Liquid Trap

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Naruto. Not the characters, not the name, nothing. I make no money from writing this. This is a piece of fanfiction.

There have bin a lot of things going on in life for me at the moment. A funeral, a wedding, stuff like that. But, in between all those things happening, ideas still pop up and I still write them. This is one of those ideas. I am also still working on updating other fanfics, but for the moment, enjoy this piece

It is multiple chapters and I will update them weekly. Or, at least, I try to do that. When I am not to busy.

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“Alright, Hatake-san, let me explain it to you one more time,” Tsunade-sama smirks and grabs the bottle standing on her desk. “You test this liquid trap I’ve made, and I will show you every document that Jiraiya has left us.” She holds the bottle in front of Kakashi and wiggles her eyebrows. “The person you give this, should not be aware that they are ingesting it.” She raises her other hand and points at him. “It cannot be put into their food or drinks. It will not work that way.” She shakes her head and sighs. “But since you are one of the best Shinobi we have here, I think you will find a way.”

Kakashi narrows his eyes and stares at the bottle. He has this slight feeling he is here to help this woman win a bet. “What does this liquid trap do?” he asks. “Why do you want to test it?” He eyes the bottle, growing wary for a moment. Sure, it is always nice to read what Jiraiya wrote. But why not turn this into a mission?

“This trap makes the person who digested, do anything for you. Anybody and anything.” The Hokage smirks and rises from her chair. She walks around her desk, towards him. “You have to give it to someone who is not easily influenced by you. Don’t give it to a Genin. They all look up to you. Don’t give it to any civilian either.” She shakes her head and frowns. “I don’t want to turn this into an official mission. Those missions need reports and tend to be delivered to the Shinobi at the Mission Room.” She sighs. “I want you to test this trap on other Shinobi.” She holds the bottle in front of him.

He frowns and reaches out towards the bottle. “How does this work?” he asks. He lifts the bottle towards his eye and glances at it. It looks like a small bottle of water. Very clear. Nothing special. Not like it could get another person to do what he wants.

Tsunade-sama chuckles. “Well, when the person has digested it, you have to touch him. This trap needs physical contact to work completely.” She narrows her eyes and lets her eyes travel over his body. “I mean physical, naked, body contact. Like naked fingers on skin.” She cocks her head and raises one eyebrow.

Kakashi nods. Skin on skin. That shouldn’t be too hard. He stares at the bottle again. “Why do you want to test this?” he asks. There are a number of reasons this could be helpful, but right now, he can’t come up with any reason. “Why do you want a trap like this?” he asks.

“Well, what do you think? You are the genius here. With the use of this liquid trap, we can interrogate the prisoners quicker. And, when a Shinobi has to go undercover, he can use other people to work for him. Think about a red district mission.” She stares at him. “It will make things easier.” She shrugs.

“Why ask me to test it?” he asks. “Why not send somebody off on a mission?”

“Well, Hatake-san, I don’t know if this works. And for how long that this works. I want you to figure it out.” She crosses her arms. “And I want you to do it without anybody else knowing about it. This is top priority.” She narrows her eyes.

He nods. “I’ll work on it.” He taps with a finger against his head and jutsus out of the room.


Who to pick? That is a hard choice. Kakashi glances around in the Mission room, taking in each Shinobi that is walking around. There is Genma, over there stands Raido, Gai is walking past them and there is Iruka, sitting behind his desk.

Kakashi frowns. He can’t take any of them. He is the Copy nin, they would do anything without the liquid trap. He snorts and sighs. Who to pick. Who is not impressed by his actions?

He glances at the door and notices Morino Ibiki. He blinks. Morino Ibiki. The Head of Interrogation. That is a man that is not easily impressed. He is a stoic, hard working man. Umino Iruka is also a hard working man, but he is a Chuunin. And Kakashi is a Jounin himself.

Kakashi smiles underneath his mask. Morino Ibiki would be a perfect choice to try the liquid trap. He frowns. How to get the trap inside Morino’s mouth? Kakashi bites the inside of his mouth and scrunches his eyes together. Getting the liquid inside Morino’s mouth, touching the man skin onto skin. Kakashi blinks and looks down at the floor. Mouth to mouth. Skin on skin. Like a kiss.

His cheeks burn. There is no other way. He can’t do that here. No. He has to wait until Morino is inside his office. He nods and raises his head again.

Then again. Can he really do that? Kakashi knows that everybody thinks of him like a sexual man, an experienced sexual man. Thing is, he has never experienced anything like that. He is very inexperienced man. At sex. And kissing.

Iruka is staring at him, with a frown on his face. Kakashi smiles and closes his eyes. The teacher is cute, but not who he needs right now. He has to get  Morino. He raises his hand and waves at Iruka, moving out of the Mission Room.

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