Our Truths

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Title: Our Truth

Fandom: Naruto

Part: 1

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He didn’t truly know when it had all changed for him, shifting into thoughts that revolved around what was important to him and his precious people instead of what everyone else thought. He couldn't pinpoint when his thinking had gone from worrying about what others thought of him and his actions to instead what he thought of them.


Now the memories of just how much the opinion of others had mattered to him before the change scared him. The thought of going back to being the scapegoat and target of so much hate scared him even more, so he worked hard to prove himself. But not to those who hated him, but instead to those who loved him.


He couldn’t say that he regretted having lived that way, seeing as he really couldn’t bring himself to care about said people. Nor did he care about what they thought about him and the fact that he had helped them several times when they had come to the brink of war.


He supposed that his change of thinking and the way he acted around others had come around the time that he had come back from his three years of training with Jiraiya. He had wandered the whole of the Hidden Lands, having his eyes opened to just how badly he had been treated by the village he called home. He had figured out just how misplaced all of their anger, hatred and sadness had been, and how bad it could have gone if he hadn’t turned to the path that he had.


If it hadn’t been for the few ANBU that made sure he lived and had someone watching him, and the Sandaime Hokage, one Sarutobi Hiruzen, he had no doubt that there would be no Village Hidden in the Leaves. And the rest of the lands would be at war.


Or worse, destroyed to the last molecule.


That very thought had made him actually try to get drunk when they were in a town one night. He had locked himself in their room to think about why he had wanted to become Hokage. It hadn’t been for the right reasons and he had decided to put that dream down until he could find the right reasons to be one.


After that night, he had thrown himself into training and learning about the various positions that were offered in each village. Tsunade had sent him a letter and told him to be careful but to keep doing it since it helped the relationships between the villages. He had learned a lot and found it getting easier to keep the information.


Once the three years had been up and he had arrived home, he found himself getting used to working as a team with Sakura and Kakashi once more. They soon added Sai and Yamato to their lineup, creating a solid new team 7. But only after some bumps in the road.


He had ignored the demands of the village and the council to try to retrieve Sasuke with his new team, instead stating that they had to train. That and they could not dedicate their lives to someone who had turned his back on the village at the first hint of power. The seal gave the person power, but it didn’t change the person’s core no matter what they thought. Sasuke had made his choice and his choice hadn’t been his friends, allies and village, but instead a Sannin who had lost his mind long ago.


Jiraiya had mused that when Orochimaru had joined ROOT under Danzo he had broken from the reality. It made Naruto wonder just how the man would have turned out if he had had the support system that he had obviously needed. With Tsunade and Jiraiya both leaving the village, he had been left vulnerable to the man’s manipulations.


Not that they could really prove any of Danzo’s doings.


But he was hardly worried about it while he Sakura and Sai were forming a cohesive unit that could take on anything thrown at them.


Since they had focused on coming together as a team, they had passed the Chunin exams with flying colors.


Kakashi had been quite happy about it and had been named one of their two Jounin contacts, much to Iruka’s annoyance and the team’s enjoyment. The man was still late to everything, but it wasn’t all that surprising, the man never really changing. It was what made Kakashi, Kakashi.


The rest of the Rookie Nine had all moved up at various stages during his time away, team 7 being the last of them. Each team had taken the name of their Jounin sensei, becoming Team Asuma, Team Kurenai and Team Kakashi, marking them as the future of the following generations. It was looking good for all of them.


It wasn’t so bad being late to become a Chunin all things considered though. They went on missions and made quite a bit of progress during the first six months of being Chunin before they settled into their lives. They still got together and still worked as a team, but they had their own career paths to follow. They also worked with the other teams when they were needed, Sai and Sakura more so than Naruto himself.


Still ignoring the increasing demands to find Sasuke, he took a supposed semi-permanent placement as Iruka’s own assistant. He started to learn about the elder nin’s various jobs as what others called a Desk Jockey. When the news had gotten out about his requested placement, those who weren’t close to him or knew how he had changed during his time out of the village had been surprised. But they were also curious as to why he was doing a job that was made for those who were considered weak.


But the Chunins who worked as so called 'desk jockeys' were far from weak. They were strong and smart and cunning. They had to be to deal with what they dealt with day in and day out. Jounin who were tired and grumpy from long missions. Genin who were just starting to learn just what had to be in a report so had to rewrite them again. And again. And again. ANBU popping in and out, looking for this person or that person. Or even just a report they needed for their boss.


Even their current hokage, the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade was something that they had to often deal with.


They knew exactly who walked in and out of the tower, or who was walking past their desks. They could pinpoint just where a needed report, scroll or book was and return within a matter of minutes. They knew the weaknesses of not only themselves, but of the shinobi that they worked with. They knew the secrets of the village and knew who to send where and who to keep away from which village.


But still, it amazed Naruto that everyone who didn’t know the intricate work that they did still thought them weak and nearly useless. What they didn’t know though was that things were going to be blown wide open and it would start with a Bingo Book and an idiot who tried for the one place every desk Chunin guarded like rabid wolves.


The Archives of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

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