Sasuke's Harem - A World Turned Upside Down

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Forward warning: there are no lemons in this chapter. This is merely an introduction, to get the ball rolling if you will.


This was not happening.

This was not happening.

Uchiha Itachi stared at himself, or rather, herself in the mirror, black eyes widening to the size of dinner plates.

The night before, she had looked at her reflection, and there had stood a fine twenty-two year old young man. Now, there was a young woman. Her hair was still the same length, long and flowing down his back, but her features looked softer... infinitely more feminine. She glanced at her chest, which had expanded to at the very least to a B cup in size. The tank top she had wore still fit well, although she could see her nipples poking through the thin fabric of the shirt.

Frankly, for possibly the first time in her life, Itachi was shocked. Completely and utterly dumbfounded as to what the hell had happened. She'd activated her sharingan - no genjutsu, nothing of that sort. She'd pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming either, and no, she obviously wasn't. For reasons yet to be known, she had inexplicably turned into a woman over night.

A soft knock sounded on her bedroom door.

"Itachi," Sasuke's voice drifted through the thin wood. "Mom says that breakfast is on the table, and that if you don't hurry up you won't get any."

Itachi froze. What the hell was she supposed to say - 'Oh, kaa-san, otouto, I just happened to turn into a girl.' She ran her hands through her hair, frowning heavily.

"Itachi?" Sasuke said once more.

"I-I'm fine," Itachi said, attempting to deepen her disturbingly high pitched voice to the low monotone that her brother was accustomed to.

Sasuke stilled on the other side of the door. Had his ears failed him, had Itachi just stuttered? Surely, something was wrong.

He sighed. "I'm coming in, Itachi." Sasuke said. "Make yourself decent."

Sasuke opened the door - and then froze, because no, that girl standing in the center of his brother's room could not be fucking Itachi. Even as those words coursed through his head, his brain betrayed him, immediately connecting the similarities between his brother and his sister(?). The same warm eyes, the same birthmarks running along their cheeks, not to mention the same general features.

"I-Itachi?" Sasuke stuttered, taking a step back.

"Otouto." Itachi said, her voice higher than he remembered. "I'm... just as confused about this as you are," she admitted quietly.

He activated his sharingan, crimson eyes looking desperately for anything that might signal that he was trapped in some horrible genjutsu. And yet, nothing seemed to budge. The (to his eternal shame) admittedly very attractive woman in front of him didn't dissipate. Instead, she took a step closer, wearing that same smile that Itachi always had.

"Come," Itachi said, wrapping an arm around her brother's shoulders. "We should talk to Mother about this."

Sasuke, feeling rather numb, allowed Itachi to lead him down the hall and into the kitchen.

Mikoto, their mother, heard their footsteps. She turned, her own plate of food in hand - and then promptly dropped it to the floor, the glass shattering into a thousand pieces as she stared at the sight of Itachi's newly female body.

"Itachi...?" Mikoto said.

"Kaa-san." Itachi greeted. "I think that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong."


They sat around the table, Sasuke and Mikoto both staring at Itachi.

"You woke up like this," Mikoto said. "You don't remember anything besides going to bed as a boy, and waking up as a girl."

"That is correct, kaa-san." Itachi said.

Sasuke remained silent, unable to take his eyes off of his bro- sister. He- he couldn't stop himself from ogling her. She was so incredibly beautiful, and he flushed slightly as his eyes drifted downwards to the prominent nipples poking through her thin tank top.

As Itachi and Mikoto continued to talk, Sasuke felt something strange happen. He glanced down, his flush only intensifying as he saw that 'little' Sasuke had decided to awaken - if either his mother or his sister decided to cast a glance below the table, they'd certainly see his massive bulge and likely call him out on it. He'd have to leave... discrete.

Sasuke stood up suddenly, swiftly hurrying out of the kitchen at a rapid pace. "I've got to go to the bathroom!" he called behind him, leaving the two women to their own devices in the kitchen.

Itachi blinked. Sasuke was clearly very flustered - and that thing in the front of his pants... had that been his-

"Itachi." Mikoto say, interrupting the prodigy's thoughts. "We're going to have to talk to Hokage-sama about this, and it's best to get this out of the way now." She glanced down, frowning at the sight of her newly created daughter's bosom. "Put a jacket on or something, and let's go."

"Of course, kaa-san." Itachi said.

She would have to think about her brother's problems later.


Minato gave the two shocked women a wary smile.

"You too, Itachi?" she said, from behind her desk.

"W-what the hell?" Mikoto said, her mouth agape.

The blonde Hokage chuckled. "Well..." he said. "It seems that somehow, every man inside of Konoha has transformed into a woman." he explained to them.

"That's not true." Itachi murmured. "Sasuke is still a man."

Minato looked at her. "Well... if that's the truth," she said, "then your little brother is the one lucky enough to escape whatever happened." A pause. "And... something worse seems to be going around as well."

"What could be worse than this?" Itachi said, gesturing to her body.

"As far as I can tell, the libido of everybody in the village has increased substantially." Minato said. "And... if young Sasuke-kun is the only man left inside of Konoha, I'd advise keeping him hidden, unless you want the city's entire population to jump him."

"No... people wouldn't do that." Mikoto said.

Minato gave her a look full of pity. "Jiraiya-sensei's books are already flying off the shelf," she said, "just so people can even imagine the feel of a man. I can't imagine what they would do upon seeing one, especially one as... attractive as Sasuke." Suddenly, Minato blanched. "Oh kami... what did I just say?"


Far on the other side of Konoha, inside of his room idly reading a book, Sasuke felt a chill run down his spine.

He had a feeling that something big was happening.

And little did he know, that on that day, his life would change forever.


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