Stop teasing us Sensei!

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Please teach us Sensei


About this story (important). Alright guys, this story is another Kushina cheating on her husband Minato story, so if you guys don’t like it please leave now! Kushina won’t have any main pairings, and will have sex with a lot, but primarily her three students. Which are my two oc´s Takako Tange and Komachi Chikamatsu. And yes I used a name generator for them, and finally Kiba too.

Already now I apologize for any grammatical error that you will find.

Chapter 1:

There was a deadly silence inside the fourth hokage’s office, as 10 different jounin´s stood waiting on their team. Among the jounin´s was the hokage´s wife Kushina Uzumaki. It had been more than twelve years since the kyuubi broke free from the seal and attacked the village, luckily for her it was resealed into her, which saved her life.

It was on the same day she gave birth to her and her husband´s only son Naruto who was also graduating today, inside herself Kushina would love to have Naruto on her team, but she also knew that it might not be his wish, it would probably be somewhat embarrassing to have you mother as your sensei.

Ever since she had given birth Kushina had stayed at home taking care of him, but now that Naruto was older and was somewhat able to handle himself in most basics, she decided to rejoin the shinobi life, she had missed the excitement, going home and only rarely going out with her friends was quite dull. Not to mention the boring sex, it was rare enough and when it finally happened Minato would just roll up on her in five minutes and then roll off again, she needed something to distract her mind, and teaching some a younger generation might just be able to do that.

“Now team 7: Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Namikaze.” Minato said, causing Kushina´s heart to beat a little faster in excitement, there were only four left to receive a squad and both Kushina and her friend Kurenai was one of them. “Hatake Kakashi,” Minato said and Kushina let out a sigh, she did want Naruto, but she doubted he would be too happy for her, she had already trained him a lot growing up, and was an overall average student, not dead last, but not the top either.

“Team 8: Hinata Hyuga, Sai and Shino Aburame. Kurenai this is your squad.” Kushina watched as her friend went up to take the paper that described the three on her squad. Only to see her almost fall on the floor as soon as she got the paper.

“Kushina, you have team 9: Kiba Inuzuka, Takako Tange and Komachi Chikamatsu.” Kushina went up to take the paper and saw their stats. Kiba being the only one born with a clan name, and also the wild card of the group, he heavily depended on his dog. Takako preferred to use kenjutsu, something she could work with, and finally Komachi who was the second best a ninjutsu in the academy after Sasuke Uchiha.

Meanwhile in the academy

Naruto was currently celebrating that he was on team with his crush Sakura Haruno, and Sakura was also celebrating that she was on team with her crush Sasuke Uchiha. “Alright everyone settle down, we are not done yet!” Iruka yelled in class, now that most had already gotten their teams.

“Now for team 9: Kiba, Takako and Komachi you sensei Kushina Uzumaki.” When that name had left Iruka´s mouth every guy was staring at the three minus Naruto, they had all been home with Naruto before, and they had all seen Kushina, she was the very definition of a hot MILF! Of course Naruto didn’t know what everyone was thinking, they were slightly scared that he would run to daddy and tell all his classmates are beating it off to mom.

Seriously though since a lot of guys in class learned about masturbation Kushina was often in their minds.

Kushina & Kurenai

“Hey Kurenai are you okay, you looked a bit, well discouraged in there is something wrong?” Kushina asked ignoring all the leering civilians looking at her bouncing breasts, she did appreciate the looks, it told her she wasn’t an old hag just yet, but her 34dd breasts were slightly annoying even beneath her flak jacket they wouldn’t stop bouncing.

“N-no, well my it´s my first team, and well I’m given a shy silent girl and two very different emo guys, so none of them really appeal to me, but I won’t give up, now that I’m finally a jounin, I’m sure I can handle this.” Kurenai said, however her body was shaking, which was to be expected Kurenai only recently became a jounin and Kushina too was nervous to meet her small squad.

Kushina looked at her oven paper. Takako was a silent boy, a bit social awkward, however he still had friends and was able to crack a smile. He had shoulder long dark hair and green eyes. Komachi was a more popular type guy, he liked to know everything and was not afraid to brag, he had short flat light brown hair and brown eyes. Kiba had the standard Inuzuka traits, sharp black eyes and medium spiky dark brown hair, and of course and improved sense of smell.

Sensing Anko coming up from behind, most likely with the intention of squeezing her breasts like she usually tried, Kushina shot an arm backwards and grabbed Anko´s head. “You are too easy to get a read on Anko, I can feel your pervert attention oozing off you.” Kushina said. Kurenai looked questing was that actually something you could sense?

“Moo no fun Kushi-chan hey let me take a look at your teams are there any future or current studs?” Anko said before grabbing both sheets from Kushina and Kurenai. “Looks like Kushi-chan were the lucky one, you know I once had sex with an Inuzuka, he went at it for hours, too bad he wasn’t too impressive, but they have a great stamina.” Anko said trying to remember the experience.

“Yeah thanks Anko, but I didn’t really need to know that,” Kushina said as she yanked back her paper. “Want me to introduce you to one of them. I’m sure he would love to do you.” Anko said happily.  

“Anko you do know I’m happily married to Minato right, who would also categorize as your boss?” Kushina asked Anko who didn’t really pay her any attention. “Sure, sure, but honestly does he satisfy you being a hokage is a full time job after all, and what he doesn’t know…” Anko teased only for Kurenai to cut in, “that’s enough Anko.” Kurenai said sternly. “Oh well you can join in too, right Kush-Kushi-chan?” Anko looked around as Kushina had left for the academy leaving them both behind.

Kushina was walking along the corridors in the academy before she reached her destination, opening the door she saw a class still full of students, she must have been the first to arrive. “Alright team 9! Come to training 69 you have 10 minutes or you all fail, see you later honey.” Kushina finished off waving towards Naruto before quickly disappearing in a gust of wind.

“Wait fail what?!” Kiba yelled before quickly running towards the door quickly accompanied by Takako and Komachi.

Training ground 69

Kushina was standing waiting with a stop watch in her hand looking until her first student arrived, it was Takako at 6:50, “nice timing you are faster than I expected.” Kushina praised noticing a little blush while his eyes were avoiding her. “Thank you very much.” His voice sounded very unsecure, almost like he was nervous around woman, or it was only her, she wasn’t sure.

The second to arrive was Kiba with a time of 7:34. “Nicely done Kiba, pretty standard time.” She praised, now she only needed the last one Komachi.

Finally Komachi arrived and Kushina looked down at her watch after she had stopped it 9:58. “So Kushina-sensei how do you like… My running?” Komachi said ending his speech with an epic head turn, trying to look cool.

“Ok? All right well good new you all pass, now let us start of by giving a short presentation of us self, her I will start. So my name is Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, but while I’m your sensei please, just call me Kushina-sensei or just sensei.” Kushina started.

“As for what I like, well my family of course more than anything. What I dislike, lazy husbands and Kumo.” Kushina said confusing her students who did not know about her grudge against that particular country.

“Dreams for the future, well not really sure maybe I want a child more, as for hobbies I don’t really have time for that my husband is rarely home so I’m managing things.” Kushina said scratching the back of her head, she was a bit afraid she wasn’t really sounding cool.

“Alright you´re up Takako.”

“Okay my name is Takako Tange, and what I like is my sword and other swordsman, I hate rapists and generally idiots.” He finished Kushina was a bit surprised, that was a little dark, but guess there was a past involved somehow, she didn’t have the entire background on them all.

“My hobby is training and my dream for the future is that I want to become the best kenjutsu user in the world.” Kushina smiled she would love helping him achieve that, it was a noble goal.

“I’m Kiba Inuzuka the only, I like my clan and my dog Akamaru, and my new beautiful sensei.” A small smile appeared on her face, and even a little pink color, she was a little weak to such blunt praise. “What I hate that idiot Naruto!” He barked and Kushina dropped a little, well she wasn’t here to defend him.

“My hobbies are helping my sister with other dogs, and one day I want to become hokage!” He finished with a wide smile. “Very good, next.” Kushina said as she pointed to Komachi.

“My name is Komachi Chikamatsu, better remember it. I like lots of stuff most of all food, if I didn’t have any of that we would all die, I dislike arrogant people.” He finished causing Kushina to sweat drop, he was pretty arrogant himself.

“My hobby is to judge women by their appearances, by the way sensei you are 11 out of ten, and in the future I will rule the world.” He said winking towards her. “ Well thank you for that, at least none of you dislike me, there is some genin believing women to be weaker and less fit to be a sensei, so I’m happy to have you guys.” Kushina finished with a big smile.

“Now however to the less fun part your test.” She said in a grim voice making them all snap out of their imaginary world. “Wait what test?” Komachi asked.

“Well of all 30 genin right now we will cut you down, only 12 can actually pass every year, or the village would have too many shinobi´s. “What the hell?!” Kiba barged.

“Don’t worry I’m more than confident you will pass it´s very easy.” Kushina assured, Kushina then zipped down her flak jacket and the took off her blue blouse too leaving her in her sports bra. All the boys looked like tomatoes as Kushina showed a good portion cleavage.

Kushina was standing in her sport bra, with black form fitting pants that reached her ankles, her hair was put in a pony tail that was reaching her waist, all the guys could only thing she was perfect. “Guys attention up here,” she said clapping her hands, getting a small responds.

Typical horny kids.

“For the next three hours we are going to play tag, everything is allowed, I won’t block or attack only dodge, you can all come at me as soon as I say go, and of course there is a punishment in the end for whoever was the weakest of you three, do you all understand?” Kushina asked.

“Umm sensei please forgive me, but how big are they?” Kiba asked leering at her cleavage.

“34dd, whoever presents best gets to take a closer look, understood?” She teased them hoping to motivate them a little.

“YES SENSEI!” They yelled so loudly they shocked, well at least she found something that worked. “Alright if you manage to land any punch or just touch me you win. Go!” She said before disappearing in another gust of wind, and the boys quickly split up too look for her, everyone wanting to win the prize.

Kushina decided to hide for the first half hour, enjoying her lunch before she came out in the middle in a clearing in the middle of the woods, there she sat down and waited for the first to come, and she didn’t had to wait for long.  As Komachi was the first one to show up.

Kushina took a stance so she was ready to run, however she only took a confused look when he fell down on his knees. “Please Sensei, please let me win!” He yelled with his forehead on the ground and Kushina just looked with a big sweat drop, well points for originality.

However being distracted Kushina, was late in noticing and earth clone shooting up from the ground, she barely dodged it and when she did the original was in front of her reaching for her breasts, not surprising. With a big jump backwards she jumped up on a branch.

“You guys really like these?” Kushina questioned squeezing her breasts in against each other, giving Komachi quite the show, “alright I have decided the winner gets to give them a nice good squeeze.” Kushina couldn’t help, but chuckle seeing his dazed face, and he even had an erection in his pants, which couldn’t be called little.

“Well see you later perv!” Kushina called out, before leaving with a speed Komachi couldn’t possible achieve.

Appearing right behind Kiba, Kushina leaned in and whispered into his ear. “Come and get them alpha,” Kiba turning around saw directly down into the glorious valley, jumping forward to grab them, Kushina jumped backwards to avoid him, finally she jumped out on a lake, Kiba not looking at his surrounding jumped straight down into the water.

Kushina gave a heartily laugh, this was so funny, and half the time was already up.

Takako came running out the bushes right towards her, avoiding a sword slash. She would give his kenjutsu a middle chunin rank along with his speed, or maybe low chunin. Of course compared to her it wasn’t impressive she was a master at kenjutsu after all.

Kushina continued playing with him giving him a couple of quick teasing flashes before running off.

Kushina was humming to herself from the highest tree in the forest she could see all her small cute students looking for her, with the final 10 minutes back she decided to appear in front of them all, letting them all try at once.

They didn’t waste any time, coming at her Komachi and Kiba clearly let their desire to win be shown as they were both drooling, while Takako just looked shy. Laughing each time one of them hit the ground in exhausting she took out her watch, when they were all done.

2 seconds back and then *grab* Kushina turned whiter than snow, looking down seeing Komachi hand around her ankle, there actually were a winner.


All three teens sat with their back up against a tree, trying to regain their breath, Kushina had given both Kiba and Takako a lunchbox she had brought, there was no loser, they had all done very well and now there was just one matter to settle. “How long how long?” Despite just been running around Komachi was jumping up and down eyeing her breasts like a predator after its prey.

“One minute.” Kushina surrendered she was still keeping her sport bra on as she directed Komachi´s hands to her big soft breasts, he looked amazed when his hands sank into them and Kushina started her stop watch. He was of course inexperienced so there was barely any feeling.

“I don’t have to tell you, that you can’t tell anyone about this do I?” She asked and all three quickly swore they would tell no one. “Good because if you did we couldn’t play this kind of game again,” she said with a little twitch on her face as Komachi pushed them in together. They all looked surprised at what she was saying, but Kushina couldn’t pass up this chance.

They were all good genin and with plenty of potential, she could have the strongest team and have bragging right over everyone else, and know that she knew how to motivate them, and besides this was just one very small incident.

“Time´s up,” Kushina said as Komachi let them go, causing them to bounce, Kiba and Tokako had both been watching carefully, wishing for their own turn later.

“Alright guys we meet here again tomorrow at 8:00, I’m going to tell my husband that you all passed, and with that Kushina left once again in a gust of wind, all three boys quickly ran home to take care of business.

Hokage´s office

Kushina waited patiently once again, the tension in the room was incredible, Kushina looked nervous toward Kakashi, he had been her husband student and now he either was to pass or fail Naruto. “Team 7 is a pass.” Kushina could feel herself breathing easier.

“Team 8 is a pass.” Kushina smiled to her best friend, maybe her team wasn’t so bad at all. Finally Kushina could step forward. “Team 9 has earned a pass,” she said before entering line, the last one was Asuma who passed team 10.

The hokage then dismissed everyone except her, she knew there was no reason to be nervous about what she did, she was only playing a little, and there was no way he knew about it.

“Kushina are you okay being back in business so soon?” Minato asked concerned, she had been on a twelve year break only to start, the only real shinobi activity she had been doing was mild training with Naruto.

“Of course don’t worry it´s easy everything is coming back to me, sweetie are you home for dinner tonight?” Kushina asked as she had to get home and cook.

“I´d love too, but the paperwork is against me, so I´m afraid I won´t be no.” Minato apologized as Kushina let out a sigh Minato only ate at home around two days a week and he would usually just get into bed with her and fall asleep once he came home.

“Alright then, but I´m going home if, you do make it there is ramen, since we are celebrating now that Naruto is a genin.

Namikaze mansion

Being married to the hokage of course meant that you had to live in a great house, the moment you entered there with a big open room with beautiful dark floor with white lines drawn into it, the walls were painted yellow and there were many different family portraits hanging in all the rooms.

There were two different floors and there were more rooms than they could fill both hers and Minato´s bedroom was on the second floor along with Naruto´s on the main floor was things like kitchen and bathrooms. And they even had a basement with an indoor hotspring.

Walking up the stair and towards her son´s room she knocked on before opening up the door, his room was bright orange since it was his favorite color, he had a big bed up against the side of the left wall, he had a desk and a wardrobe, which was filled with his favorite outfits his orange suit. “Hello honey how was your first day?” She asked with a smile.

“You better believe, I kicked some serious ass, Kakashi never knew that I could make chakra chains like you, by the way, are we having ramen tonight?” Naruto asked with a big grin. “Of course it´s such a big day, my little boy is finally and official genin.” She said roughing his hair.

“Thanks mom I love you!”


Both Kushina and Naruto were busy diving into their fifth bowl of ramen. They were both talking with mouth´s full, but still somehow understood each other.  “Naruto what can you tell me about my team, you do know the guys right?” Kushina said slurping noodles.

“Kiba is a bloody arrogant idiot, Takako is cool enough, but he rarely comes to talk, you have to be the one to approach, and Komachi is cool he once brought and adult magazine to school. He really likes boobs.” Naruto laughed, and Kushina also tried to chuckle a little, and now that pervert had been so lucky to feel hers.

When they had both eaten Naruto left for his room, and Kushina cleaned the table and took the dishes, while also putting some extra into the refrigerator for Minato once he came home.  Kushina then took a long hot shower before hitting bed.

As Kushina sat in bed she inspected her breasts, they were still firm and sat perfectly, she remembered the happy look on Komachi as he had them for a little minute, it felt good having them appreciated like that, and she wished that Minato would too, well it´s not like she is betraying him, she is just helping her students reach their max potential.

Kushina managed to get two hours of sleep before she was awoken, by someone entering the bed with her, turning around she put a hand on Minato´s chest. “Hard day at work?” She questioned her hand starting a slow circle motion on his chest.

“Every day is hard work, but I’m helping the village and that´s what matter, agh.” Minato let out a surprised gasp when Kushina sneaked a hand down his boxers and grabbed his flaccid member, which quickly rose to its top five inches.

“Kushina… I´m sorry, but not right now, I’m exhausted, I will be home early on Saturday, how about we go on a date then?” Minato offered as he grabbed her hand, and Kushina resultantly stopped her stroking motion, however it was only Monday, so that was quite a wait.

Minato and Kushina shared a small kiss before Kushina fell asleep cuddling into him.


Kushina´s inner watch waked her up at exactly 7, Minato was still sleeping soundly, carefully leaving bed without waking, she grabbed some clothes, her students had been a little too distracted yesterday so today she decided for some loose green pants, she put on this time a blue sports bran, but decided to put a red t-shirt over it. Her hair was in a perfect pony tail reaching her waist, and her headband sat perfectly on her forehead.

With one last look in the mirror, she gave her ass a little smack and gave herself thumbs up, before leaving out the door. Walking down the village, she was in good time she had about half an hour left, when she heard someone call her name.

“Ah Kushina-sama!” She turned around to see a young blonde haired girl, Kushina recognized her as Yamanaka Ino. “Good morning Ino, how can I help you?” Kushina asked with a smile, she could see her two teammates standing a bit back eyeing her, probably shy, she gave them both a smile and waved, which they quickly returned before looking away.

“We are looking for training ground 22, can you help?” Ino asked yesterday they had been on ground 1, and there were so many different grounds. “Ino there is a total of 100 training grounds, the first one is North of the hokage mountain, from there on the number moves clockwise, so just move east from the mountain, till you reach 25 and then slightly north.” Kushina responded.

“Thank you so much, you would think we learned stuff like that in the academy,” Ino said with a bow before she and her group left.

Arriving at the training ground she could only see one person, who was currently doing stretching exercises. “Good morning Takako!” Kushina greeted to the first student who showed up. “Greeting Sensei,” he said trying to hold an eye contact with. “Until the two others show up let me join you.” Kushina said as she joined in Takako´s exercises.

When Kiba and Komachi came, they both looked on with wide eyes, Kushina was on all four, her plump round ass only centimeters from Takako´s waist, she would then smoothly touch the ground with her belly, and then Takako would help her back up on all four. It looked incredibly hot.

“Good morning you two, if you need to stretch out as well we can spare about three minutes.” Kushina offered, but both guys refused, in their minds the quicker they could get started the quicker they could win a reward, or at least they hoped they would get the chance too.

“Are we going to have our first mission today sensei?” Kiba asked excited to start making a name for himself.

“No, not today I want to cover some very of the basics before we start doing anything, now we will all start with a morning run, you will follow me in a straight line.” Of course as soon as she had said that all the guys tried to start behind her, but she gave the place to Takako, then Kiba and Komachi in the back.

They were headed for training ground 17, where she would give them a small break before starting another exercise she planned last night. There were a small six miles. When they were halfway was the first time she turned around to look at them, Kiba looked completely fine, Takako also looked fine, but there were a bit sweat beginning to fall, and finally Komachi who looked like he was dying.

When they finally came to a stop Komachi fell head first unto the ground, he might have the biggest chakra reserves of the three, but he had the worst stamina of them all, holding a small three minutes break. Were they got something to drink.

“Alright guys, now for the second exercise!” Kushina said cheerfully. “There is more?!” Komachi cried out.

“Yes, now I suggest you all strip down to your underwear.” That caused the three young boys to blush, and despite Komachi being the most exhausted, he was the first on to get out of clothes, clearly trying showing his muscles, even though there weren’t any.

“All right, you all know from yesterday that I reward exceptional presentation. However I will also punish very bad presentations. Now you all for 30 minutes, to swim across this lake (100m) and then run around back here (150m) where you will do 10 push-ups, and then repeat. If you succeed in doing five laps, you will get rewarded, if you don’t even manage three punished. Understood?” Kushina asked as she held up her beloved stop watch.

All the students nodded and Kushina gave them the go, they all jumped in the water. If you were to get five laps you would have to get a round on six minutes all around, which did seem like a lot, and was possible for Kiba and Takako, however this is exercise quickly drains energy, and after two laps, there will already be a big difference.

Kushina sat down in the grass, holding a pen and a piece of paper counting their laps. She watched extra carefully Komachi not wanting him to drown out in the middle of the lake.

The first one to get back around was Kiba his first round was a nice four minutes, he quickly threw himself down unto his stomach and began the push-ups. “This is easy sensei!” Kiba barked as he quickly finished and jumped back into the water, and Kushina gave him one point.

When twenty five minutes were up Komachi decided to give up as he just finished his third lap, Takako also gave up as he ran after his fourth run, he gave up too and skipped the fourth round of push-ups, however as the timer reached 25 Kiba with shaking arms finished his fourth round  and jumped back into the water.

Both boys began to cheer Kiba on, and Kushina found herself nervously twitching in her small smirk, maybe she actually had to come up with an reward, should it just be the same as yesterday, or something else maybe?

Kiba used three and a half minute swimming across, he looked finished as he ran around the lake back, he fell down on his knees and started the final push-ups. “30 seconds Kiba,” she reminded him as he desperately pushed himself up, his tongue pushed out and gasping for air with each push-up.

When he finished he fell to the ground his head turned to look at her, “so how did I do?” He asked through an exhausted voice, her other two students also looked at her waiting for her reply.

“You did it with seven seconds left,” despite knowing what this meant it was also a good thing, she knew this motivated them, so hell be with it.

Kiba was the positioned so he stood a couple of meter´s away from his two teammates and facing in their direction, Kusina then enter his view. “You are only to look but not touch,” Kushina said seriously disappointing him, but honestly he took what he could get.

However when Kushina, pulled up her t-shirt Kiba was shocked since she also pulled her sports bra up too, leaving her naked beautiful breasts to jiggle on full display for him, and him only. They were big plump and looked heavy, her areola and her nipples looked rosy pink, the things he would do to them. However the show was cut short and they were covered up again.

Both Komachi and Takako sent him a look that said they would have to talk later. “Now let us go get some dinner, my treat and then we will come back for one final exercise, don’t worry it won’t be as tough as this one. Kushina assured.

“Now let us go get some BBQ!”

To be continued

Eh eh? What do you think, this is my first story on this site so I don’t really know what it looks like, but I did my best and I’m sorry about some grammatical errors, since you have probably seen a few. Hop you will leave a review I started this story when I read a thread on the forum called Kushina Uzumaki! Slut of sluts!

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