Mutant Ninja

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The blonde sobbed brokenly in the white haired figures arms. “I’m sorry, my child, this is all my fault. I was an terrible mother. I cared too much about power when I should have been raising and loving my children. No wonder they loved their father more than me. No wonder they locked me away and went the way they did. I took everything from you and I can’t bring them back. I am sorry” she held the blonde closer, wishing she could change her actions and bring the reincarnation of her son’s precious people back for him. However done was done and there was nothing for it. She had used the last of the power of the tree of life to merge her creation to her reincarnated child to save her life. She now held not only the power of the Ten Tailed, but the chakra she had taken from her to stop her in her madness.

Right now her reincarnated child was more powerful than her, however even with her power, there was no telling if she would gain the Rinnegan and then when and IF it would unlock. There was only one thing she could do for her. “Come to me” she called to her other creation, her will. The figure moved to her side and she reached out to touch his cheek “things have changed, my creation. My wish has changed and I need you to sacrifice your existence for me.”

The figure looked up at her “yes mother. What do you wish of me?”

"My child has lost his precious people and everything he cares about because of me, because he wanted to save me from myself. I destroyed a world and everything in it because of my madness. But what use is there over ruling a destroyed world? I am almost gone and will soon pass from this existence, but before I do, I want to do something for him, save him back."

"And what is that, mother?"

"I will send him away to another world, a world sure to appreciate his....talents and let him find the love he craves. I will give you true life and the last of my power and you will watch over him. You will treat him as if he was me, you are now HIS will. He is your brother, your father, your purpose and you will watch over and protect him. When the time comes and he unlocks the Rinnegan you will be there to teach him everything you will know from my memories. He will not be corrupted like I was by his strength, you will ensure this, do you understand?"

"Yes mother."

 She leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, a light surrounding them for a few seconds before she moved to pick up the now unconscious figure. The new figure moved to her side touching the unconscious blonde so he could merge with that side of the form, producing an white sheen to tanned flesh.

Then, in a flash of white, the figure disappeared, leaving an barren wasteland that was once an fertile thriving world behind.


Alarms blared as the X-Men rushed from their rooms towards the room where their leader waited for them. Entering one spoke “What is going on, Professor?”

“Cerrebro is picking up an massive power. It suddenly appeared above the school out of what we’ve discovered as an dimensional rift of some sort. It is now forming above us and...” Before he could finish a light began to grow inside the room with them. Going on alert they prepared for an attack of any kind. Only to have an woman appear like they had never seen before.

She was taller than them and obviously beautiful, white hair all the way down her back to her small. She had two bone protrusions from her head-almost resembling rabbit ears and two round white marks over each eye. An large oval red eye sat in the exact center of her forehead, directly over the place known as the third eye and her lips were lush and red, almost like she wore lipstick. Her real eyes were an pupiless pale violet and her nails long and black.

She wore an long hime-kimono in white decorated with what appeared to be commas, but matched the pattern in the third eye, an swirl pattern with three on the outer layer, three inner and an dot in the very center. The ‘collar’ of the kimono was red while the inner sleeves were black.

In all the woman was beautiful and looking at her tear-filled eyes made her seem so fragile and helpless.

Could this not be an attack, but some sort of mutant mother seeking their aid for her injured child? A few of them relaxed marginally.

In the woman’s arms was an girl, an teenager of about fifteen or sixteen with long blonde hair plaited around her body-so obviously very long. She had tanned skin like she was always in the sunlight and even in the almost hideous orange and blue clothes she wore, her body was fit and built like a supermodel-except it had signs of also being well trained, as in she had enough muscle and sinew to be an fighter. She wore strange shoes that looked between an sandle and sneaker and bore small pouches here and there attached to her, one on her right thigh, another her left hip. The strangest thing about her though was the marks on her face, six in total, three on each cheek, almost like whiskers.

The woman appeared and they had enough time to see the two clearly before her knees had buckled and she collapsed onto the floor, still clutching the unconscious girl. She only spoke one word to them, in fluent Japanese “hosa.”

“Storm take the girl, Kitty get Hank, Logan the woman.”

The three X-men moved to do so, Kitty phasing through the wall to get their healer, Storm moving to gently take the girl and Wolverine moving to pick up the strange woman. However he stopped when she raised her tear-filled eyes to him to look at him before speaking again “hosa. Hosa seiteki.”

“Gojin iryoku. Gojin iryoku hosa omaesan ryouryou.”

The woman shook her head “hosa SEITEKI. Mai yutori kyoujuu naganaga hoitsu.” She looked at the girl and murmured “en kazen ato fuka okaasama.”

“Gojin kan....”

“Ie!” Wolverine backed up a bit at the power in that snapped cry. The woman struggled to her feet and stumbled to where Storm held the teenage girl close “en horobiru seiteki gensei, senbotsu MENMEN seiteki oshii jinshi. Hon jin menmen en kan kureru seiteki o henkan.” Before they could speak she bent over, kissed the girls forehead and smiled gently “adiosu kodomo.”

And with a flash of light and an agonized look she was gone.

The group exchanged looks. They had seen enough death and destruction to KNOW that goodbye hadn’t been an ‘see you later’ sort, rather that of a mother about to die. That’s when they realized the situation fully. The woman had brought her daughter to them forever. She had been weakenedinjured too badly and instead of letting them help her she had willingly given up her life to ensure her daughter was somewhere safe and sound. If SHE was an mutant it meant that her daughter was most assuredly also one. And that power they had felt at her appearance meant either she burned herself up getting them there or she was one of the most powerful mutants they had ever encountered. Meaning her daughter was probably if not the same then more than her and they would have to keep this girl safe away from those who would use her and her power for their own ends. They could personally think of at least TWO who would jump at the chance to get their hands on her.

 They had an mutant with no name, unknown powers, unknown age and origins, no idea how powerful she would be and how stable she would be as well as how dangerous it would be when others found out about her.


“How is she Jean?” Cyclops asked his girlfriend as he entered med-bay where the woman was examining the girl with the help of Hank McCoy. “She is physically unharmed, no more than exhausted. However there is a reason for that.”

“Which is...?”

Hank spoke out “she has an increased healing factor similar to Logan’s. It is incredibly fast and almost instantaneous leading to almost endless power and strength. However unlike Wolverine’s she needs to consume large amounts of food to fuel this factor. It seems things high in salt content, sodium, fat and calories. In her thigh pouch I found a packet of instant ramen.”

Cyclops understood.

“Her system is very interesting” Hank said “she has an additional energy system similar to the heart and electrical system we all have, except hers is extra, originating from her stomach.”

“What is it?”

“That is just it, I have no idea. But whatever it is is powerful and spread through her entire body, part of every cell, ligament, vein, muscle and inch of flesh. It is most definitely the source of her accelerated healing, but for some reason I can neither get a sample or fully examine it. It is as if it doesn’t exist, however it is there at the same time."

 Cyclops frowned “but is she a mutant?”

“What she is isn’t completely human, but not mutant like us.”

Cyclops’ frown deepened “What does that mean?!”

“Her DNA and genetics are human with an slight boost-kind of an enhanced human, however somehow she has changed and it was earlier enough in her life to be affected by puberty and developed as she grew-like a mutant would.”

“So your saying she’s an enhanced human, maybe an result of an experiment.”

“On the contrary. Her genetic material suggests her parents were both enhanced humans, and born that way from what I could tell. What it means is while we may claim the fact she was born from enhanced humans-making her a type of mutant-something happened in her early life that further changed her, which has only recently been strengthened to such an extent that she is nor even more than we are. What it is, I can’t tell. And from what I can see the event in her early life would have been sometime between the first few seconds of her birth and the first week. From what I can tell, it was the first few hours.”

Cyclops looked both sick and outraged “so she was born from two enhanced human parents and within hours of her birth someone or something forced an further mutation in her” Hank nodded “and this mutation changed both her and her system after she reached puberty. The new mutations suggest only recent activity, hours old.”

“Could it be the result of her trip here through the dimensional gate her mother produced?”

“Unless they were there longer than an hour or two, I doubt it. This happened before” he shook his head “it seems a lot of this energy is concentrating on her eyes, strengthening it, doing what exactly I can’t tell but it seems to be changing it. But whatever it is will change her eyes in some way we can not understand until the process is complete.”

“Is that why she hasn’t awoken yet?”

“That and a combination of things. Her body is adapting to the change rapidly and settling into a new rhythm, but there is trauma in her mind that means she is hiding in shock.” Jean spoke, her voice so soft and infinitely sad it stunned Cyclops “She lost not only ALL her precious people, Scott, every one of them, but her world was destroyed-by her mother.”


The woman shook her head “she was an orphan and never knew her parents, she was mistreated all her youth, abused and rejected by people who didn’t want to deal with an child born different” she looked at Cyclops “she was like us, she holds power, and humans rejected her for it, even abused her and she had no one. WE were saved, Professor X found us, but she only had the leader of their village who was too busy running it to deal with an child’s need for love and attention.”

“You mentioned Precious People. When did she find them?”

“Her first was when she was twelve. Barely a teen and a life of no love made her clutch to any friend she made so strongly she had no idea when to let them go. A teacher was first, barely past his teens himself. He risked his life and was badly wounded protecting her from another who tried to kill her. He told her her pranks and the way she lashed out by being loud and obnoxious reminded HIM of when he was her age, that he saw her as a person, not what everyone else saw. He reminds me a little of you Scott, firm but kind.”

“So this teacher became her first Precious Person?”

"Yes and from there others happened. Classmates, some adults, people in other villages. Scott she was born an empath. Can you imagine all that hate aimed at her? She would feel it all doubled, pain from what she was picking up and her own. It’s a wonder she ever turned out as well as she did.”

"How DID she turn out that way? And where was her mother during her life? Was she really just an enhanced human? She seemed way more powerful than that."

"Professor X scanned her memories, Scott. It's a lot more complicated then we thought. Not only was that woman an alien, but she was hundreds of years old."

Cyclops frowned "then how is she her mother? Unless her healing factor...."

"No, but apparently in her world there are no mutants, just enhanced humans. That woman wanted peace but became disillusioned by humanities constant fights and war. She ate some sort of fruit that caused a type of mutation, gifting her own children and lover with what they call chakra. It's a type of energy they say comes from the unity of body, soul and mind. This extra energy, we think, is the one Hank found."

"So this energy-this chakra-came from this woman. How?"

"Her lover was human. So her two sons had it as well. When she tried to trap the entire world in an illusion, they worked together to stop her, trapping her away. HER ancestor is one of those  sons. In fact, according to her memories both her and another wereARE the current reincarnations of them both. When another freed her, it was up to them, with the power of both brothers together, to fight and stop her. They succeeded, but at a price, the woman-Kaguya-killed them all, even her and her brother. In the end though whatever madness took her was gone and she used what power to bring her back and bring her here. That was all the strength she had left, when she disappeared she died. And that's not all, Scott. The power recently and again when she was a baby that was forced into her was not some chemical or such, it was an being, and spirit."

"What do you mean?"
"The woman, Kaguya created an being they called an Juubi. It was immortal, a monster. One of her sons pulled its soul from it and hid the body while he separated it into nine and charged each one with watching over a different village after his death. Her biological mother held the spirit of hers before her and on the day she was born half the being was passed to her while the other her father. But both her parents died that night. That was why she was mistreated as a child, the villagers saw her as the 'monster' she held. When Kaguya rose she took that power back-regardless of who it killed. When she brought her back after killing her, she used her creation to do so, by forcing it inside her body."

"So she now holds this Juubi inside her in it’s full form?! How dangerous is it?!"

Jean shook her head "don't worry, Scott, The Professor has an agreement with THEM."


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