Naruko Uzumaki: Konoha’s # 1 Slut!

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So here it is, my first attempt at a smut fic, at least a posted one. I was skimming around the sight and noticed a lack of Naruko fics. Well, there are some but the good ones kind of have stopped or are just one-shots. I'm also a fan of Kushina and noticed BitterNTR's profile and some of his ideas and challenges he posted. The Naruko one stuck to me so after a chat, I thought I'd give it a shot. Hope you guys like it.

Any and all feedback, minus flames, are appreciated.

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“Come on, doesn’t anyone throw away something good?” A young female voice asked. Little legs wiggled in the air as the upper half of the child was in a dumpster in an alleyway. “The Pawn shop closes in an hour.”

The sun was starting to set as beams of orange bathed the village.

Uzumaki Naruko was only seven years old and lived on her own in the great village of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. The populous was filled with shinobi, the soldiers of the village.

The child pulled out of the dumpster and shook her head. Her long blonde pigtails flailed to and fro as her chubby cheeks puffed up, showing her whisker marks, three on each cheek. Her large blue eyes closed as she sighed.

It was tough being an orphan, but Naruko was a tough girl! Sure, people could be mean to her, heck a lot outright ignored her, but that didn’t sway her spirit…much.

As for why she had been dumpster diving? Well, she was running a bit low on Ryo this week and thought she could find something she could pawn off.

She brushed the grim off her overtly large orange shirt that mostly covered her black shorts and her diminutive four foot height. She started to head out of the alley, her blue ninja sandals crunched over the garbage in the alley.

“Hey! What are you doing back there, you brat?” An angry male voice spoke out from the alley, making Naruko turn around.

The man had exit a door connected to the rear of one of the restaurants connected to the alley. He was a large with bulky arms, a sweaty face and white chef clothes.

Flatfooted, Naruko was about to quickly get away, but felt a big palm grasp her shoulder. “Hey, let go!”

Despite her protest, the man didn’t release her. Instead, he glowered at her. “What were you doing back here?”

“J-Just lookin’ around.”

He pulled her close to him, his eyes squinted and looking doubtful. “For what?”

The blonde shuffled her feet and stammered. “L-Lookin’ for s-stuff, ya know? To sell down the block.”

“So trying to steal stuff to pawn, huh?”

“I-Its garbage!” Naruko protested heatedly, she wouldn’t steal! “Who wants garbage?”

“I could say the same about you.”

Try her best, Naruko failed to not flinch at this.

The chef looked at her, the intensity made Naruko felt uneasy and she tried to shake herself free. His grip remained strong and in fact tightened forcing the girl to wince.

“Mister, you’re hurting me.”

“Heh, you said you need cash?” He said in a small rumble of his voice.

Her blue eyes fluttered at him in confusion, but after registering his question, she nodded once.

“I can give you some money.”

Naruko beamed up at him. “R-Really?!”

He nodded and shifted his eyes towards the dumpster. “Yeah, you just gotta do me a favor.”

“Like what?”

He pulled her along, back behind the dumpster and laid back against the wall.

Confused by this, Naruko tilted her head. “So what do you need me to do?”

Releasing her, she reached down to his waist band and pulled it down. The girl’s big blue eyes widened in surprise at what she was seeing. Now she wasn’t dumb, she knew boys and girls were different below the waist, b-but were boys thingys always that big?

The penis was bigger than her hand and was just as wide as her wrist. It stood at a lazy attention and Naruko wrinkled her nose at the smell it gave off.

She looked up at the man. “What do I have to do?”

He grinned down at her. “Lick, rub it, suck it. Do that and it’ll get bigger.”

“It gets bigger?!” The blonde asked in a shocked whisper.

He nodded at her, but Naruko wasn’t so sure and took a step back.

“How much Ryo will I get?”

“Twenty.” He grunted, looking impatient.

That’s enough for four bowls of Ichiraku! The child drooled a bit and shook her head to clear her mind. She had a thingy to suck! “You got a deal mister!”

“Then get to work, brat.”

Naruko moved in closer, the smell tinkled her nose further as she stood in front of the chef now. She leaned down and closed her eyes, her tiny pink organ stuck out of her mouth and flicked the mushroom tip.

Salty. Naruko though at the taste of sweat. Pausing, she let the taste waft her tongue and held feelings of gross and strange.

“Keep going.” The chef growled at her, his hand roughly grabbing the top of her head and pushed it face first into his groan.

A spike of fear ran down her spine and Naruko stuck her tongue out, washing over his penis with fervor. Hearing pleased groans, the blonde continued her work, showering it with affection of licks and kisses.

He pushed her head back, stroking his spit over penis with a glint in his eyes. “Alright, open your mouth wide.”

Naruko did as she was told, opening up as wide as she could, her tongue sticking out.

He lined up the penis with her mouth. Gradually, the fat mushroom popped it and the salty taste grew stronger.

His hands gripped her pigtails tightly and as he said. “Here’s the real job, you little slut.”

The blue eyed girl was confused by his words until he pulled her forward by her pigtails and thrust forward. Her eyes bulge at the intrusion down her gullet. She gagged on reflex, trying to cough him out, but he held firm as his slimy thing was stuck in her throat.

“Oooh, yeah.” He groaned as his pelvis flattened her nose.

She sniffled and tears swelled in her eyes while he began to let her draw back. Only, he pulled her right back in as weird noises escaped her moist lips.

“Yeah, come on you little whore. You’ll love this in no time.”

“Glurk, glurk, glurk!” Naruko said in reply as her hands held against his thighs, trying to push back.

“No no, I’m not done yet!” He punctuated with a particular rough thrust. His wrinkly sac slapping her chin.

Naruko started to feel dizzy and it was getting heard to breath.

He groaned loudly and released her head just to grab the back of her head and pushed her flush against her pelvis once more. “Here it comes bitch.”

He grunted a few times as he pumped into her head and something hot and thick ran down her throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she struggled to be released.

“Ah.” He sighed in relief as he thrust a few last times.

To Naruko, it was as if her throat was getting clogged up as whatever his penis released slinked down into her belly.

He pulled out, pushing the blonde away. Naruko was on all fours, panting and coughed up some white stuff that splattered the ground. The thick salty taste tingled in her mouth as she inhaled oxygen into her lungs.

“Hope you enjoyed the meal. It was nice doing business with you.” He chuckled at her and stuffed his hand in his pocket. He pulled out twenty Ryo and tossed it in front of her. “Later, you little brat.”

He walked back to where he came, leaving the young girl along in the alley.

She swallowed a few times, trying to get the taste out of her mouth, but it still lingered.

Reaching out, she grasped the Ryo tightly and stood up and wiped the spit on her chin with her forearm. She glanced at the money in her hand and squinted her eyes in thought.

I wonder if I can make more money this way.




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