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 (I’m thinking)

“I’m speaking”

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Pairing : Harem – Naruto x

Warning - violence, gore, adult language and AU


 (Just a few more papers and I’ll be done) I thought happily …

*thunder clap*

I looked outside and saw dark storm clouds in the sky “no no no please don’t rain” I gave up trying to finish my grading papers and just crammed everything in to my case. I had my coat and case and was almost out the door when …


I looked out the window and sighed, it was raining. I couldn’t leave now. I can’t risk getting wet.

*clang* the sound of a locker opening caught my attention …

(is someone still here?) I leaned outside of my classroom and looked into the hall. I see a shadowy figure standing next to an open locker.

“professor Iruka what are you doing here so late?” when I hear the British accent coming from the shadowy figure I know instantly who it is.

“I could say the same for you Naruto” I heard the blonde slowly close his locker and I smiled as my tall blonde blue eyed 21 year old British transfer student, Naruto Moore, stepped out of the shadows. Those whisker like marks on his cheeks always made me think he was supernatural like many people in Konoha, but all the creatures with strong senses of smell said the foreigner has a human scent so he was indeed human …

 “I had to finish some research for a project in my psychology class” Naruto said with a smile.

“really, did you finish?” I asked.

He nodded “yep, all done. Are you leaving? Care to walk out together?”

“I was, but I forgot my umbrella so I’m going to wait for a break in the storm” I said

“would you like to share mine?” I look at my student’s large red umbrella and smiled “I would, thank you, but you should let me drive you home then. I won’t let one of my students go home alone in this weather”

My student tried to decline, but eventually relented and agreed to let me drive him instead of walking home in this weather … why was it such a difficult choice? … College students are so stubborn!

We left the school under the safety of my student’s umbrella, but I realized that I couldn’t touch my car because it was soaked! I’m starting to panic when my car came into view. I really wanted to leave, but I can’t leave the safety of the umbrella. My mind is going a mile minute trying to think of an excuse or something to get out of this situation.


A noise brought me back to earth. I noticed Naruto was holding the door open for me.

Naruto scratched his head sheepishly “I’m sorry it’s habit. I always got the door for my mom” I got in the car and Naruto shut the door for me and got in the passenger seat I could cry I was so relieved. (If I ever meet this woman I’m kissing her for raising such a well mannered young man ... Are all the British this polite?)

“so where do you live Naruto?” I ask.

“I live in the old Uzumaki estate on Demon Road” said the blonde.

“really? I thought that place was abandoned” (I can’t believe he lives in the same place as those backstabbers) I actually felt my teeth clench as the memory of a certain couple flashes through my mind.

“yes, my mom likes rebuilding old places so when an acquaintance, kind of, gave mom this property she jumped on it. Did you know the people who lived there?” the blonde said carefully as if he was hiding something, but I ignored it.

“sort of, they were con artists who took the place from the original owners as collateral along with most of the towns peoples money, but instead of keeping their promise they skipped town” (they said they could help us those lying bastards)

Naruto sighed in relief “in that case, you might be happy to know that this couple actually walked into my parents hotel and lost the deed to the house and a lot of money to my aunt in a game of cards”

I couldn’t help but smile “yes it does, here we are, see you tomorrow”

My student waved good-bye as I pulled out of the driveway of the sprawling estate.


Naruto stopped waving when Iruka’s car was out of sight, but continued watching the road he drove down “vampires, werewolves, demons, and now mermen, oh my … no wonder no normal healer has the balls to take care of this place … but I’m here now Konoha and I will help”

A noise in the forest caught his attention and he ran off towards it …


Hiruzen Sarutobi is a 200 year old vampire wandering the forest on the edge of town looking for suitable prey. He spots deer a few yards away. He extends his fangs … in a flash he quickly catches his prey and snapped the deer’s neck before it even knew what was happening.

Hiruzen bit down and started to drain his kill of its blood not really caring about the mess he was making.

“hello Sarutobi or is it headmaster of Konoha academy now?”

Hiruzen spun around and saw a vampire with long dark hair and yellow eyes “Orochimaru, what are you doing here? You were cast out 6 years ago” barked the headmaster clearly furious that the vampire before him would dare show himself.

“yes, for some foolish reason” commented Orochimaru dismissively as he examined his nails.

“You killed and drank the blood of a small girl!” roared Hurizen.

“so? They’re our food Sarutobi. It’s stupid to try to live with our food by forcing ourselves to eat animals” he gestures to the deer carcass “or wear rings that don’t just protect us from the sun, but cast illusions that hide the fact that we don’t age” he points at a ring on Hiruzen’s finger.

The old vampire growled “your wrong Orochimaru, they aren’t just food and we won’t let you hurt anyone else in our town”

“very well then, but Hashirama, Tobirama and Minato aren’t here right now to help you, so you can’t stop me” he charged Hiruzen and the fight began.

“don’t get cocky. I’m older and stronger than you Orochimaru” said Sarutobi as he ducked a slash from the dark haired vampire.

 “yes, but I have this” smirked Orochimaru as he quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a vile. He whipped off the cap and threw the contents at Hiruzen who collapsed screaming in pain as the liquid burned his flesh.

Orochimaru strolled over to the downed vampire, savoring the crackling of Hiruzen’s seared body “like it Hiruzen, that was a mixture of holy water and silver” Hiruzen’s vision was fading “oh my, is it too painful for you, let me fix that” he grabbed a near by branch and sharpened it and with a sinister smirk he said “let me put an end to your pain”

Just before he could stake the vampire he was sent flying by a black blur. Orochimaru felt a deadly power that far rivaled his own so he fled. Hiruzen tried to see what scared Orochimaru off, but he only saw a black mass with a pair of fiery yellow-orange eyes in the dark just before blacking out.

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