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Author's note: So a long time ago one of my faithful reviewers asked me whether I could write a Naruto story based on one of my Drarry stories. As you can see, I agreed LOL

Some information: each chapter will be around 3K to 4K, though occasionally it could be longer depending on the scenes in it. I'll be updating every two weeks - this gives me the time to work on the story without having to rush through it. This story also deals with surrogacy and will contain MPreg. It starts out as Sasu/Saku, but will evolve into Sasu/Naru. Also it will contain a lot of angst- what else is new in my stories, huh? :P

Warnings: AU; Naruto's pov; mention of infertility; some angst

Dedicated to: Meehalla

I hope you'll like it!

Chapter 1

"Thanks for helping me mark these, Naruto," Iruka sighed and placed the marked mathematics test on the pile in front of him. "I know you've been busy with the projects of your students as well."

The twenty-four year old blond man shrugged and rubbed the bridge of his nose, before he scribbled down the mark of the test he was grading. "I don't mind; I finished grading their projects yesterday, so I'm glad to help you out."

"How are your students doing?" the older man asked absentmindedly and flipped to the next page to mark the exercises there.

"Reasonably well," Naruto replied and picked up the next test from the steadily smaller growing pile. "Some clearly just made their projects the evening before handing it in, but the majority is doing well."

"I know someone else who liked to play with deadlines," Iruka murmured teasingly, jotting down the marks of one of his students.

Naruto flushed and pouted. "I graduated with everyone else, didn't I?" he defended himself. Maybe it was with some help of one of his best friends, sure, but he did manage to finish school with the rest of his year.

"That's true." Iruka looked up and gave him a fond smile. "You even got your teacher's degree without repeating your year once. I'm very proud of you."

The flush on his tanned face grew worse and he ducked his face in embarrassment. He would never get used to hearing compliments.

Thankfully for his cheeks, Iruka took pity on him and changed the topic. "How is Sasuke-san doing?"

"The bastard is working his way up to CEO," Naruto smiled and a hint of pride rang through his voice when he continued, "The Board is impressed by his work."

"That's good to hear; Sasuke-san was always a hard worker," Iruka murmured and stretched his arm before picking up another test. "And Sakura-san?"

"She's working with the head nurse now," Naruto informed him and smiled fondly when he thought of his pink haired friend. "She says she wants to work in the ER eventually."

"Looks like you're all fairly busy now," Iruka hummed and tsk'd in annoyance at whatever answer he was reading on the test.

Naruto winced when he caught sight of the giant red line that was crossed through a large section of the paper. God, he was glad that he wasn't suffering through mathematics class anymore.

The sudden 'BEEP, BEEP' sound indicating he had received a message disturbed the silence and he hastily grabbed it off the table. "Sorry," he mumbled and opened the text message. The sender was labelled 'Bastard'.

'Do you have time to meet up?'

A frown marred his forehead and he glanced at the clock, hanging in front of him on the cream coloured wall. Five forty-five. That meant that …

Unwillingly a sigh left his mouth and he bit his lip.

"What's wrong?" Iruka asked concerned.

"Ah, Sasuke asks to meet up," Naruto murmured and his thumb hovered over the reply button.

"You can go if you want." Iruka waved his hand dismissively.

"Are you sure? I can …"

"Naruto, go," Iruka chuckled. "I can handle grading the last five tests. You helped out a lot."

"Okay, then. See you soon, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto said and grabbed his jacket – an orange one gifted by his friend Gaara – to pull it on hastily.

The cold October air hit him right in his face when he stepped outside and he shivered, closing the front door behind him. He should have taken his scarf with him this morning, but he had almost overslept and in his haste to catch the bus on time, he had neglected to grab his scarf and gloves. Damn it.

Well, nothing he could do about it. His sigh leaving him in a white cloud, he pulled his phone out of his pocket, went back to Sasuke's message and replied, 'Sure, I'm on my way. Meeting at my place?'

If they met up at his place, then he would only have to catch one bus, which was preferable to the two or three busses he would need to take to reach Sasuke's place. Maybe he should start saving for a car, he mused and walked briskly to the nearest bus stop. Then again, how long would it take to save enough for a car? His money was currently being divided between rent, bills and groceries and he couldn't supress a grimace when he calculated how much was left of his money each month. Yeah, with the little amount he would have left, he wouldn't be able to afford a car for at least ten years.

Public transport it was then.

Luckily for him he didn't need to wait long for a bus to arrive and he hastily stepped inside, bought a ticket and sat down on a single seat next to a window, which had been partly clad by graffiti. The buzzing of his phone was barely audible thanks to the loud giggling of a group of school girls a few seats behind him.

'I'm on my way.'

Naruto swallowed and slipped his phone back into his pocket; blue eyes stared listlessly out of the window. The sky was slowly darkening and street lights were being lit up. When he closed his eyes, he could still see the array of bright red, yellow and green flashing up behind his eyelids.

Fingers playing restlessly with a loose thread of his worn out jeans, he wondered what kind of news his dark haired friend would bring him tonight. He and Sakura had had a doctor's appointment his afternoon and the result of that one could be the only reason why Sasuke wanted to talk to him. Whether it was good news or not remained to be seen.

Stomach cramping up slightly and hands firmly stuffed into his pockets, he got off the bus when he arrived at the stop closest to his apartment building and marched through the streets. Some dogs barked at him when he passed by their houses and a wary, skinny cat eyed him with glowing eyes when he passed underneath the tree branch it was perched on.

Above him, stars were filling the dark sky, twinkling gently, and the only sound filling the silence were his footsteps on the sidewalk, mixed with the occasional 'crunch' sound when he stepped onto a dead leaf.

The sight of a dark blue Mercedes parked in front of his slightly downtrodden apartment building made him speed up.

"Sorry, have you been waiting for a long time?" Naruto asked, slightly out of breath.

The dark haired man sitting on the steps leading to the front door looked up. "Not really. I could have picked you up," Sasuke remarked and his dark eyes were unreadable.

The blond shrugged and beckoned his friend to follow him. "I didn't have to go that far," he mumbled and managed to open the door with only one harsh push.

The elevator had been out of order for a couple of days already – something to do with the cold weather affecting it aversely, whatever that meant – and so both men had to take the staircase to the third floor where Naruto's apartment was located.

Naruto turned on the lights as soon as he entered his apartment. Removing his jacket, he glanced at the dark haired man from the corner of his eye. "You want something to drink?" he asked lightly and kicked off his shoes.

The atmosphere around Sasuke was odd and his instincts were screaming at him to tread carefully. After all those years spent together, he excelled at reading Sasuke – a must when dealing with Uchiha, who seemed to be fond of blank faces – but this time he couldn't figure out what his friend was thinking and it put him on edge. An unreadable Sasuke was a dangerous one.

"You got tea?" Sasuke asked abruptly and removed his own coat with harsh motions.

"Yeah, I think I have some left. I'll make some," Naruto murmured and disappeared into the small kitchen. The kitchen and the living room were only separated by a low wall, so the blond still had a good view of Sasuke, who plopped down into the faded blue couch Naruto had managed to buy in a second hand store months ago. After filling the kettle with water and switching it on for the water to heat up, Naruto busied himself with collecting two cups and filling them with a couple of sugar cubes; all the while stealthily keeping an eye on his friend, who was listlessly browsing through one of his magazines containing the latest chapters of popular manga.

The silence was quite oppressive in his apartment and he shifted his foot nervously. Normally he didn't have any problems talking Sasuke's ear off, but tonight it seemed like a good idea to keep silent in order not to aggravate Sasuke even more.

Placing two fingers on the kettle to judge the temperature, he decided that it was hot enough for tea and switched it off. Carefully he poured the hot, steaming water in the cups and watched how the clear water turned a soft orange colour, due to the orange flavoured teabags he had put in it.

"Here," he announced and placed Sasuke's cup – a dark blue one with three white stars painted on it – in front of him on the low coffee table he had picked up from a random garage sale.

"Thanks," Sasuke grunted and absentmindedly stirred his tea.

Keeping a wary eye on the dark haired man, Naruto sat down next to him on the couch, blowing over his own cup – an orange one with a smiley face.

"Sooo … What happened?" he asked nervously after another moment had passed in tense silence.

The sudden, loud sigh escaping Sasuke made him nearly jump in fright.

"You remember that Sakura and I had a doctor's appointment today?" Sasuke asked and stared broodily into his cup.

"Y …" Naruto cleared his throat and tried again. "Yeah, I remember."

How could he not remember? Both Sasuke and Sakura had talked to him about it for weeks – it was not something he would forget easily.

"Well, we finally found out why she isn't pregnant yet," Sasuke continued and a trace of bitterness appeared in his voice.

Naruto glanced at him and his hand unconsciously tightened around his cup. He ignored the heat of his cup and asked, "What did the doctor discover?"

"She can't carry children," Sasuke spat and his eyes narrowed. "The doctor doesn't really know why; she suspects Sakura could be suffering from endometriosis or it could be a completely unknown cause. Whatever it is, the chances of her getting pregnant and actually carrying a baby to term are practically zero." He slammed down his cup on the coffee table with such power that Naruto was surprised the cup didn't break. "Even if she does get pregnant, she'll most likely miscarry it in the first month."

Naruto breathed out slowly, ignoring how harshly his heart thumped in his chest. "I'm sorry, Sasuke," he murmured and slowly reached over to place his own cup on the table. He wasn't in the mood to drink his tea.

Sasuke snorted harshly and clenched his fists on his lap. "You're actually the first one to know. We haven't told my parents yet – can you imagine how my father will react?" A humourless laugh escaped him. "One of the reasons we got married was to have a child. And now there won't ever be one! Not a biological one anyway. He's going to flip."

"Maybe – maybe you can adopt?" Naruto suggested uncertainly and bit his lip. He had no idea how to react. What did one say to their best friend who had just found out his wife couldn't get pregnant? His two best friends had been trying for nearly two years to have a baby; despite Fugaku's insistence on gaining a grandchild soon, Naruto knew that Sasuke had been looking forward to becoming a father, even if he was still fairly young. In fact, when Sakura had stopped taking the pill, it had been one of the few times Naruto had actually seen Sasuke acting so excited, because the idea of becoming a father had made him happy.

When you didn't know Sasuke, you would never guess that he was quite fond of children; Naruto was one of the very few who knew Sasuke had a children's wish almost as big as Sakura. And now he had heard that that wish might never become reality.

Naruto couldn't imagine how Sasuke must be feeling right now and he wished he could do something to elevate his sadness.

"Father would never see an adopted child as his real grandchild," Sasuke replied bitterly.

Naruto winced and looked away. Yes, he had no trouble imagining that Fugaku would never consider an adopted child as his real grandchild; that man was quite obsessed with the idea of a perfect family. A family that consisted out of a father, a mother and a child of the couple. An adopted child wouldn't share any traits with either Sasuke or Sakura and while Mikoto would love that child as her own biological grandchild, Fugaku would never accept it.

More than once Naruto had wondered how it was possible that Sasuke had come forth from that man's seed. Sasuke could be quite rude, cold and standoffish towards others, but once you got past his walls you saw that he was willing to do anything for the people he loved. While Fugaku … Mikoto had to be some kind of saint to be able to put up with that man.

"Maybe your older brother can …"

"Itachi got kicked out of the family when he turned out to be gay," Sasuke interrupted him flatly. "Even if he wasn't kicked out, it isn't like he can father any children with his lover."

"Unless, you know, he's with a guy like that," Naruto muttered and pulled petulantly at a loose thread of the arm of the couch.

"Unless he's with a guy like that, yes," Sasuke agreed after an uncomfortable pause. "But considering only a minority of the men is like that, I highly doubt his partner is like that."

Naruto shrugged. He had first met Sasuke's older brother, Itachi, when he was eight years old. Itachi had terrified him in the beginning to be honest, with his cold eyes and standoffish air, but after seeing how both brothers interacted with each other – how obviously fond Itachi was of his younger brother – Naruto had warmed up a bit to the older boy. When Sasuke and Naruto were fifteen, Itachi had disappeared after a huge row with his father. Turned out that Fugaku wasn't pleased with having a gay son.

"What are you going to do now?" he asked softly.

Sasuke sighed forlornly. "I honestly don't know," he mumbled and leant back with his head against the couch. "Father wants a grandchild; Sakura and I want to have a baby together, but it's just not possible. We'll have to figure something out, but at the moment I have no fucking clue what to do."

"How did Sakura-chan react?" Naruto inquired hesitatingly.

"She raged for a bit before she broke down," Sasuke grimaced and opened his eyes again. "I stayed with her until she fell asleep back at our place."

Naruto kept quiet; he knew the pink haired woman would be devastated now. All she had talked about ever since she and Sasuke had got engaged, was how she couldn't wait to have his children. Since they were still little kids, she had exclaimed that she wanted to have at least two children. To hear at only twenty-four years old that her dream would never come true … No wonder she had broken down.

A feeling of helplessness washed over him. He dearly wanted to help his two best friends, but he had no idea how. All he could do was offer his support and be there for them, but what good would that do? It wouldn't give them a child.

"Do you want to spend the night here?" he asked after a long period of silence had passed between them. His fingers twitched when he recalled he hadn't brought the spare futon back into his apartment. Given the temperature outside, the spare futon wouldn't be a comfortable place to sleep on. If Sasuke accepted his offer, they would need to share his futon. It wasn't like they hadn't shared a bed before, but …

Sasuke hesitated visibly before he shook his head and heaved a deep sigh. "No, thanks. I think it's best if I go home now. She shouldn't be alone right now."

Naruto nodded; his eyes firmly fixated on his jeans clad thighs.

"Thanks for listening," Sasuke murmured awkwardly and after a brief nod, he was gone; leaving cold tea behind.

Almost mechanically Naruto took the cups to the sink and cleaned them. Forgoing dinner – he wasn't hungry at all – he took a quick shower, changed into his pyjamas and nestled himself back on the couch; zapping through the channels mindlessly.

He felt horrible. Not horrible because his friends were suffering due to this unexpected news, but horrible, because for one brief moment, he had felt happy. Happy that Sakura wouldn't be able to give Sasuke what he wanted. He was disgusting and didn't deserve to call himself their friend, but he couldn't help it. For months he had feared the moment that Sasuke would tell him excitedly that the test was positive; to hear now that that moment would probably never come …

"God, I'm awful," he groaned and dropped the remote next to him on the couch. He honestly thought he had got over Sasuke, that he had buried his feelings for the older man.

His feelings had never left and had instead grown stronger throughout the years. In the beginning he had been happy to just remain near the dark haired man, to soak up his presence like a sponge and content himself with the fact that he was the only one who could call himself Uchiha Sasuke's best friend. A lot of people would do anything to gain that particular position and he, a poor orphan with no noticeable skills except for the ability to piss off people easily, had managed to become Sasuke's best friend without even doing something special.

For years he had cherished being Sasuke's best friend until he had realised that his feelings for the raven haired man went beyond that of a best friend. A man shouldn't want to kiss his best friend on the lips; shouldn't want to find out how his best friend's skin felt beneath his fingers; shouldn't want to know how it felt like to be loved by their best friend. Shouldn't jerk off to fantasies about his best friend.

He had hidden his feelings because he feared that Sasuke wouldn't want to be his best friend anymore if he knew the truth – and that had turned out to be a good thing when Sasuke had announced his engagement to Sakura. Those two made a perfect couple – even Naruto could see that.

That didn't mean however that he didn't wish to take Sakura's place next to Sasuke.

After their wedding, he had tried to get over Sasuke. He had buried himself in his work as an art teacher in secondary school, had taken up training in a martial arts class taught by one of his former classmates and had even tried out going on dates with a couple of men. He had believed that he was over Sasuke.

Instead of disappearing, his feelings had just gone into hiding for the moment, waiting and festering until they could rise up to the surface again.

Miserably he stared down at his naked feet. Maybe he should have distanced himself more from Sasuke – maybe if he hadn't remain near him, he would have really got over him.

Maybe he wouldn't be a bit happy now to hear that Sakura couldn't give Sasuke what he wanted.

Fuck, he was an awful friend.

But no matter how shitty he felt, his heart still went out to the couple and he wanted to help them achieve their dream. If anyone deserved to have a baby, it was them. After all those years of them helping him out, pushing him forwards when he wanted nothing more than to give up, he wanted to do something that would help them. He wanted to help them attain their dream, like they had aided him in reaching his dream. If it wasn't for them, he wouldn't be teaching now; he would probably be living somewhere on the streets. They deserved to have their dream become reality.

He wanted to do something that would take their grief away – and yes, help him ease the guilt of feeling a brief moment of happiness and make him feel less in their debt.

But what could he possibly do to help them with this particular …

His head shot up and his crystal blue eyes widened when an idea slowly started to form in his head.

Yes, that might actually work … if he could convince the couple to do it.

AN2: How men are able to become pregnant in this universe will be explained in the next chapter. Please leave your thoughts behind in a review; should you spot a mistake, please point them out to me!

The next chapter will be posted on the seventh of April.

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