Don't Leave Me

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After two whole days of nothing but straight running at his max speed Itachi finally reached the next hide out. He wanted to more than just three days between him and the rest of them, and the Leaf Shinobi.

He went right to his room and stood Hinata up then fell on his back on his bed with his chest heaving. He hadn’t been that exhausted since he first joined the Akatsuki. But he did cut the four day trip down to two days. And that would give him at least five more days with Hinata alone. He had no intention of chancing losing her without telling her how much he loved her.

Hinata stumbled back and slumped in a chair with her head down breathing hard as well. She wasn’t the one running but the wind hitting her in the face winded her. She looked up at where he still lay on the bed. She was more worried about him than she was herself at the moment. He used up just about every ounce of chakra that he had to get them there so fast.

Feeling eyes on him Itachi forced his body into a sitting position. He felt bad when his eyes met hers and saw the worry that was in there. And she was breathing almost as hard as he was. He wanted nothing more than to draw her in his arms right then and tell her how much he loved her. But he had a question first. “You are worried about your friends?”

Hinata cast her eyes down as she shook her head no.  She knew that she needed to tell him, before it was too late but she didn’t know how to tell him how she felt. If he didn’t feel the same way about her, would he cast her away? Or kill her and be rid of her and the burden.

Itachi sighed. He had the only answer that he needed. If the worry wasn’t for her friends, it was for him. He stood and walked over to her and stood in front of her. “Hinata.” Then he reached down and grabbed her hand and pulled her up to stand in front of him. His other arm going around her waist and pulled her hard against him as he let go of her hand and cupped her cheek. “Do you want to go with them when they get here? Or stay with me?”

Hinata knew that she was holding her breath. But she couldn’t help it! With him holding her so tight against his body was threatening to drive her insane. She kept eye contact with him. Even if she wanted too she was too mesmerized to look away. “Would you really give the choice?”

Itachi tightened his hold on her waist with a sigh. “The Akatsuki will be no more by the time that Naruto and the others get here. Part of my mission with the Akatsuki is to keep tabs on the forces of the Leaf. The ones that he named, are formidable and have defeated Akatsuki members before. Sakura nearly killed Sasori, and Naruto and Kakashi nearly killed Deidara. With no Akatsuki I won’t fight them to keep you, but will give you the choice if you want it.”

Hinata was in a near feint now. She started to tremble as in a near whisper asked, “Do you want me to stay with you?”

Itachi smiled, he didn’t say anything in response. Instead he dropped his mouth to hers in a gentle, yet demanding kiss. Dropping his hand from her cheek he wrapped it around her waist as well pulling her even closer to him. Hoping that this would be the best answer to her question.

Hinata’s eyes went wide as they could when he dipped his head and kissed her. At first she was frozen and couldn’t move. But the longer his lips lingered on hers the more she melted into his embrace. She returned his kiss as she let her hand slide up his chest, over his shoulders and around his neck.

This was everything that she had hoped for in a first kiss. Just not with her she thought that it would be with. There was a lazy warmth that spread through her at the first touch of his lips, and a surge of emotions. She had thought that she was in love with Naruto. But she knew now that she loved this man more than she could have ever loved Naruto.

Itachi scooped her up into his arms without breaking the kiss and laid her on the bed, following down beside her. He hardened his kiss as he slid his leg between hers and his hand found the softness of her stomach. That was when he noticed how much more she was shaking now. He pulled his mouth from hers and leaned his forehead against hers. “Sorry. I did not mean to go so fast.” Then he started to move away from her.

Hinata was breathless when he kissed her, and when she felt his hand on her stomach violent tremors shot through her. But not because she was scared or nervous. It was the excitement at knowing where this was going to lead with him.

When she comprehended what he had said that felt him start to move from her arms her eyes shut tight as she tightened her hold on his neck. She felt like if he moved he would vanish. “Please. Don’t leave me.”

Itachi looked down at her and smiled as he moved his hand from her stomach and cupped her cheek again. “Open your eyes.”

Hinata opened her hazed covered eyes and looked up at into his now soft black eyes. “Please. I feel like if you move I will lose you forever. Don’t leave me.”

“You won’t lose me no matter what now.”

“Do you promise?”

“I swear.” Then he leaned in and kissed her gently again. And once again tried to move away from her but found her grip still just as tight. There as a haze over her beautiful silver eyes. “You are sure you want to do this?”

Hinata shook her head yes. “We don’t know what will happen when they get here. I love you Itachi Uchiha. I need you.”

Itachi seared her mouth this time with a possessive heat as his hand slid down and cupped her breast through her clothes. Then he pulled completely away from her and discarded his robe then was right back on the bed with her. His mouth bore down on hers as he moved over top of her and spread her legs, his hand sliding up the inside of her shirt and inside her bra to find her bare breast.

Hinata felt like she was on fire everywhere that he touched her. She kissed him back with just as much passion as he had as she clung to his neck. She didn’t know what this feeling was, but it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. When he pulled his mouth from hers this time she was breathing hard. “This is my first time.”

Itachi let his hand slide from her breast and down out of her shirt, and down in the back of her pants to her bare bottom. “I will be gentle.” When she gasped he seared her mouth again and plunged his tongue inside.  His hand molding her behind as he held himself up with the other hand.  Their tongues danced with each other. 


After a moment he pulled his hand out of her pants and pulled her with him to sit up.  He smiled at how she blushed as he unzipped her jacket and pushed it off her shoulders, then her arms.  Then the same with her shirt.  Last was her bra.  Leaning in and kissing her as he pushed her back on her back he let out a small groan as his hands began to massage her breasts.  Her shaking intensified as she clung desperately to him. 


Shaking more than she ever thought that she could, Hinata clung to Itachi as she urgently returned his kiss.  The feel of his hands on her breasts were more than she could stand.  The sensations that jolted up and down her spine were nearly too much for her!  She felt like she was catching fire from within!  When one of his hands slid from a breast, and down her stomach, her breath caught as it slid under her pants and panties.  With her entire body tense she clung to him as his middle finger wove through her hair.  Jumping slightly at the sensation as he found its goal and began to move in a circle.


Moving his finger over her womanhood he groaned in her mouth as her body started to relax and quiver under his touch again.  Ripping his mouth from her own he bent his head as he latched onto a nipple.  His own need for her growing as she arched her back and let out a gasp of pleasure.


Hinata let her head thrash back and forth as one hand fisted in his hair, and the other hand fisting a handful of the bedsheet.  His mouth and his hand.  She didn’t know what was going on with her body.  She couldn’t get close enough to him.  There was a growing fire that seemed to be centered around where his hand was, and growing outward.


Thrashing her head back and forth her breathing was heavy as she moaned and gasped in pleasure.  Arching as close to she could to his chest and his hand.  Finally after a few moments she threw her head back as she cried out when the explosion rocked her body.


Sitting up and smiling as he moved and pulled the rest of her clothes off, Itachi stood and then stripped his own clothes.  Climbing on the bed, his want and need for her was more than clear.  Hovering over her he pushed her legs apart and then lay down on her, his mouth finding hers in a torrent of passionate kisses.  After a moment he ripped his mouth away from hers again.  “You are sure that this is something that you want to do now?”


Shaking from the passion that was still running wild in her veins Hinata let her eyes meet his as she nodded.  “Right now you are the only think I can think about Itachi.”


Snaking a hand between them he guided himself to her entrance then let go.  Snagging her hands he pinned them to the bed.  One straight out from her body to the side, the other just over her head, then he started to push inside her of her.


Hinata closed her eyes as tightly as she could when she felt him start to enter her.  She knew there was going to be a moment of pain.  She only hoped it wouldn’t last for a long time.  The closer that he got to her innocence she started breathing hard at the pressure she felt.


Reaching her innocence, Itachi leaned toward her lips.  “I am sorry.  The pain will ease soon.”  He then seared her mouth and in one fast thrust he was through her innocence and buried as deeply into her body as he could go.  But her reaction caused him to freeze.  Her entire body tensed as she jumped, her breath catching in her throat.


After a moment he pulled his lips from hers and looked into her pain filled eyes with a sweet smile.  “That will be the only pain that you feel with me.  Trust me Hinata.”


Clinging to him as she shook, though tense, Hinata shook her eyes.  Her grip on his hands tightening as he pulled just barely out of her and then right back in.  Her face twisting as the same pain was back.  A second time.  A third time and there was less pain.  A few more times and her face started to relax as her body started to quake again.  The sharp stabs of pain were nothing more than a dull ache that was growing and growing.


When she finally relaxed, Itachi pulled half way out of her and then another swift thrust back inside, smiling when she arched her back and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.  Another swift thrust and her head thrashed.  Keeping this pace he dipped his head and once again gently sucked a nipple into his mouth with a moan as she cried out with each thrust he made into her body.


Hinata let her head thrash back and forth as she quaked under him.  What he was doing, the sensations that he was sending through her right now as more than she knew could exist.  When she felt him start to pull out of her, he gently bit her nipple, she arched her back again, but this time her hips went forward as he thrust into her, allowing him to reach even deeper into her, and pulling a startled gasp from her.


Releasing her hands he smiled as her arms flew up around his neck.  He ran his hands down her back, and onto her behind where he stopped pausing between his thrusts and kept them constant.  Each time he would thrust into her, he pushed her rear up to make her thrust up to meet him.  Groaning as their mouths found each other in a fiery explosion


Hinata clung to him as she urgently kissed him back.  Groaning in time with his swift thrusts in and out of her.  Keeping with his rhythm when he moved his hands from her behind.  All she wanted was him.  Right now that was all that she cared about.  But when he broke the kiss as he pulled totally out of her, her eyes shot open with a look of question.


Rolling her on her side, Itachi smiled as he kept one of her legs between his, but had her knee around his arm as he put his hands on the bed on either side of her.  “Trust me.”  He then thrust hard into her and went right for the same pace he had before.  Watching this time as each thrust into her made her breasts bounce in time.  Her eyes stayed closed as she cried out in pleasure once more.


Both of her hands now fisting the sheet, Hinata could of sworn that he was reaching still even further inside of her like this.  She kept her eyes shut as tightly as she could.  She knew she had a red face anyway, but that she would blush even more if she could see his eyes on her.  She could already feel his lusty gaze as he watched her.


With a groan of his own, after a while of this, he pulled out of her again, and this time, rolled her on over on her stomach, lifted her waist in the air so she was on her knees and he was between her legs, he then began a slightly faster pace in and out of her, pulling the same startled gasp followed by her cries of pleasure.  Leaning over so that his arms were on the bed right next to hers, he moved her hair and on the back of her neck, began to suck.


All too soon like this he felt himself ready for a release, the same time she started to scream out even more as well.  Increasing his speed even more he groaned as he moved his mouth to her ear and nipped at it pulling even more cries from her.  A moment later he slammed into her and groaned as he spilled his seed deep inside of her.


Hinata was breathing hard after she let out a cry.  She never felt anything like that.  Not even with his finger.  Feeling him gently pull out of her, her knees could no longer hold her up as she flopped down on the bed still breathing hard.


Moving to lay behind her as he once again rolled her on his side, Itachi threw a blanket over them as he draped an arm over her, breathing just as hard.  “You enjoyed that yes?”


Curling closer to him and letting out a content sigh, Hinata nodded.  “Very much.”  What started out painful turned into the most memorable moment of her life.  She never knew such intense and welcome feelings could be brought out in her by a man.  All that remained was a dull ache between her legs.


Letting his eyes drift close, Itachi smiled.  “That is good.”  He then wrapped both his arms around her and smiled as sleep claimed him as well.  This was a turn in life he never saw coming.  But welcomed at the same time.  This time, he would show Sasuke what happened and what needed to be done.  But he no longer wished to be killed by his brother.  But to live his life with the woman in his arms.

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