikoto-obachan! Satsuki-chan!” he called, waving. The young blond had spotted his two targets walking down the street.
The mother, tall and black-haired, looked around in surprise at her name being called, but smiled as she spotted her friend’s son. “Oh, Naruto-kun! Back from your mission, are you?” she asked warmly. She wore a light blue blouse, only partially buttoned up to showcase her large, firm, matronly tits, along with a pair of white short-shorts that showed off her long, thick legs and wide hips. A delicate necklace hung from slender throat, the chain dipping down to vanish into a canyon of MILF cleavage. Despite the initially demure atmosphere one would normally associate with Uchiha Mikoto, it took only a few seconds of properly looking to see that this woman was, in fact, horny as hell.
Who could blame her, with the loss of her husband and no one around being man enough to take what she was offering?
“Heya, Naruto-kun!” chirped Satsuki, her bright smile more blatantly tinged with wants of the flesh. Besides her pale skin and dark hair and eyes, she couldn’t be any more different from her twin brother, Sasuke. Where her brother disdained social activity and held himself aloof, Satsuki was close and intimate. Sasuke brooded and obsessed over revenge; she had been emotionally scarred by their older brother’s rampage and had instead remained a civilian.
Most importantly, while Sasuke held next-to-no interest in the opposite sex, his sister was among the naughtiest girls in their age-group. She would flirt with anyone she could, seeming to take great delight in pursuing older men with her jailbait body, and had amassed quite the collection of sex-toys, with the support of her mother.
A tight, tiny white tank-top clung to her torso, baring most of her flat tummy and conforming alluringly to the shallow mounds that adorned her budding chest. She took great delight in the fact that whenever her cute little nipples got stiff, everyone could see them. Her black hair, silky like her mother’s, hung all the way to her slender waist. Her legs, flawlessly smooth and supple, were clad in a pair of navy thigh-high socks, a set of teal stripes marking where the hem dug lightly into her flesh.
Naruto surreptitiously gulped at the brief fantasy that sprang to mind, of those legs wrapped securely around his hips. Her skirt, short and fluttery, left a sizable slice of her plump creamy thighs bare, as well as flashing tantalizing glimpses of a pair of blue-striped panties. What made the cloth so tiny, however, was not its cut but the flesh that lay underneath: what Satsuki lacked in cup-sizes, she more than made up for with her rump. It swelled behind her in a prodigious beginning of a shelf, round and perky in just the right way for any hot-blooded male to wanna reach out and grab it.
The boy hadn’t minded Satsuki flirting with him, and Sasuke hadn’t cared, but Naruto did wish that she didn’t hate Sakura so much…
Why, the last time Team 7 had visited the Uchiha Compound, the two girls had nearly started another catfight. Mikoto’s presence kept Satsuki’s irritation in check, but she’d managed a few snide jibes when the adults weren’t looking.
Sakura, likewise, wouldn’t dare physically assault Satsuki, not with Mikoto still in the room. The Uchiha mother lacked Kushina’s temper or Tsunade’s super-strength, but made up for it with a heavily repressed sadistic streak. Some morbidly joked that Itachi had gotten that from somewhere...and it wasn’t his father.
In fact, Sakura had hit Naruto a grand total of once. She’d made the mistake of doing so with Kushina present; the resulting tirade had nearly deafened the pink-haired girl for an hour.  The only reason Kushina didn’t attack the pink-haired girl outright was that the Hokage had also intervened.  Minato being one of the few people Kushina listened to during one of her rages, she calmed down.
Naruto shook off the memories as he felt a pair of slim arms around his midsection, and a petite frame pressed against him. Satsuki was hugging him joyfully. “Where were you?” she squealed, “You were away for soooo long!”
“Indeed,” Mikoto added. Her usual serene smile appeared a touch more predatory. “We missed you greatly, Naruto-kun~”  
The way she said his name sent a shiver down his spine, straight to his groin. Not wanting to poke Satsuki anywhere vital, he gently disentangled himself from her. Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, the Uzumaki heir replied, “I was on a mission, real last minute stuff-ttebayo. After the Sound and Sand invaded, we---”
Naruto winced at the high pitched sound, the vocalizer not even remotely trying to hide that it was being used to gain attention, instead of clear their throat. Satsuki sniffed disapprovingly as Sakura came running up. He perked up as the pinkette came closer. “Oh, hey, Sakura-chan!” he greeted cheerily, waving, “What’s up?
Sakura had grown out of her usual tsundere antics, mostly on pain of death by Kushina. As a result of that, and Naruto saving her life during the battle with Gaara, Sakura had mellowed somewhat in her antagonism towards the blonde.  
In fact, as he took stock of her appearance, she seemed overly happy to see him.  For one thing, she’d ditched her short shorts for some reason, wearing only her signature red dress,
It helped that she had a much better target these days…Sakura HATED Satsuki.
“Don’t Sakura-chan me!” she snapped, though without any real heat, “You said you were going to see me after you got back!”
Naruto flushed and opened his mouth to reply, only for Satsuki to cut in, “I wasn’t aware you were his betrothed, Pinky-san…”
Sakura’s left eye twitched.  “I was talking to Naruto, Princess.”
Both girls’ eyes met, electricity dancing between them.

Satsuki opened her mouth to start another insult, only to find a hand on her shoulder. Pointedly, Mikoto admonished her with a light, “Now, Satsuki, be nice. Sakura-san is Naruto’s teammate, it is only right for her to be concerned.”
The Uchiha girl frowned, but fell silent. Sakura smirked in triumph, tossing her short, pink hair.  “Anyway, Naruto, I get you’re busy, so I’ll meet you later today, if that’s alright with you.”
Naruto sighed, glad that a crisis was averted. “Can we make it tomorrow, Sakura-chan? Maybe at 3?”
Sakura smirked. “It’s a date then.  See you!”

She winked at him, turned about, and actually wiggled her way down the street.  Naruto stared, hypnotized by that PAWG-style booty leaving him. She had ditched the bike-shorts that she had initially worn at the start of her Genin career, instead relying on her short dress’s apron skirt to cover the essentials. While she was resigned to pervy boys looking at the side-strings of her panties, no one told her that her plump caboose’s wiggling cheeks often led to the rear flap becoming wedged into her crack. As a result, anyone watching from behind could see it all hanging out, each creamy butt-globe jiggling and rippling minutely, yet still maintaining a perfect amount of juicy perk.
It was every bit as enticing as Satsuki’s, a fact that made the Uchiha Heiress grind her teeth. Next to her, Naruto’s eyes followed every single motion and wobble of the pale, creamy cheeks. His mouth went instantly dry and his groin gave an involuntary jump when, with a little bounce of her hips, Sakura’s backside made a faint clapping sound. Once, twice, three solid, audible times before she sharply turned a corner and was out of sight.
Satsuki frowned as she caught the Pinkette’s backwards glance her way. It was quick, but it was so infuriatingly smug she felt her anger bubbling at the very limit of her control. This wouldn’t do at all! Naruto deserved better than some hussy with a fat ass and a fetish for sitting on people’s faces!
Something had to be done!
That was her job, dammit! (unsure of this line)
Hurriedly she caught Naruto by the arm and put on her best, sweetest smile.
“Naruto-kun, would you join us for dinner?”
Uchiha Mikoto didn’t really miss the kunoichi life. Truth be told, her ambitions on that front had never been all that high. Once she hit Chunin, that had been enough for her. After her children had been born, she’d jumped on the excuse to retire, eager for a quiet, simple life of homemaking.
However, with the absence of her husband, she had no one to scratch the near-constant itch that her kunoichi training had left in her womb. Like any healthy woman in her prime, she masturbated frequently, often when her son was out. However, no dildo could fully pleasure her the way a real cock would.
Especially, she thought, licking her lips, A nice, big, juicy slab of meat, on a cute little boy~ The MILF shivered, giggling naughtily to herself as she glanced over her shoulder at their guest. Mikoto, despite her sweet housewife demeanor, was not without her dark sides.
There was simply no way around it: she lusted after her best friend’s adorable son, a boy the same age as her own. She just wanted to molest him, work over his cock until he lost all reason and turned into an underaged little deviant!
Well, maybe the aphrodisiac she’d snuck into dinner would help loosen things up~
She moved to finish clearing away the dishes, her back to Naruto. She stood at the sink, having just finished watching the last few, listening to Naruto entertain Satsuki with tales of his battles against Orochimaru and Kabuto. Privately, Mikoto was impressed--not many could claim to have SEEN Orochimaru and lived.
Mikoto heard the conversation taper off as she finished her task, Satsuki excusing herself to the restroom. Mikoto and Naruto were now alone in the kitchen...quietly, she started counting.…
Sure enough, she felt a pair of soft, small but strong hands on her hips.  A hard shape, like a long, blunt iron bar with a pulse, wedged itself between her plump, MILFy asscheeks, palpably hot even through her dress.
“ did something to me, didn’t you?”
Mikoto inhaled sharply.  “I don’t know what you mean, Naruto-kun--AH~!”

She was cut off when one of those hands reached up and grasped her left breast.  “Don’t try to fool me, Mikoto-basan,” he reprimanded her, “Tsunade-sensei taught me how to recognize drugs, dattebayo, and that food tasted kinda funny. What d’you think you’re doing?”
Mikoto responded by wiggling her hips, just a little, against the impressive bulge rubbing her so intimately. Naruto shivered with pleasure, but refused to relent, squeezing and massaging her left tit in return.  
“Naruto-kun, it’s been so long since I’ve had a man, or even a boy, over,” sighed the black-haired woman wistfully, “I love my children, but some days I just feel so lonely. So few people wish to bed a widow, even one as well-off as myself…”
Naruto frowned. He could imagine how that might feel… “Mikoto-san, if you wanted me to help, all you had to do was ask. If I were anyone else, I wouldn’t have even noticed...imagine if you fed that stuff to some horny brute.”
Both of them knew what an empty threat that was. Mikoto may have been out of practice, but that was a relative term. An ‘out of practice’ ninja could still slaughter hundreds when in the correct position. The sanctity and familiarity of her own home was near the top of that list.
The Uzumaki heir continued, “I mean, he might grab you by the tits, like this!”

Naruto removed his other hand from her hip, and slipped his hands over both her mounds, kneading the soft flesh with expert care. Mikoto inhaled sharply, her hands grasping the tabletop. Even through her clothes, her MILF mammaries felt so sensitive that she wanted to melt. “Y-yes! I-I’d try to distract him with my butt, then!” she gasped, demonstrating by gyrating her wide hips and round, heart-shaped pillow of a rump against the clothed tent assaulting it.
Naruto grinned. This was getting fun.  “Well, what if he fought back? What if he thought your dress was in the way? Like this!”
Reaching down to the beautiful housewife’s ass, he casually gave the rear portion a powerful yank in both directions, tearing a slit all the way up to the small of her back. Her massive bubble butt, big and creamy, practically glowed in the kitchen light, fat cheeks split by a sinfully tiny dark thong.
Mikoto gasped. Such ferocity! He was going to just take what he wanted, wasn’t he?

She certainly hoped so.
“And while you were so shocked, he’d whip out his big, burly man-cock and make you feel it!” He declared. In an instant his pants and boxers were on the floor and his beefy schlong was grinding between her plump thighs. “He’d make you- Nn~ -s-squeeze it, stroke it…” he moaned, pressing himself against her booty; the warm buttmeat was soft and doughy to the touch, “G-get familiar with it!”
The Uchiha MILF shivered in delight, clamping her silky legs on either side of the long, fat hunk of boy-meat that had slipped between them. Veins pulsed and throbbed, blood boiling.
“Where do you want it?” Naruto cut in, “You’re too tall for me to fuck you here!”
Mikoto had to think for a moment…”We can use my bedroom, it’s very spacious…” She imagined fucking the blond kid in the same bed that she’d once shared with her husband.
Such a dirty, obscene thought…
She wanted to do it so badly~
Naruto loved fucking doggy-style. While being taught by Tsunade had left him with an all-consuming love of big tits, a girl’s ass excited him on a primal level. Especially when it was right before him and gobbling up his dong with every thrust. He groaned, thrusting his young hips erratically, eagerly smacking the huge bubble of flesh before him with whatever he had available. The great, milky expanses of flesh rippled and jiggled exquisitely with every impact of groin or hand, flattening and deforming.
Mikoto’s pussy squelched and and slurped at the fat kiddy-cock stretching it wide open, while the woman herself moaned and wailed with joy.
Naruto could help a slight sense of visceral satisfaction. He was fucking his limpdicked archrival’s mother, in her bed, in his house, and she loved every minute of it.
As his nuts slapped against her thighs, he grinned widely, both hands keeping a tight grip on her creamy flesh of her wide hips, pressing himself against her so greatly.
“Mikoto-san, you’re so fucking tight…!”
Mikoto couldn’t reply---she could barely think with this massive slab of meat stretching her innards.  Naruto was so big and beefy she felt him in her stomach!
The boy then did something that really made her eyes roll back in her head.  He grabbed her by the hair, two great handfuls of it, using it as reins as he plowed her massive ass like a field.
The effect was immediate. Mikoto, reveling in such masculine, degrading treatment, shuddered powerfully as she came. Her long dry spell had rendered her incredibly sensitive--she wouldn’t have lasted long no matter what Naruto did.
All too soon, Mikoto passed out, completely senseless.  Naruto pulled out, a tad disappointed, albeit inordinately pleased.
He’d never fucked anyone unconscious before.  The thought was slightly displeasing and yet at the same time he felt a visceral triumph.
“I fucked Sasuke’s mother out cold. That...actually feels good-ttebayo.”
An angry pulse from below caused a realization though. Naruto pouted in disappointment.  “But I didn’t even get to cum!”
He pulled himself out of the Uchiha matriarch like a katana being drawn from a sheath, albeit with a fleshy, slick sound. His cock felt even larger than before, jutting from his groin like a tremendous, veiny monument. The oversized organ pulsed visibly, veins standing out on its surface, his nuts swollen to the size of oranges…
Mikoto’s aphrodisiac had worked almost too well.
A moan from behind him made him turn around in surprise, followed by a squeak as Satsuki fell through the door into the room. Her tiny skirt was bunched up around her waist and her panties hung off one ankle. Her face was flushed with lust, eyes wide as she stared at her brother’s teammate. Her pupils flashed a bright red, each with a single tomoe orbiting the pupil, while one hand was buried in her sopping wet pussy. “S-so hot…!” she moaned, shuddering as she pumped two fingers out of her gushing snatch, “I feel funny, like I’m burning up~”
Now that she was in the room proper, her nostrils flared, pupils dilating as the full force of Naruto’s sexual musk hit her. Her mouth filled with drool, which quickly overflowed and spilled out of her partly parted lips as her already lust-drowned brain shut down even further.
She crawled forward on her hands and knees, her jailbait bubble butt waving back and forth in the air as she instinctively followed the cloud of cock-stench back to its natural source. Her movements were anything but a smooth seductive crawl though, more akin to a lopsided, drunken stumble as one of her hands refused to leave her aching pussy - fingers pumping, scraping, twirling and curling with reckless abandon. Despite the loping gait, she made it across the room at the speed of lust and was eye to dick-slit with him in short order.
Naruto hissed in pleasure as Satsuki buried her face in his slimy junk without a second of hesitation, her delicate nose sinking into the flesh of his nutsack. She moaned, her shlicking hand becoming almost a blur as she inhaled, her sharingan-filled eyes rolling up and her cunt spasming climatically. Juices sprayed and squirted messily from between her fingers, staining her stockings as she came.
The young Uchiha moaned wantonly, spit slopping and bubbling against the ball-meat that she was slobbering all over. Her tongue flattened against the hot, juice-stained, hairless flesh, swirling around and around as far as it could go. She slurped noisily, interspersed with gasping moans of animalistic heat, pumping no less than three fingers into her gushing quim.
Naruto remained locked in place as he watched her work. This was, single handedly, the sloppiest blowjob he had ever received. Granted, all he had to compare it to was Tsunade-sensei’s and Shizune’s. Satsuki hadn’t once tried to actually take him into her mouth, at least not the tip. Saliva dripped from her lips without end as she drunkenly licked and slurped her way up and down his length. She occasionally used enough force to sink the side of his girth into her mouth past her lips, causing her to suckle on that spot for a few solid seconds before she would slide right off to begin her patternless worship. Hot, syrupy precum spurted in a near-constant stream from the swollen tip, dribbling down the underside and gunking up her silken hair.
Finally, Naruto could take no more of her drunken, inadvertent teasing.
It wasn’t so much a word as it was a feral grunt that escaped Naruto’s mouth as he grabbed her by the hair.

Two eyes and three rapidly spinning tomoe (one in the left eye, two in the right) looked up at him, searing every second into the bearer’s memory, her expression one of naked, blatant need.
That was all the approval Naruto needed and with a rough yank he lifted her up and over the edge of the bed by the hair, the momentum throwing her cleanly onto the mattress on her belly. Far from distressed at the rough treatment, the second she landed Satsuki popped her ass up in the air, wagging it back and forth like the slobbering bitch in heat she was, needy whines building up in her throat.
Hot on her heels, Naruto smoothly followed right after her onto the bed. Seamlessly settling in behind her, Naruto grabbed her hips and slammed himself into her in one single motion.

His hips meeting her ass resounded like a thunderclap in the small room, quickly followed by the breathless gasp of Satsuki, and the surprised but deeply pleased groan of Naruto.

Recognizing the gasp as her having the wind lightly knocked out of her, Naruto forced himself to pause. He looked down, and the sight of her fat, bubble butt flattened against his hips caused his already monstrous girth to fatten up just a bit within her. In response her spine arched just a little bit further and her breath, recently recovered, was once more expelled in a long, low, stuttering moan as she sank deeply into the blankets beneath her, eyes rolling up.

Surprised at her extreme tightness, but not caring in the slightest, Naruto’s self control came unravelled in a hurry and he started slamming down into her.

He made no effort to be gentle, not when Satsuki’s moans just grew louder and louder as he treated her like a cheap cocksleeve.
He got rougher and rougher, his hands shifting positions on her body to allow great and greater leverage. Her body took every bit of it willingly and gladly, her hole all but sucking him back in every time he pulled out.

Suffering from blue balls as he was, Naruto lost any sense of restraint and pulled out a move he only used when he really wanted to turn Tsunade into a twitching pile of orgasms and satisfaction.

He raised himself above her with his body spread slightly wider than her, balancing on his hands and knees. He pulled out slowly, revelling in her sudden shift from drunken moans, squeaks and squeals, to the needy little whimpers he found utterly erotic. He didn’t linger and enjoy them long though, because the second his cock was almost all the way out of her, he shifted gears and slammed his body weight, cock first, straight down.
Another clap of thunder was followed quickly by the tortured screech of the mattress springs below Satsuki as she sank into the mattress.
The springs not only held, but did their job though, and sent her right back up… right into another bone jarring thrust down from Naruto, sending her right back down in a hurry.

Once the rhythm got going Naruto barely had to move at all, Satsuki’s tight hole all but jerking him off every bit as fast as he could with his hand. Every girthy inch of his massive cock stabbed right down into her, several times a second.

Satsuki, already as blissed out as she was, felt her vision going dark at the edges at her body was thrown up and down like a rag doll, viciously used and abused in a way that she had craved for years. Her orgasms had long since ceased only hitting her back to back and had become just one long string of pleasure, so great that she felt what little was left of her conscious mind completely shut down.
It didn’t take long for Naruto’s dangerously overfilled balls to begin churning loudly, gurgling with a heaping helping of extra thick ball cream ready for use.

With one last savage thrust and snarl of underaged lust, Naruto collapsed on top of the unmoving Satsuki’s back, lightly jerking his hips as his cock swelled even further and force fed her enough paste-like jizz to instantly bulge up her belly.

Naruto himself hadn’t experienced a climax this strong in months, not since some of his first with Tsunade, and found stars dancing in his own vision as his meat spewed forth a seemingly endless barrage of thick, hot semen.

Eventually it did, however, leaving him breathless and lightheaded in the best of ways.

He basked in the afterglow for a good minute before he was shaken out of his bliss by Satsuki doing something completely unexpected-
She burped, a very distinctive burp at that.

Alarmed, Naruto jerked back and off of Satsuki, only for his eyes to widen as his eyes drank in the sight of Satsuki’s gaping anus before him. His alarm didn’t last long, settling rapidly into growing fascination and lust as he admired her slowly closing asshole. There was no blood, not even a little bit. Satsuki had to have put in some serious anal training for that to be possible. Years of it, most likely.

Unable to resist, his hand swiped forward, clapping off one of her perfectly round cheeks. It made a sound so perfect it nearly brought a tear to his eye. It did bring a cloudy tear to his cock, which drooled onto the very cheek he had slapped, though. He grinned even wider when, even borderline comatose, Satsuki shuddered and released a very distant moan.
Looking over both Uchiha women, both utterly gorgeous with their sexy bodies and thoroughly used flesh, Naruto’s already needy erection pulsed angrily. Despite how mind blowing that orgasm had been, it honestly barely took the edge off. The downside of being trained, and routinely fucking a woman as experienced and needy as Tsunade, was that he was conditioned to go for far longer than one round… even if that one round had sent a full grown women and a budding sex-addict nymphomaniac into solid unconsciousness.
However, it was getting late and he figured that he’d have even more opportunities to empty out his young balls once he had more time in the day. And conscious women.
Taking Satsuki, he burrowed under the covers, pulling her naked body into his, whilst also wrangling Mikoto in as well. Considering how much bigger she was, this took some doing, but the payoff was her big, soft breasts pressed into his side. Both girls murmured happily in their sleep, snuggling into the preteen stud that had so thoroughly claimed them. Their long, shapely legs each twined around one of his, thighs rubbing his still hot, sticky erection. Grunting at the sensation, the blond burrowed an arm under each of them and grabbed a greedy fistful of their overflowing asscheeks.
It took quite a while for him to fall asleep, what with his massive, throbbing hard-on, but he managed it eventually. Unfortunately, even then he kept dreaming about bouncing booties, tremendous titties and wet cunts. When he woke up, not only was he still sporting a swollen stiffy, but now it was coated in a mix of syrupy pre and chowdery leftover sperm. “Nnngh…of all the times…” he moaned, raising his head blearily, only to blink as he realized that his two Uchiha were still on either side, their soft, feminine curves ripe for him to use as he saw fit.
Extricating himself from the sexy sandwich, he squatted by Mikoto’s sleeping face and, taking hold of the base of his boy-prick, smacked her cheek lightly, smearing it with his nightly issue.
Mikoto took her sweet time waking up and he repeatedly cock slapped her across the face, almost suspiciously long really. Eventually though, she opened her eyes and smiled up at him, somehow managing to look matronly with her face slathered with precum.
In no mood to play games, Naruto grunted out a stern, “Clean me.” as he thrust his filthy prong against her lips.

His tone caused her thighs to twitch, something he very much saw and noted for the future, but his main focus was on her lips as she almost managed to hide her eagerness and engulfed his head with her mouth.

With a pleased, deep grunt Naruto grabbed a handful of her clan’s signature black hair and twirled his wrist to get a looping handle of the stuff before he pulled. It wasn’t very far, he barely pulled an inch, but it was so forceful she had to obey, and did so with barely a token second of resistance.
As she slowly, lovingly, suckled her way down his throbbing length, Naruto let his head fall back and his eyes closed-

Only for them to shoot back open and his head to jerk forward as he felt something warm and wet latch onto his right testicle. He looked down to see one of Satsuki’s eyes looking back up at him from below his rigid tool, the other blocked by his girth, giving him a look of borderline worship as she rolled his ball around with her tongue. Her mouth was far too small to encapsulate it, but her eagerness made that a moot point.
In contrast to the tsunami of pleasure that was the orgasm the night prior, the one that washed over Naruto due to the oral attention of the two Uchiha women was more of a gentle wave.
That by no means meant his output was gentler however, and both Mikoto and Satsuki’s mouths opened with simultaneous, sticky pops at the distinctive sounds of his oversized balls gurgling their distinctive little war cry.
Naruto released a long, relaxed exhale as his cock flexed and spurted blast and blast of his pearly white cream into their faces. His release lasted so long that both mother and daughter wound up with crisscrossing lines of the stuff forming masks on their faces before they started taking turns suckling it down straight from the source. It pumped and squirted from the meaty tube like a fountain, in greasy, finger-thick plumes of musky boy-spooge.

While one worked his fat, spongy glans with their tongue, the other wasn’t idle and would dart down to work his balls, extending his orgasm just a little bit further. Both of them were jerking his shaft, shockingly getting a pace down that synched up with the other perfectly.

Frankly, Naruto could not have been more pleased; he was going to be spending a great many nights here in the future, no question about it.
Of course, he couldn’t just stay with them all day; he still needed to go home to his own mom and sister, not to mention have that date Sakura had promised him.
So, once the two cum-sated sluts had finished cleaning him up, he’d gotten dressed and thanked them politely for their hospitality; both with words and with a make-out session that lasted for half an hour and left Satsuki curled into a shivering ball of delight on the floor, and put a beatific smile on Mikoto’s face that was unlikely to come off for quite a while.
The walk home was uneventful, though the young boy couldn’t help but notice how many double-takes the women around him did when they saw how his groin bulged. Besides a few scandalized blushes, nothing came of it, however. Foot traffic was minimal on the route he took, leaving him to just enjoy the village of his birth for a few relaxing minutes, a fond smile found it’s way onto his face.
Of course, he didn’t notice the inky-haired, frumpy-dressed lass that followed him at a distance, darting behind street-poles and into alleyways to avoid being spotted.
The large house that his family lived in was as inviting and comforting to him as always, even just approaching it. A blonde girl shot out of the front door, passing him on the way to the street with a yelp of, “Hi bro, bye bro!” before Uzumaki Miso blurred past him. Probably on her way to a team meetup or something.
“Bye squirt!” He called, a mischievous grin in full force on his face.

Miso’s sandals screeched to a halt on their front walkway as she stopped on a dime. Swinging her body around, she sent a petulant glare Naruto’s way. “Thirty seconds, I’m thirty seconds younger than you!” She pointed at him sharply, before swinging her arm back to swipe over her head. “And I’m taller too!”
Weathering her tirade like a veteran older brother, Naruto’s focus was far more centered on her body than her words. His sister’s habit of gesturing wildly while she talked was doing all kind of fun things to her body. It was the first time seeing his sister as a women, and frankly he was utterly shocked it took this long!

Her skin was tanned a deep, smooth bronze, much like his own, and her low-cut shirt exposed oodles of the bountiful, full, ripe slopes of her early-bloomer tits. His twin’s round, plump twins bounced and jangled freely under her shirt, unrestricted by a bra thanks to the power of chakra. Every so often, her careless movements would cause the edge of her dusky areola to peek naughtily over the edge of her neckline. Her lips, set in an angry pout, were just as full and juicy, perfect for forming a vacuum seal around a dick. Her tight shorts, a common thing on Kunoichi it seemed, hung low on her hips, not hiding the sky-blue panties that clung to them; the gold-haired ditz seemed not to notice that she was flashing her big brother. Completing the skanky look that she had going for her, Miso’s soft blonde hair, which was mind-blowingly long, was gathered up into a pair of twintails. To the boy, they looked like nothing more than a pair of perfect reins, or handlebars with which to hold her while skewering…well, any of her holes, really.
God, he really was considering fucking his own sister! ...Oh well, hopefully he wouldn’t have the same reaction when he saw his mom.
No such luck.
His mom was bent over the stove, her hips bouncing lightly up and down as she did something with the food already in the cooking device, her long, long red hair wagging back and forth.
She was clothed in her usual outfit of a green dress and white blouse beneath it. This did nothing to hide the fact that his mom has the fattest, widest, softest looking ass he had ever seen on a human being. He would not be surprised if that monster had ripped it’s way out of all manner of pants until she finally just gave up and wore a dress.

Speaking of failing clothes, The sudden shift from ‘mother’ to ‘sexual object of the highest calibre’ was a violent one for Naruto. With a sudden rip of fabric his monstrous fuckstick exploded the front of his pants, eagerly pointing straight at the woman who birthed him, almost dragging him toward the child bearing hips that took up so much of his vision.
Eyes widening in alarm Naruto’s heart rate skyrocketed as he saw his mother begin to turn around. With a blur of speed he was out the kitchen door and well on his way to his room when he heard his mother’s confused call of, “Miso, dear, did you forget something?”
“Just me mom!” He called back, voice high pitched and cracking before he cleared his throat. “I’m back, the Perv and I got Tsunade to come back to the village!”
“Congratulations!” his mom’s warm, proud voice called back, “Why did you run off, do you think you’re too old to hug your mother? Get back here!”
Naruto was not opposed to hugging his mother, point in fact. In fact, with a lurch and a spray of pre-cum his body expressed just how much he was not opposed to that offer. “I have a date with Sakura-chan, I’m in a hurry!”
“Oh? I’m surprised she agreed to that,” Kushina remarked, “I thought I scared her off for good.” she mused more to herself, despite the volume being loud enough for him to still hear. “But you better give me a kiss goodbye, young man. I’ll track you down if I have to, don’t think I won’t!”
“Alright!” He was very glad he was half the house away, because the gurgling sound his balls made was akin to a roar. He actually felt his legs go numb as his cock hardened even further.
He marched down the hallway, forcing his legs to make the first few steps before feeling properly returned to them. With one last lunge he hurled himself into his room. Shutting the door behind him he immediately headed for his shower, ripping his ruined pants off himself, as well as stripping himself of his jacket and shirt in a more gentle fashion, since those two articles were still wearable in future.

If he was in any other state of mind, he would have been very amused that one of the Uchiha women had swiped his underwear, but at that moment he was far more focused on getting into the shower, cranking the water on, and standing in the freezing water until he stopped wanting to slam his mom’s pussy and breed her until she couldn’t walk.
That goal failed spectacularly. Three solid minutes under icy cold water did jack shit, his erection was still so hard he was getting woozy from it. If anything, it was harder because reverse psychology meant while he tried to stop thinking of his mother’s mighty rump, the more he thought of it, and in lewder and lewder situations.
He didn’t actually know the precise second his hand had begun furiously pumping his turgid cock, nor when his second joined in, but by the time he came out of his reverse psychology daydream loop, he was just seconds from orgasm.

A surprised cry ripped its way out of him as he hosed down the shower wall. The loud splashing of his cum impacting the tiles was barely drowned out by the hard spray of the water on the floor.
The rest of the shower was far less eventful, but at least his libido was momentarily calmed down. His cock softened at least partially, still fat and swollen and burning hot, slapping against his thighs as he exited the shower on shaky legs.
When he got to the kitchen, having changed into fresh clothes, his mother smiled at him. “Well, look at you, dattebane~” she teased, spreading her arms, “C’mere, handsome~”
Naruto shifted uncomfortably. He wore an old pair of orange (because of course), baggy shorts, the waistband stretched out so much that it hung low on his narrow, boyish hips. He had to keep his hands in his pockets in order for it to not slip down and flash the root of his chub. His shirt left his muscular arms bare and clung tightly to his training-sculpted torso. He groaned as Kushina wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, rubbing his back and hair affectionately. His head found itself pressed up against a pair of soft, pillowy mounds, her dress doing nothing to detract from the sensation.
There was zero chance of him hiding his bulge from her now that physical contact had been made and remaining soft was utterly impossible, but he tried his best by hugging her with his upper body and jutting his crotch and legs away from her. Naruto had no idea if it actually worked, as his mind was far more focused on her pillowy lips as they came in for a quick peck.

She grabbed his shoulders and turned him around before he knew it, giving his shoulder a shove to get him moving.

“Have a good evening Naruto-chan!” She called, the scuffling of her shoes telling him she had turned back to the counter and was once more focused on making food.
Legs a unique mix of stiff and jelly, Naruto did his absolute best to try and lower his heart rate from that harrowing ordeal and soften up as he made his way to Team 7’s customary meeting location, a small bridge over a little stream.
However, upon spotting his date, his shorts almost immediately tented out again. “H...heya, S-Sakura-chan,” he greeted shakily, his blue eyes wide.
The pinkette giggled, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “What’s with that reaction? It’s just me, you know.”
Yeah, that’s the problem-ttebayo! he thought ogling her uncontrollably. Sakura was wearing the same dress as before, but as she approached, he saw that her panties were different. The strings dug enticingly into her hips, adorned almost teasingly by a tiny bow and settled at least halfway down the creamy curve of her supple derriere.
Likewise, Sakura blushed at how easy it was to see Naruto’s freshly hardened erection. Her pussy twitched and heated up.
“S-so…should we go get something to eat first?” asked the boy, “Then the movie?”
She nodded, and blinked in surprised as Naruto was instantly next to her. She made to extend her arm joking for him to loop his through, only to stop mid-motion as his firm grip latched onto her opposite hip, and his arm settled across the shelf of her ass.

An embarrassed blush spread across her cheeks at the feeling of his rough hands on her creamy, naked flesh, but a pleased smile played across her lips at his enthusiasm and interest.
The meal that followed was, unsurprisingly, full of casual conversation and laughter. The two had been on the same Team for six months, so it came as no surprise that their interaction was smooth. That being said, there was a definite undertone of mutual lust going on. Naruto’s hands were almost always on her body, whether it was her hip, shoulder, knee, or even her thigh, rubbing and even teasing at her glabrous flesh. He wasn’t shy about how upfront he was with his advances, her dress wound up being moved out of the way several times as he drew higher and higher on her thighs.
Sakura responded in kind, her slim fingers hesitantly exploring his own body as they talked, slipping under his clothes. Her contribution was less blatant however, and was full of some very telling looks and subconscious gestures of interest Naruto picked up on easily thanks to Tsunade’s training.
It was almost a shame to stand up, having finished their meal a good twenty minutes ago, but the time their movie was scheduled to start was fast approaching. Naruto was still every bit as hard as he was when they sat down, something that brought a renewed flush to her face when his pants slid down another few inches to reveal his hairless pelvic bone and the barest glimpse of the base of his cock.
Due to their long meal though the two ninja-in-training had to hop across the roofs to get to the theater in time. Neither was particularly upset about this exertion. The two Genin found themselves ogling each other even harder as the motions caused their respective assets to become even more visually appealing, heated looked were exchanged almost the entire way.
A short time later, tickets purchased, the two of them shuffled along the row, both inadvertently heading for the same empty seat.
Naruto got there first and sank into the chair, sighing at its cushiness.
A moment later, Sakura, too late to stop herself, stumbled and fell ass-first into her date’s lap.
The blond gave a choked-off yelp of surprise as the girl’s fat, plush buttocks slammed down on his groin, doughy flesh flattening and spilling all over his jutting crotch with a muffled clap. His head rolled back as her weight settled in the middle of his lap. The suddenness of the impact directly on his meat and potatoes made Naruto’s eyes bug out of his head. Worse, combined with how his balls had filled themselves all the way back up during lunch, he was so sensitive at the moment he feared he might cream his pants.  
Sakura squeaked in shock herself, though mostly because her seat wasn’t as unoccupied as she’d thought. “S-sorry!” she whispered, fidgeting, “I’ll move…”

That only made it worse! Sakura wiggled to and fro, her fat bubble butt rubbing itself against his groin in a decidedly lewd fashion. Something about the innocent way she had reacted drove him up the absolute wall. It was like an impromptu lap-dance!
“N...No!” gasped the blond, still seeing stars. The idea of that lovely rear leaving him was too much to bear. “You can stay-ttebayo!” Hurriedly, he threw his arms around her waist to stop her.
Sakura shivered at his strong grip, a fluttering sensation appearing in her lower belly, and she felt herself pulled without resistance by his hands. She allowed herself to be placed back in his grasp, smiling slightly. “Fine, dummy. I guess you do make a good seat...” She trailed off with one last gentle kick of her hips, stroking his shaft with her cheeks to ‘settle in’.
Naruto’s training kicked in, and despite the stars in his vision, thundering heart, and light headedness, managed to respond with a wink. “Just be careful, or it’ll get too comfy, dattebayo…”
Piece said, Naruto’s hands settled on her body, one on her trim, lightly muscled belly, while the other settled atop her upper thigh, finger sinking underneath her dress without hesitation.
What movie to watch had been a debated topic between the two for a while. The new Princess Gale film was a strong contender, but The Tea Country Massacre had won out in the end. The horror genre had never really been popular amongst ninja, not because the shinobi population didn’t want to enjoy scary movies or anything, but because they were universally agreed to be utterly boring compared to their day to day lives.
The Tea Country Massacre’s big tagline was that it was scary enough for even the most hardened of ninja. Neither of the Genin could really be called ‘hardened’, at least not in the way the advert intended, but they both found themselves at the edge of their seat, yelping and jumping quite often.
On a normal couple, that would have been very mundane, but with these two it left them in a bit of a predicament.
Sakura’s pillowy ass proved itself to have quite a bit of grip, as her jumps and starts steadily pulled Naruto’s shorts lower and lower on his hips. Within twenty minutes Naruto’s cock was shamelessly exposed in it’s entirety. Somewhere along the line her dress had flopped over his prick, and her panties had gotten twisted around his shaft as well.
This left his endowment locked firmly between her cheeks, the top portion effectively fucking itself against her back, under her dress.
Shockingly, despite the sexual tension of the first half of their date, and the overtly sexual things happening between their bodies, both Naruto and Sakura barely paid it any conscious thought.
That didn’t mean their subconscious thoughts did, proven by Sakura’s jumps and jerks steadily turning into a smooth, erotic grinding motion that left a dark spot on the back of her dress. Naruto, while his dick slowly but surely covered her back in his thick, syrupy precum, found his hands venturing completely beneath her dress. His fingers traced her abs and belly button, teasingly slow, stopping occasionally to dip down to her pelvic bone (hairless, unsurprisingly) to rub little spirals into the puffy flesh located there, before going in full reverse to poke, stroke, and lightly grope the underside of her breasts.
It was during one of these northern trips that a particularly intense jumpscare caused his hands to latch fully onto her tits, the delightful orbs officially earning the moniker ‘hand sized.’ Their small size actually lent significance to how soft they were, the silky-soft flesh squishing lightly from the slightest touch. Her nipples stood out as a pair of heated nubs, which he pinched lightly every so often as he kneaded and groped the mounds.
All this served to make him even harder, his prick swollen to such thickness that even her phat rump couldn’t completely wrap around it. Even so, she kept up her slow grind, huffing and moaning, in between frightened squeaks from the movie, all the while jacking off her date. Her back was completely slathered in the musky, oily fluid that spurted constantly from his slit, making goosebumps run up her fair flesh.
Soon afterward, Naruto stopped paying attention to the movie entirely, eager to just bust a nut at this point. “S-Sakura-chan,” he hissed in her ear, breath hitching and ragged, “This movie’s...not really doing it for me-ttebayo.”
The pinkette jumped as his voice suddenly made her realize their position. Her face flushed bright red as she realized that her blond teammate’s naked prong was wedged firmly into her asscheeks. “Should we l-leave?” she whispered back, “It’s t-too bi-much for me, the movie is.” she ‘covered’ her slip by giving a particularly aggressive fidget.
The growl of the monster in the movie was echoed by the two fat, overstuffed orbs below her bellowing their own roar, causing her to release an erotic little whimper.
“T-turn around!” Naruto meant to suggest, but wound up ordering with a little growl of his own.
The command lanced through the pinkette’s clouded thoughts, and she instantly obeyed, her pussy gushing it’s agreement to that particular plan.
Hopping off of him, her knotted panties and dress sliding cleanly off of his glistening, slimy cock with ease, she stood briefly, turned sharply, and dropped to her knees. Abandoning all hints of teasing playfulness at the sight of Naruto’s cock, her body was inflamed with desire greater than she had ever felt. Her bright pink lips suction cupped onto the head of his cock with a light pop, and her hands moved to begin jacking him off. His slimy shaft started making a wet slapping sound.
Feeling her delicate hands wrap around his shaft, fingers coming nowhere near touching due to his girth, and her delicate lips suckling at his fat mushroom shaped head, Naruto completely lost it.

Grabbing two messy fistfuls of pink hair, he held her head firmly in place. “Cumming, take it, take it!” He almost whined, voice raising pitch rapidly as his release started.
Sakura’s green eyes widened as the massive shaft in her hands throbbed and lurch, the bulge of his urethra flexing and swelling, before a massive spurt of hot spunk burst into her mouth. Thinking quickly, she started swallowing, managing the first shot before the second flooded her cheeks with even more volume.
She gulped and gulped as quickly as she could, doing her best not to choke, while her hands unconsciously continued milking the pillar of boy-meat under her. Despite only just giving her first kiss to a prick, she actually managed to swallow a shocking amount, while Naruto writhed and bucked under her, panting and breathing hard.
Eventually, the flow of jizz tapered off and the pinkette was free to pull away, though one last sticky rope of smelly kiddy-cum squirted out to connect her lips to the head. It took her a few swallows to down the last of the stuff in her mouth, with it being so thick and sludgy that it clung to the sides of her esophagus. “Puaaah~” she sighed finally, taking in great lungfuls of air as her eyes fluttered.
Naruto stood up, causing Sakura to lean back. He took a step to the side and reached down to help her up, which proved to be needed as she swayed heavily on newly discovered noodle legs.
Neither said a word as Naruto did most of the walking, briefly stopping to cram his meat back into his shorts, for all the good that did. The two of them made their way out of the theater at a mutually hurry. If anybody saw their mussed up, stained and wet clothes, nobody mentioned it as the two passed. Nor did they mention that one of Naruto’s hands was aggressively palming Sakura’s ass, or how hers was wrapped firmly around the back of his cock to keep his shorts up.
Outside the theater, Sakura stopped them by planting one of her feet down. Naruto swivelled, turning to face her and pressing the two of them together.

“I had a really good time,” Sakura said robotically, almost a rehearsed line, but her tone was completely breathless. “My, my parents aren’t home, you should walk me back!” she demanded, her bossy tone contrasting the fact that her hand had refused to leave his cock, and was even beginning to pump his length.
“I never have seen your room,” agreed Naruto, sliding a hand underneath her panties before resuming his groping. His fingers, now free to do so, occasionally darted inward to poke and rub at her asshole.
Sakura’s reaction to this was both sudden, and downright erotic as her eyes rolled back and drool began to leak down one corner of her mouth. “S-show, yeah. Be-bed, soft. Cooooome~” she hissed and stuttered wetly, knees knocking.

The walk back to her house was long and torturous, as they were far too horny and weak to properly rooftop-jump. Sakura practically melted against him as he groped and fingered her, playing her like an expert at a shamisen. Her delicate, dainty hand scrabbled desperately at the outline his underaged schlong made through his shorts.
It took them almost a minute to get through the front door, the pinkette drunkenly fumbling about so badly with the key.
Once they were inside, they bee-lined it straight for her room upstairs, practically shedding clothes all the way. The pre-teen couple fell together in a tangle onto her bed, fully naked without even remembering stripping. Sakura wrapped her arms and legs around Naruto’s muscular body, writhing and moaning as his huge cock sawed against her gushing cunt.
If he’d just stuck it in right then and there, she would’ve been happy, but their ‘dry’ play continued for the next several minutes, with Naruto varying up his thrust speed and angle, as well as grabbing her shoulders to keep her held more firmly in place. All of this had Sakura moaning and groaning beneath him, her body jerking and trying to arch back and forth, but being unable to due to his strong grip.

Eventually Naruto hauled himself back off of her, looking down at her with an intense, hungry gaze.
“Wah?” she eloquently responded, panting deeply.
In lieu of answering Naruto grabbed her hip and shoulder and rolled her over. She released a muffled noise of surprise, but it trailed off in a groan as a strong, firm spank across her ass made her stiffen.
Naruto felt a feral grin form on his face at the sight before him: her sexy body, at his complete mercy at last.
The pinkette could do little from her position, firmly planted face-down on the bed, while his fingers dug deep into her asscheeks, testing the bouyancy of her flesh. He gave her another spank, just to watch it jiggle, playfully biting it and getting a squeal.
Weak as she was from arousal, Sakura could do little more than lie there and take it, her pussy quivering and spasming with mini-orgasms. Little whimpers huffed from her as her prodigious booty was assaulted and abused with kisses, licks, smacks, gropes, pinches, and some very daring and invasive fingers.

“I’ve wanted this ass for quite a while, you know?” Naruto mused, slowly sinking his middle finger into her asshole, while his other hand slowly played with her labia, stimulating her lips.
“Yes-ah!” she replied, only to yelp as the fingers at her pussy moved just a bit, just enough to begin rubbing circles on her clit. Her hands balled into fists, grabbing great handfuls of blankets as her spine arched, sending her back end upwards in a needy little thrust. All this accomplished was sending his finger deeper into her, resulting in a shuddering whimper.
“You stopped wearing those shorts on purpose, didn’t you?” he pressed, literally, grinding his middle finger into her ass, curling his finger to test a theory.
She squealed, toes curling. “Y-yesss! I w-wanted you to n-notice my butt when you came back!”
Naruto cocked his head, while his cockhead eagerly spurted out a great gout of precum. “Eh~? Me? And not Sasuke?”
Feeling how very familiar the pliancy of her asshole was, Naruto felt safe in doing what he did next. As she inhaled to respond to him he pulled his finger out, only to jam it right back in, along with his index finger. He immediately curled his fingers lightly and began firmly but slowly pumping them into her.
Spittle flew as Sakura almost choked. Her eyes actually crossed as she released a sound equivalent to a “Hnnn~!”, and slammed her head into the blanket to muffle her follow-up scream.
Judging by the juices that bathed his hand, he would put money on that scream being of the orgasmic variety.
“W-who?” she eventually responded, raising her head to look back at him with distant eyes. Drool leaked from her parted lips onto the mattress uncontrollably, so far gone in ecstasy was she.
The look on her face, combined with the sentiment of completely forgetting about their other teammate, turned Naruto on immensely. It was a familiar sort of frenzy, actually, almost identical to the one he’d experienced with Satsuki the night before.

Considering how well Sakura had responded to anal pleasure, Naruto felt it was only right to have a repeat performance. Only actually on purpose this time. “Right answer,” he murmured with a smirk, crawling up the bed while he spoke to get even with her. He made a few handsigns that Tsunade had taught him, watching as his own precum flowed out to liberally coat his shaft, lubricating it.
All Naruto had to do was relax his hips and enjoy the very sudden tightness as he dropped and speared her guts, but for Sakura the experience was far different, bordering on religious.
The orgasms she had experience until now had previously been what she thought were quite strong, but with one thrust Naruto proved them to be of the ‘little’ variety instead. The climax she felt course through her like a jolt of pure electricity wiped out quite a few of her bodily functions, completely replacing them with pleasure.
The pinkette found herself limp, unable to even move her legs, and gnawing at the blankets beneath her. Tears and drool poured from her face into the cloth, as her painted pink nails ripped into the fabric a little ways away.
The blond threw back his head and moaned, drooling a little himself as his cock plowed right into a hot, tight little slice of heaven. He instantly began pumping away, slamming Sakura’s hips down into the mattress like he had with Satsuki. Her ass was just as satisfying to fuck, doughy and springy, flattening and rippling with every energetic pound of his groin.
Everything dissolved into a blur of carnal pleasure for the pinkette. All she was aware of was the massive piston reaming her out, veins bulging, spurting with copious amounts of pre-jizz. She was barely aware of cumming, already in such bliss that she couldn’t even tell the difference.
When she finally regained some awareness, it was to find herself on her back, with Naruto underneath her, still pumping her asshole for all he was worth. His hands were fastened on her small tits, squeezing and squishing them, causing little pinpricks of pleasure to lance down into the building heat within her belly. Below that, his legs hitched hers apart. Now he was pounding up into her, hammering her tight virgin hole for all it was worth.
Naruto groaned as she orgasmed again, her anus tightening to almost painful levels around his shaft, accompanied by a shriek as her swollen twat gushed and streamed. For years he’d crushed on the pretty pinkette, chasing after her, and now here they were: him fucking her brains out.
As he had many times that evening, while his hips pounded her ass to ruin, he explored her body with his hands. He started at her slim neck, as delicate as the rest of her, before sliding down to her bust. Her breasts had always been small, and he was not complaining about that by any means, as the sensitive little orbs fit right in his hands. He took an extra minute or two to pinch and tease her nipples, sending her into another convulsion of pleasure, before venturing lower.
He was honestly shocked to find Sakura possessed defined abdominal muscles, but he very much enjoyed running his fingers over them. Below that was his long time goal, so to speak: a puffy labia, absolutely pouring with her juices at the moment. He promised himself he would be plumbing its depths soon enough, once he was done with her ass and she had recovered enough.
That might take a few days, but he was supremely confident she would be the one coming to him about a repeat performance in bed.
Sakura’s ass more than spoke for itself, he’d spent a good chunk of his day laying attention atop it, and properly appreciating it as a man should. What hadn’t gotten as much attention were her thighs; creamy, white, and unbelievably soft, they felt wonderful in his hands. At some point he would also have to try fucking them. If it was anywhere near as good as hotdogging her had been, he’d be blowing many a load between them.
His balls, still bloated with excess sperm, hefted and swung with his bucking hips, smacking the undersides of her buttcheeks. With the way they churned and boiled tirelessly, it was as if they knew that their owner would not be holding back anytime soon.
Eventually, with an animalistic snarl, Naruto slammed himself all the way to the hilt, nuts contracting with an audible squelch. Thick, goopy, hot semen oozed its way up his fuck-pipe, the pressure of Sakura’s asshole impeding the journey. The pressure built up quickly, however, and with a cry of climactic pleasure, the seal was broken.
Her eyes being rolled back as far as they were, it was impossible for her to see it; but if she had been Sakura would have witnessed her belly go from trim and flat, to a rounded mass in just a few short seconds as Naruto utterly exploded within her, his balls visibly clenching against his thighs and her ass to deliver an inhuman amount of his ball cream into her. It was just as inhumanly thick, too, feeling more like custard than actual semen, packed so full of his little swimmers that, had it all gone in her pussy (and if Naruto weren’t under the effects of Tsunade’s jutsu), she would have gotten pregnant for sure.
Needless to say, she came harder than ever, positively squirting her juices all over the bed and seeing nothing but stars until she finally fainted, gurgling unintelligibly.
The blond himself did not care, letting himself relax underneath her with a relieved sigh, even as his cock continued to twitch and pump. Actually, after the day he’d had, a nap seemed like a great idea.
Falling asleep while balls deep inside his strongest crush, giving her an anal creampie…hopefully such a glorious event was only an omen for things to come…
NS: And there we have it. Chapter 1, done. Oh yeah, and major thanks to Slicerness for coming in out of the blue to help out with this. GOD knows how long it would’ve taken otherwise.
This fic was inspired by a challenge, posted on the corpse of stormarrow’s old forum. The challenge reads as such:
By WhiteWhiskey (A.K.A. Blood Brandy)
This challenge was inspired Hakkyou no Yami's 'Harem's Betrayal' challenge. He spoke about how women, in fanfiction, tend to cheat on him, most often Sakura, to be with some other guy. But, why have I never seen it in reverse?
It's in the future and all the good stuff has happened, Naruto is Hokage, married to Hinata, Sasuke came back and is engaged to Sakura, Ino, and/or Karin, all that happy ending crap. But things aren't as perfect as it seems. For various reasons, a lot of women are cheating on their respective boyfriend/fiancé/husband with Naruto, and I would see it ending with them all leaving their boyfriend/fiancé/husband to be with him, leading to a happy ending and large family for Naruto, sort of like VFSnake's Establishing Dominance.
Challenge requirements:
1. The stuff above must happen, Naruto is Hokage and Married to Hinata (Making her the alpha woman), Sasuke must be back (so we can beat up on him and Naruto can take his woman/women), and at least one of the women who go to Naruto should be married (Though I can see some people possibly being reluctant on this).
2. Hinata and all the women know about it. Hinata supports him (I'm thinking Nympho/pervert Hinata) and the other women, for the most part, don't care.
3. Tsunade, whether she's in or not, knows about it. I doubt Naruto could hide it from her. If he is banging her in the story, she supports him being with the women, if not, she doesn't care or is easily bribed not to care.
4. There must be, at the very least, two women who stay with their man.
Storyline Requirements:
1. There must be at least one scene where Naruto is screwing a girl right in front of her guy, without him knowing. (Example: Naruto's giving The guy (Let's say Neji) a mission while the girl (Tenten) is hidden under Naruto's desk blowing him.)
2. Sakura and/or any girl with Sasuke leave him, after declaring him sterile as a side effect of the curse mark (which could be true, or it could be from a vengeful medic kunoichi).
3. Not every guy will be so easily beaten, there should be at least one fight between Naruto and one of the guys who was left.
4. There must be an orgy scene at or near the end (shadow clones are allowed).
NS: Okay, so I dunno if we’ll follow this to the letter, but it does provide something of an outline. Of course, we’re starting all the way before the timeskip, because why not? Rest assured, though, we’ll be moving on quickly.

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