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“No...It can't...This...” Kakashi mutters, both of his eyes open wide pure shock. His body felt like it was frozen in place; he couldn't move even if he wanted to. The man in front of them only laughed, a scornful sound. The smirk on his slightly disfigured face was no less mocking; Kakashi felt like it was directed solely at him. The man's next words only confirmed it.

“ 'This can't be real?' Well, I'd hate to disappoint you, my old friend...But this is reality. I am alive, and I'm going to turn this world into nothing!” Obito Uchiha, the masked man whose face had finally been revealed, joyfully stated. Their enemy, the cause of all of the world's current problems and the mastermind behind this war...was a man Kakashi had thought was dead for over a decade. That train of thought alone was enough to drain his fighting spirit. The man he had idolized for all these years, was an evil mastermind who was bent on destroying the world. What had happened? He heard Naruto shout something, and felt a heavy arm drape across his shoulder. He was still too fazed to make anything out.

“Ahahahaha! You think you can stop me, boy? You, a loser jinchuriki, that dumb beast of Konoha Might Gai, some fool who pretends to be a samurai and that useless Kakashi. Oh, that's rich! Just because you unmasked me, you think you can actually win!? Pathetic!”

The former masked man shouts, his face erupting into one of twisted glee. A green figure to the right get ready to do battle, probably Gai. A flash of yellow and green attack Obito, who easily dodges their series of kicks and Rasengans with his warping ability. The two do not relent, but every spot they aim for is easily warped away to avoid a direct hit. Even after all their teamwork, Obito barely seems fazed or out of chakra from their assault. A light yet rough voice breaks him out of his daze, if only for a moment.

“Kakashi-sama, are you alright? You seem pale, not to mention shocked. I suggest we try and withdraw for now. You are in no condition to fight him at the moment,” The voice comments, slightly irking him with the use of that honorific. I don't deserve that title, much less Lord Sixth...I'm just pathetic. I never thought there was a possibility Obito could have been alive, but with that technique...if he had had it back then. Whatever happened to make him like this...Kakashi thinks, ignoring the concerned stare of one his comrades. Suddenly, he feels his body sliding back as the sound of a sword being unsheathed rings in his ears. The short figure is in a fighting stance, feet spread apart and blade at the ready. He quickly notices why.

From out of nowhere, a plethora of shuriken spin towards the small samurai. The familiar flash of light from the sparks and screech of metal tell him that the shuriken have been deflected, tiny stars falling on the rocky ground. Obito must have thrown them during his squabble with Naruto and Gai. The three of them are still going at it, multiple Naruto's aiming for the sharingan wielder, while Gai uses a variety of martial arts techniques. It's more or less useless, their attacks just phasing through the man, who smirks as he disappears one final time.

“Eh? Where'd that bastard go?” Naruto shouts, neither him nor his clones unable to hitch a ride on the man's teleport like they had done previously. Gai and the small samurai look around nervously, the latter backing up a few spaces so they were only a few steps away.

“Naruto-kun, you can't sense him with the Kyubi's chakra at all?” The samurai asks, Naruto shaking his head.

“No! Wherever he goes with that jutsu, I can't find him. I think it's cause it's another dimension or space,” The blond explains, shrugging as he and his clones spread out.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a pair of red eyes glares at Kakashi, causing him to nearly step backward in shock. He barely notices the glint of a kunai as it is thrust toward him. He only blinks, and can feel the warmth of blood splattering on his green vest. I'm not surprised you hate me Obito. I couldn't even save you; I'm just trash. Worthless trash...Wait, that's not my...His stream of thoughts is interrupted as he sees a four fingered hand, the bloody kunai jabbed through the palm. The glove is covered in blood, the fingers desperately gripping the blade despite the pain its cutting edge is causing. Obito grimaces, making his face seem more monstrous than before.

“You...Why are you protecting him? Someone like just worthless trash!” The man states, Kakashi himself even agreeing. The armored samurai just scoffs, despite being a head shorter than their opponent. They no longer have their sword, the blade discarded on the ground in order for them to block the kunai in time.

“Kakashi-sama? Trash? The only piece of trash I see here is you, buddy! You're...” The figure stops their sentence to position themselves fully in front of Kakashi, who is still in shock. Obito just chuckles, looking at the sight before him.

“What are you going to do? I've seen you fight; you don't have too much reason to be here. Compared to the others, you only know a few low level tricks; certainly not enough to fool me. And now your sword hand is useless, right? There's no way you can hold a blade with that kind of injury!” He observes, the samurai's eyes widening in shock for a moment. But only for a moment, as their head shifts slightly to look at Kakashi behind them.

“I do have a reason to be here. I may not be a ninja, nor nothing more than a ronin that loves poking into others business...but I'll be damned if I let you lay a hand on him!!” They shout, their voice rising in pitch somewhat, making it more feminine sounding.

“Well then...” Obito mutters as he disappears once more, no longer holding the kunai. The samurai turns around as a familiar sound reaches their ears. The sound of a blade swishing through air. On instinct, the samurai shoves Kakashi's still limp body aside, standing taut and rigid. The silver haired shinobi barely notices that one of Naruto's clones has caught him, too fixed on the scene before him.

“Let's see you protect him from this!” Obito shouts, half of his body appearing seemingly out of nowhere. His eyes widen in surprise for a moment, but his arms are too quick to react. Using the samurai's own blade, the one that had dropped on the ground earlier, he slashed a diagonal arc where Kakashi had once been standing. The blade that had been sharpened and elongated with Obito's chakra let out a blue streak across the air, which was then followed by a splash of crimson. It had even gone through the armor, which was more resilient than the normal gear samurai wear under their regular outfits. The samurai let out a pained yell, but did not fall over from the momentum of the blow, though they were down to one knee.

“Dammit, I couldn't help big Sis, even with my speed. He was too far away, and by the time I noticed, I only saw Kakashi-sensei... That bastard's gonna get it!” Naruto shouts, the clone gritting it's teeth in rage.

“N-no...What are you thinking? Why...” Kakashi questions, trailing off mid-sentence. Why protect me? I'm trash...Useless...You should be helping naruto. He's more important than I am...He thinks, guilt flooding through him. He should have been able to dodge that. If he wasn't so useless, he could have done something...Instead she got hurt protecting him. Naruto's wasting energy helping him, when he should be focusing on beating Obito. He is reminded of a similar scene in the past. It felt like eons ago, when Sasuke was on Team Kakashi, back during that A-rank mission in Wave country...

… … …

The air suddenly turned colder, mist slowly rising from out of nowhere. Kakashi instantly knew what it meant. He was right; Zabuza wasn't dead. He heard the sound of metal coming out of it's sheath, and looked to his right. The samurai they had traveled with, Tazuna-san's previous bodyguard and tenant, had drawn their blade. They were protectively standing over both Tazuna and Sakura, nodding to Kakashi when he looked their way.

“Leave these two to me. I'm not as cool as you Kakashi-san, but I think I can hold my own. Compared to our other encounter...I've gotten stronger as well.” They respond, making Kakashi feel slightly relieved. Sasuke was fighting with the child who had disguised himself as an Anbu, and he was holding up better than expected. At least until those mirrors appeared. Now every so often they could hear screams of pain coming from the area. Kakashi was in no position to deal with the boy right now, however. Zabuza was standing in front of him, one hand on his sword hilt and the other making a hand sign.

“So we meet again, Copy Ninja Kakashi. Seems like Haku is doing well against your boy. Don't worry, he'll be finished off quick. You won't have time to see it though!”

“That's what you think.” Kakashi responds, starting to lift his headband to uncover his Sharingan. Zabuza notices this, and quickly dashes forward, beginning to heave his giant blade in the ninja's direction.

“You're too slow!” A voice rings out, a figure covered in white armor appearing in front of Kakashi suddenly. His eye widens in shock; why would she bother putting herself in harm's way? It puzzled him, as both of them knew he could have dodged that attack easily. The spark of blade against blade and the screech of steel was almost instantaneous. By this time, he had revealed his Sharingan, so he could notice everything in extreme clarity. It was too late. Of course, with Zabuza having the much larger blade and more muscular physique, it was obvious who would win. The samurai's blade snapped in two easily, the silver tip flying away a few feet behind Kakashi. Warm blood splashed onto his masked face and his upper chest. With a sick feeling he saw the samurai begin to fall towards the ground, a huge gash across their torso. It wasn't fatal, but it was a deep cut and looked painful.

The thing that bothered him was the expression on her partly covered face. It seemed to say “I'd do it again too”. Idiot...That was unnecessary... He thought, grimacing slightly as he grabbed the samurai and felt the blood from the cut run down his hand. It was worse than a cut, he realized, as he pulled the bleeding samurai into his arms. The giant sword had completely shred through the chain mesh shirt she was using as protection like it was nothing. Some parts of the blade had dug deeper than others because of the way her frame distributed muscle and body fat. Her insides weren't leaking out, but the blood loss was going to be a problem. Zabuza followed up with another attack almost immediately after, barely giving Kakashi enough time to jump out of the way. If that had hit... He thought, gently laying the samurai on the ground. Despite all this, she was still smiling, though her eye was furrowed at the brow.

“Are you stupid? Why did you take this hit? I could've dodged it just fine. Do you even know the substitution technique?” He questions, both his frustration at himself and the samurai showing a bit.

“Tch. Doesn't matter. You're the most capable out of all of us. I'm not saying that just 'cause you've got the Sharingan either. If you hadn't dodged—you would have been hurt regardless. I just saw it as a necessary risk in order for us to come out with a higher chance of victory. Protect the key player, and you have a better chance of winning. I can't do a damn thing against Zabuza either, not with the state I'm in. Hell, even if I could use my blade effectively, you're still worth at least twenty of me. It's simple really...” She mutters this matter-of-factly, blood dripping from a corner of her chin. It bothered him to hear that; it reminded himself too much of when he was a child, only caring about the mission after his father's suicide caused by ridicule. He'd thought that was the best way to avoid becoming like his father, and it had cost him his eye and old teammates.

“That was still foolish...”

… … … and Naruto both protected me while I'm still useless like this...He thought, sitting there on the rocks, Naruto's clone rushing over to protect the samurai from a lethal blow. He didn't hit Obito; it phased through like usual, but his chakra arm was able to grab the small samurai as he leaped to avoid another chakra infused slash. The clone sped back to where Kakashi was, the samurai cradled by the chakra claw. It gently placed her on the ground, right in front of the still stunned ninja. Kakashi felt guilt as he looked at the battered form of the samurai. She was covered in small cuts and bruises, parts of her silver armor chipped and broken from their previous battles. The helmet hiding her face and hair was also askew, part of the side broken off, showing off the bandaged side of her face. Even those were starting to come loose, small cuts across her cheek and forehead dripping blood down the once white bandages. They were beginning to turn a slight pink and dark in places from the blood and grime. Her breathing was slightly ragged, blood dripping down her chin to cover her chestplate and shirt underneath on her torso. The blade had created a long gash, from left shoulder to hip, the tough armor neatly sliced through to expose bloodied skin. His eyes widened as her head rose a bit, a guttural cough spewing blood on her once bright armor. Even though she was in pain, her left eye never lost it's focus on him, her brown pupil still full of life.

“Why...?” Kakashi questions, most of the sentence lost on the tip of his tongue. He felt frustrated with himself, for letting things get this out of hand. She is still smiling at him though her face is bloodied and body is exhausted. He's somewhat surprised she still has the energy to stay conscious, though she has always been resilient. A glowing hand on her chest is what brings him back into focus.

“This looks bad...I'm not a healer so even with the Kyubi's chakra I don't know what to do...” The clone comments, it's face sad for only a moment before it turns around with an angry glare.

“Bastard! Stop hiding and come out and face me! You're going to pay for all the people you've hurt and murdered!!”

With that, the clone speeds off, Obito now focusing his attention on the real Naruto and Gai. The samurai turns their head to watch the vicious fight of jutsu and teleportation, then breathes deeply.

“...I am your shield. It' simple as that, really...” She mutters, her head slowly turning back to look Kakashi in the eye. He just stares at her, a blank expression on his masked face. He was trying to focus; those words seemed familiar to him. She had said them numerous times before. Looking back, the first time she uttered those words was while they were on a mission together. It was before they had located information on Itachi and went to hunt Sasuke, before the death of Jiraiya. It was just a simple bodyguard mission for a noble.

… … …

A/N: Figured I'd make it a three parter. Some of might be canon with Coexisistence and some might not. Still deciding at the time of writing this.

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