The Job

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AN: After many long years...I have returned! Im pretty sure I was only famouse in my mind. Anyway! Brand new story for those who have read my other stuff, I am slowly pulling pieces down, fixing and salvaging what I can and reposting them!

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Warnings: AU but otherwise none so far, this chapter I can say is SFW. This is a slash and warnings will be added as they come up in the story! Pairings will also be added but this will be a NaruSasuNaru and a sprinkling of others. 

Chapter 1

The Job


“So you’re saying after this, its over, Im done. Im out?” His voice was soft, centered, even dull sounding. As if the answer to his question wouldn’t affect him.

“Of course.” Drawled the man across from him sitting in the dark room, “Once this last  mission is complete, you are free and done” His voice was soft, even kind and he leaned forward into the light revealing his face a bit, red  hair framed a single eye that spiraled oddly.  “But I want his head. On my desk. I want to see it with my own eyes. Eh? You Uchihas are very good at this sort of thing. I figured this would be no problem…though I am surprised you want…..out.” He leaned back into his seat away from him.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes briefly before relaxing his features. “My reasons are my own. Ill do it” He reached over and picked up the simple report and stood moving towards the door.

“His head. On my desk” The voice came again, and it was low and dark. Sasuke deigned to look over his shoulder towards the shadowed man. He nodded once. “His head, on your desk” He repeated and slipped out of the oppressive room and into the dimly lit hallway. He didn’t bother to look at the report yet. Not now. He would wait until he had the privacy of his home to review it. Besides, he already knew it was a suicide mission he was sent on. Of course they wouldn’t just let him go. He would survive. He would get out.


The man waited until he was gone, his body leaning back in his chair as he sipped at the amber liquid, his thin fingers clasping it lightly. “I want to know what he finds out, how he finds out and where he goes. I want him tracked. Once you have him locked, once he finds…..him….” His voice trailed off. “Well you know what I want now don’t you.”

A silently dark figure had stepped into the room from another door. His arm was tucked into the V of his longer jacket. “Of course. I do.” His red eyes gleamed a bit in the darkness before he slipped out again.


The small house was dim, It wasn’t something special. Nothing expensive, his walls were bare and still the eggshell white they were when he first bought it. He had his tools laid out over his table, cleaning and preparing everything. His eyes narrowed on the open folder. All it had was a name, a photo and a general location. Nothing more than that. He put down the pieces he was cleaning and picked up the photo. The blond had a good natured grin plastered on his face, and some kind of scars or tattoos on his cheeks.

Naruto Uzumaki.

Location: United States

“tch” He muttered under his breath. Now he wondered what the hell this guy did that it warranted his head but he didn’t care. At this point it was the job that was going to get him out of this life and he sure as hell wasn’t going to squander that.

Reaching over he grabbed his cell phone and pressed the speed dial number on it listening to the dial tone before it clicked to voicemail. His eyes narrowed and he dialed once more. Again, it went to voicemail. After one more time the tired voice answered. “Uchiha. Im sleeping” Was how the other man greeted him on the line.

Sasuke frowned as he leaned back in the chair, “I need you to do some digging. Ill make it worth your while Nara.” There was a long pause before a slow annoyed sigh.

“I thought you were getting out” Shikamaru replied after the pause having gotten up. Sasuke ‘hn’d’ before shaking his head. “Lets just say this is my ticket out. The name is Naruto Uzumaki. Location is the—“

“Palm Desert, California” Shikamaru replied in a bored fashion. Sasuke smirked widely jotting it down on the pad of paper, “What else?” He demanded hearing another sigh. There was a long silence before, “He’s just some college professor in a small community college.”

Sasukes smirk faded, “What?” He said leaning forward, a college professor? “He teaches some…kind of sculpture class it looks like, Im sending you everything now.” Why the hell would Akatsuki want this guys head? His frown deepened, “Keep digging Ill wire you everything tomorrow. I want as much information as you can get me.  Im heading out tonight.” He hung up before the other could answer and put his phone down looking at the supplies that were spread out over the table and started to finish up the work.

It didn’t make sense if that was all he was so there had to be more. His eyes glanced to the photo one more time memorizing the features before closing the folder.


The sun beat down relentlessly on his head, he had the duffel bag slung over one shoulder and a key in his hand. His eyes grazed down the street. It was far from the main city, the houses spaced apart quite a bit, and he had gotten lucky that there had been a foreclosed house barely a house down from his targets. Shikamaru had come through with more information a few days prior but still nothing that indicated why his organization wanted him so badly. It made him even more suspicious. Still. He stepped towards the house  glancing over his shoulder to see the blond in question bopping his head to the earbuds mouthing the words to whatever he was listening to as he ran along the street edge. The blue eyes looked up grinned, waved and kept going.

Sasuke watched him having tilted his head briefly, not that he could have done anything then but still would it be this damn easy? He felt his phone buzz and looked down at the screen to see a text from Shikamaru.

 ‘No Past.’ Was all it read, Sasuke looked up sharply seeing where the other had gone and moved towards the house. So he had no past that the computer genius could find, and he knew the other could find dirt on anyone that existed, so why couldn’t he find anything on this guy? He unlocked the door to the house and headed in.  

Surveillance was first, watch his habits, he knew what the final result would be but still, if this was his ticket out no doubt there was a reason, and no doubt it would be the hardest kill he’s ever made. Within a few hours he had his house sealed from any disturbances including other prying eyes, ears and technology. Every call and text would be scrambled and encrypted. He wasn’t taking any changes on this. He had eaten a simple meal before opening up the growing information folder he had on the other. So far there was no information on the Naruto’s family, or his past. ‘Witness Protection?’ He sent out and surprisingly he received a much quicker text back.

No. Hacked all police databases, FBI and pentagon. Global organizations. Nothing on a Naruto Uzumaki, Cant find any code names either so far

Sasuke stared at the words his frown deepening, he was surprised Shikamaru was still awake, this must have peaked his interest.

Facial recognition?’ He questioned. There was a long pause as he waited his eyes on his own screen. Of course he had taken the time to set up small cameras outside the house. For now. He wanted to know everything about the man’s daily life.

Nothing nationally.  Going Global.’  Sasuke waited and blinked in shock at his phone ringing. He picked it up. “Im surprised you’re calling” He said chuckling in amusement. “I wouldn’t if for the fact my entire system just crashed” The man hissed on the other end. Sasuke’s smirk fell, “What?!” He growled, “How the hell did that happen?” His voice was still low and measured but he’s never heard of Shikas systems just…going down!

Shikamaru stared at the screens in front of him and his eyes narrowed, the only thing that had popped up was a single word ‘Kyuubi’ before everything fritzed and went black. “You’re phone isn’t traceable, you set up your encryption?” he demanded.

“You think I wouldn’t?” Sasuke’s lip curled, as if he hadn’t taken all the precaution steps. He wasn’t a fool. Shikamaru frowned even more, “Double them up, get a burner phone if you have to. The only thing that came up was ‘Kyuubi’ then everything just crashed and burned, it doesn’t even look like I was hacked, it just looks like…I was shut down.” He was pissed, it would take forever to get back up and running. “Get a burner phone and don’t call me. I don’t need to get killed because you need to ‘get out’” Shikamaru hung up and groaned, “What a damn bother” he sighed and shook his head. It looked like he needed to disappear himself and he had been looking forward to sleeping!

Sasuke looked at the phone and shut it down. Kyuubi. There was something…about the word. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The fact it took the man’s picture to bring up anything was interesting as well. He looked over to his computer, the surveillance cameras were working perfect. No audio yet but the picture was clear. He watched as a blue honda drove into the driveway. Naruto was on his phone, he looked like he was arguing with someone, one hand waved in the air. Sasuke leaned over watching curiously before the eyes flashed towards his camera. They glowed a second and it made Sasukes tense, it was as if he knew it was there…but it was impossible! They pulled away after a mere second the blond continuing his loud argument and gestures in the direction of his door before heading in.

Sasuke’s heartrate had increased and he had automatically gone for the gun. He stopped the video and replayed the scene over and over again. Had he looked right at the camera or had it just been weird mistake…and….why had his eyes glowed? His lips turned downward as he watched the scene one more time and paused it at the locked eyes. He would tread carefully and gather every scrap of information before making any moves. 



AN: And tada! I do appreciate any feed back, Im hoping this peeks some interest! Also, I am glad to be back! Thank you again for reading everyone!!


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