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(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

"Demon / summon / ghost speaking"

(Demon / summon / ghost thinking)

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruto X Konan / Hinata / Tayuya


Danzo watched with seemingly little interest as two masked ninjas sparred, one with a red mask and the other white, but despite his impassive appearance he was quite happy with what he was seeing …

(he has improved a great deal in only three years. Konoha may still stand a chance with him watching things from now on) the leader of ROOT thought as two other ninjas joined in and began fighting the smaller ninja in the red mask. He noticed that the red masked ninja found the secret ally in his opponents and subtly to their help while not making it clear that the ninja was on his side.

Reading your opponents carefully and feeling out who you can trust is something he wanted the boy to understand. It will be instrumental in helping him survive in the corrupt village.

A ninja with black goggles ran into the room of the underground hideout and whispered into Danzo’s ear “he’s here”

The leader’s eyes closed, he expected this, but he hated that it had come to this. His eyes opened and he stood up signaling that the match was over “remove your masks” he ordered the ninjas who obediently lined up in front of him. the old ninja finally allowed a smile to appear on his face when the red mask was revealing the smiling face of a blonde blue eyed boy with whisker like marks on his cheeks “you have grown a great deal Naruto and as a present for entering the academy and showing excellent teamwork on your missions”

Naruto grinned “thank you Jiji! I have to find it like my birthday presents, right?” his knew his Jiji likes to make almost everything a test. Naruto had to display his tracking ability to find his presents, but that was ok with him. It was fun and no one has ever bothered to help him before let alone give him presents. These were the only people who treated him like a person and not a monster.

“of course, use the trapdoors this time and good luck” he said as he hugged the ten year old blonde he saw as a grandson.

The boy happily hugged back, but when as he pulled away and headed for the trapdoor he paused … everyone of the other agents remained strictly on guard and there were more agents coming in. Naruto looked back at Danzo “Jiji? What’s-”

“you should go Naruto” Danzo urged gently with a smile. The boy nodded hesitantly and finally left through the trapdoor. The ROOT leader frowned “we have little time … the hokage must be stopped. We haven’t been able to find the Uchiha ally so there is a chance we won’t survive this for those who want to back down leave now just don’t lead anyone to Naruto” Danzo saw no one move and nodded.

Moments later Hiruzen Sarutobi was lead into the room “Danzo my good friend, how have things been going?” he asked with a cheery smile.

“nothing new I suppose” Danzo commented as he subtly signaled everyone to stand down.

“that so … ” Hiruzen studied Danzo’s face for a moment “you have been trying to contact Orochimaru”

“he was my student as well. I want to know what his side of the story is … he just never struck me as the type to use people or even attempt such horrific experiments. His banishment may have been premature” Danzo answered smoothly keeping his one good eye on the hokage.

“it was a very thorough investigation. No stone was left unturned” said Hiruzen with a hint of sadness supposedly for his old student.

“I have no doubt” the ROOT stated calmly.

”then why are you looking into the facilities under the mountain?” Hiruzen asked now dangerously serious.

Danzo frowned “I see … since you are aware of that why don’t we drop the pretenses. I know what you are doing. You’re the one behind the experiments and most of the corruption in the village … what in god’s name are you planning Hiruzen?”

“what do you know? You have no proof, but the stories should be interesting to hear anyway” the hokage smirked. A few ninjas stiffened at the complete lack of respect towards their leader …

“the clan of Uzumakis were left to their own devices during the war when you could’ve easily helped them. You attempted to make a quick buck by letting a group of Cloud ninjas try to kidnap Kushina Uzumaki and use her as breeding stock. Thankfully that plan went south because of Minato. Speaking of … I don’t know how you convinced an Uchiha to remove the nine tailed fox, but it was your doing” Danzo glared at his old friend’s face.

Hiruzen shrugged “that’s quite a leap. Why would you believe I would kill the fourth hokage?”

“simple … by the time I arrived at the barrier where Minato was sealing the fox into Naruto so I couldn’t help in time to do the sealing myself and spare an excellent hokage, but I saw you. You were just standing back waiting. I could tell you were there a while and certainly had plenty of time to break the barrier down, but you didn’t … why did you nominate Minato if you were going to kill him?” Danzo asked.

The Sarutobi sighed “no surprise you found out … well I was hoping Minato would be easy to manipulate, but he had no problem taking up the mantel and needed no guidance. Sadly he was quickly dismantling many of my less … legal operations. Granted he never discovered it was me, but it was only a matter of time so I made an alliance with an old acquaintance who has the same goal as mine. He gave me a very gullible fool and that fool took the nine tails out for a stroll and I trapped Minato and Kushina in the barrier leaving them no choice but to seal the demon in their son who will make a very obedient weapon to help in my goals … it would be a shame to have to fight an old friend so since me and my partner are planning on forming one entire nation under our rule how about a large plot of land in the village of Hot Water?”

A spark of anger raced through Danzo at the attempt to bribe him “I intend to incapacitate you, rip your memories from your skull, make a copy and getting you kicked out of those robes” all the ROOT agents surrounded the hokage who seemed too smug considering the situation …

“I’m afraid I need this position for a little while longer … shame, I would’ve like to have you with me my old friend, but really I expected this response. You were always too into this Will of Fire and peace bullshit our senseis spouted on and on about” the hokage sighed as the two ninjas behind him took hold of him roughly by the arms … and were promptly slaughtered by someone who appeared in the center of the room.

Danzo’s eyes widened “Madara … how?” the man looked just as he did years ago when he betrayed his village. That however was decades ago … he should be dead!

“I used the body of young child and attached my soul to it. When I had the chance I took the eyes of my corpse and have been body hopping ever since” the Uchiha founder said all to casually. All the ROOT ninjas including Danzo went on to attack. Madara just smirked as he dodged dozens of weapons.

With a set of barely visible hand signs Madara let loose a wave of fire. Once the fir died down the hokage and Madara saw Danzo was fine and saved six ROOT ninjas “Hashirama and Tobirama trained you well … it would’ve been nice to have you on my side”

The leader of ROOT glared “that will never happen-” he sensed someone appear behind them, but had no chance to do anything to stop his men from being killed. With that split second of distraction Madara shot forward and slashed Danzo’s stomach wide open.

The person came out of the darkness just as Danzo fell to his knees gushing blood “you will die for taking my sensei’s life” Danzo’s vision started to blur, but his still saw the newcomer. It was the masked man who was seen controlling the nine tailed fox all those years ago. What the hell was he talking about? “my sensei would’ve come for me and Rin, but he didn’t. that’s because you killed him and had one of your brainwashed men pose as him” the one eyed Uchiha removed his mask revealing himself to be none other than Obito Uchiha.

“that’s right Obito” Hiruzen said sadly, but smirked at Danzo. Inoichi walked into the complex smirking too. Obito was being controlled. Danzo couldn’t believe it.

Danzo glanced at the hidden camera in the room before shutting his eyes (Naruto look carefully … this is the darkness in this village. The darkness you must get past to survive. Live, grow and be safe Naruto) Obito slashed Danzo’s throat and he fell to the floor dead.

“now we need to do something about the Uchiha clan” said the hokage as he stepped past his old friend’s bloody body …


Naruto found the end of the trail at the waterfall near the edge of the village hidden deep in the Backhills “cool” he spotted a seal when he checked behind the curtain of water and carefully activated it. He yelped as the rock wall flew open and he fell into the room. Naruto’s eyes widened as he looked around the massive complex.

There were ten bedrooms, a monitoring room with extra cameras and screens, a huge dojo, a weapons room filled with weapons and training dummies and a fully stocked infirmary next to the kitchen. The entire place was run by seals even the lights. There was ven a huge library with lots of scrolls on every subject … even a copy of the Forbidden Scroll “so cool, a new training complex … what’s this?” he spotted a scroll on the kitchen table and opened it …

Dear Naruto,

I thought it was time for you to have your own training place since you have been improving so quickly. Just be sure to brush your teeth and eat your vegetables. If I am able I will be checking in on you, but there is a chance that I won’t be able to. The reason I told you about this present is because I will be confronting the hokage about his misdeeds. If things go badly, as I suspect they would, then I had to make sure you wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire.

When I found you half dead three years ago I took you in to protect you. In time you became my student and my grandson. You contain a demon, but you were never a monster. You must survive for you’re one of the few people left in Konoha who knows the truth about the decaying face behind the village’s peaceful mask and if you are found out they will kill you. I wanted to try and bring back the truly loving and peaceful, but if the red light in the monitoring room turns on then I failed.

I want you to live your life. Don’t let your goals become mine unless that’s what you want. Just be smart and careful. I left you disguises and my mission contacts in case you want to find work or to run from village. My hawk contract is in the library.


Your Jiji, Danzo

Naruto wiped a few tears from his eyes and ran to the monitoring room praying that the red light Danzo mentioned would not be on …

There it was … blinking on the dashboard. Naruto felt his blood run cold and he fell to his knees. After a moment he steeled his nerves and played the tape …

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