Naruto the Kunoichi Toy

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Naruto sat on the bed in the love hotel dressed in nothing but his boxers and new hitai-ate, bouncing excitedly as he patted his hands rhythmically on his knees as he occasionally looked toward the bathroom door where Sakura was getting ready. He'd been shocked when she'd come to him after team assignments, in which he found himself on a team with her and Hinata with a jonin named Kurenai as their sensei, offering to give him her 'first' time and take his. After his shock had faded, he'd all but jumped at the chance and was told to come here if he really wanted to.

When he'd showed up, Sakura had indeed been waiting at the front door of the hotel nervously, brightening up at the sight of him. After quickly getting a room, they'd come up and Sakura told him to strip to his boxers and wait for her while she got ready.

So now he was here, nervously waiting for his dream to come true and get to have sex with Sakura-chan. And if it was a dream, he hoped he didn't wake up before he got to sleep with her.

His head suddenly snapped to the door as it opened, and out walked Sakura-chan, dressed in nothing but a rather thin bathrobe that barely hid, what was in Naruto's opinion, a great body. While she wasn't busty like Hinata, she had shapely legs and a great butt, which Naruto hoped he'd get to grab before the night was through.

"Are you ready Naruto-kun?" Sakura asked, and Naruto almost broke his neck nodding as he smiled and said "Of course Sakura-chan! Are you?"

"Yes... but can I ask you a favor first?" Sakura questioned, and Naruto replied "Yes Sakura-chan, you can ask me anything!"

"Well... can I tie you up before we do this? I've always had a bit of a fetish for the partner being tied up and I was hoping..." Sakura trailed off, but after only a second of hesitation Naruto said "You can tie me up if you want Sakura-chan!"

"Great!" Sakura said, and Naruto eagerly moved up the bed so his head was on the pillows at the top and spread his arms and legs so Sakura could tie him up, glad that his study of all that adult material was good for something besides his Oiroke no Jutsu.

Smiling at him, Sakura pulled four long strips of red silk. Tying one end to his right wrist, she tied the other to the right bedpost. Moving down the bed, she tied a strip around his right ankle before tying the other end to the bottom right bedpost. Doing the same to his left ankle and wrist, Sakura nodded and asked "Can you easily get free Naruto-kun?"

Testing his arms and legs, Naruto shook his head and replied "No, I'm tied down pretty good Sakura-chan."

"Good." Sakura said, and Naruto felt a twinge of nervousness at the hint of maliciousness in the pinkette's smile. However, he shook it off as he saw Sakura turn toward his boxers and the tent of his erection.

"Oh. My. God." Sakura said, staring at the surprisingly small tent. Reaching for the waistband of his boxers, she pulled the boxers down revealing his three-inch long erect penis.

"Impressed?" Naruto asked, and Sakura smiled as she said "This is even better than I'd hoped."

"I'm glad you like it." Naruto said with a smile of his own, but it fell as Sakura replied "Oh yes, this is even better than the prank I'd planned to pull on you here!"

"Prank?" Naruto asked, dread flooding him, and Sakura said "Yes, I'd planned to tie you down, write humiliating words on you, and take pictures. But you having such a pathetic little cock is great!"

"Hey! It's not pathetic!" Naruto retorted, and Sakura looked at him as she said "Oh yes it is, Naruto-kun, and just to prove it let me show you what a real penis is supposed to look like."

Bound to the bed, Naruto could only watch as Sakura opened and slipped off her robe, revealing herself to him, in particularly the cock, measuring eight inches even soft, hanging before a set of testicles.

"You're a guy!?" Naruto asked in shock, and Sakura scowled as she said "No idiot, I'm not a guy! I'm a futanari!"

"Oh..." Naruto said, and grinning at him Sakura said "Now, let's take some pictures of that sad little thing you call a dick so I can show everyone how pathetic you are."

"Don't Sakura-chan!" Naruto cried, but she ignored him, disappearing into the bathroom for a moment before exiting holding a polaroid camera. Naruto began to struggle futilely against his bonds as the camera clicked repeatedly, the slot on the bottom of the camera ejecting pictures of him and his penis with each click, which had since softened to an even smaller size.

After taking several pictures of him, occasionally moving around the bed to get a different angle of Naruto and his cock, Sakura grinned, an idea coming to her, her own cock now hard and throbbing from arousal due to her humiliating Naruto.

Licking her lips, Sakura eyed Naruto, particularly his mouth as she asked "So Naruto, you really don't want me to show anyone these pictures?"

"No!" Naruto cried, and Sakura continued "Are you willing to do anything I ask to keep me from showing anyone these pictures?"

"Yes! Anything!" Naruto cried desperately, and Sakura gathered the pictures off the floor, flipping through them appreciatively as she said "Well, there's only one thing I really want you to do for me: suck my cock."

"What?!" Naruto yelled, and Sakura answered "Well, I'm gonna untie you, and you are gonna get on your knees before me and suck my dick until I cum. Then you're gonna swallow my cum and say that you are a cocksucking little sissy who lives to drink cum, especially mine."

Naruto gulped, staring at the intimidatingly large erection standing proudly beneath a neatly-trimmed patch of pink pubic hair, and asked "And if I don't do it?"

"Well, I'll show these pictures to everyone, and then they'll know what a tiny dick you have." Sakura answered as she walked into the room's bathroom, closing the door behind her as she did so.

It was a few minutes before she left it, and at Naruto's confused look she said "Oh, don't worry. I just put my pictures somewhere safe and hidden so you don't try and just take them if I untie you. Now, are you gonna do it, or do I show everyone those pictures. And think carefully before you answer that."

Staring at Sakura for several long seconds, Naruto finally sighed in defeat as he said "OK, I'll do it."

"I thought you'd see things my way, Naruto." Sakura said, moving to the bed. Untying his wrists and ankles, Sakura motioned from Naruto to her still-erect member. Naruto gulped again, looking at the pink-haired genin in hope she'd change her mind, but she merely motioned between Naruto and her cock, an expectant look on her face.

Sighing, Naruto moved toward the edge of the bed, letting his legs dangle for a moment before pushing himself off the bed and lowering himself onto his knees. Knee-walking over to Sakura, he found himself face-to-face with the red, angry head of Sakura's dick. Swallowing, he leaned forward slowly, closing his eyes and opening his mouth shakily, preparing himself mentally for it.

Taking the invitation, Sakura grabbed hold of Naruto's hair, stuck the head of her cock into his mouth, and began thrusting when he instinctively closed his lips around it. Only shoving a couple of inches in and out at first, after finding a rhythm each successive thrust saw her shove more and more of her member into his mouth. Naruto gagged around it as more of it entered his mouth and throat, until each thrust had her burying his nose in her pubes and her balls slapping his chin.

After a few seconds of thrusting, she stopped, looked at Naruto, and said "While face-fucking you is fun, you're gonna have to start sucking it if you don't want me to show those pictures to everyone."

Opening his eyes and looking back up at her, Naruto began moving his head slowly back and forth, taking as much of it as he could each time his head went forward. Releasing his hair, Sakura groaned appreciatively as she began petting his head affectionately.

"Mmmmm, that's right, suck it like the small-dicked little bitch you are." Sakura muttered, closing her eyes and leaning her head back as she enjoyed the feeling of the blonde's mouth around her shaft. Naruto for his part closed his own eyes again and kept moving his mouth up and down his crush's cock, using the information that it was Sakura-chan's to keep him going.

"Come on, suck harder and use your tongue more, Naruto-chan." Sakura commanded, and in response each time Naruto drew his head back his cheeks became concave from the force of his sucking, and each time his head was pulled back he swirled his tongue around the head of her member.

"Good boy, that's right Naruto-chan. Just like that." Sakura complimented him, her fingers carding themselves in hair as she felt her climax beginning to coil in the pit of her stomach. As he continued pleasuring her dick, Naruto's brought his hands up and grabbed her plump rear, moving his head faster and farther as he gripped her buttcheeks.

"Oh, getting into it Naruto-chan? I always knew you were a cockhungry slut." Sakura purred before she began worrying her bottom lip with her teeth. Her climax was close. So close. Just a little bit more.

With his hold on her backside, Naruto managed to get her all the way into his mouth to the base, his chin bumping her balls and his nose burying itself in her pubes each time he did so. He had to get this over with as soon as possible, and then he could forget it ever happened.

After a few more minutes, Sakura looked down at Naruto as she growled "Are you ready for my cum Naruto-chan? Cause you're about to get a mouthful."

Without waiting for an answer, Sakura grabbed the sides of his head, forced his head down to the root of her member, and came with a low moan. As she released her seed into his mouth, Naruto began swallowing quickly, not wanting to drown on her cum.

After the final burst of cum, Sakura pulled herself out of his mouth with a contented sigh, and as Naruto fell back onto his butt she asked "Remember what you're supposed to say?"

"I'm a cocksucking little sissy who lives to drink cum, especially Sakura-chan's." Naruto repeated, not looking at her.

Smiling, Sakura reached down, patted him on the head as if he were a dog, and said "Good boy. Now since you've completed your end of the bargain, let me complete mine."

Entering the bathroom again, it was several minutes before she exited, and when she did she was fully-dressed, a bunch of polaroids in hand. Tossing them at the still-seated Naruto, she smiled and said "That was fun. We must do it again sometime."

As she exited the love hotel room, Naruto gathered the pictures up and muttered "I'm just glad that's over with."

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