New Reality: Incubus Prince Naruto

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AN: So here’s another shota Naruto fic. Hope you all like it. And that this won’t get taken off AFF again… This fic is partially inspired by the old smut fic Lilith’s Heir, but I intend to diverge a good deal from it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the series Naruto, nor anything associated with it. I do not make any form of money off of writing this story. In addition, I do not own the following series that will appear in this story as a crossover. This list may be added to as time goes on. I do not own, or make money off of, Bleach, Highschool DxD, Fairy Tail, Rosario Vampire, Asura's Wrath or Overlord.

Prologue: The Queen

Long ago, near the beginning of time, there existed a multiverse. A cluster of worlds, each unique and distinct from each other. Some contained magic and monsters, others had technology and cold business, and some even contained supernaturally-powered ninjas.

It was a multiverse much like any other…until it started to collapse.

No one knows why it happened. To be more accurate, no one on the inside even knows to ask ‘why?’ There was an unspeakable amount of chaos in the beginning; demons clashing with ninja clashing with holy priests and battlemages.

Eventually, though, the people of the new reality grew tired of fighting and decided to accept just that. Over time, they each began to share their knowledge, especially once congenital forces like chakra and magic were discovered to be learnable by others. Technology began to mix with magic, chakra was wielded with divine light, and even the demons began to chip in. With their dark power acting now as a balance to the divines’ own power (which was no longer as unequivocally good as it had been before), they now had the ability to teach the other races how to enhance their bodies without compromising their nature. Humans, elves, goblins, therianthropes, all found themselves uplifted as a species, physically, mentally and spiritually.

For the humans, none found themselves more ‘blessed’ by the demons than the Uzumaki clan. In the old world, the redheaded, seal-master ninja clan were already particularly hardy folk, with powerful life-force and long lifespans. In the New Reality, that strong life-force became enhanced even further when the clan encountered the Succubi. Of course, the Lust demons, being what they are, ran amok and got carried away, and thus their own royal line became intertwined with that of the Uzumaki.

Time passed. Centuries, in fact. The older generations of Uzumaki, living to ages that rivalled even the elves, retired to the afterlife, the Hell-Kingdom of Lust welcoming them with open arms (and legs). The newer ones began to spread out from their whirlpool-filled homeland, finding adventure in the chaotic lands beyond.

Eventually, a young girl by the name of Uzumaki Kushina found her way to the city of Konohagakure no Sato, one of the last great cities to still train ninjas in the traditional way. There, she declared her intent to become the greatest Kunoichi of all, the Hokage, and eventually fell in love.

Being an Uzumaki Succubus, it wasn’t long before the two of them screwed each other senseless and produced two children, both daughters.

Then, on the day that their third child was to be born…



Uzumaki Kushina screamed with all her might, legs spread as she lay on the hospital bed. Her long, luxurious crimson hair fanned out beneath her. She was completely naked, baring a body that even on the cusp of giving birth was utterly breathtaking. Her breasts were large, full, round and supernaturally perky, wobbling and swaying teasingly with her breathing. Her belly, normally flat and toned, swelled in a grand, beautifully pregnant curve as she strained to push out the baby occupying it. Unlike a human mother, however, her shrieks were not of agony, but of pleasure. Her round, beautiful face was screwed up in bliss, her hypnotic violent eyes squeezed shut as she took great, shuddering breath in between screams.

Of course, she was not alone; she was being attended by a pair of trained midwives, while her daughters and husband stood by to lend her support.

“No matter how many times I see it, I can’t help but feel disturbed by how turned on she is…” muttered Minato. The blond man was decked out in his usual attire, having rushed back from his office to be with his wife.

His elder twin daughter, Uzumaki Nadami, snorted. “More like you’re disturbed by popping a boner when she moans.” The redheaded girl was like her mother in miniature, with her crimson hair cut short and a long, black, whip-like tail trailing from a hole in her shorts. “It’s okay, papa, you don’t have to pretend-ttebada,” she told him, patting him on the lower arm with her blue eyes narrowed in impish amusement.

Koihime, Nadami’s sister, gave her a reproachful look. “Nada-chan! Don’t make papa feel bad-ttebasu! Humans shouldn’t have feelings of arousal when a baby’s being born, dattebasu! Of course he’s confused-ttebasu!” With waves of silky, platinum blonde hair falling to her shoulders, a sweet, peaceful face and almost crystalline purple eyes, the younger twin Uzumaki could have been mistaken for an Angel. At least, she would if not for the solid, curved ram horns adorning her temples.

“K-Koihime, calm down, calm down,” Minato admonished her gently, giving her an assuring pat on the head, “I’ve been with your mother for years, so I really am used to it.”

“O-oh…sorry, papa…”

As they spoke, Kushina’s cries of pleasure reached orgasmic levels, her stretched pussy spasming as she finally managed to push her new child out into the world. She went limp, panting, stray hair plastered to her face as she shuddered, aftershocks of pleasure shooting up and down her shapely body.

“It’s a boy!” declared the midwives once the umbilical cord had been cut. They cleaned him off (discovering in the process that the boy had quite the strong set of lungs on him), wrapped him in a towel and presented him to his mother.

She was still feeling a bit sluggish, but immediately gathered the little bundle in her arms, smiling at him with nothing but love in her violet eyes. She stroked his fuzzy head, admiring the two tiny, stubby horns that studded his forehead. “Beautiful,” she murmured, hugging him to her bosom, “You three…come over and say hello to Naruto.”

The other members of the family approached, admiring the baby. Minato beamed proudly when his new son opened eyes that were the same vivid blue as his own.

“Ah! He looks just like papa! Except cuter!” gasped Koihime excitedly.

Nadami giggled, lightly tracing his horns as she imagined her new little brother growing up and calling her ‘Onee-chan.’

There was a knock at the door. “Hokage-sama! I have an urgent message!” called a voice from the outside.

“You want to cover up?” the man asked his nude wife quickly.


He sighed ruefully. “Enter!” he called.

The person who entered was in fact an elvish messenger, not one of the shinobi under Minato’s command. He blanched as he caught an eyeful of Kushina’s nudity, but recovered quickly enough to announce, “My apologies for the interruption, Hokage-sama, but I actually have a message of the utmost importance for Kushina-sama!”

“This oughta be good,” Nadami muttered to her sister. News meant specifically for their mother was almost always something from either the land of Whirlpools or the Hell-Kingdom of Lust. After all, their grandmother was the current Succubus Queen, Uzumaki Sakuya.

The elf cleared his throat and closed his eyes, clearly preparing to recite the message from memory. “Message begins. From his Excellency, the Pride Minister Deus: I must inform you, Princess Uzumaki Kushina, that her royal Majesty, Lust-Queen Sakuya, has formally abdicated her throne. As her eldest daughter, you are the best candidate to take the throne of Lust. You are to report to the palace of New Lilith within a week’s time to Descend to your new position. Message ends.” He bowed low and sharply, just barely missing the scowl that marred Kushina’s lovely face, along with her husband’s look of total shock.

“Understood,” she grumbled, “If you’ll take a message back to King Deus, please inform him that I’ll be…reporting to Hell within a few days, once my son has been discharged.”

“Of course, your Highness…” The young elf bowed again and left the room quickly.

“…Mama’s a queen?” asked Koihime, her eyes wide as she tried to process what had just happened.

Kushina sighed. “Yes…it looks like that’s how it is, sweetie…” she squeezed her newborn baby to her chest, smiling slightly as she immediately felt his tiny mouth latch onto a nipple and start suckling. “Hah…What are we going to do, Minato-kun?”

Nadami supplied, “Well, if you’re going to live in a new place, then we’ll come with you, right? Right, papa?”

But Minato, who was looking particularly worn down, only shook his head. “It’s…not that simple. I’m the Hokage. I can’t just move to Hell and abandon my responsibilities. Even if your mother has to leave, I have to stay here. And you’ll have to live with one or the other.”

“W-what?” the platinum blonde twin’s eyes widened despairingly, “B-but I don’t want to leave papa behind! Ah, no, but I don’t want mama to go away forever…! Uuuu…” her eyes started to fill with tears.

Likewise, the redheaded twin looked like she was going to cry, but she gave her sister a tight hug

“C-calm down, sweetie!” Kushina comforted them, shifting her hold on Naruto to give her daughters a tender pat on the head, “No matter who you choose, you’ll still be able to come and visit at any time!”

“Really?” asked Nadami.

“Of course-ttebane! You can stay with your papa for a while, then come live with me for a bit and help raise your brother before going back! Right, dear?”

Minato nodded, clearly relieved that his wife had come up with a simple solution so quickly. “Y-yeah, it’s like that! It’s not like you can’t change your minds. Don’t worry; neither of us will stop loving you even if you pick the other one.”

“Uuu, I’m glad~ dattebasu~!”

“H-hey, stop crying, stupid! We’ve got a little brother now, so you can’t be a crybaby in front of him, dattebada!”

Said brother seemed unbothered by his siblings’ momentary emotional turmoil, still happily guzzling his mother’s milk. “Fufufu…quite the healthy appetite, this one,” Kushina chuckled.

Yes…but I shudder to think what’ll happen when he’s older, Minato thought wryly, An Incubus Uzumaki… “Kushina, are you bringing Naruto with you to hell?”

“Of course! A baby needs his mother’s love after being born, dattebane!”

“R-right, of course,” he agreed quickly, “But…you’ll be raising him in the palace?”

“Nn?” Kushina cocked her head at him, “Well, yeah. Ah! Don’t worry, though! I’ll make sure he doesn’t grow up without some proper values!”

This did not entirely reassure her husband. Proper values for a human or a Succubus? No, wait, he’s an Incubus, isn’t he…?”


Little Naruto kept suckling from Kushina’s teat until finally falling asleep after fifteen whole minutes. The redheaded MILF (for what else could she possibly be?) was relatively unbothered by having her breast practically drained dry. As a Succubus, her mammaries wouldn’t experience even the slightest hint of sagging, not to mention that her milk would be totally refilled by the next day. She gave her son to his older sisters, who forgot about being sad at their parents having to split up in order to coo delightedly over the baby.

Then the parents took themselves up to the bedroom.

Minato sighed, even as he stripped out of his clothing. “So, you were the first candidate to become the Queen?” he asked pointedly.

His wife gave a strained smile. “Ah, yeah. To be fair, Succubus princesses are given a good amount of freedom and Kaa-sama had enough to do without making me and my sisters stay home. To think that she’d choose now of all times to leave the throne… bah, and that Deus! Sending some messenger when a goddamn letter would’ve been fine! But nooo~ he had to show that he’s the fucking Pride Minister. What a load of…”

“Yes, yes, I know,” Minato sighed, walking around behind her to massage her shoulders. She quickly melted under his grip, toppling onto the bed and moaning as he traced the alluring, swirling, demonic seal-marks adorning her curved back, “Still, from what you told me, a Lust Queen is needed to deal with the other races.”

“Damn straight,” she groaned, her irritation lasting only a few seconds as her husband kneaded the tense muscles around her spine, “The Prides can’t see anyone as equals and the Greeds’ jobs are just to expand! So they need a slutty Succubus to sit there, look pretty and make nice without goin’ right for the sex! Oh yeah, that’s good~” she trailed off, purring appreciatively as the blond ninja sank his calloused hands into her prodigious rump. Kushina’s rear had always been a lovely mix of strong muscle and womanly fat, but her pregnancies and Succubus nature had conspired to pack more junk into her trunk.

Squeezing the supple, squishy meat between his fingers, Minato knew that despite the occasional headache that came with his wife’s side of the family, being married to a Succubus was always worth it. Their bodies were eternally at the pinnacle of sex appeal, only growing more beautiful over time. His cock grew hard as steel, jutting out at an impressive six inches as he practically dug handholds into the redhead’s booty, its size completely dwarfing his hands. By the time he let go, her creamy buttflesh bore ten red fingerprints, then quickly gained a handprint when he spanked it hard, making her arch her back and moan. “Geez,” he sighed, slipping his dong in between those doughy cheeks and thrusting through her crack, “You just gave birth and you’re already aroused? You Succubi sure are something.”

Kushina giggled, wobbling her hips playfully as she was hotdogged. “I have a week before we have to separate for who knows how long. You want it too. And you think that’s bad? Wait until Nadami-chan and Koihime-chan start going through puberty.” She turned to look over her shoulder at him, violet eyes smoldering. “Down in the Lust kingdom, we don’t care if the cock we’re fucking is attached to even our father. If they don’t pop their cherries on some random boy, it’ll be on the dick that made ‘em. Are you sure you want them to keep you company, otou-chan~?”

Minato groaned, speeding up his humping of his wife’s plush posterior, feeling the soft flesh jiggle and wobble with each impact of his hips. Hearing about the depravity of Succubi always got him going, which Kushina knew full well.

“Aahh…it’ll be so lonely all alone in the palace, with only my baby boy to keep me company,” sighed the MILF, her spaded tail whipping about enticingly, “I’ll only barely be able to get by with two or three meals a day…” For mature Succubi, the only way to gain sustenance was from semen. “I’ll go crazy, with a great big fire in my womb that my husband won’t be around to extinguish-ttebane~ And then, my beautiful little boy will grow into a strong, handsome young man and-“

Finally, the Hokage decided that the Queen-to-be was getting too ahead of herself and gave a sharp tug on her tail. Unlike the therianthropes, a Lust demon’s tail was not a cluster of erogenous zones. Rather, when grabbed, the tail sent a signal up to the demon’s brain, greatly increasing their sensitivity to pleasure. That was why, when Kushina arched her back, bubble butt rising into the air and Minato’s hand cracked down on her right cheek, she screamed.

Minato reached under her body to roughly grope her plump, marshmallowy breast, hauling her up until she lay against his back. He didn’t bother with the dirty talk and went right to mauling her fat double-Ds, squeezing them until her nipples jutted out from between his fingers and milk squirted messily from them. All the while Kushina squealed and panted, writhing helplessly in his grasp as he stimulated her hypersensitive body. Every touch of his calloused fingers on her milky skin sent firecrackers racing up her spine to explode in her brain, accompanied by a thunderbolt when he pinched a nipple or molested a buttock. Not once did he touch her swollen pussy; he didn’t need to, as she climaxed in his lap, over and over, until her eyes rolled up and she was drooling all over herself.

An hour later Minato lay back against the pillows, groaning contentedly. His wife, practically comatose by this point, lay sprawled on the bed before him, with his painfully hard cock shoved down her throat. Even in her sleep, she had no difficulty breathing and her rhythmic swallowing milked him. His hand tangled in her beautiful crimson locks, dragging her sloppy, messy face up and down his dong, reflexive tears trickling down her cheeks. He chuckled, in between grunts of pleasure, wondering what the ‘Pride Minister’ would say if he were to see the prime candidate for the Lust Queen now: out cold from being pleasured and dominated by a human lover and with her throat being used as an onahole.

His last thought, before finally succumbing to her impeccable deepthroating skills and spurting his load directly into her belly, was a hope that her joke about turning to her own son for pleasure really was just a joke.

After all, if he, a human, could do this, then what would happen if an Incubus were to take after him?


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