Betrayal and Fury

BY : Insideafourteenyearoldgirl
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Sakura screamed in agony.

Her tongue stretched in pleasure, her eyes rolled back and she moaned unintelligible words while the sperm was injected in her large intestine.

Sasuke dropped the tip of the tie that bound the hands of Sakura, leaving her naked body fall on the bed.

He grabbed her buttocks and pushed his penis out out of the hole, while the sperm poured out of her asshole.

Sasuke got out of his bed and grabbed his clothes, dressed himself and gave a last look art the unconscious body of Sakura before going out.

"Desprezible bitch", he thought while giving an arrogant smile at her.


Walking by the streets of the Leaf late at night, Sasuke looked to the "attractions" of that hour with despise and indifference.

Strip clubs,whores who could or couldn't have a cock, suspicious sellers, and jugglers with three balls.

Was then Sasuke saw an weird figure.

A completely naked woman wearing a mask.

That wasn't completely unexpected to Sasuke.

The surprise is that nobody have tried to rape her yet.

She was just....too good of a bait to not be bitten.

Her boobs were massive. Her skin was clean and white. The long hair had been combed with care.

She wasn't too skinny, nor fat. She was just...beautiful.

Some of this kind don't would be on the street, exposed for everybody to see. It would be in a brothel charging a quarter of a Level B mission .

Sasuke stopped in front of her, and stayed silent, making her finally say something.

"Do you want it?"

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