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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


I do try to keep Naruto vaguely kind of in character, in the sense that he has always shown that he has a serious side, an insecure side, and a side where he's trying to put up a cool front. And he has always been desperate for affection and afraid of losing the bonds that he's aqquired. I apply these traits towards sex and with that said I think I'm within reason. That said, the porn takes priority. This isn't character driven, it's porn driven. How he got this way may not be totally clear to you until later chapters.



This story is pretty hardcore and filthy.

This story contains adultery and character bashing.

I bash on Sasuke and a bit on Sai. In fact any guy that isn't Naruto is fair game for character bashing, because it plays into the fetish sometimes.

Chapter 1 - Anko 1


Once upon a time, Uzumaki Naruto was the child that no one loved.

He remembered the days of sitting alone on the swing set, staring ahead at the children's glowing smiles.

Any other day, there would be a fight over the one swing in the academy yard.

So that when young Naruto found that all the children were preoccupied with some academy event, Naruto rushed over and took the empty swing.

While growing up, this was his consolation prize. This was how he dealt with the ache in his heart.

This ache would come every parent-teacher day. In fact any day at all which invited parents to school was like torture to him. It was to the point where even the children that weren't smiling were the object of his envy.

Maybe they were crying. Maybe they were frowning. But those children in the far distance were experiencing those powerful emotions while surrounded by people they loved.

They were relevant.

And there he was, on the one swing, all alone. Every parent sheparded their child away from him. Every child whispered with their friends and pointed at him.

There he was on the swing. He could only get the swing when no-one else wanted it. He could only have the leftovers of society.

The hole in his heart got bigger every day. He wasn't sure what it would take to fill it up.

In time, he would find that the hole in his heart was bigger than one woman. In fact, that chasm was larger than two women.

In fact, having grown up in such an achingly unloved way, he was never quite sure what love felt like.

He just knew that he wanted it. As much as possible.

His only hope was...

Everyone loved and respected the Hokage.

That much, Uzumaki Naruto could understand.

Present Day

Uzumaki Naruto sat in his office, behind his large Hokage desk.

He was calmly sorting through his paperwork for the day when Yamanaka Ino walked into his room.

"Seventh-sama?!" The famously sexy blonde Yamanaka gasped upon seeing her Hokage. "What are you doing?!"

"Hello Ino." Naruto greeted his old acquaintance. Ino had been in his academy class. He had, in a sense, watched her grow up. She had grown from a fashion-conscious pretty little girl into a dazzlingly attractive woman.

And as for himself, he had also come along in life.

He had achieved his dream.

He was the top ranked ninja in the nation now, though for less than a year.

He was still breaking in his job, but he was highly respected.

And, perhaps more soothingly to the ache in his heart...

He was also breaking in all the other things that came along with his new position.

Even while staring directly at Yamanaka Ino, Naruto smiled as he caressed the tight thigh of the Kunoichi on his lap.

At the same time, Ino was dazed by the sight before her.

She expected to come in and give a simple report. In reality, she found the leader of her village seated calmly while a woman bucked relentlessly on his lap.

This woman seemed to be totally out of place in such a powerfully somber office.

Reports and details from across the world were arrayed before Naruto's sturdy mahogany desk.

And the man, as if to cockily make a point of controlling he could be, went about his very serious work even as the buxom lady bucked and bounced.

The papers almost fell from Ino's hands as she continued to stare with her mouth agape. The 'Schlick, Schlick' sound of a tight pussy being spread wide open echoed throughout the office. The muffled groans of the woman could be heard as her head thrashed about.

The woman was a mystery, simply because she was covered head to toe in latex. A small hole was cut in the back of her latex face-mask, allowing a distinctive spiky ponytail to sway along with her every gyration.

"Wh-What's going on here?" Ino asked in alarm. "Is that… Hinata?!" She couldn't compare the figure to the shy and noble girl she knew.

Now, the ninja forces weren't particularly prudent about sex. But this was alarming even for Ino.

She could hear the soft squelching sound of a soaked pussy getting a deep plunging.

She could smell the scent of sex heavy in the room. She could see the mystery woman shudder as she rocked her hips onto the Hokage's lap without pausing to acknowledge the new lady in the room.

Whoever it was, she was covered in a shiny full body latex suit that covered everything from hair to eyes. Only the mouth was exposed, panting through a little ball gag as the woman mewled into the Seventh Hokage's neck.

Naruto shook his head. "Anko-san just came back from a mission. She worked really hard for her reward." He said compassionately.

Anko proved that she could hear what was going on in the world outside of her gyrating hips, and made an appreciative moan.

The tightly bound Special-Jounin had her whole body tied up in latex. Even her hands were bound behind her back, like a prisoner of some kind.

Anko's famously big tits were squeezed tightly by the shiny black latex that covered her whole body, but were still soft and succulent, and pressed eagerly into Uzumaki Naruto's broad chest as she bucked and moaned in orgasm.

"Yes." Naruto said soothingly. "Good girls are rewarded properly."

"Mn-hmmm. Mn-hmmm." The bound woman moaned eagerly.

"Did you miss me? I remember when I first met you. For such a famous slut like Mitarashi Anko, you were surprisingly tight. I seem to recall though, that we resolved that very quickly. Now your slutty pussy's been stretched out too loose to get any satisfaction on the road, huh? You needed to come home to me, didn't you? You needed some attention from your Hokage?"

Ino watched, transfixed.

The woman – apparently the infamously promiscuous Mitarashi Anko – had been demeaned and treated as a possession. She had her wrists tied together behind her back, latex hugging every contour of her body, and she loved every second of it. She was so happy with the young man for simply sitting there indifferently and allowing – allowing! – her to fuck herself senseless on his cock that she seemed to press her face affectionately against the man who had all but enslaved her.

At every demeaning question, she moaned as if to say yes, and raised her hips for a purposefully long thrust.

She, for lack of a better word, nuzzled her concealed face across Naruto's.

She's trying to kiss him. She agrees with all of those demeaning words so much. Ino thought distantly. She's so happy.

"Does…" Ino had to lick her lips because her mouth had gone dry. "Does Hinata know about this?"

"Hinata's under the table." Naruto said with a smile.

Oh… like… she's licking his… or something. Ino assumed dizzily.

When did the bratty boy she knew grow up to be so…

"You're pretty calm about this." Ino said shakily, leaning down to pick up her dropped paperwork. "It's the middle of the day Hokage-sama."

"Don't get me wrong. Anko feels amazing as usual." Naruto said, running a hand lovingly down the arched back of his slut until he rested his palm on her gyrating ass. "Good girl. You've been keeping your cocksleave pussy nice and tight." He said absently, giving a smart smack to the sluts ass.

Anko redoubled her shaking hips happily with a joyful squeal.

The sight of such an infamous man-eater slut pounding her hips onto the Hokage in the highest office in the land put Ino into a daze. She snapped out of it when her Hokage addressed her again.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders slightly and said: "But I had to get used to this sort of thing, or I'd never get any work done. Ever since I took this job I've been having non-stop attention. When I was young, you know, I would have given anything to receive a little attention from anyone, but girls in particular would have been nice. I remember looking at Sakura you, and daydreaming at the back of class"

Ino blushed hotly at her Hokage's honest words. He wasn't just that bratty boy anymore. He now held a position in the land that could fire her, promote her, or even kill her with just a word. And above all, he had the incredible raw power to uphold his authority. No one could forget the image of him Riding the Kyuubi into battle, nor the feeling of the shared Kyuubi cloak that he used to hand out Jounin-level power like candy.

"Now." The Kage continued. "I have recieved all this attention, and of course it makes me very happy." He said, caressing Anko's soft ass. When he gave the shiny latex over her rump a sudden squeeze, the woman shivered visibly in delight. Her head tossed back. Her body arched like a crescent moon, and it was a good thing her hands were bound behind her like a slave, else she might have thrashed and disturbed the Hokage's paperwork.

Mitarashi had a ball gag in her mouth, and could only howl nonsense words as she came around her Master's thick cock. But the underlying tone had such a feeling of sweetness and adoration, that Ino couldn't mistake Mitarashi Anko for anything else other than a devoted and willing participant.

"But this attention." Naruto said, smiling at the latex clad beauty as she slumped, boneless, onto his chest. "Comes with a price. That price being my constant work. And yet I have duties as a man that I picked up here and there. In the end i'm swamped with responsibilities left and right, but I am not the type to sacrifice one for the other. Never give up. Never compromise. That's me."

It was then that Ino realized just how serious Naruto had been.

The whole time, he continued to consider the papers before him.

A girl was practically fucking herself to death on his shaft and he was just…

How much… how much sex did he have to…

Ino felt dizzy.

"Thanks." Naruto said, taking her papers. "How was the mission? Did it go well?"

"Apparently, not as well as hers." Ino blurted out, indicating Anko. "Sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

She remembered his earlier words to her.

It's a… reward. He's rewarding her for her mission.

Since when did a ride in the Hokage's Office count as a viable form of pay?

"Do you want a bonus?" Naruto asked calmly. "You also did really well."

"I – I'm married, idiot!" Ino cried out, taking staggering steps backwards.

"I know." Naruto explained, reaching into a droor.

Ino was just wondering what kind of perverted thing he was going to pull out when she hastily caught a thrown vial.

"It's Ginseng extract. For Sai's problem."

"Eh? You know about that?"

"We're teammates." Naruto grunted in reply.

"He… shouldn't be telling people about that."

"Forgive him. He's an awkward guy." Naruto said. "And… take care of him for me."

"S-Sure…" My husband can't get it up. Meanwhile his teammate has the most promiscuous woman in the village wearing herself out in a latex bodysuit. "Right." She said, leaving with shaky legs, dripping girl juice from her soaked panties.

She barely closed the office door when she heard Muffled screams come from behind her.

Despite herself, Ino found herself cracking the door open and peeking through.

OH my god, that cock. That cock! She thought, biting her lip.

Her sharp eyesight could make out the veiny, massive cock plunging in and out of Mitarashi Anko. As soon as she'd left, it seamed, the Hokage saw fit to throw the bound woman onto his desk and pound her relentlessly.

Wails of desperation were muffled in her ball gag, but Ino could understand Anko quite easily.

That cock is too big. She thought while squeezing her legs together. God, the way he pins her down into the papers on his desk. Is that okay? Is he confident that he can fuck her like that without damaging all those important documents of state?

Yeah… he has her held down tight. She can't even move. He has such complete control over her body. This is surely not the first time he's done this.


She whimpered, seeing Naruto take a long and harsh thrust into his bound sex pet.

Fuck… he's so huge… no one's that long. That girth wouldn't fit in my mouth right?

She could almost taste it. Her mouth watered.

Come to think of it, the scent in that room was something I could get used to. Thick. Masculine.

That length wouldn't all fit inside my pussy right? That curve's really nice.

She felt an itch deep inside.

To her surprise, she saw Hinata crawl out from Naruto's desk to stand at ease to one side, observing quietly. Her pretty highborn face was covered in cum. Sticky, glistening man-spunk was splattered over her porcelian cheeks and coalesced into thick droplets that dripped down from her chin.

The wife of the Seventh Hokage, and standing leader of the Main Hyuuga Family, licked her slimy cum-coated lips. She began to use long, manicured fingers to gather globs of white spunk and suck her fingers clean. The copious spunk had even dripped down into the valley of her inhumanly busty chest, and she pouted in sadness.

Ino could understand. As she peeked through the door, transfixed, she could also smell the musky scent of Uzumaki Naruto's spend, and her mouth was watering powerfully.

She wanted a taste very badly, and her eyes were locked onto a small dollop left in the silky hair of the Hyuuga Princess.

Meanwhile Hinata began taking out a compact, and reapplying her makeup. She also adjusted her clothes. She arranged her hair. She even pushed up her huge tits to sit more appealingly in her bra, and then stood demurely with arms crossed beneath her breasts, leaned forwards slightly, as if offering herself up silently to her Husband.

All the while her husband was wildly fucking Mitarashi Anko. Her muffled screams of ecstasy did nothing to deter the Hyuuga Princess, and her eyes seemed filled with nothing but eagerness for her own turn to be bound and thrown onto the Hokage's work desk, and stuffed to an eye-crossing extent with inch after inch of thick cock.

Ino almost collapsed in the hallway. She knelt instead, fingers flying to invade her own shorts.

Her mind was reeling. So Hinata had really been there, under the Hokage's desk. Hyuuga Hinata, shy, demure, and dazzling in her beauty was on her knees and nuzzling the Hokage's fat ball sacks. Yeah, Hinata was getting splashed with sloppy second-hand cum while another woman was bound, gagged, and bouncing on her husband's shaft. She seems so clean and proper but Naruto must have turned her into a dirty whore.

Damn, what am I thinking. I… I have to go.

These are the thoughts in Ino's mind. But the desperately undeserved housewife watched to the end. She watched the bound Anko fight against the man pinning her into his desk, trying to arch her back as she screamed in mind-melting ecstasy.

But she couldn't really move. He had her held down, and he was far stronger than her.

That power… fuck… the hero of the war. The Seventh Hokage.


Fuck, fuck, fuck….

Ino had to go.

Ginseng… ginseng extract could be considered like an aphrodisiac right?

Yeah. Yeah. A powerful aphrodisiac.

But she didn't know if the itch she had this time could be scratched even if Sai got it up.

One last howl of Anko came, but the orgasmic scream seemed almost exhausted.

Her limp form was picked up and deposited unceremoniously onto a little couch in the corner. The poor woman's gaping pussy gushed a small river of sticky white jizz as Naruto finally pulled himself free, and Ino could see his shaft through the small crack of the doorway.

She had to cover her mouth to keep her gasp from revealing her presence.

Naruto's still hard shaft - her husband Sai couldn't even get it up but this fucker was STILL HARD - swayed as he turned to his wife.

His wife licked her lips, pale pupils locked onto the shaft that was so freshly covered in a mixture of cum and girl juice.

He must have whispered something to her, because the Princess clapped her hands in delight, kissed her husband forcefully on the lips, and walked off to a cupboard where her own shiny black latex suit lay.

Ino whimpered in need, but pried herself away from the door when she heard footsteps approaching from down the corridor. She tried to close the door as quietly as possible, and turned around just in time to face an Inazuka Kunoichi she wasn't antiquated with.

"Hey." The woman, a chuunin by Ino's guess, greeted. She had a mission report scroll under one arm as she opened a compact and looked after her lipstick carefully. "Are you in line?"

"Um... not really." Ino said, giving the new prospect a once-over. She was, to be indelicate, average. It was good that Hinata was likely dressed and bound in pure black latex, for to stand the Hyuuga Princess beside this Plain Jane would be entirely too unfair. But she had sharp eyes, a healthy body, and an eager energy. She seemed to be freshly 18 years of age.

"It's just amazing how he can multitask, isn't it?" The Inazuka lady replied. "It takes a real man to satisfy a woman without giving himself over to pleasure. "Hokage-sama keeps control of himself, and focuses on our pleasure over his own. Therefore he makes sure he completes his job as a man, even while doing his job as Hokage. My boyfriend just shakes shakes his hips and collapses into sleep. He can't even complete his job as a man, much less attempt to work of the hardest job in the land." She said with a snort.

At least your boyfriend gets hard. Ino thought, remembering her own plights with Sai.

"And after the first time with Hokage-sama, my hole is just so stretched out and molded to his figure... it's just making the problem with my boyfriend worse and worse. Even my womb feels like it's closed to my boyfriend, but Hokage-sama pries my cervix open with the head of his manly cock. His cock is just too big for my young pussy and he pries my womb open to fuck me proper. He sprays what feels like gallons of hot seed, too, right there in my womb and every day it's more and more tempting not to use a contraceptive jutsu. I used to love my boyfriend, I swear, but I just think there's no comparison. How do I look?" She asked finally of Ino.

Ino looked over the woman quietly. She had been a fashionista for ages and ages.

She thought back to Hinata's stance off to the side of the room, waiting patiently and offering herself with her tits pressed up.

Without a word, Ino simply undid the top two buttons on the Inazuka woman's blouse.

"Oh. Thanks." She agreed.

"No problem." Ino assented, woodenly walking away. The vial of Ginseng in her hands burned hotly from her shame and embarrassment. Her wedding ring felt tight on her finger.

But both of these were nothing compared to her dripping pussy and the itch developing in her womb.

She had the distinct impression that her whole body was covered in itching powder, and the only salve was being bent over a counter and fucked within an inch of her life.

And yet.

She didn't know if the itch she had this time could be scratched even if Sai got it up.

The vial of Ginseng in her trembling fingers burned hotly from her shameful thoughts.


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