Naruto: Learning His True Self

BY : TheDogSage
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Naruto smiled as he walked through his home toward the front door, excited for this date with his girlfriend Hinata. She was so kind and loving to him, gentle and understanding as they talked about their thoughts, fears, and home life. Naruto in particular's home life was a problem for him, something confirmed as he caught sight of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Namikaze Minato sitting naked save for a pair of thigh-high black stocking socks and a cock cage outside a closed door. Through which they could hear the screams and moans of Naruto's mother and the grunts of the man currently in there fucking her, seals placed on the door by Kushina ensuring the sounds could be heard.

"Hey Naruto." Minato said softly as he watched his son walk past, make-up still visible on the man's face.

The teen's smile fading slightly as he replied "Hey da-Minato. So mom and Ki-dad going at it again."

"Yeah, sounds like he's giving it to her good tonight. She's barely said anything about how inadequate I am compared to him and how I never pleasured her like him." Minato said, Naruto nodding sympathetically as he looked at his father. About three years ago Kushina had decided she'd had enough of Minato's 'pathetic penis' and wanted a 'real man' to fuck her. Minato, loving his wife and wanting her happy, agreed and together they'd gone in search of a "bull" to satisfy Kushina's urges. They'd found the perfect man, Kiba, whom Kushina lovingly called her "bull mastiff".

At first it'd just been Kiba and Kushina getting together to have sex regardless if Minato was around. But as time went on, they started only having sex when Minato was home, ensuring he could hear. Then they started either having Minato in the room watching them fuck like dogs in heat, or like now, sit outside listening and unable to do anything, not even masturbate due to the cock cage.

Kiba had also moved into the house and their bed, leaving Minato to sleep on the other side of Kiba away from Kushina as they cuddled lovingly. To compound the humiliation and degradation they forced Minato to wear women's clothes and make-up around the house, normally a rather risque maid's outfit since they treated him more as a servant than a partner.

They also made Naruto call Kiba "dad" and Minato by his name, since, to them, it was obvious Kiba was the man of the house and deserved being called by that title. Especially after they told him how Minato was made to orally clean the cum from Kushina's pussy, or clean Kiba's cock with his mouth after he fucked her. And that was after he had to get Kiba hard for fucking Kushina by orally pleasuring him.

So as far as his mom and "dad" were concerned, Minato wasn't Naruto's father or a man, but a cock-sucking sissy slut maid to be ordered around by them.

Oh, Naruto knew his mother stilled loved his father, but she loved the sex given to her by Kiba and humiliating not only Minato, but her son as well, mostly over the fact Naruto's cock was only 2 inches fully erect. Kiba got in on it once he found out, teasing and insulting Naruto about the size of his dick and how he'd be better off a woman with such a sad little thing. That it was an insult to penises and more of a clit than a cock, and that Hinata would leave him if she knew about it.

Of course, Naruto never told Hinata about what, only saying they teased and humiliated him. Hinata believed it to be because of his father, and Naruto didn't have the nerve to correct her, afraid that Kiba was right and he'd lose Hinata if she knew since he knew he couldn't please her with his tiny cock and (fortunately secret) lack of sexual stamina, cumming after only a couple strokes while masturbating.

Sighing, Naruto waved and said "Bye Minato. Tell mom and dad I left on my date with Hinata."

"Bye Naruto." Minato said, closing his eyes and listening to his wife and her lover have sex in what had been his and Kushina's marriage bed.

"Hey Naruto-kun." Hinata said with a soft smile as Naruto walked up to the restaurant they were meeting at for dinner tonight. Smiling back, he walked over to his girlfriend and offered her his arm, which she gratefully took as they entered the restaurant for a lovely dinner. It was a nice, romantic little place, not too extravagant but not a little dive bar. It was the perfect place for a romantic dinner between a couple, and it was one of Naruto and Hinata's favorite places.

Taking a seat at their regular table, a waiter walked up with a smile as he asked "Welcome, it's always nice to see a young couple here." Offering them menus, he took their drink orders before leaving them alone to let them decide.

"How have you been doing Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked, and with a sigh Naruto said "You know, same old same old".

"Watching your father get cuckolded by Kiba and Kushina while they insult you and him?" Hinata asked knowingly, and Naruto nodded as he said "Yeah. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with much in the way of insults today because they went out for a special day, just the three of them. But I did see my dad sitting outside the bedroom door listening to mom and Kiba have sex while I was leaving."

"Poor Hokage-sama. If any of the other villages knew this, it would ruin Konoha's standing." Hinata said, and Naruto nodded as he replied "I know, which is why they keep everything more or less in the privacy of our home."

Giving her a smile, Naruto added "But that's enough about me and my problems. How have things been going for you, Hinata-chan?" Hinata smiled and began talking, Naruto sitting and listening to her talk with a soft smile of his own.

"I had fun tonight, Naruto-kun." Hinata said, leaning against Naruto as he walked her home, his girlfriend a little tipsy after dinner, where she'd enjoyed a bit more alcohol than she normally did. Naruto, the loving and dutiful boyfriend he was, knew he needed to ensure she returned home safely.

"I did too Hinata-chan." Naruto replied, looking at the beautiful face of his pale-eyed love as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I love you." Naruto softly said, and with a tipsy giggle Hinata answered "I love you too, Naruto-kun."

After that, the pair walked in companionable silence until they reached the gates of the Hyuuga compound, the guards who normally stood watch engaging in a quick perimeter check before returning to their posts.

Watching Hinata move with a slightly unsteady gait up to the closed gates, Naruto smiled softly as he told her "Good night, Hinata-chan." However, as he was turning to leave, a sound from Hinata stopped him and caused him to turn back, seeing a bright smile on the girl's face.

"What?" Naruto asked, and moving over to him, she took his hand and said "Come on, I've got a surprise for you, Naruto-kun."

"Where, inside?" Naruto questioned, and a nod was the Hyuuga girl's only answer as she moved to the gate, leading Naruto by the hand as she placed her free on a spot. As she did so, lines began glowing and spreading across the wooden surface, revealing a circular seal that easily encircled Hinata's hand with plenty of room to spare. After several more moments, the seal faded and the doors swung open, allowing admittance to Hinata and Naruto, who entered the compound before the doors swung shut once more.

It was a quiet walk to through the Hyuuga compound, with Hinata leading an increasingly confused Naruto through the mansion, which acted as a home for the Main branch of the Hyuuga clan. Despite her tipsiness, Hinata moved through the hallways of the mansion with ease of practice, pulling Naruto along as he took in as much of his girlfriend's home as he could.

Finally, after several minutes of walking, they stopped in front of what to Naruto was a random door not unlike any of the other doors they passed.

"Is the surprise in here, Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked, and nodding with a sudden shyness unlike her previous giddiness, Hinata took hold of the doorknob, and with a twist, pushed the door open. It swung open to reveal a bedroom with lavender-colored walls, a large, luxurious-looking bed covered by a cream-colored comforter on which sat fluffy pillows and brightly colored stuffed animals. Other furniture filled the room too, including a chest of drawers, a desk, and a comfy-looking armchair with a tall lamp standing behind it, making Naruto believe it to be where his girlfriend liked to read.

"This is my bedroom, Naruto-kun." Hinata said somewhat demurely, and Naruto looked to his girlfriend with a gentle smile as he said "It's lovely, Hinata-chan."

Sighing softly with relief, Hinata said "I'm glad you like it, Naruto-kun. Now come on, your surprise is in here." At hearing that, a sense of dread filled Naruto at the thought of Hinata wanting to get intimate and discovering his secret. But he loved and trusted her, so he didn't resist as she lead him in, closing the door behind them.

The door shut, Hinata guided Naruto the foot of her bed and gently pushed on his chest until he was sitting down, looking at her curiously as she did so. Giggling softly, Hinata didn't speak, but instead reached up with a hand and slid it over his eyes, closing them.

"Don't peek, or you'll ruin the surprise." Hinata whispered, and after getting a nod from her boyfriend Hinata slid to her knees in front of him, years of training and practice as the heiress to the Hyuuga clan easily more than a match for the slight tipsiness that was mildly impairing her. Giggling softly into her hand so as not to alert Naruto, she moved her hands up to the waist of his pants and undid the button and pulled down the fly.

At feeling Hinata undo his pants, the sense of dread returned ten-fold and Naruto's eyes snapped wide open to the sight of Hinata reaching for the waist of his pants and underwear to pull them down. Yelping in fear, he pushed himself backwards on the bed in an attempt to escape, but it proved futile for as he'd started moving back Hinata, believing him to be excited and helping her remove his pants, had grabbed hold of the waist of both his pants and underwear, and all his attempt to escape did was make her removing his pants all the easier.

Hinata pulled the pants down to his knees and looked up to Naruto's crotch expecting to see his dick, but instead only saw him curling in on himself, hands covering his crotch protectively.

Worry filled Hinata as she asked "Naruto-kun, what's wrong?"

"No-nothing." Naruto said, trying to give her a disarming smile, but his fear and anxiety caused it to be more of a pained grimace, and it only made Hinata more concerned. Crawling onto the bed, she moved closer to Naruto, but stopped when she saw him scoot back from her until his back met the headboard of the bed.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong? Did something happen while we were pulling down your pants?" Hinata questioned, and Naruto shook his head as answered "N-no, nothing happened."

"But why are you cupping your groin?" Hinata continued asking, and Naruto replied "N-no reason." Frowning, Hinata moved ever closer to Naruto, who tried futilely moving back from her, the headboard and wall behind it stopping him from moving. Reaching him, she grabbed his wrists and began pulling, trying to remove his hands from in front of his crotch as Naruto struggled and pleaded for her not to.

Finally, Hinata managed to overpower Naruto enough to move the hands, revealing himself to her. She gasped slightly and stared at the sight of Naruto's genitals, or more specifically, his dick. Because while his balls were full and proper for a teen Naruto's age, the penis above it was a tiny little thing, looking more appropriate for a baby than a 19 year old.

Clenching his eyes shut, Naruto fought the urge to cry as he waited for the insults, the humiliation, and finally for Hinata to break up with him. He jumped slightly as a soft, feminine hand touched his cheek, and despite himself he opened his eyes and looked into Hinata's face. To his surprise, Hinata wasn't looking at him with scorn, disgust, or hatred, but instead with kindness, compassion, and love.

"Naruto-kun, is this why you were covering yourself and didn't want me to see?" Hinata asked, and Naruto nodded, tears finally trickling from his eyes as he decided to be honest and said "I-I was afraid that you would hate me and leave me if you found out about my small penis and lack of sexual stamina."

"Oh Naruto-kun, I love you! I would never do something like that to you!" Hinata said, holding his face in her hands. Seeing the relief fill his face after she said that made her happy, but that happy feeling began to subside as worry filled Naruto's face again.

"But what about... about sex?" Naruto asked, and Hinata's smile grew as she said "Don't worry Naruto-kun, I have something to help with that." Removing her hands from his face, and moved over to her chest of drawers. From the bed Naruto watched as she dug through the clothes in there before grabbing something and pulling it. Closing the drawer, she turned and revealed the item to be an 8-inch purple dildo.

"You can use this to pleasure me, Naruto-kun." Hinata said with a smile as she undid the dress she'd worn that night, allowing it to fall and pool around her feet, leaving her only in a white bra and pair of panties. Still clad in her undergarments, she returned to the bed, crawled up to lay beside Naruto, and offered him the dildo.

Taking the purple sex toy in hand, Naruto looked it over in thought before Hinata drew his attention with a soft "Naruto-kun..." Turning his eyes to Hinata, his jaw dropped and his cock hardened to its full 2-inch hardness at the come-hither look in his girlfriend's eyes, her teeth worrying her bottom lip cutely as a hand on her collarbone slid slowly, sensuously down between the valley of her bra-covered breasts, across her smooth, slim, alabaster-skinned stomach, over her panty-covered pussy, until it reached one of the leg holes, which it pulled aside to allow Naruto to see her pink pussy lips, wet with need and desire.

"Pleasure me with that toy." She said, more of a command than a request, but Naruto was too entranced by her actions to notice. Instead he moved so he was kneeling between her legs, dildo in hand as he stared at his girlfriend's most sacred of places. After a few seconds he slowly, carefully, put the tip of the dildo at her pussy lips and began gently pushing it into her. As the toy slid into her, he was gifted with the sounds of Hinata's gasps and moans, the toy filling her in ways Naruto knew he couldn't.

But he didn't mind, because his girlfriend loved him and had even given him a way to pleasure her despite the dildo. As he watched the purple object invade Hinata's vagina deeper, he imagined it was his cock, big and virile, impaling her pink lips as he gave her pleasure like no one else. And once it was as deep as possible while still allowing Naruto to hold it, he began pulling it out until only the tip remained inside her, then pushed it back in. He soon built up a slow, steady rhythm, listening to Hinata's sounds of pleasures as he fucked her with the toy.

"Faster, Naruto-kun!" Hinata gasped as he pumped the toy into her, and Naruto obeyed, pumping the dildo in and out of her at a steadily faster pace. As the dildo moved faster, Hinata's gasps, moans, and groans grew louder as pleasure coursed through her body, her fingers gripping the sheets beneath her.

"Harder, Naruto-kun! Harder!" Hinata moaned, and again Naruto obeyed, increasing the force of his thrusts with the dildo along with the speed. The increased power behind the dildo sent Hinata's sounds of pleasure to a higher pitch as the dildo, becoming increasingly wetter with each thrust into her pussy becoming harder and faster than the last.

"Come on Naruto, fuck me with that thing as if you were actually a man!" Hinata yelled. The moment the words left her mouth, her eyes widened and she froze, looking toward Naruto. His arm was frozen in place, staring at his girlfriend in shock and horror at hearing those words come out of her mouth.

"Na-Naruto-kun, I'm sorry I didn't mean it!" Hinata said, but taking a deep, shaky breath Naruto replied "No, it's ok. I know I'm not really a man. Mom and 'dad' say it to me enough."

Moving quickly, she hugged Naruto as she said "No it's not! I love you and I shouldn't say things like that to you!" As she held her boyfriend close, Hinata realized something the shock had hidden: she felt a rush of pleasure at insulting Naruto like that. Pushing the feeling down, she held Naruto and told herself she'd never do that again.

However, unknown to Hinata and even Naruto, when she'd insulted him Naruto's cock had gotten harder and twitched out of a twisted enjoyment of the insult.

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