Seasons of the Sharingan

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AN: This is really graphic. There are several rape scenes, and all very detailed. I wrote this as a serious story, though. I hope you enjoy it. Very AU.

Sasuke didn't like a lot of things. One of the many things that he didn't like was ninjas sneaking around his backyard, and he considered wherever he was at the moment his own, so the cave behind the his favorite tea-house was in his "territory".

It wasn't much of a place, but it was quiet, and he needed somewhere quiet to think. He was brooding in a teahouse when he heard distant sounds. Sasuke stopped with the cup halfway to his lips and listened. Not distant enough, and definitely explosions.

He put the cup down calmly and put money on the table as if nothing was wrong. Inside he felt more excitement than anger, something that surprised him.

I have been bored lately, he thought. He doubted whoever was causing the explosions would be in the least bit challenging.

Ennui. The cold empty feeling of nothingness. It filled him again. Where there was no challenge there was no life, and who was left to challenge him? Most of his strong enemies were dead, and the ones that weren't were too far away to be any real threat to him.

The waitress looked frightened. "Don't worry," Sasuke said. "You make the good cakes I like. I won't let them destroy this place."

He stepped out onto the street, still wet from the last rains, and looked off into the distance. One of the reasons he liked this little village was that it was hidden in the mountains, and it was small enough that he could rest without having to worry about accidentally encountering travelers who might want to fight when they recognized him. There was always some Chunin or even Genin who thought they might like to take down the world's strongest ninja.

Another thing that he liked was the view, tall pines spreading up the mountain to the tree line far above, with the occasional circling eagle screaming its primal cry.

Today his view was ruined by smoke, about 12 miles distant.

How annoying, he thought. Just once I'd like to face something interesting again. No subtlety at all. Still, they are ruining my view.

He began to run, not at top speed, but fast enough to avoid civilians trying to stop him. He didn't have time for endless questions. No. He had time. He didn't have the patience for them.

By the time he reached the disturbance the smoke and dust had begun to fade, and he used a quick wind jutsu to dissipate the rest. What he saw stopped him from entering the battlefield, and he leapt to the top of a tree, using a substitution jutsu mixed with a genjutsu as he did so that he appeared to be a crow.

It was a tribute to his brother.

Bodies lay scattered in what had once been a forest clearing, but was now about 40 feet of circular devastation.

Fire jutsu, but something else, Sasuke thought. He had smelled something just before he dissipated the dust and smoke. It smelled like what?

He wasn't sure, but it was familiar. Something from a long time ago.

Finally, something interesting.

He flew down to the bodies, keeping his shape to avoid detection. After all, what was more natural than a crow among death?

Rain ninja lay scattered about in various stages of destruction. Some of the bodies were intact, but he could tell by the glassy eyes and the pools of blood that were drying near their mouth that they were dead.

Someone got three ninjas with one jutsu, he thought. Probably one man did this while the others fought among the rest of the enemies. He saw several groups that looked as if they had been felled with one stroke.

Two others had limbs scattered over the area. They might have been at least 30 ninjas once - at least 20. He wasn't sure. Too many of them were in unrecognizable bits around the area.

But the one that interested him the most had a hole through his body, directly where his heart should have been.

The crow cocked its head and considered the situation.

At the edge of the clearing the dirt and rocks had been pushed back by a strong jutsu, and they formed a wall five feet high. A lone ninja lay next to the wall, a tall man with that stupid Konoha circle on the back of his jacket.

Sasuke didn't see any blood around him, but obviously the man was injured. Did one Konoha ninja do all this? he wondered.

He transformed back to a human shape so he could use the Sharingan. Only one chakra sign remained, and that was the lone Konoha ninja. It was weak chakra.

Dying, he thought, and he felt robbed of one of the few interesting things that had happened to him in months.

He looked closer. Or not. I know that chakra. He isn't dying. He just never had much chakra to begin with.

The injured ninja lay on his stomach with one arm underneath. Sasuke couldn't see his face, but a flood of memories came back to him when he recognized the ninja.

He walked over to the downed ninja and pushed him with a foot. "Scarecrows usually stand in fields. I didn't expect to see one lying in the dirt among water bugs."

Kakashi lifted an arm slowly. "Yo," he said, before dropping the arm in an exhausted manner.

"Foolish old Sensei," Sasuke said. "You're going to die a long way from home."

"Ah, Sasuke," Kakashi said. "It can't be helped, I suppose."

"You still have the same lazy way of talking," Sasuke said.

"That can't be helped either, I suppose," Kakashi said. His voice was quiet, leaden with exhaustion.

"You overdid it again, didn't you?" Sasuke asked. He laughed. "I suppose some things never change."

"Yes, well, that isn't quite what happened this time."

"The first time was with Zabuza, wasn't it?" Sasuke asked, as if Kakashi hadn't spoken.

"I'm surprised you remember," Kakashi said. "You never seemed like the nostalgic type to me."

"You took that cut across the chest in that battle too," Sasuke said. "You did it to protect us."

Kakashi turned his head so he could see Sasuke better.

"It's been a long time since then, hasn't it?"

"Yes," Sasuke said. "You could at least try to stand and fight me."

"If you would take the boulder off of my back I will fight if you want," Kakashi said.

Sasuke had looked for wounds, but upon a closer look he saw that Kakashi's back was twisted in an unnatural way.

"Ne, Sensei. There is no boulder. It looks like your back is broken."

Kakashi tried to look back over his shoulder, and he moved to lift himself with his free arm, but he sank back to the ground with a grunt.

"That explains why I can't feel my legs," he said. "Could you do me a favor and make this quick?" He closed his eyes.

"I could," Sasuke said, "but I don't want to. This interests me."

He waited for a response, some sign of fear perhaps. He didn't expect fear, but it would have been nice to see any emotion from the Copy-Ninja.

After several seconds of waiting with no response he poked Kakashi in the ribs with his foot. "Yo, don't ignore me, Kakashi."

When he didn't respond Sasuke sighed. "Just when this was getting interesting."


Kakashi was surprised to wake up anywhere, but waking up in a warm, clean bed with soft pillows and the delicate smell of a woman's perfume was more confusing than surprising. He still couldn't move or even feel his legs.

There were no pictures in the room, which was odd. The perfume smelled expensive, and the furnishings seemed simplistic but elegant in the way that very rich women can indulge in. He didn't know much about furnishings, but the room practically screamed wealth.

He flexed his hands, testing his strength, and found them strong again. He did a few quick calculations. I was very weak, but by the rate I've recovered I must have been out for days.

An older woman came in, one of a type he'd seen many times. He knew a whorehouse matron when he saw one. She wore a red silk dress that would have been very stylish on a woman half her age, but on her it seemed to be a mockery of the beauty she probably had when she was younger.

Kakashi thought she had eyes like a ninja - dark and unreadable, but he decided she was a civilian, just a jaded one.

"So you're finally awake," she said. "It's about time. Even with the money Sasuke-sama is paying for this room I was beginning to be afraid we were going to be keeping a living corpse."

"Sasuke-sama?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes. He keeps a room here when he's around. He wanted to know when you woke."

After she left Kakashi opened the Sharingan and made a few quick hand signals, but as soon as he did pain shot through his hands. He hissed and shook his hands as the electric shock faded away.

"Did you really think I would leave you unbound and able to use chakra?" Sasuke asked. He leaned in the doorway with a smirk on his face. "That jutsu won't wear off until I remove it."

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