Naruko's Pact

BY : Praetor
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Greetings to all, thank you for considering this fic writ between me and Snake_King.  It contains my usual themes of hypersexualization, hentai body proportions, cartoon physics and a futanari so if those make you nauseous or bore you, then avoid.


The ear piercing ring of the bells over the school heralded the end of the students’ day.  In earnest, the mass of bodies stood and ran for the exits like it was a sinking ship; all except for Naruko Uzumaki.  The blonde student slammed her head onto the table in frustration, her long, frayed pig tails flapping about.  She was in detention again, and had to stay an extra hour after school in Ms. Yuhi’s class.

She pulled her head up and looked at the teacher.  The woman was erasing the white board with her back to her.  The black-haired lady was wearing a light jacket over a mesh shirt, a skirt, stockings, and long boots.  As Ms. Yuhi returned to her desk, Naruko observed the jiggle of the woman’s fairly plump rump under the skirt, as well as the twin spheres under her mesh shirt.  The teenager then looked down at her own flat chest and grumbled, yearning for womanly curves to be proud of and flaunt.

If she had any, her uniform would have showed them.  She was wearing the Konoha School Uniform.  It started with long laced-up ankle high shoes, even longer thigh high socks or stockings, in her case socks, an alarmingly short skirt, one that was usually plaid, pleated white or straight blue.  On her torso, she had a short sleeved white collared shirt and wore a red vest over that, and it was tight and low cut.  If she had boobs, they would be jutting out over the top through the boob window the top of the vest and suspenders created.  They were tethered to button inside her skirt on the front and back and went over her shoulders.  Her necktie, thin and short, went down the front, in contrast to chicks with tits on them, like Hinata, where a tie would disappear in between the cleavage.

“Ms. Uzumaki, what are you staying after class for today?” asked Ms. Yuhi.

Naruko just turned her head and sighed.

“Fighting?  Mouthing off to a staff member?  Vandalism?  Graffiti?” the teacher continued, listing off the usual charges against the young woman.

Naruko eventually responded with, “The usual; graffiti, fighting a student, then mouthing off to a teacher.”

She recalled back to earlier that day in the cafeteria, where she painted garish caricatures of some students and teachers on the wall above the area when Ino had said something smart to her.  So, naturally, a series of witless banters ensued, although Naruko was not as smart as Ino.  As per usual with problems that she couldn’t figure out, she resorted to hitting them, but it turned out that Ino was quicker than she anticipated and thus dodged most of the blows.  That was when Ibiki caught up to them, and they wound up in Principal Tsunade’s office.

Naruko gritted her teeth, wishing she was above reproach.  How did she get herself into this situation?  She knew what was wrong and what she couldn’t get away with, and yet she did it anyways.  The teenaged girl hated being powerless, having no control over her life.  However, this poor attitude of hers was the reason she butted heads with half the other students.  Adding to that were some other reasons, such as her own frustrations with her underdeveloped body, which manifested as resentment towards everyone bustier than her.

“Hey, Naruko,” Kurenai called, “tell you what; instead of making you write an essay I don’t want to read, or having you write out a hundred lines you’ll forget on the way home, why don’t you just help clear out an old office and we’ll call it a day?”

“What, really?” the girl asked, surprised at what she’d just heard.

“Yes,” Ms. Yuhi answered, “Mr. Jiraiya is away, as you know, and his office is vacant.  Just dust it off, take out the garbage and throw away the excess.”

“And, uh…if I find anything cool?” Naruko inquired.

“Keep it,” the teacher said with a kind smile, “I doubt that old pervert has anything worth keeping in there.”

Naruko beamed brightly before taking off.  Her heeled shoes echoed on the tiles down the hall before she got to the office of the Vice Principle.  The man had been there forever, it seemed, before he rendered his resignation and bailed inexplicably.  When the young woman arrived, she threw open the door and coughed when the dust filled her nostrils.

Mr. Jiraiya apparently hadn’t been there in years, as it looked.  Dust had built up to the point of being in inches on the lateral surfaces, and the place was full of old scrolls, books, and Knick Knacks.  Naruko pulled the top of her shirt up over her nose so she could breathe and got to work.  Pulling off her tie from her uniform, she used it to wipe down the surfaces.  Anything that lay loose, like papers and scrolls, was crammed into the garbage can in the room, books were compiled neatly on the shelves.  After that, she dusted and opened the shades to let light into the room.

As Naruko worked on prettying the place up, she entered a Zen-like state of hyper-awareness as she contemplated on her place in life.  A part of her realized that most of her problems were brought on herself.  She was the one who was loud, boisterous, and obnoxious without having a lot of competencies to justify it.  Instead of focusing on improving herself to justify it, she just blamed other people for not rendering her the credit that she felt she deserved.  Despite that, some of them were still jerks, like Ino.  The woman was as annoying and conceited as she was, but was slightly more capable… and she was hot.

There it was again, what it came down to.  Naruko wanted her image to be that of a hot, blonde-haired, blue eyed girl with big boobs.  The young Uzumaki was still a moderately attractive, whisker-faced blond with a boyish physique.  Because of that, she was jealous of more curvaceous females, and it burned like an inferno inside of her.  She was even jealous of Hinata, whom she actually liked to a degree.  The doll-faced girl was undeniably pretty, with big grey eyes and silk black hair, and she had the largest boobs amongst the student body.  Sadly, she was also cripplingly shy and had poor sense of fashion and sociability.  But she was hot and had huge tits, and that’s what Naruko wanted.

After thirty minutes of polishing and throwing out papers, Naruko wiped her hands on her pleated, white skirt, and took a little pride in the fact that she’d made the room so tidy and nice-looking.  There was one last scroll tucked behind the bookshelf that caught her eye as she walked by.  As she took it out, she felt a strange surge of energy up her arm.

This scroll was different, as it gleamed and glowed in her hands.  She panicked and threw it on the desk, where is sat in silence, but still glowed.  Tentatively, Naruko touched it, backed her hand away, and then touched again a bit longer.  After a third poke, she dismissed it as a threat and snatched it up.  The teenager checked the door, which was closed, and then gingerly opened the scroll, ready to bolt at the first sight of strange things.  When it completely opened, all she saw was a large stylized glyph of the word “Lust.”

“Huh?” she pondered aloud.

Suddenly, there was a boom and the scroll burned away in her hands, scorching itself into ash before her eyes as it fell to the floor.  Then, the resulting light shimmered in the air, compiling into a globe before exploding in a sphere of light.  Now, there was a second figure in the room with her.

It appeared to be a stately woman standing before her – or rather, floating ominously a foot off the ground.  This strange woman wore a long, billowy white robe buttoned down the middle with golden knobs.  It was over a slightly longer black robe that covered her whole body down past her feet and hands.  The woman’s skin was unearthly pale, and her hair was dead white, with a length that exceeded her height, enshrouding her back like a cape.  Jutting from her beautiful face were two long horns that curved upwards.  In the middle of her forehead was a large, ovular jewel.  Even fully clothed, Naruko could see that this woman had mega-curves under her clothes.

“W-Who are you?” she asked dumbfounded, too mind-blown by what occurred to question it beyond this woman’s identity.

“I am Kaguya!” she declared boldly in answer, assuming that Naruko should know that name.

“Who?” the girl asked, apparently unfamiliar with the entity.

“I am the Goddess of Lust, the Rabbit Goddess, the Deity of Fertility, and the Mistress of the Pleasures of the Flesh!” said Kaguya, listing off her titles.

“If you’re a goddess, then what were you doing in an old scroll in the Vice Principal’s office?” Naruko responded.

“I was…um…bested…in contest…by the one called Jiraiya,” the self-proclaimed goddess answered, her face blushing as she turned it to the side.

“You were bested by Pervy Teach?  At what?” the teen asked incredulously.

“It turned out his lust was more than a match for my own.  I created a monster...”  Shaking her head, the goddess continued, “Anyway, that’s a long story, it’s in the past.  And now, thanks to you, I am a free once more.  And you, young woman, I owe you a debt for freeing me.  What’s more, I do not believe it to be an accident that you freed me.”

Naruko was pretty sure she should walk away at this point, but she was curious, and decided to hear Kaguya out.

“Go on,” said the teenager.

“I am the Ultimate Temptress, the Sultana of Seduction.  My eyes can see the yearning of your flesh and burning passions of your heart.  There is much that you desire, so much that I am sure you wouldn’t mind taking with a little power.”

That piqued Naruko’s interest, and she asked, “What can you do?”

“I offer to you my power.  Allow me to bond with you, lend my essence onto yours.  You will retain your sense of self and gain the body of your dreams.   You will never feel the effects of advanced age, retain your vitality in life and never have to fear mortal injuries or disease.  You will be a goddess amongst them, impervious and indomitable,” said the goddess.

“What do you mean precisely about the ‘body of my dreams’?  I can dream a lot, you know.”

“Whatever you want done to your body, it shall be made reality.  Legs that extend for days, tantalizing buttocks, breasts so big that you have stand aside when you open doors, anything you desire, and it shall be yours,” Kaguya explained, then added, “In exchange for this, you must use this new body to spread my influence and domain, and my domain…is sex.”

“You want me to spread sex?” Naruko asked, perplexed at the goddess’ choice of words.

“This is my command; I want you to spread your seed far and wide, to form a coven in my name, to use your body as my temple and sex as my holy texts, and drive a harem as far and wide as the sun rises and sets…”

The teen girl scratched her head, still confused, but starting to understand what the supernatural being was asking of her, “Okay, that sounds well and good but what do you mean exactly by ‘Spread my seed’?”

Kaguya answered with fire in her eyes, “To accomplish this task, I will give you a cock fit for a god, a mighty fuckstaff you can summon on a whim to do your bidding, a weapon of lust, and a tool for bending the wills of women.”

“So, let me get this straight; I’ll be a mega-hot chick, but I’ll have a dick at the same time?” said Naruko, still perplexed by the mechanics of what she was hearing.

“My power and essence will manifest a mighty rod on your body to do with as you please, mainly to spread my power and influence to the women you share it with.”

“Okay, I think I got it,” responded Naruko, smirking at the thought of sexually breaking the women who wronged her in the past.  Then a realization occurred to her, and she asked, “What’s the catch?”


“That was the catch,” the goddess answered, “First and foremost, your goal in life will be the propagation of my power.  You will eat, breath, and drink sex, as you won’t need food or air anymore.  Your life, your endless life, will be a ceaseless orgy for the sake of orgies, and you will be my eternal servant, my sex reaver.”

The thought of not truly having free will, being in charge of her own destiny, or leading a serious, committed, emotional relationship intimidated her.  However, considering the promise of a banging body, a mighty cock, and an endless life of hardcore sex with any woman she wanted, it sounded like a good enough trade off.

“Is there anything else?” she asked, needing to know all of what she was getting into.

“Quite inquisitive, you are.  Another part of my power is the Lust Touch.  With this at your disposal, a single charged touch, even a grazing one, will excite your intended one.  They will become unyieldingly aroused and dream of you, yearning for your touch again, to take you into them, to fill them, and sex is the only cure.  I will also give you my mark, allowing you to brand your targets.  This, ultimately, is what will seal my power over them and make them yours.  When a woman has been filled with our seed in all their holes, all you have to do is give them a firm, hard smack on the buttocks, and the seal will imprint itself.”

“That’s it?” Naruko asked.

“There is nothing more.  So tell me young woman, will you take me into your soul?  Will you be my Avatar of Lust?” Kaguya asked with an outstretched hand.

This was the moment of no return for Naruko.  She could walk out of the dusty old office right now and be done with all this, pretending that she didn’t see anything.  Then the teenager thought of Ino, about how much she wanted to shut the woman’s pretty mouth up, and how she could do that with a mighty cock between her legs.  She then thought about Principal Tsunade and how she could bend that voluptuous body literally and figuratively with a god dick.  And then she thought about Hinata.  Admittedly, Naruko did kind of like the large chested, black-haired student, and how, with a penis, she could be with the Hyuuga in a way that she never could as a mere woman.

Taking all that into her mind, Naruko made her decision.  Reaching out, she took Kaguya’s hand in her own...


Naruko woke up to the buzzing of her alarm.  Groggily, she stirred awake and flopped over in her bed to hit the snooze.  After two attempts at knocking out the annoying sound and shoving something loud off her nightstand, she succeeded in silencing the room.  She groaned, knowing that it would only sound off again in five minutes, and she needed to get up anyways.  She hit the lights and sat up in her bed.  As the fog of sleep left her eyes and head, she began to wonder how she got there.

She didn’t remember coming home and could barely remember the previous night at all.  When she tried to think about it, all she could see was a dim candle lit, and that smoke filled room.  She could smell incenses of various kinds.  She remembers being ecstatic and in a little pain.  Fleeting images and sensations swirled through her head, but she couldn’t focus them into a concrete idea that she could recall firmly.  All she knew for a fact was her ass hurt and she was sore all over.

She kicked her legs over and stood up, but noticed immediately that something was wrong.  She was suddenly feeling top heavy, and looked down.  The first thing she saw was that she was buck-ass naked, and that she couldn’t see her feet because her tits were in the way.

“My tits are in the way!” Naruko squealed gleefully.

She darted to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.  She finally now had the knockers of her dreams.  Each tit was larger than her hands could hold, bigger than cantaloupes and capped with thick, pointed, pink nipples.  She lifted and dropped them, watching them bounce and jiggle on her chest, reverberating until they returned to their firm, tear drop shape.  She set her hands to her sides and hopped a little, making them bounce on her chest.

She turned sideways and admired her new ass, having received a boost back there too.  Her flat, pizza-like excuse for an ass was now a phat, ghetto booty that jiggled whenever she moved.  Her legs were toned too, her whole body actually.  Then she noticed something else moving.

Between her legs…a dick also moved.  Her breath caught in her lungs, as this was an entirely new sensation.  The long tube of man meat extended from where her vagina should have been, arcing around the heavy ball sack that dangled six inches below her pelvis.  The dick had a leathery surface with veins along it and a foreskin enclosed head.  She moved her hips around, watching it flap and wag.  Then, she pinched the head and stretched it to see how far it would go, and found that it easily extended over a foot away.

Naruko let go of it, and the phallus flopped around in front of her.  She smiled.  It felt weird and exhilarating, but she didn’t need it now and wondered how to make it go away.  As soon as she thought about it as an inconvenience and wanting it to go away, it did.  Shriveling up before her eyes, the penis retracted into her almost like it was coming out in reverse, and in seconds, she had her usual vagina.

She got dressed for school like normal, getting on a variant of the Konoha school uniform.  It was a tight fit now, what with the pleated skirt barely covering the bottom cleft of her new, jubilant ass.  The front of her top bulged out obscenely, swallowing the neck tie that went between them.  Before she pulled on a pair of panties though, she willed her cock back into existence.  With a loud slurping noise, the fat, flaccid sausage protruding from her vagina soon replaced the womanhood entirely.  She slid her knickers up her legs in place before rolling up her cock and stuffing it in the fabric.

She wanted to feel what it was like to walk around with one of these…


It turned out that to be an annoying affair.  Her nuts were always getting sweaty and sticking to her thighs and the coiled shaft.  It created an obscene bulge that was inconvenient.  She had to spread her legs when sitting for some kind of comfort, it was a mess.  But it felt so cool having a massive rod.  Just knowing she had a mighty cock in her skirt was a wonderful sensation.  Still, she didn’t feel like showing off her tool just yet, so she willed it away for the time being, content with keeping it out of sight…for now.

While she didn’t make any attempts to hide her newfound physique, Naruko did not try to flaunt it either.  Other students eyeballed her as she walked by, stunned by this sudden change, but didn’t make any effort to speak with her, instead whispering to each other about what they were seeing.  Naruko didn’t care, however, as she had what she’d wanted.

She’d eventually remembered what’d happened to her the previous night, her pact with Kaguya, and now her task of gathering women to convert.  But the question was who to pick?

In third period, she had the chance she was waiting for.  She needed someone to test her new power on, and she saw who she wanted.  In history class, she sat behind Hinata Hyuuga, the perfect target.  Having seen her on the way in, and seeing her from the backside, Naruko knew that this girl was ripe for the picking.  Even beneath that demure and innocent exterior, Hinata had the type of body girls would kill to have, what with her large breasts, her long legs, her thin waist, her plump posterior, and what appeared to be some nice muscle tone.  It was sad that she had severe shyness and self-confidence issues.  Well, once Naruko took her in, Hinata would never have to worry about that again.

It was almost too tempting for Naruko when she looked at Hinata.  She felt a strong urge to reach forward and molest the Hyuuga and her assets, to grope those great mammary glands, to spank those bountiful buttocks, to rip away the girl’s clothes and do her on the spot in front of everyone.  However, she had to wait for that kind of thing until another time.  For now, she just had to get Hinata “in the mood,” so to speak, and the Uzumaki saw the opportunity to do so.

As Mr. Hatake ran through the lecture, the blonde leaned over and tapped the raven-haired girl on the shoulder.

“Hey, Hinata, can I borrow a pen?” Naruko asked politely.

The shy girl took a moment to respond before stuttering, “O-oh, um, s-sure.”

When she took the pen from her, Naruko made sure to stroke the girl’s fingers.  As she did, she made sure to focus on all the lustful thoughts she had in mind, and all the things she wanted to do to her.  She felt a surge of heat in her hands and saw Hinata make a face before turning back to the front.  Even facing the back of her head, Naruko could practically feel the blush emanating from the Hyuuga girl...

Hinata grew fidgety as the class wore on, tapping her fingers on the desk and shuffling her feet under on the floor.  Naruko could swear she heard the girl’s breathing quicken slightly, and it seemed as if she were grinding her thighs together.

When class ended, they all sped off to their next class.  As Naruko walked by, she saw that the raven-haired girl was looking flushed and flustered in her face.  The blonde kept on walking without looking back until just before she cleared the classroom door.  When she took a glance over her shoulder, she saw that Hinata was still in her seat, legs pressed together with her palms in her lap, her eyes on Naruko and with her mouth partly open.

The rest of the day proceeded as normal, and she didn’t see Hinata again until the end of school hours.  She didn’t secure a detention, so when that bell rang, the day was hers.  Naruko bolted, knowing where her target would be, and wanting to head Hinata off.

She knew the shy girl had gym as her last class, and she also knew she liked to wait a little before changing, so there would be less people around to see her goods.  By now she should be hot and bothered enough for the lust to break her out of her shell, so all she had to do was get the girl alone.

Naruko ran into some difficulties though, literally, as her tits kept flopping around heavily under her shirt despite her bra.  As a result, she had to alter her running gait, keeping her arms to her side and swaying her chest to roll with her flailing boobs.  Wind kicked up the lips of her skirt, allowing anyone to see the jiggling orbs of her panty-clad ass as she ran off.

Naruko didn’t care, as she had somewhere to be and someone to do…

When she threw open the double doors to the side school side entrance to the locker room, there were only a handful of people still there.  They were already changed and dressed, paying the school knucklehead-turned-knockout little mind as they continued out the hallway entrance to the locker room.

Letting the door close behind her, Naruko slid the bolt in place, locking the exit to the grounds.  She then flipped the prop behind the handle so it wouldn’t push open either.  The blonde walked in as the last straggler left, and stepped around a bend of lockers, at last seeing Hinata as the girl finished changing.

Hinata was tying her cravat in the mirror of her opened locker, having mostly changed back into her school uniform.  She saw Naruko approach from the side in the mirror, and turned to face her immediately.  Her breath caught in her throat and her face flushed.

“Naruko…” she said breathily.

“One moment,” the blonde said back as she walked over to the single door to the gym hallway.

Naruko drew the locking bolt across side and twisted the lever that locked the handle.  Confident that they were alone and that the locker room was now sealed through its two exits, she turned back to the busty black-haired girl.

“Hey, Hinata,” she called out to her.

“Um, yes?” the Hyuuga girl responded, biting her lip and twisting her fingers in each other as the blonde approached.

“I’m curious about something.  How do you feel about me?” she asked as she got within arm’s reach of the girl.

The grey-eyed girl didn’t shy away, standing still as Naruko closed the distance.  She looked down first before raising her head to meet cerulean eyes with her grey ones.

“T-The truth is, Naruko, I didn’t really know you until very recently,” she answered as she reached out tepidly and took the blonde’s hand in her own.

Naruko felt her hand warm up as the Lust Goddess’ energy flowed from her.  Hinata closed her grip, holding her hand as she got even closer.

“But now, you’re all I can think about.  I feel like it should have always been us, and I can’t imagine us apart.  I can’t even bare it,” she said, her voice growing more huskily by the second.

They were as close as their boobs would allow, and Naruko said, “I want you Hinata…I want you in my life…and I want you in my bed.  I need you…I love you.”

She didn’t know how much of that was her own heart’s desire or her raging lady boner, but it compelled her to lean forward.  The two young women kissed.  First, a spark as their lips touched, and then a raging fire as their kiss devolved into a make out session.

The slurping sound of sucking lips filled the empty locker room as they twisted their heads and faces opposite of each other so they could kiss deeper.  Naruko grabbed a fistful of Hinata’s black hair to control her movements and make them match one another.  Hinata put a hand on the blonde’s shoulder to hold on, and another around to her back before letting it fall down and rest on Naruko’s new, bountiful ass.

Naruko was incensed by the groping of her own buttocks, and as her hand tried to seize the meat from Hinata’s ass beneath the fabric of the girl’s skirt, the blonde teen pulled her in even closer by the narrow waist.

She then pulled the buttons on the suspenders on the raven-haired girl’s back, one after the other.  Hinata’s skirt fell down without the support from the straps over her shoulders, which slid off her body as well without half the buttons.  She had plain, white, cotton panties under the skirt, and thigh-high white socks.  Naruko gave her lover’s exposed butt a fresh smack that made her yip in her mouth, and making the firm, pale masses jiggle.

Hinata slid her hand around to her front and began undoing her cravat, putting some distance between them that forced the two to break their kiss.  Naruko watched the black-haired girl eagerly undo the neck apparel before pushing her away a little, the cravat being yanked from around her neck.

The blonde removed the undone cravat off of her lover, and grabbed the girl’s top by the centers.  With no tact, she pulled the raven-haired girl’s dress shirt apart.  There was a series of loud snaps as the buttons popped off, showering Naruko as Hinata’s large breasts came into view.  To her excitement, she was wearing lacy white half cups that barely covered her nipples, consisting mainly of the bottom portions of the bra.  Hinata’s breath caught, and she inhaled deeply, pushing the boobs out even more as Naruko pulled the shirt off of her.

Hinata had to drop her shoulders so the stretched and torn shirt could slide off her arms to the floor.  Naruko grabbed the bra by the center and pulled up, forcing Hinata to lift her arms up so she could slide it up and off her.  The Uzumaki threw it to the sides and grabbed Hinata’s breasts with both hands, savoring the look and feel of the large tits in her hands at last.

Hinata reached around Naruko’s arms and began pulling at the buttons on her shirt and vest.  Naruko stopped her and said in a rushed voice, “Get on the bench.”

The Hyuuga grabbed a towel from her locker and draped it over the aforementioned wooden bench as Naruko grabbed her vest and tried pulling it apart.  It was sturdier than a cloth shirt, being made of wood and the buttons sewn in better, so she pulled it off like a shirt.  Hinata turned to her, wearing only panties and long white socks.  Naruko pulled her own shirt apart, the buttons spraying on the girl like hers did previously.

“Wanna see something cool?” the blonde asked with a smile as she dropped the remnants of her shirt.

“Oh, um… yes?” Hinata answered unsurely.

“Have a seat and watch,” Naruko told her.

The blonde was wearing only her plaid skirt held by her garter belt and the loose suspenders at her sides, as well as panties and stockings held up by ribbons on the belt.  Naruko bent at the waist to pull the panties down, leaving the skirt and stockings alone as she stepped out of them to directly in front of Hinata.

The girl didn’t even flinch as the blonde approached her face with her bare pussy framed with thin and short blond hair.

“Um, Naruko?” the Hyuuga asked, not sure what was going on.

The blonde willed her cock into existence, and Hinata’s eyes grew wide as the slurping sound of her lover’s erupting cock filled the silence her daze had created.  The enormous futa-cock came out erect, pointing straight at Hinata’s stunned and slightly open mouth as if it knew where it wanted to go.  It was gleaming in the light of the locker room, coming out coated in its owner’s pussy juice.  As it emerged, it lifted up the skirt around Naruko’s waist until the fabric slid down around the base of cock like a curtain.  The blonde felt a pull as her large balls dropped, the sack weighing down the base of her foot-plus-long dick.

Hinata said nothing, just staring in stunned silence.

“Well?  What do you think?” Naruko asked

“It’s so big…and veiny…and throbbing,” the black-haired girl answered, bringing her hands to her mouth.  She was surprised by this turn of events, but it did not deter her desire for the Uzumaki girl.  If anything, it made her want her even more, as she felt herself being drawn to it.

“Want to have a taste?” the blonde suggested.

“More than anything,” Hinata said eagerly.

The Hyuuga looked at the open, weeping slit of the bulbous cockhead, and licked up the building drop of pre-cum that was emerging from the hole.  Hinata instantly became addicted to the taste of the phallus.  Her tongue slid along the purple head, and then she took the whole small, fist-sized, squishy, mushroom-shaped end of the throbbing cock into her mouth.  Naruko groaned as Hinata licked what was in her mouth as she sucked it, sending shivers of pleasure up her cock and down her neck.

Hinata twisted her head around, taking more of the dick in her mouth as Naruko began slowly rocking her hips.  She wanted to go harder, but Hinata was new to this.  She had a huge dick and in their position, she wouldn’t be able to get much dick in her mouth.

“Hey, Hinata, could you lay down on the bench?” she asked.

The Hyuuga pulled her face off of the cock and replied, “Um, okay.  Sure…”

She turned over and laid face up on the bench as Naruko placed herself over her head.  Hinata dangled her head over the edge of the bench as her tits splayed out like loose jelly, the pink nipples sloshing around on the pool of tit meat.  Naruko leaned over and grabbed the Hyuuga’s tits, sinking her fingers in the soft, warm meat while pointing her dick at the raven-haired girl’s mouth.  Hinata opened her mouth wide and with her tongue, guided the fuck staff between her lips.

She practically inhaled it.  Naruko thrust down and Hinata took the whole thing into her mouth.  It slid over her tongue and into the closed throat muscles in the back, where she relaxed them enough for the dickhead to fit through.  Hinata felt her throat bulge as Naruko’s cock slid down it, choking her with dick meat as she opened even wider to take the cock as far down her neck as it would go.

She bottomed out, with the blonde’s sack bouncing off her forehead, covering her beautiful grey eyes.  Naruko pulled half of her foot-and-a-quarter-long cock out of Hinata’s mouth, almost clearing her trachea, before thrusting back in.  Her cock was squeezed for dear life by the tight, hot and wet muscles of the Hyuuga’s throat.  Hinata’s eyes bulged with her neck right before Naruko’s engorged balls bounced off of them.

She pulled out and returned, fucking her lover’s mouth like a pussy while groping her tits.  She made retching sounds along with the slurping caused by the saliva leaking out the corners of her wide open and stretched mouth.  Hinata’s lips kissed Naruko’s crotch from around the base of her cock each time she went balls deep on her face.

The Uzumaki’s whole body shook, her tits wobbling wonderfully in her hands as she bucked, her skirt dancing around her hips as her cock drilled the Hyuuga’s throat.  The cheeks of her abundant butt clapped and slapped under her skirt with the thrusting as her legs worked double overtime getting most of her massive cock in and out on each pump.

It got tiring soon, and her thighs were burning, so she had to sit her ass down.  She pulled all the way out of Hinata’s face, allowing the black-haired, grey-eyed beauty to breath.  She retched and choked, spitting out the accumulation of pre-cum and saliva from her mouth in frothy chunks.  She sat up to breath better, eyes bloodshot and face an alarming shade of purple almost the same shade as Naruko’s engorged cock.

The blonde sat down beside the girl, dick pointing straight up between her legs as her balls pooled under them.

She pulled Hinata’s hair out of her face and kissed her cheek, asking, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” the grey-eyed girl coughed, “I’m fine.  Thank you.”

“Ready to continue?” asked Naruko.

Hinata smiled brightly and said, “Oh please do.”

Naruko pushed Hinata’s head down with her hand, and the Hyuuga resumed sucking.  She sat at her side and took half of the dick in her mouth, slurping with earnest while stroking the rest of the cock.

Naruto pulled the hair out of her face so she could see her lover blow her, admiring the way the girl’s cheeks puffed, and how her hands rubbed the oozing saliva from her stretched mouth along the futa-dong.  She then let go and reached over the mostly naked form of Hinata, her hand finding the girl’s crotch.

She diddled her there, rubbing Hinata’s hot pussy through the fabric of her white cotton panties.  They were saturated, and she could feel the outline of the girl’s cunt.  She lifted a leg up on the bench, propping the foot down by Hinata’s bum to open her legs wider.

Naruko slid a hand down the panties and played with Hinata’s pussy directly.  It turned out that the girl was clean shaven, which surprised the blonde because Hinata didn’t seem like the body shaving type.  She fiddled the clit and stroked the nether-lips while the Hyuuga continued to blow her.

More juices were produced from the super-heated cunt, amazing Naruko with the sheer amount her lover was producing.  Naruko grew tired of the panties and decided to take them off, but she didn’t want to vacate the hot, warm and wet confines of Hinata’s loving mouth.  So, the blonde retracted her hand and grabbed the panties by the waist line.

She pulled and twisted the underwear, stretching them to their limit, depending on the small clothes being poorly made with ill-suited materials.  Naruko’s own panties always broke for the dumbest reasons, and she hoped that Hinata’s would too.  They slid between the cheeks of the Hyuuga’s beautiful ass, disappearing like a thong as Naruko yanked them.  She pulled so hard that the outline of every detail in Hinata’s cunt could be seen, and then with a tear, the cloth ripped at the seam in the middle.

The material tore and flung off, sliding out of the Hyuuga’s nether crevices.  Naruko reached around and completed the tear, throwing the now useless panties to the side with the rest of their clothes.  Now, she began to play with Hinata’s pussy, and then slid her hand around and groped her cheek.

While Hinata continued sucking Naruko’s cock, the blonde slapped and groped her lover’s bountiful butt, and then slipped her fingers between the cheeks.  She began prodding Hinata’s nether holes with her slick fingers, making Hinata moaned around her cock.

Naruko began rocking her hips again as she felt a swelling in her scrotum sack.  She continued to play with Hinata’s nether holes, using her thumb in the girl’s anus and the rest of her fingers on her cunt.  Hinata liked it and began grinding her own hips, rubbing her pussy into her lover’s fingers and clenching her sphincter around the thick digit of the thumb.

The blonde began to groan as she came, her balls clenching as cum thundered up her dick pipe.  Hinata’s eyes grew wide as her mouth was filled with the sour spunk.  She tried to pull her face off it, but Naruko grabbed her head and pushed her down with the hand that wasn’t in her nether region.  The dick went back into her throat, Naruko’s cock depositing a hefty amount of semen directly down her the oral pipe to her stomach.  The blonde pulled her lover’s head off slowly, in turn filling her mouth with jizz until Hinata’s cheeks were ballooned, made puffy almost like a chipmunk’s.

When she pulled all the way off, Hinata tried to hold it all in her mouth, eyes tearing up due to how strong it tasted, and then she swallowed it as best she could down her throat.  Naruko still had leakage and didn’t want to waste it on the floor, so she stood up on sore and numb legs to dump the rest of her cum on Hinata’s face and tits.  It was a deep gulp for the Hyuuga girl, and her throat was sore from the fucking, but she got a load in.  She tried to swallow the rest of what was in her mouth, but she gagged in the process, opening her mouth to cough and spilling a lot of the creamy white gunk.  It landed with a splat on her lap before the rest dribbled out onto her tits.  Naruko directed the remaining stream onto the girl’s face and her smooth, shiny black hair, as well as onto her breasts.

Hinata was now covered in the gunk, encompassing her boobs, face and hair.  Hinata’s tits, Naruko noticed, were huge and considerably bigger than they were previously.  They now looked to be even larger than hers.  An H-cup, if she were to guess.

“Good?” the blonde asked.

Hinata shot a “thumbs-up” while wiping her lip and hacking out increasingly smaller coughs.  Naruko continued stroking her meat, noticing that the cock never wilted like she thought it would.  In fact, after the numbness wore off and her legs stopped quaking, it seemed to be growing harder again.  In minutes, she was at full mast again and ready for another round, and she knew where she wanted to put it.

“Ready for the real action to begin?” she asked.

Hinata looked from the floor to the huge cock that was still wet with her saliva and caked in cum as Naruko stroked herself.  Even without her lust state, she knew that was an impressive recovery, even without having cum buckets on her.  She was actually somewhat intimidated, but showed no fear in her stone grey eyes.

“Oh fuck yes, Naruko!” she responded eagerly.

“Great,” the blonde beamed as she stood up, her long dong sticking out in front of her, “Now, lay down on the bench.”

Hinata did as she was told, lying on her back on the bench with her legs spread to the side.  Her pussy was soaked, with slick juices running into a small puddle in the towel and sheen on her inner thighs.  All she had on was her thigh high white socks to Naruko’s stockings, garters and skirt.  Naruko grabbed her by the legs and pulled Hinata closer to the edge of the bench so she could stand over her as she aimed her cock at the Hyuuga’s entrance.

This was her first time, and she wasn’t sure if it was the same for Hinata, but she knew it was not going to be her last and didn’t really care if it was Hinata’s first. In all likelihood, it would probably not be her only time since she was going to be in Kaguya’s harem.  The remaining vestige of sanity in Naruko’s lust-cursed mind was mumbling something about if this was right.  Her aching cock bobbed as it pulsed in front of Hinata’s wet pussy, the young woman breathing open-mouthed in anticipation as she held her abundant bust in place.

Any doubt in Naruko’s mind vanished as her mega-cock slid into the warm embrace of Hinata’s pussy.  She was so hot, wet, and ready that her mighty rod slipped right in, gliding along the heat of her sex as it paraded through her cunt like a tunneling snake.  Hinata’s startled moan turned into a heated groan as Naruko’s huge cock, which turned into pleasure shouts as she bottomed out into the bitch, impaled her.

The blonde girl’s balls smacked against the cheeks of her lover’s ass, resting on the butt she swore had gotten bigger since the last time she groped it.  Hinata arced her back, bending backwards and lifting her body with her upturned head as her tits fell backwards and smothered her face.  She shouted in overwhelming pleasure as Naruko’s cock stuffed and stretched her.  The blonde girl grabbed the raven-haired girl’s hips and pulled out over halfway, watching her huge, veiny cock vacate the thin, black, mat-enshrouded pussy as she did.  Then she thrust back in, forcing all the air out of her lungs as her dick packed her internal organs through her cunt.

“Oh, fuck, Naruko!” Hinata shouted through breaths as her lover pulled out and pushed back in

Naruko was panting with the effort of drawing out her massive cock and pushing back in.  It was a lot of effort working her daemon dick.  She also tried not to bust instantly in the superheated vice grip of the womanhood.  Even though her cock glided like an ice skater through the Hyuuga’s love tunnel due to the wetness, it was still tight and the hottest thing she ever felt.

The yearning sound of flesh on flesh accompanied their shouts as they rutted, Naruko’s huge and heavy balls smacking off the cheeks of Hinata’s ass, their meaty thighs, even partially covered with socks and stockings, slid and smacked into each other.  Naruko’s massive ass also shook and clapped under the veil of her skirt as she fucked.

Hinata’s writhing was making her slid around on the towel she placed on the bench when their fucking intensified.  The blonde girl bottomed out in her lover, her cock-head distending the girl’s belly as she snaked her arms under the legs of the raven-haired girl.  She heaved the limbs into her elbows and then propped them over her shoulders.  She reached around them and grabbed her lover’s hips as she repositioned Hinata below her.

Hinata wrapped her legs as best she could around Naruko’s neck, the beautiful blonde girl’s fox-faced head sticking out of the long, thick, white, sock-clad legs entwined around her.  Naruko’s huge dick remained buried in her as the blonde girl resumed thrusting.  She leaned over her new lover, bending her legs backwards to her chest as her tits were displaced, falling around the outside of the legs as her balls dragged along the surface of the wood bench on their way to smack the Hyuuga’s ass.

Hinata bit her lips and tongues in her efforts not to scream as Naruko pounded her into the bench from above like an oil drill.  Soon the raven-haired girl’s knees bent to her chest on either side of her mammoth boobs as Naruko leaned far over her, tits rubbing along the socks on her legs as she tried to keep a grip on the blonde head between them.  Naruko wore her ankles like a set of earmuffs, using the natural recoil of her legs trying to push her off to pull out and then throw herself back onto her.  Her taut abs bounced off her lover’s thick thighs with every bounce and soon the sweating blonde girl had pushed Hinata along to the other side of the bench.

Once the initial shock of her vaginal invasion wore off and Hinata became better acquainted with the massive fuck staff lodged in it, the Hyuuga returned to her quiet and stifled ways, trying to suppress her moans and groans of pleasure.  Naruko wanted to hear the breathy, soft-spoken young woman scream though.  She pounced hard, burying her she-cock as deep as it could go.  She bent Hinata’s legs all the way back, demonstrating impressive flexibility on the Hyuuga’s part as she wore her own knees as ear muffs to complement Naruko’s ankle ear rings.

The blonde girl slid her arms under Hinata’s and clasped her hands behind her back as she was sticking halfway off the bench.  With a heave and herculean effort, she straightened out and lifted the raven-haired young woman onto her.  The busty babe curled in a ball with Naruko’s futa-dick still lodged in her like the hilt of a sword as she clung now the young blonde woman fucking her standing.

Naruko bent at the knees slightly to deliver powerful upward thrusts that bounced the bent legged young woman who was holding her own ankles around Naruko’s head.  The cock rocked Hinata as she bounced around in the confines of her lover’s arms holding her.  Naruko stepped around the bench and then stepped back over it, intent on sitting down in lotus position with the raven-haired girl.

She sat down again, balls pooling under her upward pointing dick as Hinata landed on it.  When she let go, the grey-eyed young woman unsprang like a crunched paper.  Her legs fell around Naruko’s body, landing feet first on the floor on either side of her.  Her body fell backwards onto the bench and her arms fell limp to her sides “O Christo Redentor”-style.

Naruko admired the huffing and puffing young woman who was red all over with heat, gleaming sweat and from exertion.  She lightly ground her hips against her lover, churning her cock in the Hyuuga as she did so.  Naruko decided to lean back as well, stretching her sore back from heaving the young woman around.

She kept on going though, finding no wood beneath her.  She bent all the way backwards and hit her head on the linoleum floor with a thump, her long, blond pig tails soaked with sweat splattering around her as her hefty tits washed over her face.  She struggled to breathe through the masses of tit-meat over her face as she tried to muster the strength to sit back up on the bench.  Now that she was bent over backwards though, the feat was proving very difficult as she was tired physically and her legs and core were weak from the pleasure radiating from her imbedded girl-cock.

Hinata sat up instead, putting her feet on either side of the upside down dangling girl.  Naruko’s skirt flipped up, and the Hyuuga gazed upon the stretched lips of her own cunt around the base of her lover’s massive dick.  Naruko pushed her tits apart so she could see the mega-busty, black-haired girl mount her cock as if it was a horse and start galloping.

Her huge boobs, that had to be H-cups at least, flopped around on her chest, normally pale but here were flushed red like the rest of her hot body.  Hinata rocked and cocked on Naruko’s dick, grinding her hips around in all directions.  She alternated between bouncing, grinding, making little circles and other small ministrations as her cunt milked the cock for all its worth.  She used one hand to try to tame her tits; the other was on her distended clit, playing with the nub of pleasure while she pushed herself around with her feet on either side of the bench.

Naruko watched from between the valley of her spread tits as Hinata, now in complete control, closed her eyes and moaned incoherently.  She knew what she wanted and was out for her own pleasure as she rode the young blonde woman’s cock as if she owned it.

Naruko let go of her tits and reached for her legs, grabbing the grey-eyed girl by the ankles as she pulled her body up with a clench of her abs.  The blonde girl curled up and grabbed Hinata’s waist, pulling herself back into her lover’s boobs as she seized her in an embrace.

Naruko buried her face in the tits and shuffled down the bench a little with Hinata sitting on her lap.  Once they went further to the other end, she hooked her leg again.  She lifted it onto her shoulder and Hinata fell to her side, expecting Naruko to hit it from the side with her leg over her lover’s shoulder.  Instead, she dropped the leg in front of her so that Hinata cradled on her side.  The blonde girl then grabbed her by the hips and stood off to the side of the bench, guiding her onto her feet she could position herself directly behind her bent form.

The blonde girl then leaned over her lover, dick spinning inside the Hyuuga as she flipped around, and hooked her under the arms.  She sat back on the bench, facing the side, and pulled her onto her lap.  The black-haired girl was now sitting on her lap, fat ass spreading all over Naruko’s hips and thighs as the cock speared her cunt.  Naruko spread her legs a little so her heavy, engorged ball sack could dangle over the edge of the bench and beneath her thighs instead of being crushed by anything.  She leaned back a little and Hinata did as well, using the blonde girl’s boobs as a back pillow while her own stuck proudly out in the air.

Hinata sat in the hot seat for a moment, both of them catching their breath.  The blonde girl knew she was close, mostly due to how her cock pulsated, as well as the involuntary clenching in her balls.  She snaked one hand around and grabbed a fist full of Hinata’s left boob.  With the other she reached back and supported her weight on the bench.

“How are you doing, Love?” asked Naruko with a whisper into Hinata’s right eat over her shoulder.

“This is… so…amazing.  Naruko-san, I’m so close,” the Hyuuga said between breaths.

“I would hope so, as I put a lot of work into you.  But we’re not done yet-not even close,” the Uzumaki stated.

Naruko did not explain what that meant, but she heard Hinata gulp before responding, “I’m ready for anything you got.”

“You may regret that, Love,” the blonde girl said before kissing her lover’s cheek.

Then she went to town, planting her feet firmly, and driving her cock up into Hinata.  The busty babe bounced off her, forced up in the air by the huge volume of engorged lady-cock pushing into her tight cunt, and the thrust of her hips on the Hyuuga’s ass.  Hinata bounced back down by combination of gravity and her own desire to have as much of her lover’s huge cock in her as possible.

They fucked at an intense pace, the smacking sound becoming a ceaseless roar as the two bounced into each other with sexes linked.  Hinata’s tits flopped around sluggishly due to their size as she diddled herself with one hand and held onto her tits with the other, guiding her recoiling body with her tired, white sock-clad legs.  Naruko held her by the narrow waist with one hand and supported herself with the other as her balls swayed around wildly below her and between her legs like a chandelier in an earthquake.

Then, gradually, her sack clenched up into a tight, wrinkled grapefruit as she felt her orgasm mounting.  With a final upward thrust, Naruko came harder than she did in Hinata’s mouth.  Her whole body seized as her dick became numb with pleasure and waves of orgasmic bliss coursed through her body.  She felt the cum shooting through her dick-pipe like a primed cannon, then the heat of the spunk on top of her cock-head due to it still being lodged in Hinata.

Naruko felt pressure build inside the beautiful raven-haired girl as she panted and shook on her lap.  Hinata leaned back on shaking legs with the blonde girl’s tits as pillows while her cunt became filled with her lover’s cream.  Hinata groaned through heavy breaths as she lifted herself up off her lover’s still, stiff cock.  With a slurping sound, more of Naruko’s engorged, veiny rod emerged from the stretch nether-lips until the foot-plus cock fell out of Hinata’s pussy with a pop.

The cock was still semi erect, and as a huge load of their mixed juices poured from her gaping cunt like a sprung leak, thick ropes of fresh, white, concentrated cum blasted up onto Hinata’s crotch.  They fell on her thighs, waist, and a few of the stronger ones even reached up to hit the underside of her bountiful cleavage.  She began to wilt after that though as the frothy concoction churned in the cauldron of her cunt leaked out onto Naruko’s cock and spilled to the floor.

Hinata fell forward into the tripod position, her hands on Naruko’s knees as the blonde girl sank backwards.  Naruko’s cock bent under its own weight and length, but never went flaccid as the numbness faded, and she could begin feeling the slimy mix of their lovemaking lathered over the impressive pipe.

She gave Hinata’s ass a couple pet-like spanks, as it was sticking out in front of her as the girl bent forward slightly as she recovered, hovering over Naruko's recovering cock.  Hinata’s ass definitely grew; the already impressive bum was now a near perfectly rounded sphere of strong ass muscle coated in alluring, jiggling butt flesh in far excess than what she had when Naruko entered her.

Hinata sat back down in her lover’s lap, the abundant butt meat warm in the grooves of the young blonde woman’s hips.  Naruko’s cock jutted out between Hinata’s thighs as if it were her own cock, and it was so large that it seemed big even between Hinata’s thick thighs.  The heat emanating from the Hyuuga’s pussy was enough to stir the thing back to max capacity as it rested on her base and they watched in amazement as the Uzumaki’s cock grew back to full size between the grey-eyed girl’s legs.

Naruko gave her lover’s breasts a double-fisted grope from under both arms and said, “Ready for round three, my love?”

“I don’t think my pussy can take another round,” she moaned while looking down at the towering mass of dick meat between her legs.  The way it looked cream and froth covering, it reminded her of a stacked ice cream Sunday.

“I don’t want to put it back in your pussy,” Naruko said as she smacked Hinata’s ass, leaving her hand on the wobbling cheek in a grope.

“Oh, Naruko!” the Hyuuga hissed, and then groaned, “You want to do…that?”

“Put it in your ass?  Yes,” Naruko confirmed as she used her hands to pet her lover’s fat cheeks, “I want you in every which way a woman can be had.  I want to make you totally mine.”

“O-okay…but could you let me control the pace?” Hinata asked.

“I’ll let you set the pace at first, but when I get revved up, we go at the pace I set,” the Uzumaki whispered into her lover’s ear.

Hinata gulped and stood up, her pussy still stretched a little open, and leaking girl cum as she did so.  Naruko’s fox face was directly in front of the Hyuuga’s fat ass, the pale orbs almost as big as basketballs, jiggling with every movement.  The blonde girl leaned forward and grabbed Hinata’s cheeks, the fingers sinking into the fleshy fatness and vanishing from sight as the mounds washed around the digits.  She pulled the cleavage of the Hyuuga’s ass apart, turning the crack into a valley and exposing the pink starfish of the girl’s asshole.

Naruko welled up a fat loogy in her mouth and spat, scoring a direct hit on her lover’s anal opening.  Hinata squeaked in surprise when she felt Naruko, after licking her thumb, pushed the digit in, smearing the spit around the orifice.  The blonde girl had already stretched her back there a little bit, and the raven-haired girl seemed to like it when she had a thumb back there earlier.

“My cock is already well lubed with pussy juice, spit and our collective cum, but I just want to make sure you’re good and ready,” Naruko explained as she pushed in past the last knuckle.

“Oh Naruko, you’re so good to me,” Hinata moaned, enjoying this treatment.

The blonde girl pulled it out, making the hole glisten with her spit and a little more open.  Hinata shifted her weight so that her ass was over Naruko’s upward-facing cock, and lowered herself while holding her cheeks apart.  The Hyuuga felt the cockhead slide between her cheeks and bounce against her butthole.  Then, with some effort, the swollen, fist-sized cockhead pushed past the sphincter into her anus.

Hinata’s breath caught when the dick head disappeared up her ass.  The tight ring muscle of her sphincter choked the tip of the penis as it entered her bum.  The tight, coarse, anal muscles on its way up her ass crushed it as Hinata pushed herself down on the fat, futa fuck-stick.  It was a tight fit and Hinata had to stop to get herself adjusted to the anal invader a couple times, but the lubrication and her own determination to join sexes with her lover guided.

Naruko had a hand placed reassuringly on her lover’s hip, and used the other to hold her cock steady as it disappeared up the hot entrance of Hinata’s ass.  Once more than half of her fuck staff became lodged in and cradled by the clenching muscles of the girl’s anal cavity, she let go of it and put the hand on Hinata’s breast from around her back and side.

With a few more thrusts and grunts, the busty dark-haired girl managed to get the whole thing in, and sat in Naruko’s lap with the huge, veiny mass of dick-meat stuffed in her most private of places.

“Yes!  I did it!” Hinata cheered between heavy breaths.

Naruko hugged her from behind, grinding her hips against Hinata’s ass and churning the girl’s bowels with her futa-cock.

“Fuck Hinata!  You’re so tight-so hot,” Naruko moaned with her head over her lover’s shoulder

The spheres of Hinata’s ass were split by the huge cock, and rested on top of the swollen balls that pulled beneath them.  Hinata began bouncing back, meeting Naruko’s thrusts with her own, rocking on her lover’s legs.  There were light, shakes of Hinata’s boobs and butt as Naruko fucked her up the ass lightly, and then, as she became accustomed to the horse cock in her ass, the Hyuuga got bolder.

“Fuck Naruko!  You’re so huge back there!” Hinata exhaled.

She leaned back, black hair washing over the blonde girl’s face as Hinata began lifting and dropping herself on the cock.  Her white sock clad legs clapped against Naruko’s stockings and garter clad ones with each drop.  Hinata’s tits bounced around on her chest as Naruko steadied her hips on her lover’s cock.  Half was withdrawn with each upward thrust before the thundering clap of her return.

After the enthusiasm wore down, she wasn’t able to get up and down as fiercely, as her muscles got tired.  This began to greatly slow down their rutting due to the sheer size of Naruko’s cock and tension of Hinata’s anus.  Therefore, Naruko hugged Hinata to her body and stood up, shoving the young woman forward.  Hinata fell face first into the locker wall, stopping herself in mid fall with her hands on the metal of the smooth white structures.  The clangs of her hands striking them was quickly replaced with clapping as Naruko stood behind the bent young woman and began going at it again.

‘Oh, fuck!  Naruko-san!’ Hinata squealed as her lover pounded her from behind.

Naruko’s cock slid in and out of the Hyuuga’s ass, the anal cavity having loosened somewhat since she had been in it.  There was still plenty of lube from their ongoing suck-and-suck session, but she still drooled on it, letting a long stream of spit flow from her pursed lips onto her cock-shaft as she slid in and out of her new lover’s rectum.  Saliva washed over it, getting pushed into the asshole by the veiny shaft, and soon Hinata’s bum was as wet as any other hole.

Hinata was still panting like a bitch in heat as their bodies crashed together, her ass clapping around the fuck staff as their hips met with each thundering fuck.  Her tits dangled pendulously below her bent body, swaying under her chest like a grandfather clock keeping time as they found a rhythm for their anal rutting.  Naruko’s balls also swayed below her, swinging between their legs and smacking into Hinata’s bare and wet pussy.

Naruko picked up the pace, fucking harder and faster as Hinata bounced back to absorb the recoil on her thick, sock-encased legs.  Naruko reached around Hinata and seized fistfuls of her tits, sinking her hands in those white creamy tits she always admired on the young woman.  She shook and groped them, savoring the feel in her hands as she bounced off Hinata’s bum, impaling the Hyuuga’s nethermost region with her inhumanly huge cock.  Naruko’s skirt danced around their linked crotch and ass like a plaid veil the whole while.

Hinata was growing weary of this too, as she apparently did not get the stamina and muscular resiliency that came with the lust goddess in Naruko.  Naruko’s legs were shaking and her knees were wobbling.  She was recoiling more erratically every time they bounced apart, and she began to fear that the lover whose sphincter she wore as a cock ring was going to bounce face first into the lockers or at least collapse onto the ground.

Naruko grabbed Hinata’s hips by the groove and pulled her back to the bench, landing butt first on the seat, and dragging Hinata ass first into her lap.

“Oh fuck!” the Hyuuga screamed as the breath was knocked out of her by the cock.

Naruko pushed Hinata up with her hips, and then drove into her from below while Hinata held herself up.  The girl’s voluminous buttocks jiggled around the Uzumaki’s cock as she did so, and Hinata held her weight up as she forced her ass to clench around her lover even tighter.

“Oh, fuck yeesss…Naruko-san!” Hinata groaned.

Naruko grabbed her lover by the hips and pulled her back into her lap, knocking the wind out of her again.  Then she dropped and pulled them both onto their sides.  She kicked a leg up on the towel-draped bench and propped another up, making a figure four with the limbs while Hinata did the same.  They lay on the bench spooning, Naruko behind Hinata with her cock safe in the girl’s ass, one arm under her lover playing with a tit and the other supporting her upright with her elbow.

They resumed their fuck in this position, the weight taken off their hips and thighs, allowing for greater ease of sex.  It was also somewhat more intimate, with Naruko’s head over her lover’s shoulder and neck.  Hinata felt safe and secure in the blonde girl’s embrace as the cock buried itself in her ass.  Her huge tits spilled over the front of the bench even in her hand.  Hinata propped herself up on an elbow, and the other arm reached between her legs to play with her exposed and sopping pussy.

This was more of a break for them as they caught their breath and savored each other, their fucking having dropped considerably in pace and intensity.  However, once they had recovered sufficiently, Naruko pushed herself off the bench.  She got to her feet on the other side of the bench and pulled Hinata by the hips over the edge.  The busty Hyuuga dropped her legs over it as Naruko stood behind her.

Naruko’s cock stayed in Hinata’s ass the whole time, twisting and churning inside the bum as they repositioned into a doggy style position again, only this time she was far stable with the bench under her.  Hinata bent way over onto her elbows, tits forming a cushion between her and the cloth, as she stood straight-legged at a ninety-degree angle for Naruko.  The busty blonde girl stood behind her, splitting her ass with her fat fuck-stick as their legs mirrored each other, black stockings against white socks.  At their angle, Naruko’s cock was far better positioned for deep penetration inside her lover’s backside.

“Ready?” Naruko asked.

Without really waiting for an answer, she began bucking in earnest.

“Ye-eh-eh-eh-ES!” Hinata answered as she started being jackhammered from behind.

Naruko plowed her lover at full speed, her skirt never resettling around them as her balls swung around and smacked the Hyuuga’s cunt.  The slapping of her jiggling, fleshy ass under the umbrella like skirt against Naruko’s hips, and the blonde girl’s own ass clapping with the effort of thrusting herself into her partner, became a continuous roar of meeting flesh.  Hinata’s whole body flushed but, her ass grew red as their skin met.

Naruko bent at the knees and so did Hinata so they could bounce off each other and absorb the recoil of their fucking, transferring the momentum for faster and harder thrusts.  Hinata arced her back, having never felt so full in her life, and Naruko was having the time of her life.  Naruko reached down and grabbed a fistful of Hinata’s sweaty black hair, running her fingers through the silky strands as her other hand held her lover’s waist.

The blonde girl then let go and seized Hinata’s ass cheeks, one in each hand, and groped while drilling her harder than ever.  Her fingers disappeared in the red meat as her cock vanished and reappeared like a magic trick.  Hinata dropped her face to the bench where they had just been having nasty hard sex in all her holes, panting wordlessly as Naruko impossibly kept up the pace and ferocity.

“Oh, fuck yes, Hinata!" Naruko began grunting as she thrust with every hasty breath, “You feel so good around my cock!”

“Yes, yes, yes, YES!  Oh Kami, please don't stop!” Hinata begged from below.

As Naruko was incised by all the carnal pleasures flooding her body, she began to feel the power of the lust goddess.  She felt it in her heart and soul, but it was overwhelming in her loins.  She felt the otherworldly energy in her balls and along her shaft.  The sexual energy was fueling the lust deity’s powers, and they were starting to manifest as she charged them with her own sexual activities and by filling Hinata’s holes with her essence.

“Don't worry, I won't!  From now on, you belong to me, body and soul!” she shouted, emphasizing the punctuation marks with exaggerated downward thrusts that pushed her into the bench so hard it budged a little under them. 

“From this day forth, your body will become intimately familiar with mine!  I swear that before this month is over, your holes will be stained with the smell, color, and taste of my cum!” she announced in a voice charged with lust, dripping sexual energy in every syllable. 

“One day soon, every inch of you will be bathed in my cum!  You'd like that, wouldn't you, Hinata?!” she demanded.

Hinata was overwhelmed by how hard and fast she was getting ass fucked, and was unable to muster words.  Naruko slapped her butt on both sides while shouting “Wouldn’t you!?”

YES!” Hinata screeched as she bent backwards and pointed her face up with a wide-open mouth and eyes.  “Paint me with your cum!  Wear me like a condom!  I don’t want anything else in life besides your cock in me!  I want to spend the rest of my life on it!”

Hinata returned to spewing wordless attempts at obscenities as the lust power overwhelmed the both of them.  Naruko could feel the presence of the Rabbit Goddess in them, growing stronger as the couple fucked despite her lack of presence.  Naruko felt that it was her influencing them to say these things.  She didn’t care though, as she could only think about the loving sensation of the warm body around her horse cock, and the desire to bust this nut off.

Naruko felt her nut sack seize up, growing tighter and drawing up.  She felt the surge in her loins and knew what was coming next.

“Hinata, I’m cumming!” she announced

“Give it to me!” the Hyuuga demanded.

Naruko had a small whiteout as stars filled her eyes and brain.  She felt her orgasm all over as her dick twitched and she came.  Her whole cock pulsed with pleasure as it became numb, her body locking up as she buried her cock in Hinata.  She wanted to fill up her lover’s very core with her spunk.  Hinata squealed as the hot essence filled her anus, welling up in her bowels as Naruko pumped a gallon of white spunk into her bum.  She collapsed onto the bench, using her tits as a pillow while catching her breath. 

Naruko pulled out slowly, her cock still spewing gunk out like a firehose as she withdrew, painting her lover’s rectum white.  More and more was withdrawn out of her wilting cock until she was over a foot away and the head popped out.  There was a gush as pure spunk and the remaining concoction of spit, pussy juice, and their cum blasted out like a burst clot, and then the stream of fresh cum she had filled her lover with.  Hinata groaned as her guts retracted, the invader evicted and gallons of gunk pushing out.

Naruko continued to cum on Hinata’s ass, shooting blots of white cum on her butt cheeks that were red and be-speckled with handprints.  She dumped some on the Hyuuga’s back too, aiming the cock like a hose as it wilted and the stream of cum died down.  White jizz ran down Hinata’s cheeks and legs, blotting her white socks before disappearing into the fabric and the excess making a pool on the floor.

Soon, Hinata collapsed over the bench, face dangling over one end and bent way over on collapsed knees in a fetal-like position with her significantly larger breasts between her and the towel soaked with sweat and sex.  Her hair washed over her head, so Naruko couldn’t tell if her lover was even awake, but she wasn’t really moving besides the rise and fall of her back with breath.

Naruko stood over Hinata, holding her wilted cock.  She let the thing meld this time, becoming a flaccid member as she dropped it.  The loose thing dangled between her legs like a limp, but long and fat, noodle between her legs and from under her skirt.  She stepped around from behind her to look her over and get out of the middle of their sex juice pool.

She took a moment to admire the sleeping beauty she was afraid she loved.  She didn’t know how much of those warm feelings were the afterglow of their long fuck session, though.  However, she had a job to do.  She wound her right back, and with all the energy she could muster, swung it down and across Hinata’s backside.

The slap echoed around the locker room as the girl’s head shot up, eyes wide and mouth open, “Oh fuck, Naruko-san!”

Hinata’s ass was still jiggling as she squirmed, the sudden shock and pain quickly turning into the residue of lust-charged pleasure.  Naruko’s red handprint gleamed maroon against the red and white skin of Hinata’s fat ass on the left cheek.  In moments though, it faded into the skin and a symbol became emblazoned upon the buttock.  The burgundy print twisted into a circle with an inward turning spiral, the seal of the Uzumaki Clan.


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