The Horny Canine Boys of the Hidden Leaf Village

BY : Keth
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“Fuck!” the aroused Leaf ninja Kiba Inuzuka cursed to himself in painful frustration, trying in vain to secure his rock-hard erection in the waistband of his boxers so that other people wouldn’t be able to notice the huge tent the young man was inadvertently pitching as he walked around town. That last resort camouflage tactic wasn’t working all too well, though; Kiba's dick just didn’t want to cooperate at all, too achingly stiff for him to effectively hide or reposition in his trousers anymore. The seventeen-year-old’s big throbbing schlong was being very unruly recently, acting like an untamed, sex-crazed beast with a mind of its own all the time, a lascivious one-tracked mind that cared only about sex, sex, sex! It seemed like every little thing gave Kiba a boner these days, the canine shinobi popping a stiffy while he went about his daily exercise routine or even just the gentle passing breeze caressing his skin gave Kiba a raging hard-on for no good reason, which was a pretty embarrassing occurrence to have to scramble and deal with while out in public.

It was absolutely humiliating to suddenly pop a boner out of the blue in plain daylight, forcing Kiba to carefully try to hide his tent from any onlookers as he ran off to find an empty bathroom where he could safely jerk off. It was an incredibly shameful feeling to experience that loss of self-control, especially at this age; by now Kiba had hoped that the more troublesome aspects of puberty would be passing him on as he entered manhood, but the hormones rampaging through his bloodstream were actually hitting him worse than ever now, his libido kicked into overdrive as the teen was beset with the bestial urge to hump practically everything in sight that moved!

Of course, Kiba loved to masturbate just as much any other healthy boy his age did, but this was just getting ridiculous! His obnoxiously frequent boners were getting so bad and controlling these days that he almost had a physical and psychological need to come four or five times every single day just to keep his rowdy beast tamed and allow himself to operate with a clear head anymore, a trial that far exceeded the sometimes frustrating and embarrassing troubles with puberty Kiba, along with most all other guys, had had in his early teens. Boy did this suck, and not in the good way! Kiba could barely even think about missions or training anymore as distracting as his over-inflated sex drive was, most of his free time and attention focused on keeping his hefty balls drained and that hungry beast living in his pants sated and happy, his days spent constantly darting in and out of the nearest bathroom so he could use the facilities for a quick wank whenever one of his many inopportune boners sprung up unannounced and unwanted.

Kiba was certainly very proud of his heritage as a member of the Inuzuka clan, and like most of his fellow clan members he had a very close friendship and deep bond of understanding with dogs that he wouldn't trade for anything, but sometimes the more canine-like attributes that his clan possessed were such a pain in the ass to deal with; his keen sense of smell was definitely great for tracking down and locating far-off enemies, but on the other hand it was pure torture having to unwillingly be subjected to the heavenly perfumed scents of every pretty girl within a mile radius. Whether he liked it or not, their feminine aromas always wound up drifting straight into his sensitive nose, driving Kiba’s cock mad with unsatisfied lust that the painfully single teen could do nothing about except work out his lonely frustrations with his own hand. It really sucked constantly smelling all the pretty girls in town but not having a girlfriend for himself and it was so damn frustratingly inconvenient to be subjected to his wild desires all the time! The dog boy was already majorly turned-on and unsatisfied as it was because of the ravages of puberty, but his canine instincts were just overkill adding to his displeasure, making things even worse for the brunette's burning genitals overflowing with unreleased seed. Kiba knew from experience raising his family's dogs, including his partner Akamaru, that male dogs by nature were just so damn horny all the time, always on the prowl for a good nut no matter the time or place, which was annoyingly similar to the situation Kiba’s canine traits unfortunately imposed on him as well as a result of the secret training methods of his clan. He had the sex drive of a ravenous dog, something that, while it did make the teen feel sort of wild and manly, didn’t really boost his ego or self-confidence and at times like this made Kiba feel like little more than a dumb, out of control, sex-crazed mutt. But even worse than all that, he still couldn’t find some suitable relief for his almost uncontrollable urges no matter how many times he jacked off before going to sleep or how many unplanned trips to the bathroom to stroke his demanding rod Kiba made each day.

As Kiba moped around some lesser-traveled paths in town with unsatisfied wood jutting out in his pants searching for a bathroom so the poor guy could give himself his first tug job of the day so far, he was suddenly alarmed as he noticed the unexpected presence of a big group of people loudly laughing and talking coming down the road towards him. Startled by their intrusion and knowing all too well he couldn't just wish his boner away-he had tried that many times over the past weeks to no avail-Kiba quickly ducked into a nearby dark alley for shelter to avoid that cluster of fellow ninja headed his way. His heart thumped rapidly in panic and his stomach quaked and twisted in terror at the thought of being caught in such a pathetic state, walking around aroused for no good reason. If someone caught him Kiba would never hear the end of it, if he was spotted like this there was no way he wouldn’t become a laughingstock to all his friends and the subject of all sorts of gossip and rumors. Desperate to hide his shameful predicament from the group of unaware pedestrians, Kiba quieted his breathing and scrunched up into the little alcove, pressing his back up against the wall as far as he could so they wouldn’t be able to see him in the cramped alley… Well, they might see his undaunted erection poking out of the shadowy place he was hiding in since Kiba was too big and couldn't fit his entire body into the dingy crawlspace, but hopefully they wouldn’t look this way and he could live another day with at least some of his pride still intact. Their footsteps grew closer by the second, Kiba's heart racing ever quicker with each frustrating plodding step the group took as they casually strolled along the road, unknowing that a ridiculously horny young ninja was hiding just feet away from them, silently begging them to move on quickly. Nervous sweat dripped down the red fang markings emblazoned on Kiba's cheeks and onto the ground, the fear-induced reaction accompanying his erratic heartbeat; strangely enough however, even the terrifying thought of being stumbled upon here didn't dissuade his still rigid boner, Kiba was still inexplicably aroused, crunched here in an alley waiting to be discovered and gawked at with a raging hard-on barely concealed by his straining pants.

“...Damn it that was close!” Kiba breathed a quiet sigh of relief after a few tense moments as the group luckily passed his hidden location on by without so much as a glance in his sheltered direction, the teen profusely grateful for his luck at not being caught in such a sorry situation. Kiba could tell that his usually sharp and accurate senses were becoming dulled, swamped and overwhelmed with his pressing fiery need; normally the dog ninja would have been able to sense those people coming from a mile away, Kiba should have become aware of them long before he actually had, but he was just too damn distracted to focus today.

“...I seriously need to come soon,” Kiba muttered wearily, looking down halfheartedly at the obviously stretched out part of his pants, his cock hungrily seeking to escape from its prison of fabric and be let loose.

But just what should he do? Kiba’s house was too far from here for him to be able to sneak all the way back without being seen by someone, and he didn’t know of any other place nearby he could go to at a time like this, at least not for such a lewd reason. He couldn't drop by Shino's place and ask 'Hey, mind if I beat off in your bathroom, buddy?' Even Kiba had some self-restraint and sense of shame. And he couldn’t really just yank it here in the alleyway, either; Kiba was adventurous and certainly no prude when it came to sexual matters, but he wasn’t that desperate to masturbate in this dirty, narrow alleyway during midday with people all around that could find him there… at least not just yet he wasn’t. But that option wouldn’t seem such a bad prospect if he didn’t figure something out soon. The young man couldn’t take the tumultuous pressure building inside his overly-full testicles anymore and needed to release it soon before the pain consumed him.

Finally, an idea came to him out of the blue and Kiba abruptly decided to simply escape the town entirely and run out into the surrounding forest for a bit; the town gates were pretty close to where he was now and the desperate shinobi was sure he could make it at least that far without being caught by anyone like this. Out there, away from people's prying eyes and disgusted gazes, Kiba could finally have some peace and quiet all to himself. And for Kiba ‘peace and quiet’ these days meant nothing other than a moment alone to rub one out. Or maybe rub four out, depending on how much time he had. His escape plan now formulated, Kiba stealthily exited his alcove, cautiously keeping an eye out for any other people he would need to avoid while he sprinted directly to the town gates and the freedom of sexual relief beyond.


The sounds of birds and bugs chattering all around him, the pleasant feeling of the warm summer wind gently blowing against Kiba’s tan skin, it was all such a remarkably peaceful experience. The thought of the boy pleasuring himself out here in the secluded wilderness made Kiba’s heart leap energetically in his chest for some reason; it felt strangely thrilling planning to do something so animal-like amidst the beauty of nature, a feeling Kiba found he wanted to thoroughly explore. It was a thought that made Kiba feel oddly at home and comfortable, like he was just another part of the surroundings, just another small segment of nature. He wanted to become just another beast of the forest, another creature fulfilling its natural impulses and desires without the unnecessary burden of shame or fear that humans placed on that act. It had certainly been a good idea to come out here into the forest where he could have plenty of alone time to himself. Hell, Kiba quickly decided he might even have to make this a regular occurrence, as expectant and eager as he was for this exotic new sexual experience; the teen hadn’t even started his pleasuring and yet he was already overcome with a sense of sensual eroticism and expectant desire, his mind overflowing with dirty images and imagined pleasures that awaited the horny shinobi. Kiba was surprised he had never thought of doing something like this before, since it sounded so delightfully dirty and fun.

Kiba strolled merrily through the forest with a calm smile on his face, diligently searching out a good spot to claim as his own as the teen enjoyed the mental image of himself laying down buck naked in the grass and jacking off, how his wet, noisy moans of pleasure would add to the calls of the animals all around as he lazily worked his lengthy pole in hand. Yeah, all that sounded amazing, all he needed now was a place suitable for his lecherous activity. Kiba needed a spot with lots of tall, plush grass growing for comfort and somewhere preferably underneath the shade of a large tree, a secluded location where he could strip off all his clothes and roll around naked like a wild animal before giving himself one hell of a tug job. Kiba wondered expectantly what it would feel like having a lush bed of grass to relax in and take his time satisfying his pleasures without the worry of being discovered, he pondered what the sensation would feel like to lay fat on his belly and have the soft blades of grass tickle his cock, to feel the gentle breeze drifting through his bushy nest of curly brown pubes. What a magnificently primal thing that would be, Kiba just wanted to roll around playfully in the grass like his best pal Akamaru did and enjoy a wild type of pleasure that humans didn't partake in, abandon his humanity for a moment and just once accept his instinctual canine feelings of lust rather than bottle them up.

After a while of exploring, Kiba believed he had at last found the perfect spot for his carnal activity to take place in when suddenly he picked up the sensation of another presence together with him in the forest. Not wanting to be bothered at a delicate time like this, Kiba stuck his nose into the air and sniffed around as he hunted down the location of the other person lest they might intrude on him in his most personal and shameful display yet, his powerful nose twitching as his heightened canine sense of smell picked up a familiar scent that was indeed very close nearby.

This particular scent… yep, it definitely belonged to Naruto Uzumaki, no mistake about it. Kiba considered Naruto to be a friend of his, despite all the heated arguments they got into, and even if the way too energetic blond guy was loud, obnoxious, and not nearly as great a ninja as Kiba himself was, Kiba still believed that Naruto was a really good guy at heart, someone who was fiercely dedicated to his friends, strong of both body and will, and always seeking to improve himself. Back in their days at the Ninja Academy, Kiba had sometimes mocked and laughed at Naruto for being such a screw up, but that asshole attitude of his back then was something Kiba now deeply regretted and wasn’t at all proud of; he didn’t like admitting it, but the fact was that Naruto had decisively kicked his ass during the Chunin Exams those years ago, causing Kiba to gain a newfound respect for the guy he now considered both a friend and a rival. In fact, Kiba could even say he actually admired Naruto these days, approved of how strong the former loser had become and how deeply committed to his friends he was. Naruto had become a great ninja despite all the negative opinions people had had about him, enhancing his reputation with Kiba even more. Of course, the next time they fought Kiba wasn’t going to go easy on Naruto just because they were buddies now; he planned on seriously paying Naruto back for that humiliating defeat he had suffered back during the Chunin Exams and there was no way in hell Kiba was going to sit back and let Naruto become Hokage without a suitable challenge for that position. Even still, despite their all too often poor history and their similar confident, take-charge personalities that often caused friction and confrontation between the two of them, Kiba was glad to say he had ended up friends with Naruto.

There was something very unusual about Naruto’s odor right now, though; he certainly smelled sweaty at the moment, so that overly-diligent guy must have been working out in private here in the forest, but sweat didn’t effect the accuracy of Kiba’s nose, so that wasn't it. No, there was something else about it, something distinct that Kiba couldn’t quite put his finger on. Naruto just didn’t smell the way he usually did at the moment. Every individual naturally gave off a different scent specific to only them, and something about Naruto’s was off today, an experience Kiba had never come across before; the rambunctious blond smelled abnormal, but still enough like himself for Kiba to easily identify who was out here with him. He knew Naruto’s scent by just one whiff, just as he did almost everyone else’s in the village, so he had no idea why it had suddenly changed so much. As an Inuzuka, Kiba had a sort of catalogue of familiar scents of both enemies and allies alike stored in his mind, each person’s unique aroma preserved in his memory for later access. Inadvertently over the years Kiba had begun to associate certain people's scents with feelings or memories; of course there was the feeling of lust that came with sniffing out a sexy chick, but a more personal example would be Hinata and Shino's individual aroma's, both of which brought up feelings of companionship and mutual understanding and deep trust inside of Kiba. It wasn’t really that Naruto had a different scent exactly, smelling him still evoked the same competing feelings of respect and rivalry that it always had, it was more like there was a hidden part to his scent that Kiba had never noticed before today, something buried down in there that his nose had remarkably failed to ever pick up on before.

It was an interesting, complex smell, something Kiba found himself weirdly attracted to, remarkably similar the erotic smell that a beautiful woman gave off. But Naruto was no woman, this smell was unmistakably a male’s! Kiba couldn’t believe it, but in his lust-crazed state Naruto’s individual aroma wafting on the air at him actually smelled… good. It was so sweaty and musky and masculine, which for some bizarre reason Kiba found debilitatingly pleasant. He had never discovered a fragrance this attractive before in his life, particularly not a guy's! Kiba loved the sweet smells of a lovely young woman, her hair, her perfume, her body's natural pheromones emanating from her pores, not the putrid stink of gross men. But for some reason, Naruto’s curious but unmistakably manly scent with its previously hidden qualities was turning Kiba on even more than he already was, which was saying something, flipping some sort of switch in his brain. It was a strong, pungent odor like a typical man's, but it lacked the harshness of most guys that Kiba came across so he wasn't disgusted by it. It was also flowing and intoxicating like a woman's smell, but of course Naruto didn't smell sweet or feminine at all, which further fueled Kiba's curiosity... not to mention his arousal.

“...I wonder what kind of training Naruto’s doing,” Kiba quietly questioned himself, coming up with a convenient excuse for him to investigate the source of the enticing scent without actually admitting the reality of the matter to himself. Kiba refused to believe it, but the fact was his nose and his cock were the ones leading the way now, his brain letting the two appendages have complete control of his body in the face of this mysteriously sexy smell his friend was emitting.

Kiba swiftly walked the short distance separating himself and Naruto in a strangely antsy mood, his friend’s scent getting Kiba all riled up and confused as his heart thumped frantically and his dick remained hard as steel, expectantly wondering just what was drawing him in. Finally arriving at the heavenly aroma’s source, Kiba cautiously peeked his head through some bushes to find Naruto going about his daily workout routine about fifteen feet away, as hardworking and driven as ever. The blond was wearing a tight fitting black mesh shirt, the short sleeves and see-through fabric accentuating his nicely built frame, his somewhat fair skin clearly visible through the mesh holes as Naruto’s chest glistened with beads of salty smelling sweat that Kiba could whiff even from this distance. The devoted shinobi had discarded the bulky jacket he usually wore in the face of the humid weather, but was still noticeably sweating as crystalline droplets of perspiration also dripped from his spiky golden locks slowly down his face.

Yeah, this is definitely Naruto’s scent, Kiba confirmed as he spied his comrade exercising from his hiding place amongst the plants, taking another sniff of the intoxicating smell drifting lazily on the air to double-check if maybe he had initially misidentified the owner of this alluring scent. Even with that assurance, though, there was still something wonderfully enticing and unusual about how Naruto smelled at the moment, drawing Kiba in like a butterfly to the fragrance of a beautiful flower. Kiba definitively decided to put off masturbating just for a moment so he could find out what was going on with his nose today and why Naruto’s stupid sexy stench was getting him so worked up, the horny teen crouching down in the bushes as he leered enthusiastically at his nearby friend as the blond worked up a good sweat.

Kiba’s gaze unconsciously drifted downwards as Naruto finished up his current exercise and paused his regimen a moment to unceremoniously grab the sweaty bulge in his pants and shift it around. Kiba watched the explicit action in a strange daze, his dark eyes intently following Naruto’s hand as the blond rearranged his considerable package, the canine boy entirely able to smell the undeniably powerful and excitingly male odor emanating from Naruto’s sweltering genitals even from this distance. It was a strangely mesmerizing sight, Kiba totally unable to tear his ravenous eyes away as Naruto shifted his sticky, sweaty junk around into a more comfortable position for exercising.

Kiba had made fun of him in the past, always assumed that Naruto was just a dumb, weak little kid, but he couldn’t help noticing that the goofball had actually grown into not only a successful shinobi, but quite a bit of a stud as well in recent years. Naruto could have rightly been considered handsome, a guy who possessed charming good looks that he had gradually grown into over the course of puberty and a well sculpted body from his years of hard training. And of course there was something else about him that was pretty attractive, too; although Kiba was certain his own manhood was the bigger between the two of them, the blatant erotic outline of Naruto’s impressive cock in his trousers plainly told that he was no slouch in that department either, a juicy piece of man meat hanging between his well-toned legs. Taking all this information into consideration, Kiba would honestly have to say that, next to himself obviously, Naruto was probably the hottest dude in the whole Hidden Leaf Village. For whatever reasons and implications, even Kiba found himself weirdly attracted to the guy at the moment. After all, who could resist those piercing blue eyes, that charming smile, and the six pack abs hidden just beneath his shirt? Kiba knew for a fact that Naruto had gained many female admirers since he had become the hero of the village, but there were also a handful of guys out there that had secret crushes on him as well. Even if Naruto was good looking, Kiba wasn't one of them, however. At least... he didn't think he was. He might have to reconsider things after this shocking experience.

Once Naruto was satisfied with where his dick rested in his underwear, he switched exercises and began doing some jumping jacks. Kiba swallowed hard as he stared at Naruto’s thick cock flopping and bouncing all around in his pants while he jumped, the dog boy caught in a trance by such a clear view of the outline of that nice big bulge. Naruto's well-endowed manhood jumped around energetically to and fro, mirroring its master's movements. Kiba watched the energetic pecker do its own routine, staring mesmerized at what Naruto was packing like a hawk carefully eyeing its prey.

Kiba was completely confused at whatever the fuck was going on in his head at the moment, he couldn’t believe he was ogling a guy so intensely, but he was also strangely attracted to those bizarre thoughts of attraction as well. He had no idea why he was getting such a thrill at watching Naruto in this compromising position, but he liked it. There was something irresistibly sexy about this moment to Kiba, spying on his hottie of a friend while he had a woody jutting out in his pants and Naruto had no idea whatsoever what was going on; it was just so deliciously naughty. Naruto’s arousing scent, his beautiful chiseled body… it was amazingly erotic to the desperately horny dog boy, something that he couldn’t hold back from enjoying and peeping on despite all sane protests from his bewildered subconscious that this was seriously twisted and screwed up.

Without warning or forethought, Kiba slowly reached a hand down to grab his crotch and began methodically massaging his package as he leered at Naruto’s own wildly flailing member, unable to deny his groin its lewd desires any longer. Kiba bit down on his bottom lip, trying to stifle groans of enjoyment as he rubbed himself sensually to the image of his pal that brought out a lot of obscene conflicting emotions in him. There was a small but plainly noticeable wet spot on the front of Kiba’s trousers where his dick continued to steadily leak out an ocean of pre-cum in pure excitement at the erotic sight before him. More of the sticky fluid came rapidly gushing out at his sudden touch as Kiba roughly groped and fondled himself with abandon, causing a wet, slimy feeling to form in his pants as the pre stain grew ever larger and his dick strained against his zipper with all its might, begging to be let free at last.

“...Fuck it!” Kiba whispered hoarsely, half in disgust with himself for what he was doing and half in overwhelming arousal. He needed a bigger excitement that just watching someone from afar and touching himself through fabric. Kiba needed something… more. He was known as an impulsive guy, but even for himself this was crazy! No, what he was currently contemplating was beyond crazy, it was absolutely insane! ...But damn did the thought that suddenly popped into his head as he stared at his exercising pal seem hotter than hell! Kiba could only wonder about the possibilities, his mind running wild with all sorts of imagined erotic acts. What would happen if he actually dared to come out of the bushes and approach Naruto this way? If he showed off his boner for Naruto to see would Naruto be impressed with the size of his tent, or embarrassed at such a risque thing, or angry at being ambushed and harassed? How would he react to such a filthy sight? He didn’t know why, but Kiba found he wanted Naruto to see him this way, wanted to show off his pants wet with pre and bulging with a needy erection concealed within. Only a little while ago the thought of being caught like this by someone in town had been terrifying and humiliating, but being caught this way out here hidden by the trees alone with only Naruto to see him… well that might just be the thrill Kiba was looking for. That was something Kiba found intriguing, a thought that make his heart flutter and his cock leak even more sticky pre in delight at the possible insinuations. Working up his courage to show himself before Naruto, to expose his wanton need to his friend, Kiba mentally prepared himself for whatever would happen once he did this, knowing he wouldn’t be able to retreat once it was done as his feelings of arousal and fear mixed together into a weird new emotion that he couldn't describe.

“Hey Naruto! What’re you up to, buddy?” Kiba courageously called out to his friend as he proudly exited the bushes, making no effort at all to hide his throbbing erection as he approached.

“I’m just doing some…” Naruto started out as he turned around to greet his friend, but quickly stopped himself once he had seen Kiba’s unmistakably erect trousers jutting out before him. Ha, there’s no way he doesn’t notice! Kiba thought excitedly, getting some kind of weird exhibitionist thrill out of this moment that he never knew he had in him. Watching and being watched... before this Kiba had no idea he was such a pervert, but in for a penny, in for a pound he supposed, so he might as well enjoy it. There was no backing out now, he was stuck like a deer in oncoming headlights, without any alternative but to stay here and see how this played out. Fuck this is hot! C’mon Naruto, say something, don’t just pretend you don’t notice! Kiba silently urged his buddy, getting more and more into his newly discovered exhibitionist streak with every passing moment of tense silence between them. If Naruto decided to brush it off and not acknowledge what was going on then that wasn't very fun, now was it? Kiba needed Naruto's attention focused completely on him, desired to have those pretty blue eyes gawking in disbelief at him like the thrill-seeking show off he was.

“Ahem, just doin’ some training…” Naruto mumbled with an awkward cough, temporarily thrown off by the unmissable sight of Kiba’s massive protruding tent and turning his head away in embarrassment once he had spotted the seeping pre stain on the crotch of Kiba’s trousers, not knowing just what else to do or say in this kind of unexpected situation. Naruto almost immediately shied his gaze away from Kiba, but much to Kiba's delight, the embarrassed blond couldn’t hide the fact that he kept taking small sideways glances back at Kiba every so often, mainly aimed at his throbbing junk. Kiba smirked at seeing the small but telling reaction, knowing his shameful display had payed off at least a little bit for him. Being cautiously looked at by those pretty deep blue eyes, even as they were flusteredly pretending not to see, that was seriously tickling Kiba’s desire to be watched. Under Naruto’s quick little glimpses Kiba’s face heated up almost as fiery red as Naruto’s currently was as well, the canine boy definitely ashamed at the moment, but it was a kind of shame that was exciting and fun to experience, demeaning yet erotic at the same time.

“...Shouldn’t you go take care of that?” Naruto quietly commented on Kiba’s state after a few moments more of silence between them, his face burning up at unexpectedly seeing the raging erection of a friend. The whole sight caused Kiba to smile a bit in glee, his devious curiosity now sated with seeing Naruto’s overt reaction to his exhibitionism. But it wasn’t enough just yet, Kiba’s foolish courage urged him to push the boundaries a bit more, to prolong this encounter for as long as he could so he could get as much enjoyment out of his humiliating exposure as possible; the itch he had wasn’t scratched just yet.

“Ah, I was actually just about to find someplace quiet and do that when I ran into you,” Kiba explained nonchalantly, not exactly the entire truth but close enough to it for his dastardly purposes. “I was just thinking how that seemed like a nice tree to stroke it under, but you beat me here. Bummer,” he said with false disappointment as he pointed to the tree Naruto was standing under.

“Ha ha, yeah I hear ya,” Naruto laughed sheepishly at Kiba's reasoning, turning back around to again face Kiba head on despite the most unusual circumstances, the blond subtly trying not so successfully to keep his eyes focused on Kiba’s face and away from his prominent crotch. “Sometimes I come out here to jerk it, too,” he audaciously admitted with an undaunted shrug and his characteristic bright smile, and although his face was still bright red and flushed with uncertainty, he seemed to be gradually growing more comfortable with the awkward situation.

“You do?” Kiba asked, surprised at Naruto’s brave open confession. Well, this guy never was one for meaningless pleasantries and restricting barriers when it came to conversation, always brutally honest and open with his friends regardless of what kinds of intimate or personal details that entailed. Kiba had just never expected him to be so truthful about something like that; most guys would lie if questioned on their masturbation habits, especially about something ridiculous like coming out into the forest to do it, but Naruto flat out admitted to it, almost as if it was something he was proud of.

“Yeah, I totally get it; it’s tough to find the chance to do it sometimes what with missions and all. Plus, it's even worse when I have Sakura, Kakashi, Konohamaru, Iruka, Sasuke, and who knows who else coming around my place unannounced all the time, so I usually come out here whenever I need to ‘relax,’” Naruto chuckled at his own words that dripped with insinuation that, whether Naruto had intended them that way or not, Kiba found maddeningly arousing and flirtatious. “But seriously, go take care of that thing before you explode, man! Just don’t do it right here in front of me, I don’t want your jizz all over my training field!” Naruto laughed enthusiastically as he nodded at Kiba’s crotch, treating the whole occasion as if it were a normal innocent occurrence between guys who were close friends and promptly turned back around to return to his important exercises to keep his skills sharp.

No longer sneaking glances at Kiba, Naruto continued on with the next part of his regimen, now bending all the way over and stretching down to touch his toes before coming back up again and again in a repetitious manner as he loosened his back muscles. Every time he did so, Kiba was rewarded with the most wonderful image of Naruto’s firm buttocks sticking out in the air, the sweet cheeks irritatingly concealed by his pants. Kiba stared absentmindedly at Naruto’s rear while the blond continued his workout, enthralled by the mounds of pert flesh criminally hidden away from view, the dog boy uncertain if whether he should leave now that he had gotten his cheap thrill or… No, he couldn’t leave just yet. Kiba was reminded of his built-up need as his cock pulsated in his pants at the lascivious sight before him, Naruto's ass hanging up in the air like he was presenting just for Kiba, the horny mutt resisting every urge in his body to reach out and give those manly clefts a good squeeze. His brain new he should leave, but his member just didn't want to until it had had its own bit of fun. He still needed to take care of that problem and urgently.

Now that he got a good long look at it, Kiba noticed that Naruto’s ass certainly filled out those pants he was wearing nicely, a pert, cute, sculpted muscle butt that teased Kiba with its firmness every time Naruto bent over to touch his toes; yeah, an ass like that suited Naruto very well. Each time Naruto bent down his pants stretched around his buttocks, reveling the contours of the blond's body just as had happened with his crotch when Naruto had been doing jumping jacks earlier. The cloth grasped to his cheeks, seemingly unwilling to let go of their glorious golden host, revealing two round masses of muscle that were neither too boringly small and flat or too ridiculously oversized and flabby, but perfectly sized and attractive. Kiba didn't blame the fabric for not letting go; if he could touch that beautiful muscular booty he probably wouldn't want to ever let go either. Damn! You could bounce a coin off that ass, Kiba regarded his friend's bottom jealously. Kiba licked his lips deliciously at the sight, starving for more; this bastard was driving him utterly mad with lust and Naruto didn’t even know he was doing it. Kiba had never been so hard before in his life, had never felt these weird feelings welling up inside him, but today he was entirely and inexplicably attracted to Naruto Uzumaki and he intended to do something about it.

Knowing he was being insanely reckless, but unable to control his body and halt his actions before it was too late, Kiba valiantly stepped forward, one step, two, then three, until he was remarkably close to Naruto. But he still didn’t stop there. No, instead he acted on insatiable impulse and kept moving forward, taking that last doozy of a step so he was right behind Naruto, his hard-on barely an inch from that ass he had been admiring a moment ago. Without fear or doubt, his rational mind entirely clouded by lust caused by his dirty teenage whims and fueled by the increasingly sexy situation with his pal, Kiba Inuzuka reached out his hands and firmly placed them both on Naruto’s slender hips, gently pulling his friend backwards so that amazing toned ass of his was pressed up directly against Kiba’s steely dick. There was no going back now.

“WHAT THE FUCK, KIBA?!” Naruto screamed out in sudden shock after a brief moment of disbelief as he felt Kiba’s dangerously hard cock unexpectedly poke against his backside. He tried in vain to squirm away, but Kiba clenched his grip on Naruto's hips harder, firmly holding Naruto in place against his crotch, not wanting the object of his newfound affections to escape so easily.

“Please, Naruto. Just let me… rub against you, that’s all I want. I just… I haven’t nut in forever and it hurts so much. C’mon, help a buddy out,” Kiba begged pathetically, his voice cracking with poorly contained emotion as he slowly ground his boner against Naruto’s backside, trying to drive home just how needy he was. The pain really was getting pretty bad now, it felt like his balls were twisting and contorting in uncomfortable fullness, and Kiba hadn’t been able to take care of it even once yet today–let alone the five or so times he needed to drain his nuts to stay sane every day–so he was backed up and horny beyond belief. He needed this so badly. Kiba’s pride and honor were shattered, knowing all too well just how absurd he was acting but too controlled by his sex drive to do anything about it. It was humiliating and disgusting, but at the moment Kiba badly needed Naruto’s help.

Naruto ceased his struggling to get away from the horn dog and slowly turned his head over his shoulder after hearing Kiba’s pleas, getting an unexpected glance of Kiba’s abnormally downcast features. The idiot was usually so annoyingly confident and excited, that trademark wolfish grin of his a constant reassuring sight on tough missions. But this was a side of Kiba that Naruto had never seen before, that he had never expected to see. Those black eyes shone with weary frustrated need, his deep, serious frown plainly stating how badly Kiba wanted relief. Kiba was being so open and trusting at the moment, even when it was about something like this that broke his own pride to ask, something that was downright wrong and twisted. But even so, Naruto couldn’t allow Kiba to just do whatever he wanted! ...Could he? Kiba was actually pleading with Naruto to let him continue humping him. That was pretty screwed up–actually it was very screwed up–but Kiba just sounded so… desperate. He really was in pain right now, there was no mistake about that just from looking at his face. ...Naruto couldn't shake the feeling that the look Kiba made gave him, he was disgusted with himself for even considering it, but Kiba really needed this release and Naruto wasn’t one to let a friend down when they were in need… even if what they were in need of was sexual gratification. Naruto supposed that it wouldn’t be that horrible if he could just suck it up and bear with it. He honestly felt bad for Kiba at the moment; the guy must be so humiliated and ashamed with himself for doing something like this, but was just too overcome with desire to really stop himself. Naruto empathized with his plight, since he too was a horny teen guy and knew what it was like being backed up and needing to blow your load so badly that it literally hurt, but not having any girlfriend to help you out. So Naruto guessed he could help a friend out just this once.

“F-fine…” Naruto replied timidly after a while of thinking to himself, awkwardly aware of how strange this situation was, but not cold-hearted enough to leave Kiba hanging in his time of need. Never let it be said that Naruto Uzumaki was a bad friend; even in this fucked up situation he was still concerned for the well-being of his comrades. What a guy!

“Thank you!” Kiba hissed with utter joy at Naruto’s acceptance of his bizarre actions. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I promise I’ll make it up to you, Naruto. I swear!” Kiba profusely thanked Naruto over and over and immediately returned to his slow dry humping once he had been given the clear to do so. The feeling of those firm butt cheeks pressed up against his desirous rod, even though the barrier of their pants it was still a wonderful sensation he was all to happy to take advantage of.

“Just keep your dick in your pants, you stupid mutt. I don’t want your jizz all over my clothes,” Naruto warned.

“Heh, that’s fair I guess,” Kiba relented, disappointed that he couldn't slip between those naked buns for a rub like he had hoped, but definitely understanding of Naruto's reservations considering everything.

...It was a weird feeling, having another guy grind his dick against you. Naruto’s face was flaming red as he felt Kiba’s amazingly rigid member poke and rub against him desperately, seeking out that glorious friction. His friend’s hands were firmly in place on his hips, keeping him still so Kiba could run his rock-hard erection all over his behind. Naruto was far beyond simply nervous in this situation, but committed to helping out a pal in need, even with this type of need. Naruto had seen that look of lonely desperation deep in Kiba’s eyes and wasn’t content to leave Kiba hanging like that, no matter how embarrassing and uncomfortable it felt as Kiba tried his best to press his member in between Naruto’s butt cheeks and attempted to hotdog him, but without much success because of their pants in the way. Even so, Kiba still seemed to be ‘enjoying’ himself, which was the whole point of this exercise anyway, which was fine enough for Naruto.

“Fuck dude, you got a great ass. All hard and muscled,” Kiba lustily acclaimed his friend’s well-toned body, gripping harder at Naruto’s hips as he sped up his grinding motions against the ass he was complimenting. In his pants, a constant stream of pre leaking out of his cock slit helped Kiba’s efforts considerably, the slick patch in his boxers making it easier to accomplish his task as he slid and rubbed against Naruto. As Kiba quickened his pace he started letting out quick little sighs and soft squeals into Naruto’s ear, letting the blond know his buddy was finally getting the pleasure he had sought so badly.

Kiba suddenly brought his face forward and lightly rested his chin tentatively on Naruto’s shoulder, as if questioning if the move was okay with Naruto. When the blond made no move to stop him and said nothing to deter him, Kiba moved his chin softly across Naruto’s shoulder inwards towards his neck, inching closer and closer until he was nestled up against his friend, his head resting against Naruto’s and his lips placed directly next to Naruto’s ear lobe. Kiba’s entire body was pressed up against Naruto's in a strangely intimate position for two guys to find themselves in, but one that Kiba found surprisingly enjoyable and comfortable.

Oddly enough, the way Kiba affectionately nuzzled his neck didn’t bother Naruto at all. In fact, it was almost a sweet gesture, something like what lovers would do. The two boys certainly were not lovers, but there was a certain comforting emotional warmness about Kiba’s head resting against his own that was nice, so Naruto make no move to stop him, maybe even encouraged Kiba further by gently pushing his head against Kiba’s, a silent, intimate motion to assure him it was alright. Kiba responded by pressing up against him even tighter, almost like a sensual full body hug from behind. Even with their bodies nestled so close together Naruto found he was losing his sense of awkwardness and tension about this moment, that feeling transforming into… something else he didn’t recognize. Something that felt good.

Kiba’s hot breath felt so wet and warm against his bare skin as the dog boy salaciously panted and gasped in Naruto’s ear with no restraints, a symphony of erotic noises erupting from Kiba’s lips placed so tantalizingly close to his ear. Kiba let out all kinds of strange, arousing, exciting noises as he went continuously grinding against his friend, not stopping his vigorous humping for even a second. Those weird sounds Kiba was making in his ear… somehow they were actually kinda… sexy. The fact that Kiba was making them so loudly and frequently and passionately, that Naruto was the thing that was causing those little intense moans to leak from the mouth of his friend, well it kinda made Naruto proud that he could be of help, despite his previous uncertainty about this. But those needy, breathy gasps let out right inside his ear, they also were making him kinda… horny. For some reason Kiba’s sexy, hushed little moans of desire were actually turning Naruto on. He sincerely hoped Kiba wouldn’t notice this fact, but Naruto was getting boned up himself, despite all self-assurances that these were completely twisted and not at all normal actions and feelings between two normal friends.

Suddenly Kiba stopped his humping all at once and released his fierce grasp of Naruto’s hips, causing the blond to feel strangely let down that he wouldn’t be able to hear Kiba’s erotic breath in his ear anymore. Oh, but Kiba wasn’t finished by any means, Naruto soon realized that as he still felt that throbbing cock pressed against his backside as yet still unsatisfied. Kiba then seized hold of Naruto’s wrist and lifted Naruto's arm high into the air so the moist, sweaty armpit of his shirt was on display and unabashedly stuck his nose deep into the blond’s armpit in one swift, brave motion. The tufts of hair poking out through the black mesh tickled his nose as Kiba deeply inhaled Naruto’s intoxicating aroma that had lured him here in the first place, eagerly breathing in the scent of his friend.

“You fuckin’ perv,” Naruto remarked with a chuckle as Kiba courageously dove in and inhaled his sweaty stench without any fear of judgement, both somewhat amused and disgusted with the odd action. ...And maybe just a little bit turned on, too. The fact that Kiba was getting so into this was actually kind of sexy for Naruto. The fact that he could have that kind of profound affect on someone, how was he not supposed to find that kind of complimentary attention enticing and alluring? Naruto was admittedly a little grossed out at seeing Kiba take a proud whiff of his sweaty armpit, but despite that his dick continued to harden in excitement at the bold move. Naruto loved the bold and unexpected.

“Shut up, dumbass. I pretty much have dog senses, and canines emit all kinds of scents during sex, so I just can’t help it, it’s like an urge or something,” Kiba snapped without any embarrassment after removing his face from the fleshy crevice just long enough to glare at Naruto and give an explanation. In this case he really couldn’t control his irresistible canine instincts to take in his partner's scent. Plus, Naruto’s scent was the whole reason he was even here doing this, Kiba would have to be nuts not to get a good hint of that amazing smell that Naruto wasn’t even aware he emitted while he had the chance. Now that he was this close, Kiba fully intended to get his fill of that studly aroma, to whiff it deep and have it permanently remain in his nostrils. “...Besides, I actually… kinda like the way you smell,” Kiba muttered this last part under his breath before quickly sticking his nose back into Naruto’s pit so he couldn't be interrogated for his fetishes anymore, probably hoping Naruto hadn’t been able to hear his almost whispered truth. But Naruto had in fact heard, and that odd confession of sorts caused Naruto to blush furiously, his face turning far redder than even when he had seen Kiba’s tent jutting out so provocatively. His skin was almost as shockingly ruby as the fang markings on Kiba's face, that patch of warm heat rapidly stretching all the way back to his ears while Kiba so happily sniffed away in his pit.

Mmmm! What is it about this guy that’s making me so fucking horny? Kiba wondered as he nearly got high off of Naruto’s stench alone, still unable to pin down just what he was so adoring of when it came to Naruto, what exactly was drawing him to his friend in this illicit way. I would have never thought that the stupid fucker that farted in my face back during the Chunin Exams would ever make me feel this way! he remarked, driven insane with lust. Kiba wasn’t exactly proud of himself right about now, but he just couldn't help it. He felt like a male dog totally enthralled by the scent of a fine bitch in heat and sloppily making his desire known in a prideless and upfront way, as dogs did. But Naruto was no sexy female with amazing full breasts and wide childbearing hips. He was, however, a studly handsome piece of ass, and Kiba guessed that was good enough for his cock. Kiba had never been so drawn to another person’s scent before, left so overpowered and helpless to how they inflamed his animalistic passions inside. Kiba nuzzled his nose deeper into Naruto’s pit, taking another deep whiff of his pal’s sultry aroma. He was drunk; stupid and reckless and horny and utterly drunken on Naruto's alluring brew of sweat and pheromones.

Despite the popular opinion of people will far less sharp senses than his own, body odor and natural scent were not the same thing. Kiba often got annoyed when people assumed he enjoyed smelling things that stank to high heaven. When Kiba smelled a 'scent' he wasn't smelling a reeking BO or a brand of soap or anything like that, he was taking in an identifying marker of an individual, and sort of like with a thumb print, no two people smelled alike either. You could wash away rancid sweaty stink, but no matter how hard you scrubbed you could never get rid of that scent that forever marked you as you. Kiba had come across many scents over the years, some he liked and some he hated, but none he enjoyed as much as Naruto's. His was musky and raunchy in an exciting way, only slightly masked by the crisp, clean lingering scent of deodorant that had mostly worn away by now from the summer heat and replaced with the salty tangy sweat of a man hard at work. Naruto's invigorating scent had been what had initially drawn Kiba in, but the pungent manly aroma of sweat and balls and dirt emanating from the guy now acted as an aphrodisiac, further enhancing Kiba's infatuation with the way the blond smelled.

The scent of aroused masculinity was awakening Kiba’s inner wild beast, traveling into his nose and up to tease the most bestial and primal parts of his brain, which he was desperately trying to keep suppressed; he didn’t want to go too overboard and screw up a good thing by startling Naruto with his uninhibited animal passions. Over and over again Kiba had to remind himself to pace himself, to keep his libido in check and not push the boundaries too far despite his throbbing urges to throw Naruto to the ground and fuck the beautiful guy senseless. Boy did Kiba want to plunge his big prick into that firm ass and make Naruto cry out his name in heated, unrestricted passion! He could only imagine what kind of amazing smell Naruto would make were they to entwine their strapping, nubile bodies together and rut here in the grass like stupid animals, mating hard and fast and sloppy, focused entirely on swimming in a sea of wonderful endorphins. But no, Kiba knew he had to control himself and be respectful of Naruto. Kiba wasn’t going to do anything that Naruto wasn’t comfortable with, despite how much he really wanted to pound that blond hottie's bubble butt right now!

Kiba removed his nose from Naruto’s pit, content with his exposure to that heavenly scent for now, and returned back to his previous slow humping. But this time only one of his hands remained on Naruto’s hip while he went at it. Kiba’s other hand went curiously exploring Naruto's body, slowly sliding down his shoulder to his protruding bicep. Naruto understood what Kiba was silently asking and held up his arm to flex in reaction, allowing Kiba to grasp his muscle appreciatively. “Mmm, nice,” Kiba muttered as he squeezed the muscle in his hand, causing Naruto to smile proudly at the compliment. After getting a few adoring squeezes, Kiba’s free hand then left Naruto’s bicep to travel across his stomach, causing Naruto to shudder in excitement at the almost tickling sensation as Kiba’s fingers traced his abs and circled his bellybutton, his flimsy mesh shirt doing almost nothing to block Kiba’s touch, not that Naruto wanted it to anyways.

“You’ve got a rockin’ body Naruto, you know that? Sweet ass, smooth abs, big muscled pecs. No wonder all the chicks in town wanna fuck you,” Kiba complimented as his hands drifted sensuously across Naruto’s body, getting a nice long touch of the blond’s warm, smooth skin and admirable muscle strength. Too bad for them I got to you first. Now they’ll never get a chance. Now that Kiba had discovered this amazing feeling that Naruto invoked inside him there was no way in hell he was going to let some dumb skank come and steal Naruto’s stupidly cute self from his claws. He and Naruto were going to have lots of fun together from now on, Kiba just knew it.

Kiba stuck his hand casually underneath Naruto’s shirt and gradually drug it upwards to grab a handful of Naruto’s left pectoral muscle as he continued to simultaneous grope Naruto from the front and hump him from behind, squeezing that respectable flesh in his hand with rigid determination. Kiba traced his claws very delicately on Naruto’s light pink nipple, carefully arousing the nub with gentle scratches and pokes as he tried with much effort not to really hurt Naruto with his potentially dangerous claws. Just little light nips with his talons would be enough to evoke the desired reaction, no need to go overboard and make him hurt when what Kiba really wanted was the exact opposite; he wanted to see Naruto moaning in ecstasy in his grasp. Naruto gasped breathily at the odd sensation, completely unused to the feeling of sharp nails digging ever so gently at his skin, especially at one of the most sensitive places on his body. The overt reaction told Kiba that he had hit the mark he was aiming for, and he continued to very gently twerk the rising bud with the tips of his claws.

“Ah, you like having your nipples played with, huh?” Kiba asked snarkily, suddenly pinching down on Naruto’s inflamed left nipple to accentuate his remark and causing Naruto to groan lustily. “I guess we have that in common. I love toyin’ with ‘em while jerkin’ off too. Feels great, doesn’t it?” he teased with obvious intent, getting Naruto as hot and bothered as he could in preparation for the next step in his impromptu plan to seduce the handsome blond.

Kiba could smell it. Naruto was almost as horny as he was, teeming with his own unreleased pools of creamy man spunk begging to be ejected and shot everywhere in a messy display of masculinity. Naruto had been shying away from how hot and bothered Kiba was making him, trying to mask his pleasure, but Kiba didn't need his eyes to tell that their bodies being so tightly embraced together, his hands roaming that good looking body, even the boner grinding into him with abandon were things Naruto definitely wasn't objecting to anymore... things he was even enjoying now. Naruto's brain might have been reluctant to accept that fact, and his mouth eager to deny that he was doing anything more than still helping out a bud, but the red aura of pheromones surrounding him told another story. Kiba's nose easily picked up the heady smell of masculine arousal that Naruto couldn't deny, a burning field enveloping Naruto. If Kiba focused he could actually even smell the drops of watery pre-cum dripping from Naruto's husky dong hidden away in his briefs, each droplet of liquid excitement getting Kiba more amped up. And he could distinctly sniff out Naruto's body heat, the warmth radiating from his skin like a miniature furnace, accompanied by a wave of hormones leaking from his pores, the testosterone floating in the air entirely discernible to Kiba's sharp perception. Just like Kiba, Naruto was gradually throwing away his pride and shame and accepting wild masculine lust in their place.

It was time for the moment of truth at last. Kiba had worked Naruto over to the point of breaking and flirted enough, it was time for some real action between them, some intimate guy on guy bonding that Kiba never knew he wanted to experience so badly. But now that he was, there was no guy out there he wanted to have this kind of encounter with more than Naruto the handsome goofball. Swiftly kicking into action before Naruto could respond and try to deny his enjoyment of their intimacy, Kiba salaciously snaked one of his beautifully tan arms around Naruto’s torso, then slid it further down to grab the zipper of Naruto’s pants between his fingers and slowly unzipped it bit by bit until Naruto’s fly was wide open. Without a word Kiba then courageously slipped his hand inside Naruto’s fly to go fishing for his rapidly hardening cock. The blond guy had tried to hide it, but Kiba wasn’t that stupid, he knew exactly how worked up Naruto was getting as they fooled around, and Kiba fully intended to repay his debt to Naruto by giving the blond some pleasure of his own.

“Kiba, don't-!” Naruto protested the action, shocked at Kiba’s unexpected action–though not necessarily entirely opposed–and not wanting Kiba to find out how turned on by his friend's actions he had been getting. But the stupid mutt payed Naruto’s feeble protests no mind whatsoever and defiantly pulled his plump cock out into the open air for them both to see with expectant eager swiftness. Kiba had wanted to see Naruto's schlong since he had first laid eyes on that sweaty package bouncing around so joyously as Naruto exercised and now that he had the chance there was no way he wasn't getting a good look-not to mention feel-of that rigid, leaking manhood. But if Naruto had really wanted Kiba to stop what he was doing he could have easily gotten away, he wasn't weak or helpless, only conflicted on what he should do. Kiba was only helping to push things along and clear up those doubts, that was all. The only thing Naruto had to do now was brush away those last unneeded remnants of shame and the two young men could happily play their games of sexual exploration together. He couldn’t hide what was going on any longer, neither of them could. These two teen guys were utterly captivated by each other, finding themselves aroused like they had never expected to be with each other’s rock-hard cocks, handsome smiles, chiseled muscles, and masculine smells.

“Hey, I said I was gonna pay you back for helping me. I think a hand job is a pretty fair exchange, don’t you?” Kiba asked cockily, placing a little friendly peck on Naruto's rosy red cheek before looking over his friend’s shoulder to stare down at the fat cock grasped in his hand like it were a priceless treasure. And what a sight it was! The blond's dong felt noticeably heavy in Kiba's hand, thicker around than Kiba had even imagined. Seeing it exposed and hard was a whole different experience. Taking that monster would stretch someone our really good, fill even the sluttiest hole up nicely. Feeling that piece of meat in his hand only confirmed to Kiba that he had to keep his new partner away from the girls of the village; if they found out how hung Naruto really was then those bitches would all throw themselves at him. Kiba wasn't going to have anyone spoil his dirty fun with one of his best buddies; only he would be getting any looks at that big dick from now on. “What’s this here? You say 'don’t', but you’re already dripping pre like crazy,” Kiba teasingly remarked at the girthy member in his hand, pulling his foreskin back and forth at an agonizingly slow pace. A steady river of pre-cum dribbled out of Naruto’s cock slit, which Kiba rubbed gently with the tip of his finger, encouraging more of the sticky substance to come out. A few stray long pubes also poked their way out of Naruto’s fly, and Kiba found the fact that they were just at shockingly blond as Naruto’s hair to be charmingly cute. “How big are you, Naruto?” Kiba inquired, trying to guess the dimensions of the thick dick grasped so lovingly in his hand.

“S-seven inches,” Naruto sighed as Kiba slowly stroked him, teasing him and destroying any resistance to the action that he had been putting up. How exactly could he fight back when Kiba had done all the right things to work him up this much and break down the barriers that he had tried to put up?

“Nice!” Kiba heartily congratulated him, playfully tweaking the cock with his finger. “I’m a bit over eight inches long,” he truthfully boasted, watching impishly as he saw Naruto raise his eyebrows ever so slightly in curious interest at the mention of the impressive size of Kiba’s dick. “But you’re thicker than I am. Fat and juicy,” Kiba whispered into Naruto's ear as he leisurely traced a big purple vein running down the length of the engorged member with his finger, appreciating the thickness of the member he was slowly working. It felt so huge in his hand, he couldn’t help but be impressed. Just like he had thought, Naruto was pretty manly after all. Naruto shuddered at Kiba’s touch, trying hard to hold himself back and not jump willingly into this pool of debauchery.

“...Kiba, why the hell are you doing this?” Naruto asked, the last remnant of his resistance very rapidly ebbing away as Kiba stroked him expertly.

“Well, we’re friends, I’m horny and you’re obviously horny too," he remarked, shaking Naruto's engorged member in proof, "so why not? Besides… dogs love bones and you seem to be packing a nice one here,” he chuckled haughtily at his joke, gripping Naruto’s fat member tighter and thrusting it faster into his hand. Kiba clenched his teeth forward and began to nibble on Naruto’s earlobe gently, his hot, moist breath causing Naruto to shiver as went into his ear and it enveloped the sensitive skin of his neck. “Is there anything wrong with two buddies helping each other out?” Kiba inquired, pumping Naruto with increasing vigor as a stream of filthy encouragements and questions designed to worked them up even further erupted from his mouth. “Bet you never expected to have my hand wrapped around your big rod, huh? You like the way my cock feels against your ass, buddy?”

“Kiba…” Naruto panted out, annoyed with Kiba’s incessant talking.


“...You got dog breath,” Naruto remarked with a weak smile, too horny to adequately be cocky but trying his best anyways. “Now hurry up and make me come, stupid mutt!” the blond demanded impatiently.

“Heh! Even after all this time you’re still such an annoying loudmouthed bastard, you know that?” Kiba replied with a toothy grin, turned on even more by Naruto’s defiant attitude. This guy was seriously driving Kiba insane, and boy did he ever like it! “But fine! If that’s what you want, I’ll make you come so hard you’ll see stars!”

Kiba moved his fist with increasing speed, desiring to bring his friend to climax, working that thick prick with everything he had. Despite everything he had said previously, Naruto was now fully on board, bucking wildly into Kiba’s pre slicked hand, edging closer to his release.

“Come for me, Naruto. I wanna see you shoot,” Kiba whispered into his ear.

That friendly encouragement was all Naruto needed, the blond grunting loudly as his balls contracted and cock spasmed in Kiba’s grasp and erupted six thick shots of potent teen cum out into the grass. Naruto himself must have been pent up and needed a rub down as well, because his pearlescent jizz shot out like a rocket and flew off into the air at last four feet before it went arcing down to the ground. Each jet of Naruto's boy butter  Naruto grit his teeth as the amazingly forceful expulsion of his seed carried him to heaven, trying not to shout with delight even though the two teens were alone in the forest.

Seeing Naruto experience so much pleasure from a simple hand job, the feeling of this man meat wildly pulsating in Kiba’s hand, hearing his deep groans and grunts of ecstasy, it was just too much for Kiba to bear anymore; he wanted some of that too. He had been gyrating against Naruto a good ten minutes now, and Kiba couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He humped forward vigorously a few times against Naruto’s drained body, imminent to his own eruption. “Shit, I’m gonna come too!” Kiba moaned desperately.

“Go for it, dude,” Naruto encouraged tiredly, barely able to stand from his exhausting orgasm. Naruto allowed Kiba to wrap his arms around his waist in an undeniably intimate manner as Kiba thrust harder than ever against him, the dog boy seeking out his much desired moment of climax as it rapidly approached. Naruto placed his hands on top of Kiba’s, rubbing them gently and cementing Kiba’s firm grip around him. “You better come a bunch, Kiba. You always go on and on about how great and manly you are, so it’s time to show me how much a stud you really are, mutt.”

This fucking idiot is the best! Kiba remarked at Naruto’s sly words. Everything Naruto had done or said today had turned Kiba on in a way that no one had ever done before. It was all too much for his senses, he couldn’t contain his broiling seed any longer. Kiba finally erupted, making one last dramatic thrust against Naruto’s bulbous backside and whimpering into Naruto’s ear, shivering in pure ecstasy as he creamed his pants, filling his underwear with a huge load of his searing hot cum. Shot after shot of Kiba’s jizz erupted into his pants, flooding his underwear with a tidal wave of built up cum. More and more man milk hot as boiling lava came flowing out, eight, nine, ten spurts of remarkably thick Inuzuka brand nut beginning to drip down Kiba’s legs since it had nowhere else to go.

Kiba let out a massive, deep sigh once his shockwaves of pleasure had ceased and he had ridden them back down to earth, causing Naruto to chuckle. “Yeah, I know what you mean!” Naruto remarked giddily, himself both worn out but also utterly satisfied. The two teens stood there, still pressed together as they balanced against each other, trying not to collapse. Kiba and Naruto quietly enjoyed the blissful aftermath of their forbidden action, still snuggled up in a reverse full body hug, Kiba’s hand still gripped around Naruto’s now softening member as the two content boys panted and tried to regain control of their formerly rapid breathing.

Kiba released Naruto from his grasp, and the blond zipped up his fly and whirled around to take a gander at just how much Kiba had really unloaded. The boys each flashed weary but solidly content smiles at each other, before Naruto looked down at the massive wet spot now taking up the entire front of Kiba’s trousers.

“What a mess, Kiba,” Naruto remarked in sly fascination as he reached out a hand and rubbed Kiba’s sopping wet package. “Guess you really needed to let it out?” Naruto questioned, his hand already getting wet from the sheer amount of jizz seeping through Kiba’s pants, but still continued to grope the messy lump as he stared confidently into Kiba’s eyes with just a hint of a smirk visible on his face.

“Hell yeah I did!” Kiba responded enthusiastically, enjoying the feeling of Naruto’s hand fondling his rapidly deflating tent. Kiba felt like he was swimming in his own cum, a disgustingly slimy, but oddly erotic sensation as Naruto methodically toyed with the big wet spot on the front of his pants. The wet, sopping feeling as his sticky cum-laden boxers clung to his body was disgusting, but simultaneously it was also exciting,. Naruto had questioned Kiba’s manliness in the heat of the moment, but this ought to have showed that loser just how potent he really was. Kiba would have to thoroughly wash his pants later, but who gave a shit, his orgasm was well worth the hassle. The gross, sticky, sopping wet mess in his pants would be hard to conceal as he made his way back home, but fuck had it felt great, and that was all that really mattered. “Thanks a million, Naruto!”

“No problem. I can't say that I didn’t also benefit, so it’s alright,” Naruto chuckled bashfully, a semblance of modesty returning to him; or at least the little modesty that a guy like Naruto possessed.

Kiba turned to leave now that his sex drive was sated, but stopped in his tracks and seemed to ponder something a moment before turning back around to look Naruto deep in the eyes. “Hey, I’ll see you here tomorrow for more training, alright buddy?” Kiba asked expectantly with a big, cocky grin, his white fangs poking out of the corners of his mouth–which, God help him, Naruto actually found kind of cute–as the canine boy winked suggestively.

“You might want to bring a change of pants,” Naruto joked, and they both had a good laugh before Kiba ran off to go change out of his cum-soaked pants. “...‘Training’ he calls it…” Naruto remarked with an amused smile at Kiba’s statement, shaking his head in disbelief and anticipation for whatever ‘training’ they would wind up doing tomorrow. Considering the good sweat they had worked up today, Naruto couldn’t wait for whatever was in store for him and his new ‘training partner’.

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