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Uzumaki Naruto sat in his office, behind his large Hokage desk.

He was calmly sorting through his paperwork for the day when Yamanaka Ino walked into his room.

“Seventh-sama?! What are you doing?!” She exclaimed.

“Hello Ino.” Naruto greeted his old acquaintance. He had only been Hokage for less than a year now. He was still breaking in his job.

He was also breaking in all the other things that came along with it.

And while he was greeting Ino calmly, the girl herself was very unaccustomed to the sight before her.

She expected to come in and give a simple report. In reality, she found the leader of her villiage seated calmly while a woman of supple curves  had been clad from head to toe in leather restraints and rode the Hokage to a muffled orgasm in the middle of the day.

“Wh-What’s going on here?” Ino asked in alarm. “Is that… Hinata?!” She couldn’t compare the figure to the shy and noble girl she knew.

Now, the ninja forces weren’t particularly prudent about sex. But this was alarming even for Ino.

She could hear the soft squelching sound of a soaked pussy getting a deep plunging.

She could smell the scent of sex heavy in the room. She could see the mystery woman shudder as she rocked her hips onto the Hokage’s lap without pausing to awknowledge the new lady in the room.

Whoever it was, she was covered in a shiny full body latex suit that covered everything from hair to eyes. Only the mouth was exposed, panting through a little ball gag as the woman mewled into the Seventh Hokage’s neck.

Naruto shook his head. “Anko-san just came back from a mission. She worked really hard for her reward.” He said compassionately.

Anko proved that she could hear what was going on in the world outside of her gyrating hips, and made an appreciative moan.

“Yes.” Naruto said soothingly. “Good girls are rewarded properly right? I’m a fair guy aren’t I?”

“Mn-hmmm. Mn-hmmm.” The bound woman moaned eagerly.

“You missed me? Your slutty pussy’s too loose to get any satisfaction on the road, huh? You needed to come home to the cock that fits you so well? You needed some attention from your Hokage?”

Ino watched, transfixed, papers slipping from her loose fingers.

The woman – appearantly the infamously promiscuous Mitarashi Anko – had been demeaned and treated as a possession. She had her wrists tied together behind her back, leather hugging every contour of her body, and she loved every second of it. She was so happy with the young man for simply sitting there indifferently and allowing – allowing! – her to fuck herself senseless on his cock that she seemed to press her face affectionately against the man who had all but enslaved her.

At every demeaning question, she moaned as if to say yes, and raised her hips for a purposefully long thrust.

She, for lack of a better word, nuzzled her concealed face across Naruto’s.

She’s trying to kiss him. She agrees with all of those demeaning words so much. Ino thought distantly. She’s so happy.

“Does…” Ino had to lick her lips because her mouth had gone dry. “Does Hinata know about this?”

“Hinata’s under the table.” Naruto said with a smile.

Oh… like… she’s licking his… or something. Ino assumed dizzily.

When did the bratty boy she knew grow up to be so…

“You’re pretty calm about this.” Ino said shakily, leaning down to pick up her dropped paperwork. “It’s the middle of the day Hokage-sama.”

“Don’t get me wrong. Anko feels amazing as usual.” Naruto said, running a hand lovingly down the arched back of his slut until he rested his palm on her gyrating ass.  “Good girl. You''ve been keeping your cocksleave pussy nice and tight.” He said absently, giving a smart smack to the sluts ass.

Anko redoubled her shaking hips happily with a joyful squeal.

The sight of such an infamous man-eater sluttily pounding her hips onto the Hokage in the highest office in the land put Ino into a daze. She snapped out of it when her Hokage adressed her again.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders slightly and said: “But I had to get used to this sort of thing, or I’d never get any work done. Ever since I took this job I’ve been having non-stop attention.”

It was then that Ino realized just how serious Naruto had been.

The whole time, he continued to consider the papers before him.

A girl was practically fucking herself to death on his shaft and he was just…

How much… how much sex did he have to…

Ino felt dizzy.

“Thanks.” Naruto said, taking her papers. “How was the mission? Did it go well?”

“Apparently, not as well as hers.” Ino blurted out, indicating Anko. “Sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.”

She remembered his earlier words to her.

It’s a… reward. He’s rewarding her for her mission.

Since when did a ride in the Hokage’s Office count as a viable form of pay?

“Do you want a bonus?” Naruto asked calmly. “You also did really well.”

“I – I’m married, idiot!” Ino cried out, taking staggering steps backwards.

“I know.” Naruto explained, reaching into a droor.

Ino was just wondering what kind of perverted thing he was going to pull out when she hastily caught a thrown vial.

“It’s Ginseng extract. For Sai’s problem.”

“Eh? You know about that?”

“We’re teammates.” Naruto grunted in reply.

“He… shouldn’t be telling people about that.”

“Forgive him. He’s an awkward guy.” Naruto said. “And… take care of him for me.”

“S-Sure…” My husband can’t get it up. Meanwhile his teammate has the most promiscuous woman in the village wearing herself out in a leather bodysuit. “Right.” She said, leaving with shaky legs, dripping girl juice from her soaked panties.

She barely closed the office door when she heard Muffled screams come from behind her.

Despite herself, Ino found herself cracking the door open and peeking through.

OH my god, that cock. That cock! She thought, biting her lip.

Her sharp eyesight could make out the veiny, massive cock plunging in and out of Mitarashi Anko. As soon as she’d left, it seamed, the Hokage saw fit to throw the bound woman onto his desk and pound her relentlessly.

Wails of desperations were muffled in her ball gag, but Ino could understand Anko quite easily.

That cock is too big. She thought while squeezing her legs together. God, the way he pins her down into the papers on his desk. Is that okay? Is he confident that he can fuck her like that without damaging all those imoprtant documents of state?

Yeah… he has her held down tight. She can’t even move. Her writhing won’t rip any of the papers.


She whimpered, seeing Naruto take a long and harsh thrust into his bound sex pet.

Fuck… he’s so huge… no one’s that long. That girth wouldn’t fit in my mouth right?

She could almost taste it. Her mouth watered.

Come to think of it, the scent in that room was something I could get used to. Thick. Masculine.

That length wouldn’t all fit inside my pussy right? That curve’s really nice.

She felt an itch deep inside.

To her surprise, she saw Hinata crawl out from Naruto’s desk to stand at ease to one side, observing quietly. Her pretty highborn face was covered in cum.

So she was really there. Licking his balls I guess. Yeah, getting splashed with her man’s cum whenever another woman managed to wring any out. I get that. She can’t handle it. Yeah, a man like that needs enough whores to settle his appetite down.

Damn, what am I thinking. I… I have to go.

But she watched to the end. She watched the bound Anko fight against the man pinning her into his desk, trying to arch her back as she screamed in mind-melting ecstasy.

But she couldn’t really move. He had her held down, and he was far stronger than her.

That power… fuck… the hero of the war. The Seventh Hokage.


Fuck, fuck, fuck….

Ino had to go.

Ginseng… ginseng extract could be considered like an aphrodisiac right?

Yeah. Yeah.

But she didn’t know if the itch she had this time could be scratched even if Sai got it up.

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