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BY : Midori
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Two months had passed, and Orochimaru, although he worked hard, found he had never gotten a proper salary. He went to Sarutobi’s office despairingly.

-Sarutobi-sensei?- Orochimaru said as he entered.
-What is it son?- Sarutobi asked.
-I haven’t been paid for my missions recently, and I am out of money.- he admitted.
-Hmm hmm.- Sarutobi replied.
-Sensei?- Orochimaru asked.
-Orochimaru, I don’t want to upset you but your missions recently…- Sarutobi trailed off.
-What about my missions? I risk my life for Konoha all the time, I deserve my pay.- Orochimaru said.
-Oro, you gave those missions. To yourself.- Sarutobi said.
-Yes, and?- Orochimaru asked slightly confused as to where the problem lay.
-Well, you are not government are you?- Sarutobi explained.
-No, but - Orochimaru was cut off.
-You cannot be granted money for unofficial missions. And missions are only deemed official when they run through the government.- Sarutobi said.
Orochimaru seemed irritated at the comment. He had done everything to help the village, yet he would still be let down by them due to technicalities.
-Really? Is that why you will not pay me what I’m owed? I have spent my life protecting this place, and now… arrgh! I’m finished with this village. I hate you.- Orochimaru snapped, finally getting angered at the situation.
He sounded like an offended child… strange enough… Sarutobi thought, -It’s not my fault I’m not in control of these things.
-In control? You’re the Sandaime!- Orochimaru argued.
-I will try figure something out.- Sarutobi said.
-Try? I’m fed up with this. Fed up with all of you.- Orochimaru said, he left the room slamming the door behind him.

Outside the room Jiraiya grabbed his shoulder. Jiraiya liked listening in to conversations as much as he did lurking.
-I can lend you money.- Jiraiya offered whispering in his ear, -All you have to do is spend an entire day with me and you have to do what I want when I want.
Orochimaru’s face turned to a boiling red.
-How dare you, bastard!- Orochimaru snapped.
-Then just spend a day with me! We know each other since childhood, yet we never hang out together!
-That's not completely true...
-Hey, I don’t have much money either so you’ll have to work for it.- Jiraiya laughed.
-I don’t want people seeing me with you, I’m well known here…- Orochimaru admitted.
- Don’t worry, no one will know!- reacted Jiraiya.However he was somewhat offended- There’s a nice resort in a town nearby here… -he gave him a paper with an adrres and a time- No one will find out about this I promise. So? Deal?
-Deal…- Orochimaru hissed, however he was not only angry. He got excited at the same time. “Bassstard.”

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