Fallen Angels

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“Are you sure?”

The silver haired man glanced at his companion, searching his face for any sign of confusion, any hint of uncertainty. But his hopes were in vain. All he saw was sheer will and determination blazing in those intense orbs. Every contour of that perfect face was bluntly showing the confidence and strength of his decision. Or was there something else as well? At the depth of those eyes, concealed carefully…

Longing perhaps…?


Chapter 1

“Hokage-sama, there is someone to see you.”

“Tell them I’m busy.”

“I did. B-But he insists…”

Hatake Kakashi brushed off imaginary darts from his cloak as he looked up from his paperwork. His usually drooping eyes fixed on the man in front of him… as if scrutinizing his every move. The man in the ANBU uniform flinched slightly. He had recently been selected as one of the personal bodyguards for the Hokage, and irritating him was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

“Who is it?”

Who could it be? And insisting to see him? This person had better have some serious issues.

The name he heard actually surprised him a little.

Him ? After all these years? What could he possibly have to do with me all of a sudden?


“… Send him in.”


The man left hurriedly as Kakashi stretched himself to sit straight. He pushed all the papers aside and suppressed a sigh. Being a Hokage was more paperwork than he had expected. Thankfully the knucklehead would be taking over soon. He shook his head smiling at the thought of Uzumaki Naruto sitting in the chair he was occupying right now. He could almost see how the blonde would react to the ‘perks’ of being a Hokage. That would be quite a scene!

He slowly turned his head to the wall beside him.


5:13 am.

Who would come to the Hokage office so early in the morning? It was still dark. The sun was yet to come up. Then, as if remembering something… his lips twitched.

Of course… He would!


The door swung open, waking him from his pensiveness. He looked up and was greeted with a familiar onyx eye. His lips arched into a smile under the mask as he studied the figure in front of him.



Uchiha Sasuke stepped inside the room and looked around. Nothing much had changed since the last time he was here. How long had it been? 7 years… 8 years…? He couldn’t remember. Or maybe he just didn’t care.

Time had left its mark on the raven’s appearance. He was still undoubtedly carrying the god-gifted looks, but his eyes were more mature now. His face showed the faintest hints of the hard lessons life had taught him over years of experiences. His hair had lost most of that bluish tint, and those unique spikes were now replaced with longer strands… resembling the looks of another Uchiha… someone familiar, someone very close. He ran his fingers through the long bangs that obscured his left eye and focused on the man sitting across the table. His former sensei, former comrade who was now adorning the well deserved position of the sixth Hokage. He stared at the man, secretly admiring him, while his eyes remained as elusive as ever.



The copy ninja raised an eyebrow. ‘Kakashi’? He was expecting ‘Hokage-sama’ or something more courteous like that. But the raven had addressed him by his name, like he used to do when they were in team 7. Ah! This brought back memories from the past. Those good old days…

All of a sudden everything turned so complicated…

Broken Bonds.

Broken Trust.





Pain… So much pain.

… And finally we are here.


 “Long time no see. Nice of you to appear at my doorstep at such a pleasant time”, he chuckled.

But the Uchiha seemed to pay no attention to his sarcastic tone. Obsidian and gray pupils were fixed on the wall behind Kakashi. There was a distant look on his face as thoughts carried him far away. His only uncovered eye seemed almost as dull as a corpse, except for the occasional gleam that proved he was, in fact, alive.

Kakashi eyed him with worry. This was not like Sasuke. Even though he always kept himself secluded and isolated from others, he was never the one to lose focus.

“Everything alright…?”

Sasuke snapped from his trance and spotted the concerned look on his sensei’s face.  Lowering his head he mentally cursed himself for spacing out again. He really needed to control himself. This was happening a lot lately. But he knew the solution to his problem.

And there was only one person who could help him.


“Yes. Everything is fine.” No. Nothing is fine.


Kakashi didn’t miss the distressed look that flashed in his eyes before the ice prince quickly regained his composure. But he let it slide for now. He was now certain that for whatever reason Sasuke had wanted to see him was definitely the cause of that look. And that reason was gradually surfacing before him.


“Look at me Sasuke.”

The raven looked up.

“Stop living in the past. It won’t do you any good.”

His eyes widened. Did… did Kakashi know? But how? Was it so obvious even after he had tried his best to conceal it? Damn! No matter how hard he tried… somehow he always ended up losing!


I lost then…
…and I am losing now.


He gritted his teeth. His eyes glistened with the tears he was desperately trying to hold back. Kakashi noticed his reaction and silently waited for the Uchiha to regain control. He knew better than to try and comfort his former student. By now he had a fair idea what this was all about. There was only one person who could crack the raven like this. Yes, whatever this was, it had to be about him. And now that he thought about it… it had always been about him. From the moment Sasuke was born, he had been the center of his world. And from the way things were looking now… he still was.




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