Dark Chakra

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He flew through the air, a silent lethal specter, his 'body' bonding with the molecules of the very air around him so he could move invisibly and with incredible speeds.

He was the only one of his kind here, in this world, brought here by a mission for his prince. The only child of powerful parents, adopted, he bore their joint knowledge, making him one of the most powerful of his race.

As he moved he thought over the events of the last few weeks. A portal appearing in their world, their prince asking for a volunteer to go through and investigate the other side. He had asked HIM first, explaining the possible dangers and if HE would go.

He understood why his prince had chosen him. He was best suited for the role. His knowledge and skills meant he would have a bigger chance of survival than any other of his people.

He also was starting to loose his ability to feel emotions and see in color, as did all males of his race when they reached a certain age. The only thing capable of reversing the process was when a male found the other half of their soul, the woman they would love and do all in their power to protect, their lifemate. However with their race on the verge of extinction, their women so few and any children born rarely surviving their first year, hope was once slowly fading.

In recent years it was discovered that an old enemy, an mage who was once an allies, had introduced extremophiles to the earth where they all rested. These then got into the males as they 'slept' who passed it to their lifemates during sex. Any children conceived were exposed through their mothers wombs.

Then the discovery of a group of human gifted women capable of being changed-becoming of their race-was revealed, women gifted with various unusual abilities. Anything from higher intelligence to outright shape-shifting. These women were being born their lifemates and capable of the process of becoming something.... more.

This brought hope to their kind. Some human women were able to become something more, the same as their lifemates, saving their souls from the darkness inside them.

For every one of his race were of the earth, connected to and a part of nature. Their males bore the soul of an animal, an wild often viscous animal-like a wolf or cat, territorial and ready to pounce and only the presence of their lifemate could calm the beast inside.

Each male unable to find their lifemate would loose their emotions and ability to see in colour and the beast would increase in strength inside them the longer they were without their lifemates. It constantly urged them to kill, to give in to the need to feed off the life of others, and if they succumb they became wholly evil, feeding off the life of others to sustain their own, living for the momentary pleasure of a kill.

In order to keep their race secret and other people-especially humans-safe this meant other 'unattached' males had to hunt these beings and kill them, ending the lives of childhood friends or even brothers, all for the sake of life. That burden along with their own growing darkness meant a solitary existence for many males of isolation and loneliness when their race were meant to be together.

Their prince was not just the born leader of their people he was the fountain-head, the spirit of their people, essentially the power source. The blood of their line ran through him and into them.

If this world held women capable of becoming lifemates to his people, it would be an gold mine to his fellow unattached males.

However these people did NOT impress or inspire him to reveal himself in any way. They deprived children of their youth, turning them into weapons  from an young age when they SHOULD be enjoying their youth as children before the weight of adulthood was placed on their shoulders.

To a race whose children were few and far between this was horrifying enough, but sending them out to kill each other for money?! And to add females to this lot!? No, he had no intention of ever revealing himself to them. He would investigate this world thoroughly then return to his people and prince with the information and suggestion that even though the earth here was pure and untainted, the humans were NOT worth association, let alone friendship.

His senses suddenly were tripped. Someone was wondering around the site of the portal. The safeguards he had set up there to prevent any access were set off, warning him of human presence. He could NOT allow any of these people into the area. If they discovered the portal they would claim it for their village and he had no idea what their...abilities would do if it came into contact with the magical doorway. If it somehow destroyed it....he would be stuck here, away from his family, people and prince.

Changing direction he put on a burst of speed, hoping to get there in time. Gathering his energy he weaved it through the sky in the direction he was heading, summoning an massive storm to surround the area of the magical gateway.

Only the most stupid of humans would attempt to get through that.

He sensed an massive disturbance up ahead, fighting, spilt blood, the power these humans called chakra chocking the air. A group of humans were fighting ahead, he landed, swiftly becoming solid-his true form, hand immediately burying into the earth at his feet as he sent all his senses into the rich loam.

As always mother earth answered his call, sending him images of what had and was happening. Three young people moving through the trees, being chased by others.

They were barely in their twenties, two males and a female, one of the males with a large white dog. He noticed how the female was riding the dogs back like a horse and how the two males surrounded her protectively, which he whole-heartedly approved of.

She was hunched over-so either injured or exhausted.

He frowned though when he sensed the two males with her. They had a strong connection to nature. While not the favor or connection of his kind, or his parents and himself as her CHOSEN children, it was stronger than most others here.

One boy felt like an insect himself, as if he was an insect given human form.

They other reminded him of the lycan race. He wasn't one or even one of the Guardian Of All-a mix of his race and the lycans-but his connection to wolves, or should he say dogs-was incredible. The dog the girl was riding was HIS, his companion and somehow part of him.

The girl even was touched as well, however slightly. When he touched her mind he gasped in shock. Not only was she physic-one of the human women capable of being turned-but his! She was HIS lifemate! He could feel it, his emotions and colors-which had been fading in recent years-snap back full force. His body and soul calling out for hers, the ritual words-imprinted in every one of the males from the moment he was born-demanding he say them to her, to bind her to him and bring peace to his heart. Even his beast, always whispering tempting and demanding, quietened, settling down peacefully inside him.

Before he could search her mind he felt her spurt of fear and panic, turning her head to glance behind her at the figures chasing them.

Fangs lengthened as fury flooded his senses. How DARE these humans threaten HIS woman! They would learn when he pulled their still beating hearts from their chests and drained their bodies of every drop of their blood! NO ONE touched let alone threatened what was his!

His form shimmered and contorted, an leopard-a creature of speed and agility soon replacing the human form of seconds ago. Short fur the same gold of the sun and eyes of blue bore the animal before it was off.


Hinata held onto consciousness by a thread. She was drained of chakra, weak, bleeding and in pain, but she knew she would have to stay awake or all of them would die here and now. Both Kiba and Shino were badly wounded protecting her and now lay as if dead. Only Akamaru was able to help her. However the dog wouldn't be able to do much for her, seeing how his sides were heaving for breath and his fur stained with both his and his master's blood. His first instinct would always be to protect Kiba, but both his pack bond and his master's last wishes before lapsing into unconscious prevented him. Hinata was a pack member along with Shino and even his kiki, and as an naturally dominate animal Akamaru's instincts demanded he protect all of them.

Hinata almost jumped out of her skin again as the sky rumbled ominously, thunder and lightening making itself known. Why had the sky suddenly become dark and foreboding in the last few minutes? Where had this freak storm come from? Why did it leave her feeling threatened somehow. Not by these enemy physically but somehow personally. As if something out there wanted HER and if it got her she would no longer be her but someone else entirely.

Was it that presence she had felt earlier? The one that touched them all almost curiously then suddenly withdrew.

Her body shook as another crack happened, booming loudly for miles and even the enemy were exchanging worried looks.

As one enemy suddenly lunged for her there was a crack and a bolt of lightening split the sky-and the lunging ninja. Hinata almost screamed as the enemy was instantly incinerated in mid movement directly in front of her.

Shock froze everyone, for a ninja to be struck and instantly turned to dust in a splint second was wrong, so wrong. Most people struck by lightening live and usually mostly unharmed, but for one bolt to do this let alone hit a man in mid lunge was more than a billion to one chance. It meant only one thing, the storm AND lightening itself was being controlled directed by someone or something.

What ninja could control the very weather like that and with such skill?!

And why did it wait until now to strike?
And would she be next?

"Do  not be afraid" a voice echoed in her head "you will not be harmed, I forbid it."

Shocked she felt the presence from before once more, this time actually speaking to her! "Who are  you?!" she looked around desperately "WHERE are you?!"

"Who I am is of no importance right now, your safety is my top priority. I need you to look at the enemy, focus on them for me."

With eyes blurry from overuse she forced her head to rise, looking for the enemy....in time to stumble as she narrowly avoided a blow from an kunai.

Akamaru snarled, jowls clamping down over the enemies wrist, teeth digging deep. As Hinata collapsed, exhausted, she heard the scream of agony and fury from the one the dog had grabbed.

"Stay awake!"  the voice snapped "don't loose consciousness, or they will kill you! Stay with me!"

"I'm sorry" was all she could manage before everything went dark.

Akamaru was the only one who saw what happened next. As he was kicked in the side by the enemy in an effort to dislodge him something from the corner of his eye caught his attention, movement.

He KNEW the last ninja was coming to aid his teammate, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn't afford to let go. Seconds before the kunai pierced him there was an loud furious growl and something hit his attacker, something blonde. One sniff told him what it was and his top lip peeled back, wild cat.

The ninja screamed as those fangs closed over his throat, there was a dull crack and the sound abruptly stopped as well as all movement.

The ninja dead, the cat's blue eyes turned to the one trying to dislodge him.

The ninja froze at those eyes set on him, all human and nature-born instincts telling him to flee or freeze, maybe the cat would not attack.

The creature crouched, top lip peeled back at him and he knew it would attack so he did the only thing his terrified mind told him to, he fled.

He was brought down before he even took a single step.

Akamaru stumbled weakly over to his master and his companions, whining as he nuzzled them each in an effort to awaken any of them, concerned about them.

Movement behind him caused the dog to spin around and crouch, growling threateningly. The figure there held his hands up and tried to look harmless "peace my noble friend, I am not here to threaten your master or his companions. I just want to help. I am a healer, I can aid them."

The dog relaxed only minutely until the figure held his hand out as a peace offering "my people are of the earth, we bare a connection to the animal kindgom-just like you-more so than your master does. I was the cat, I only wished to aid you all. We all bare the same link to mother earth, you all and I, you have nothing to fear from me."

The dog sniffed the offered hand thoroughly, scenting EXACTLY what he said was true. This person was connected to the earth in a way no human ever was before. His entire body smelt of earth and minerals and the strange scent Akamaru could only describe as a thunderstorm.

He growled to himself, confused and was shocked when the man answered, obviously understanding him in a way only an Inuzuka previously could "I was also the one to summon the storm. There is something in this area that can not be found by humans. I am protecting and hiding it and could not allow you to find it, but once the earth told me what was happening to you, I came to help" his eyes went to the female, his mate. She was beautiful "and claim the one who is to be my mate."

When the dog growled again his eyes snapped back "no, it is not conquest or an payment. My people are born with only one mate destined to be our other half. They are born for us and we for them. Once we find them we dedicate our life to their happiness, wellbeing and safety. We love them above all else and our children are considered precious" he looked at the dog "my race is almost extinct, every woman and child is treated as precious to every member. My family will treat her as a daughter, just as our prince and the others will."

The dog hesitated then reluctantly moved aside for him.

Even though his every instinct demanded he go and see to his lifemates' health, he moved first to the boy who was the dog's master.

Separating himself from his body as his kind did his soul entered the boy's body as white cleansing light, seeking damage. What he found was unusual. Somehow the boy was mostly human but also dog. It wasn't just the fact his fingers and nails resembled clawed toes, or the eyes but he had enhanced senses just short of a dog itself. Eye sight was enhanced, sense of smell way past human and his hearing was stronger. The connection he had with his companion was more than master and pet, more like best friend and brother-almost symbiotic.

Why he returned to his body he decided he was glad he had saved them.

Next he rose and moved towards the other boy.

Only to be met with a wall of insects, not just any insects, they were like nothing he had encountered before.

When he reached out to try and gain control of them he was instantly thrust away, they refused to be controlled, more than that, they COULDN'T be controlled.

He was baffled, but once he regained control of his shock he realized that they were acting as if the boy was their queen-or the hive mind, and he was threatening him in their collected consciousness.

He tried to reach out to them, to communicate, but they would have none of it. As far as they were concerned, he was an enemy come to finish their host off.

He was just about to gather his power, hoping to stun them long enough to get through when the dog barked a few times. The 'kiki' fed of what these people called 'chakra'. They were already struggling to heal their host but he was dangerously weak from using his and so the creatures were ravenous. If he used his power to try stun them, they would immediately react, swarming him to feed.

As an fellow creature of nature if they did so would be classed as an violation or attack and he would have instantly overloaded and killed them, leaving their host to die without something he had grown up with since he was a child. His entire clan had these implanted inside them from the moment they could walk, he, like them, grew up with them and learn to control the things. His body not only needed them but relied on them. If he killed them, he would most likely die.

"I can not feed them" he told the dog "I do not have this....chakra, I am not human." He raised his head suddenly "but I have an idea" he turned to look at the group then turned back to the animal "stay here. I have set up safeguards to protect you all" and was suddenly gone.

Without anything to do the white dog moved over to lie between his master and the only female of the group, whining in concern, licking first one then the others face before placing his head on his paws to wait.


Hinata stirred weakly as she felt something wet on her face. Slowly her eyes opened, something fuzzy white in her line of vision “Aka...” she started weakly to hear the excited bark of answer. “What happened?” she asked softly “I thought we were dead.”

The dog barked again, his tongue furiously licking her face and she thought she could see something white waving behind him. “Glad to see you’re alive too” she said softly, amused by his enthusiasm.

“What about me?” another voice asked, silky, sexy, amused.

Her head snapped up. A figure stood across from her, two figures in masks limp in his grasp. With a casual toss he threw them towards Shino, his kiki swarming over them to feed.

The dog barked sharply and the figure spoke again “they were your enemies. I sensed them approaching. Apparently your enemy sent back-up to these others. I could not allow them to get too close.”

“You?!” Hinata said softly “I heard you, I FELT you. You were in my head. WHO ARE YOU?! How did you talk to me like that?!”

The figure approached her, kneeling in front of her and his hand reaching out to touch her cheek gently “there is not time right now to explain but you are my lifemate as I am yours. It means your life means more to me than any other” his hands stroked her cheek lovingly and she felt an warmth growing in her body from that spot, a growing white light that touched any wounds or damage inside and encompassed it.

Slowly her eyes started to clear, the cloudiness sharpening, to become pictures, her true sight.

The first thing that she saw was clear blue eyes, dark and intense, locked to hers.
The second was tanned skin.
The third was rugged good looks, around her own age, but those eyes were infinitely older.
The forth was long sunny blonde hair tied at the nape of his neck with an leather tie.
The fifth was three long marks on each cheek, resembling whiskers, dark and laying there as clear as day.

Her eyes widened all the way and she whispered, hope, pain, joy, grief all as one in her voice “Naruto?! NARUTO UZUMAKI!??!! IS THAT YOU?!”


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