A bad time for love

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Hey everyone! This is the first chapter of my new story, and I am actually really excited to write this! I put a lot of thought in it and I hope yall like it :). Any way, some key points to help you get through this. It will jump from Gaara's POV to my OC POV, and this first chapter is just a small little preview to set up what's going to happen. Also, I am not really the type of person to 'build' things up with useless info, so there will be action, and the story will take off right away. I will be posting a chapter every Saturday, and hopefully through the week if I can; but deffinetly Saturday. I appreciate you guys reading this, and I really hope you like it. Let me know what you think so far lol I love all my fans, and can't wait for you to read what I got in store for you all. Enjoy! <3 <3


“Damn it! This is bullshit!” Kunkuro slammed his fist against the table and I rubbed my eyes as he continued to give me a headache “Why the hell- no HOW the hell did they find out about this?! I know people are going missing, but what source do they have?”.  He was of course talking about the missing people around the village that have been taken in the middle of the night. Each one of them were people who knew how to do the Life Reincarnation. We have been investigating this for a long time now, but so far we haven’t gotten any leads at all. We believe the people taking them are trying to make a puppet out of someone who has passed, which would explain why they were taken and why they cam to us. We are the only village who can do this.

            Kunkuro growled and threw the paper on the table “I swear to God Gaara, I am going to kill whoever told the press. We told them to keep this under the radar!” I shook my head “Kunkuro, it doesn’t matter. Too many people are gone and people are bound to be curious. We just need to wrap this up quickly and find who is doing this”. As if on cue, Temari walked through the door and stood between us “Alright well…we still have nothing”. I sat back in my chair and closed my eyes, waiting for what I knew was coming next. Kunkuro jumped up and stared at our sister and the group behind her “Are you serious!? You couldn’t find ANYTHING”. Temari shook her head and looked over at me “Gaara…we have searched high and low and there is nothing”.

            I opened my eyes and stood up, walking to my room “I need to get ready, and so don’t you Kunkuro”. I closed my bedroom door as soon as Kunkuro started to complain again, and I could finally take a deep breath. There had to be something we were missing, some clue or hint that were overlooking. There can’t be nothing, there has to be SOMETHING.

            I got dressed and put on my cloak, walking out into the living room and waited on Kunkuro. Temari and her team left again to investigate more, but I knew there was no luck. Kunkuro finally came out and we headed for the office. I needed to get some paperwork done and hopefully clear my head from this bullshit. Of course, while we walked Kunkuro kept complaining, and I heard about 20% of it. I was tired of the bitching, tired of keeping everyone calm when really, we shouldn’t be. Something was happening, but we had no idea what.

            When we got into my office, I plopped down into my chair and smiled. It was finally quiet, finally peaceful. I looked out the window for a couple more minutes, and then groaned when someone knocked on the door. I turned toward the door and yelled for them to enter. Kunkuro and another shinobi entered with a smile “Gaara! We have an idea!” I sighed and nodded “Alright, let’s hear it”.

            Kunkuro walked up to the desk and leaned over “You know the city of Kireina right?” I scoffed “you mean the city that is so beautiful, people swear it was built by angels?”. Kunkuro nodded “yep that’s the one! Any way, they are the foundation of the Apollo’s, the most deadly alliance in the world. They can help us find the missing people and help us stop this!”. I thought about this for a second, and to be honest it sounded great. Apollo’s were more lethal than the Akatsuki and Orochimaru combined. Their Leader, Jensa, was immortal, and a damn good leader.  She was feared around the world, and so wasn’t her team. They have done some of the toughest assassinations, making them well known.

            I nodded and looked at my brother “Alright, but how are we going to persuade them to help us?” Kunkuro shrugged “The Apollo are actually very helpful to nearby villages. As long as they let them do their job and don’t complain about it then they don’t care…. plus we already called their queen and they said they would love to help us, but we needed to come and meet them first”. I smiled and stood up “Brother you are a genius!”.  He grinned and I locked up my office, then we headed toward Kireina.

            It took us about 2 days to get there. Kunkuro already packed our bags before he even came and spoke to me, so we didn’t need to worry about missing anything. When we reached their gates, we had to stop and admire the huge wall that seemed to go on for a long time. There were two men on top of the wall, and then two people in front of the golden gates. It was so bright and beautiful, and we weren’t even inside yet. One man in front of the gate held up his hand and we bowed slowly “Welcome To Kireina. What brings you here Lord Kazakage?”. I smiled “We are here to see Luna. She is expecting us”. He spoke into his earpiece, and after a couple minutes he nodded and motioned toward the people on top of the gate to open it.

            As they opened, a woman was standing in the middle of the doors, waiting for us. The guard grinned, “Welcome to Kireina everyone”. We thanked him and walked toward the woman who greeted us with a warm smile “Welcome! I am here to escort you to Lady Luna”.  As we started to walk through the village, I could understand why they say angels built it. All of the buildings were a beautiful pearl color, and huge cherry trees were spread out through every inch of the village. It was so bright it almost hurt your eyes, but it was too beautiful not to stare. The stone roads and the ponds we crossed every now and again were occupied with peaceful villagers and happy children playing. It was a personal paradise to just walk through the village.

            We walked into this huge dome building, and after walking a few flights of stairs; we stopped at two huge wooden doors, carved in writing I didn’t understand. The woman knocked on the door, and we were told to enter. The doors closed behind us and I looked around in awe. Luna was sitting at her desk in front of us, and her office was just like the village outside. It was bright, pearl colored, and instead of walls, her walls were all glass so she could watch the village below her. It was very impressive, and even I felt a bit intimidated by it’s beauty.

            Luna looked up and she brimmed with happiness as soon as she seen us “Kazakage! So nice to finally meet you!” She walked over to me and we shook hands “Yes, I can say the same about you Lady Luna. Your village is magnificent”. She giggled and shrugged “Thank you, we dot he best we can to keep it peaceful and clean”. She introduced us to her assistant, and then I introduced my brother and the two guards that came with us. She sat back down in her chair, and motioned for us to sit at the table I didn’t notice before. We obeyed, and then we began to talk about what was going on.

            Luna understood our situation, and she was glad to help us. She sent for the Apollo’s to pack and get ready to leave, then come to meet us. We actually didn’t need to pay her that much, and I was grateful for that. As we were talking, we all found out that Luna was the sweetest woman you would ever talk to in your whole life. We laughed and spoke of her village and the history of it. Then, there was a knock on the door and Luna stood up “Enter”.

            A group of 5 people walked in, but my eyes were on their leader, Jensa. She was so beautiful…so breathtaking. All of them were in great shape, the men had great muscle structure, and the girls were slim and tight. I guess this village is where the perfect people live. They all formed a line in front of their queen, and they knelt on one knee. In unison, they said “My lady”, and bowed their heads. Luna smiled at them and told them to rise, which they did.

            “Jensa dear, please step forward” and the most beautiful woman in this world did as she was told. “Yes, my lady” she said, and a shiver went through me. Her voice was so soft but firm, and her blue eyes popped out with the dark auburn hair that fell along her shoulders. She was perfect, and I haven’t even talked to her yet. “Jensa, you and your team are assigned to follow lord Kazakage and his men back to their village and find out what Is going on with the disappearances and if there is any danger” She nodded “Yes, my lady”. Luna nodded and then told her to introduce everyone, and then Jensa turned toward me. When our eyes locked, it was like a fire started inside of me, and I didn’t know what was happening to me. I never felt that before, and I tried to look as nice as I could. She smirked at me and then walked forward, extending her hand “Lord Kazakage, Pleasure to meet you. I am Jensa, captain and leader of the Apollo’s. This is Adam, Luke, Lynn, and my brother James”.

            With each person she pointed at them and they bowed their head. My eyes rested on her brother, and thought about never pissing him off. He looked like he could kill you in an instant. He also had blue eyes, but his hair was a deep brown instead of auburn, and his arms were crossed to show off his huge arms. He was definitely not one to be messed with. I cleared my throat “Um, it’s great to meet you all. We really appreciate everything, we could need the help”. She smiled at me again, and my heart stopped for a moment, “We are more than happy to help. Whenever you are ready, we are as well”.

            We said goodbye to Luna, and then we headed out of the office. Kunkuro was already talking to Lynn, and Jensa was walking next to me. Her brother never left her side, which I understood. Being that beautiful he probably had to fight of a few assholes. I got them up to speed on everything that was happening, and they listened intently. When I was finished, Jensa nodded “Alright, the first thing we need to do is look at the area the kidnappings happened. Then, we will have to see where the findings take us after that” she looked at me and we both smiled “Don’t worry Lord Kazakage, we will find your people” I nodded “I know you will”. We walked out of the gates and heard them slam shut behind us, then we headed back to our home, and ready to find what we needed. 

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