Captured Heart

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Kakashi could sense the patrols around him. He just needed to slip back over the border with the intelligence he’d gathered and he was home free.

He just knew it when he was spotted. He broke cover and flew through the trees toward the border of the Fire Country. Granted, his pursuers might not stop at the border; just pursue him until Kakashi could find other Konoha shinobi to back him up. Or he could turn and fight, but he certainly was not going to do that on this side of the border.

Almost there. He put on a burst of speed, the same speed that allowed him to effectively wield the Chidori. A few more yards.

But something else was coming. Before he could try to evade, a blur shot toward him from ahead and below his position and hit Kakashi in the chest. It grabbed onto him and forced his body back into a tree trunk.

The wind was knocked out of him and he was sure he broke a few ribs. He’d been panting already and the difficulty breathing with the exertions were about to cause him to blackout. The last thing he saw was the thing that hit him: a large white cat.


Kakashi had no idea how much time had passed, but he awoke in a subterranean cell. The pain of breathing was the first thing that entered his awareness, the second was the pain in his shoulders. His arms were tied, extending out to his sides. He was on his knees, his ankles tied down. He could probably stand if he wanted, but he had no slack to do anything else.

Naruto had restored his natural eye after his Sharingan was stolen by Madara, so there were no special precautions taken for his Sharingan. He opened his eyes to see a large white cat with its tail swaying. Kakashi looked around, but the cat was the only thing to be seen in the small, bare room.

After a while, the door near the corner on Kakashi’s left opened and in walked the person Kakashi feared the most in the world: Sasuke.

It had been a little over a year since the war against Obito and Madara and whatnot—emphasis on ‘whatnot’. Sasuke had joined the fight and helped them win, but Sasuke said he could never return home; however, he did give up on his intention of destroying Konoha. Sasuke created his own village and attracted many missing-nins, former Oto shinobi, and most of Orochimaru’s former prisoners and test subjects. Many revered Sasuke and he quickly built a powerful village of loyal shinobi.

Which was why Konoha feared him.

Sasuke wasn’t alone. Two males and a girl, all younger than Sasuke, followed him into the room.

“Sensei,” Sasuke greeted.

“Sasuke,” Kakashi answered.

“I don’t think you’ll answer, but I owe it to you to try to do this the easy way: why were you trespassing in my country?”

Kakashi said nothing.

“Very well. We’re a young village, but we do have interrogation specialists. None at the level of Ibiki, but Orochimaru collected fine specimens of all types. These two,” Sasuke indicated to the two young men, “are apprenticing in interrogation. I’m giving you to them as their first solo. I expect you to give them a challenge.”

“I won’t disappoint.”

Sasuke smiled; a slightly disturbing sight. “I’m sure. I’ll leave you to them. If you don’t tell them why we caught you on this side of the border, I’ll take a turn.”

Kakashi’s stomach dropped. He could resist all kinds of torture, but he feared Sasuke. He swallowed. It was going to be a long week, or however long this would take. He hoped he’d be traded back soon, but no doubt Sasuke would take his turn before he was released.

“Bonna, let’s leave them to it.” The cat turned to follow Sasuke. Sasuke nodded to the girl to follow him as well. The door shut soundly.

“Sasuke-sama said we couldn’t take your mask off, kill you, main you, rape you, or do any real damage. Consider yourself lucky.”

“I’m jumping for joy,” Kakashi deadpanned.

The first hit was to his kidney.


A week so far. He was stripped to his boxers and his mask. The mask part was cut from the body of his undershirt and the shirt cut away. That left his back exposed for the flogger. His ribs had been repaired so there were no bandages, but his chest still hurt. They used those tender ribs to their advantage.

It started with the beatings, starvation, and sleep deprivation. He was given just enough water which was poured onto his mask and he had to suck the water from the fabric. Then days of absolute isolation in the dark. At least then he was able to sleep. But he couldn’t tell if had slept or for how long.

Bright light after so long in the dark, loud noises, and resumption of the beating was painful but almost welcome after the limbo of darkness and isolation. His high shinobi metabolism was taking a toll on his body without food. He was weak and was becoming more and more confused and dizzy.

And it was so cold. They were underground and it was dark and a bit damp. The cold sunk into his bones within a few hours of his waking up here. The cold did help to numb some of his skin, but it also made other parts more sensitive, the cold itself hurting.

He only said one word. He hallucinated Rin appearing to help him. She bent down with a smile on her face. She looked happy and still in love with him. And so young. She was so young when he killed her. He was overjoyed to see her. “Rin,” Kakashi whispered. He blinked and she was gone. He was beginning to consider ways to commit suicide. He was only surviving to face Sasuke. His skin crawled.

Kakashi was barely conscious and would enter the final stages of starvation soon when Sasuke returned.

“Untie him, but bind his hands behind his back, palms out,” Sasuke ordered.

Once Kakashi was released to lie on the ground, Sasuke ordered everyone else out. Sasuke let him lie for a while and he even let him sleep horizontally for a few minutes.

Finally, Sasuke sat beside him and pulled his former sensei up to sit and held him up from behind, pressing the taller man’s back into his chest; a little awkward with Kakashi’s hands bound behind him.

“I’m still enormously curious to see your face,” Sasuke admitted, “but I won’t peek.”

Sasuke pulled the mask down and picked up a glass of water with a straw. Kakashi drank greedily. Then Sasuke held up a piece of chopped fruit. Kakashi accepted it. It was small and this slow feeding kept him from swallowing it all down and making himself sick. Different fruits were placed in his mouth and he gratefully ate. Warm soup was next. That was pure heaven. Kakashi could feel the warmth radiate out from his throat and stomach. Life pricked every cell of his body.

Sasuke blindly returned his mask to its normal position. Kakashi was still hungry, but he had no strength to fight him. He slid out of Sasuke’s arms and onto the floor as Sasuke stood.

Sasuke opened the door and his torturers returned.


Rin was back.

Kakashi couldn’t be sure of the passage of time, but he was pretty sure he was nearing the end of the second week.


She smiled warmly at him.

“He’s hallucinating again,” one of the two male torturers said. Kakashi didn’t comprehend what he said.

“Better let Sasuke-sama know.”

“Sayeko should be coming for a report soon.”

Kakashi was picking up on the conversation as Rin faded away. Sayeko. He filed that piece of information away.

The girl did come in after another ten lashes to his back.

“He still hasn’t said anything but that name again,” the second man said to Sayeko. “Tell Sasuke-sama that the hallucinations are back.”

“Hai.” She glanced at Kakashi with worry. Her hair was a very pale yellow, almost white, not like his silverish white hair. She was very pretty with long, full, wavy hair. She looked too kind and innocent to be a shinobi. Like Rin.

She quickly scurried away and Sasuke returned a short time later with Sayeko carrying a tray. The two males knew to partially release and rebind Kakashi like before.


Sayeko put the tray down and left with the two boys.

Sasuke fed him like before.

“I don’t trust those others to not look at your face,” Sasuke admitted out of nowhere.

Kakashi was barely able to speak and definitely didn’t ask. But he knew what it was, an old trick: leave the subject with clothes or other things that gave him comfort and then suddenly take it away. Another trick was for one of the captors to behave sympathetic. He thought that the latter was Sasuke—as he had been feeding him and letting him keep his mask—but he soon discovered he wasn’t—or at least not the only one.

Sayeko was coming in more often to observe and get reports to give to Sasuke. There was something about her and the fact she was Sasuke’s errand-girl that told Kakashi that she was Sasuke’s apprentice. But she seemed far too kind. Seemed. Sakura looked like a sweet girl, but could turn into a demon when provoked. This girl was likely the same. Even shy Hinata could fight.

The two boys often left him alone so they could eat or sleep or just take a break. Sometimes one would stay while the other left, but if Kakashi had been able to escape, he would have by now.

The boys left and Sayeko came in. She looked around and seemed indecisive whether she should stay and wait or go. She stayed. She came fully into the room and shut the door behind her.

Kakashi looked up at her, but then let his head hang again. His neck hurt from looking up. Hell, his entire body hurt. He had a headache from inadequate water, stomach pains from hunger, his wrists and ankles hurt from the ropes and leather cuffs, his shoulders hurt from the way he was hung, his skin hurt from the cold, his back hurt, his lungs hurt, everything fucking hurt. It was dull pain though compared to the whippings and beatings. He was sure his body was covered in welts and bruises. He must have been a pitiful sight.

She came closer. Kakashi lifted his eyes. Sayeko‘s eyes were large and full of sympathy. She really looked nothing like Rin, but Sayeko called her to mind.

“Why don’t you say anything? We know you were here to spy. Why don’t you tell them that?”

Kakashi didn’t try to speak, knowing he couldn’t at the moment, but he tried to moisten his mouth.

“Sasuke-sama can be so cruel sometimes. Why don’t you just give in and they’ll send you back?”

“Principle,” Kakashi croaked.

Sayeko scoffed. “That’s so stupid. You know he likes mind games; you’re just playing into them. He doesn’t want you to tell them.” She sighed when he didn’t respond. “I’m going to tell them you confessed.”

“I’ll deny it,” he whispered.

“Unbelievable. You’re more stubborn than he is. Is it because you know he won’t let you die? If he takes over . . .”

“I know.”

She swallowed. She knew too. The Sharingan.

She had given him a small piece of information: she knew Sasuke was stubborn and was fond of mind games. She was close to him.

The door opened and Sasuke stood there. Sayeko spun to face him. “Sasuke-sama.”

“What’s taking so long?”

“They aren’t here,” Sayeko said. “I was waiting.”

His eyebrows moved. “Has he talked?”

Sayeko was about to speak, but Kakashi said, “No.”

“No need to wait for those two.” Sayeko went to his side. “Two days, Kakashi. Then it’s my turn.”

The two boys were obviously told the same thing because when they came back they were more brutal than ever.


Kakashi figured it had been about two days and his fear increased. He was close to confessing, anything to avoid Sasuke’s Sharingan. He almost talked.

When Sasuke came in, Kakashi nearly blurted out that he was spying, but even if he wanted to, he was paralyzed with fear. He’d rather be facing Ibiki after raping his daughter than Sasuke. He couldn’t steel himself, he was too frightened.

“I know you’ve suffered the Tsukuyomi before; I’m not going to do that until the end.”

Mentally, Kakashi sighed, Ahh, fuck.

Sasuke came up right in front of him and grabbed Kakashi by the throat to lift Kakashi to his feet. Even with his head down, he was tall enough that he could look right into Sasuke’s eyes. Sasuke ran a finger down the edge of Kakashi’s masked jaw.

“Though I might want you stronger for this. I want both of us to fully enjoy it.”

That made fear coil up in Kakashi’s belly.

“Change of plans. I’ll have your wounds healed and give you a few more days. Meanwhile . . .” Sasuke said menacingly.

Sasuke left Kakashi’s field of vision and kicked him in the back of the knee, sending Kakashi back to his knees. Kakashi expected more hits, but nothing happened. It was quite a surprise to feel his bindings moving. His body was rearranged so that his arms were above him, but spaced out so that they didn’t inhibit his hearing.

“Get used to it.” And Sasuke left him.

Later that day, Sasuke returned to feed him, not letting him down like before. Sasuke still molded his body to Kakashi’s as he offered pieces of fruit to him. But unlike before, Sasuke then offered his fingers to suck the juice from them. So hungry and thirsty, he did. Sasuke did it after every piece. Kakashi knew what was happening, but he couldn’t care less at the moment. He would do almost anything for food, liquid, and just a little bit of mercy and time. And there was something primitively satisfying in sucking on those fingers.

A medical-nin also came down to heal him. Even if his body was healed, the pain remained. And sometimes the healing was as painful as anything. His world had become pain to the point he was almost immune to it.

Sasuke fed him once the next day. Sasuke offered his fingers again, but Kakashi was more reluctant to obediently suck on them this time. Sasuke pressed a piece of fruit in his mouth and would not pull his finger out; rather, he pushed his finger deeper in his mouth until Kakashi did lick and close his lips around it. He did that a few times, then added a second finger, rubbing the back of his tongue.

Sasuke didn’t come the third or fourth day but his torturers where back. They just kept him awake, using a riding crop to hit him when he started nodding off. They forced him to keep his head up and hit him when he let it fall. For two days, he was kept awake and unfed. The few calories he’d been given before wasn’t enough to stave off the weakness and mental exhaustion. He wasn’t hallucinating, but he was approaching starvation again.

His mask was soaked to let him drink and to fully wake him. He looked up to see Sasuke standing there. He forgot to suck at the moisture in his mask.

“Pull him up and attach this,” Sasuke said to the boys and handed them a spreader bar.

The spreader bar unnerved Kakashi; he knew what they were normally used for and it wasn’t interrogations.

“You two can leave.” Once alone, Sasuke looked over and Kakashi followed his eyes. There was a table with an array of objects on it. Some Kakashi could see and recognize.

Sasuke grabbed Kakashi’s chin and looked into his eyes. “Last chance. Why were you in my country?”

Kakashi swallowed, but refused to speak.

Sasuke smirked. “Why fight me this far? You know what I’m going to do to you. Then I’ll use my Sharingan. Are you just a hell of a masochist? Do you want this?”

Kakashi shut his eyes, resigned to the torture to come. Sasuke’s hand and the feel of his breath disappeared.

The flogger was first. Sting upon sting on his upper back.

Sasuke set down the flogger and molded his body to Kakashi’s again, making him hiss at the contact on his reddened back. “You know I’m a sadist. I think it’s a family trait. But I’m also a sexual sadist.”

Kakashi’s head came up.

“My lovers don’t last long,” he said conversationally. “They need time to recover. I have no reason to hold back with you though.”

What kind of monster did Kakashi help raise?

“Even those who willingly kneel to me, fear me. Are you sure you want me to continue?”

Kakashi wondered why the fuck he wasn’t talking. Three words and he could avoid this. But he couldn’t speak. This was nothing compared to what Ibiki went through. Rape wouldn’t defeat him.

Sasuke smirked. “Truth is, since we fought after Danzo’s death, I’ve really wanted to do this. I fantasized about it. I even practiced it. Kaito was out of commission for a week and wouldn’t have sex with me again for three months. You will scream. I hope you like pain.”

A thin bamboo cane was next. The skin, tender from the cat o’ nine tails, stung even more with every snap of the cane. Kakashi grit his teeth and would not cry out. Sasuke rubbed the cane up and down his lower back gently. That felt good, but boded pain. Instead of hitting his nerve filled lower back, Sasuke used the cane to push Kakashi’s boxers down an inch. Kakashi’s breath caught in his throat.

“Are you a virgin?” Sasuke asked, playing the tip of the cane down his clothed crack.

Kakashi wouldn’t speak, but he nodded.

Sasuke hummed. He pulled the cane away to strike his ass. Through the fabric, damp with sweat and the water thrown on his to wake him, the strike didn’t hurt. Sasuke pulled a kunai from his sleeve and pulled the fabric taut and slit it down the center of his ass and carved it from his body. The tip of the kunai then played over his bare flesh, not cutting, but causing his skin to pucker. Kakashi was now nude save for his mask.

Sasuke came around in front of him and untied the thin black rope he used as a belt as opposed to the thick purple one he used to wear. He tossed the belt rope away and eased his open chested white shirt from his shoulders, exposing his creamy skin and muscled body.

Kakashi looked up at Sasuke with pleading eyes.

“You think I should spare you because you’re my former sensei? If you were anyone else, you’d be dead already. I’m doing this because you were my sensei.”

He stroked Kakashi’s covered cheek. There was softness mixed in with the lust in his eyes.

“I can end this all if you talk. I promise, you’ll wake up in nice comfortable bed if you tell me now.”

Sasuke’s fingertips touched the line of his mask, touching the skin, threatening to remove the mask.

“Or do you want me to see?”

Kakashi wore the mask even at home, taking it off only for bathing and sleeping, not always then. He felt more naked without his mask than his boxers. He opened his mouth. It didn’t even make sense in his own mind, but taking his mask scared him more than the beating and rape. But he didn’t speak.

Sasuke turned away, removing his hand from his face. He turned back with the kunai. Sasuke slid the kunai’s point down the mask and started to carve and peel it away. The final piece that he held up while he peeled the rest of the wet fabric away was the one over Kakashi’s nose and mouth.

Sasuke hands gently stroked Kakashi’s bare face, his beard having come in, but it was still short, Kakashi never able to grow much of a beard. Being white, it blended in with his pale skin. He could almost feel Sasuke’s eyes as they raked over his lower face for the first time. It felt like being stripped naked and having someone judge his manhood, though he was too used to being all but naked in the ANBU locker room, bathing on missions in rivers, and hot springs, and he was confident about his manhood.

Truth was, he kept his mask on because he was always embarrassed by how men and women alike fawned over him. He was rather shy when he was young and thought a good shinobi shouldn’t attract so much attention. His face was thin and his jaw squared. His lips weren’t particularly thin or thick, but his nose was still perfectly straight even after decades as a shinobi. And there was that beauty mark on his chin. He’d gone undercover as a model more than once. Yet, sparking lust was the last thing he wanted to do right now. Sasuke was drinking in his bared features in a way that would have made Kakashi blush if his blood pressure wasn’t so low.

Then Sasuke’s lips were on his own. Sasuke’s tongue lapped at his lips and wormed into his mouth. Kakashi felt a rush as Sasuke kissed him. It fucking felt good. He felt it in his nipples and his cock.

Sasuke pulled away slowly with soft bedroom eyes that Kakashi couldn’t even see, his eyes closed in momentary ecstasy. Sasuke stepped to the side and brought a bucket of water over and pulled out a sponge. Cold water was suddenly running down his body as Sasuke ran the soaking sponge down Kakashi’s arms. He wrung it out over his hair, making Kakashi’s lungs seize. Sasuke recharged the sponge and ran it down his chest and back, cleaning him. He bathed his entire body thus.

“Better,” Sasuke said, tossing the sponge back in the bucket.

Kakashi didn’t know he could be colder, but he was shivering with it now. He would almost do anything just to be warm again.

Sasuke gave the rope holding his arms up a little slack. The slack made Kakashi bend forward, too weak to keep himself upright. He was properly bent over, his ass fully exposed.

Sasuke knelt next to him, pressing his chest to Kakashi’s side and laying his arm over his back. The warmth of Sasuke’s body was nearly as pleasant as an orgasm.

“My dear sensei, one more chance: what were you doing? A warm bed will be your reward. Otherwise, I will rape you.”

Kakashi tightened his jaw.

Sasuke growled. “I’ve abstained for this.” He leaned back and ran his hand gently down Kakashi’s back to his ass. “You’re not worthy for me to use my hand.”

Sasuke stood and fetched the cane again. Sasuke hit him until his entire ass was red, going over it again and again, bruising the stinging flesh. Kakashi let out a groan that made Sasuke smile. The backs of his thighs were next and the bottoms of his feet. Kakashi finally cried out.

Sasuke tightened the rope again to make Kakashi upright, though still on his knees. He resumed the beating on Kakashi’s back. Kakashi was able to keep himself from crying out this time. Sasuke came around to Kakashi’s front and caressed his face with the end of the cane.

“You are very handsome, sensei. It would be a shame to mar that face. But you never let anyone see it anyway. Shall I give that pale skin of yours some color?”

Kakashi shut his eyes tightly, fearing a strike. Sasuke just rubbed his cheek with the bamboo.

“I’ll leave some part of you unmarred.”

The strike was not to his face, but to his chest. Then his stomach, his thighs, then he aimed right for a nipple. Kakashi grunted with pain.

“Sensitive, sensei?”

Kakashi shut his eyes tightly. The cane moved up and down over his nipple, teasing it. Kakashi was ashamed that it felt good and it was causing a tingling in his cock. Luckily, he was freezing and frightened, both factors keeping his cock shriveled up. The pleasure made his skin pucker and that sent warmth through his body.

The cane disappeared. Kakashi didn’t open his eyes, fearing what was next and not wanting to see derision or mocking satisfaction in Sasuke’s eyes.

His eyes opened in shock though when he felt something different tease his nipple. A hot, rough, wet tongue. Kakashi didn’t really see anything, nothing registering except the sensation of Sasuke’s mouth closing over his abused nipple. Sasuke closed his lips around the reddened nub and pulled away, his lips running over the sensitive flesh. He gently kissed it before standing. Kakashi’s cock began to stir. His mind and body were confused, not knowing what it should feel and fear.

Sasuke picked up the cane again. Sasuke’s strikes were random: nipple, abs, thigh, nipple, the other nipple, the side of his ribs, lower chest, nipple, thighs, and so forth. After many minutes of this, Sasuke let the cane slide over his skin, down to his limp cock. Kakashi gritted his teeth. The cane ran down the length slowly and gently, then back up. Despite everything, that felt good to Kakashi, having his cock stroked carefully even if by a cold torture implement. Then the cane disappeared just to snap against his cock. Kakashi screamed.

“Ahh, yes, scream.”

Three more strikes and Kakashi was nearly sobbing.

“Lean back,” Sasuke ordered.

Kakashi had no energy to disobey, but there was no way he was going to further expose his genitals to assault. Sasuke smirked and picked up a bull whip. Sasuke cracked it to show it was real and he knew how to use it, then he cracked it an inch from Kakashi’s nose. Kakashi let his body hang backward, arching his body.

Sasuke set the whip down and used the cane to move Kakashi’s cock, exposing his scrotum. Kakashi screamed when it was struck.

“Please,” Kakashi sobbed.

“You know how to end this torture,” Sasuke said. He hesitated, giving Kakashi an opportunity to confess. When Kakashi said nothing, he struck again. His cock and balls were struck until they both started to bruise.

“You continue to impress me,” Sasuke said. He set the cane aside.

Kakashi heard chains drag on the table of implements. He remained leaned back and couldn’t see what Sasuke was now holding.

“Straighten up.”

Kakashi obeyed fearing more strikes if he defied him. He saw clamps with small chains attached. His mind was numb and he couldn’t summon any word even if he thought of confessing. He couldn’t even think how Sasuke was planning on using those, his mind too muddled with pain.

Sasuke sank to his knees in front of him and put the clamps on the floor except for one. He didn’t go for a nipple, but rather pinched the loose skin of Kakashi’s scrotum. The pinch was painful, but the tight clamp that Sasuke attached to that skin made Kakashi scream. Then he let the chain fall, pulling at his balls. Sasuke went on to attach three more clamps.

Kakashi believed there was no more pain possible in the world. But the Uchiha surprised him. Sasuke pinched a nipple to make it stand up and he attached a clamp there as well. The pain seemed dull compared to the pain in his scrotum, but it was still incredible. The first didn’t prepare him for the second. There could be no more pain left in the world. Kakashi thought he’d reached the pinnacle of pain. There was nothing left to endure. For a moment, Kakashi felt serenity in that thought. He had successfully endured the greatest pain.

He finally opened his eyes to see Sasuke smirking. Shit.

The foreskin of Kakashi’s cock hung lower than normal since his cock was as shriveled as it was possible for it to be. Kakashi started hyperventilating as Sasuke took hold of his cock. A clamp closed on his foreskin. He was in too much pain to scream. His lungs were paralyzed and the pain radiated out even more than the clamping of his scrotum.

That sent Kakashi over the edge. Sasuke could see his eyes go completely vacant. Sasuke stared at his slacked face. Kakashi had entered something like subspace, a thing Sasuke treasured. He’d forced Kakashi into the state his submissives sought and it always filled Sasuke with pride to bring them there. But Kakashi’s was different since his mind had purely sought escape from pain; there was none of the bonding and pleasure Sasuke was used to with his subs. But the chemical response was the same; the pain was so extreme that his body tried to combat it with a surge of endorphins.

As Kakashi’s body balanced the scales of pain with chemical pleasure, he came out of the dissociative state and awareness returned to his eyes. A second clamp was added and he almost passed out. It didn’t take Kakashi back to subspace, but it sent pain flooding his system again. Sasuke hit his back to make him take a breath, but it made the clamps and the attached chains swing.

Sasuke caressed Kakashi’s cheek, resting his hand on his neck, rubbing his thumb on his jaw. “You are truly lovely. I’m so hard for you right now. Was the pain that exquisite? Your face could not be lovelier if you were cuming. Did you like it?”

Kakashi was still breathing hard from the pain and wouldn’t answer.

Sasuke smiled. The clamps on his foreskin was first to be released, then his scrotum, then his nipples. The pain of their release was nowhere near the pain of them being put on, but it was excruciating. Sasuke rubbed blood back into his balls and then his foreskin and then his nipples.

“Ready for me to rape you?”

Kakashi didn’t think anything more could be done to him. No rape could hurt as much as those clamps. Rape was nothing to him now. Let the entire village rape him; it would be a relief from what he just experienced. How did Sasuke think a threat of rape would make him talk now?

Sasuke slackened the rope again to get Kakashi in a good position to fuck him. Kakashi relaxed. He didn’t fear any pain anymore.

Sasuke took the lube from the table and covered his hand and fingers with it. He used his coated palm to rub the heated flesh of Kakashi’s abused ass cheek. He teased and caressed him like a lover might. It felt good. Even when Sasuke’s fingers slid between his cheeks and touched his entrance, Kakashi could feel only pleasure at the gentle touch. He felt no pain as one finger entered him. The relief from the pain before made his body loose and yielding.

Sasuke took his time adding a second finger and stretching Kakashi’s body. A third finger didn’t hurt either. Sasuke pulled his fingers from him and stood to remove his pants. He spread a fresh palm full of lube on his cock and got behind his former sensei.

As he would a lover, Sasuke caressed Kakashi’s back and ass before easing closer to press the head of his hard cock to his entrance. He moved forward, entering him slowly. Kakashi was surprised at how good the smooth head of Sasuke’s cock felt easing through his anal ring. His entire length was smooth and slick with lube as it moved deeper within him. It seemed an eternity before he felt Sasuke’s thighs touch his ass. Sasuke growled low in his throat at the sensation of being fully enveloped.

To Kakashi’s abused body, being filled felt strange. His muscles had given up some time ago and being lubed and prepped, there was no pain, just a foreign feeling of being full and the heat of another person’s body inside him. That heat radiated into his cold flesh.

Only the welts that now striped his body and the flogged blotches on his back and thighs had any heat in them, but now Sasuke’s warm hands moved down his sides, chest, and stomach. The touch of his hands, covered in lube and sweat, hurt the welts, but the tender touch made him shudder with pleasure, sending a wave of heat in its wake. Kakashi’s mind blanked.

Sasuke started moving. Kakashi was relaxed from the torture, but he was still a virgin and his body was tight. His core was still warm, though below normal temperature. Kakashi’s body hugged Sasuke as he moved. His hands instinctively moved to Kakashi’s hips to keep him still while he fucked him.

For a minute, Sasuke was completely lost to the pleasure of being inside someone. A lover, a normal sex partner, or a prisoner, it didn’t matter right now. This was bliss. The cold ground against his knees or the damp, cool air didn’t matter. Warm, wet flesh hugging his cock was the only thing holding his attention.

A groan brought him back to himself. Sasuke leaned over him. His hands roamed over his skin. He felt the welts, the hot blotches, the bones, the hollows where his meager fat reserves were used up and muscles atrophied, and the few places where his skin loosened. He felt more like a skeleton than he looked.

But his cock was plump. Sasuke smiled. After all that pain, his mind was blank and flooded with endorphins. Kakashi could only feel now; no thinking, no resisting, no denying. This was his body at its most honest.

Sasuke sought out his prostate. When Kakashi groaned, Sasuke knew he found it. He was relentless. He caressed the body beneath him and did all he could with his cock to make Kakashi feel good. As he felt Kakashi nearing his peak, Sasuke lay over him.

Sasuke reached his lubed hand around Kakashi’s body and loosely fisted Kakashi’s cock. Sasuke moaned at its size and hardness. He stroked him slowly, sliding his slick hand over Kakashi’s smooth, hard erection. He tightened his hand as he pulled his hand down his length, his tight hand squeezing over the flare of the head of Kakashi’s cock and then forcing it back through his fist making Kakashi gasp.

“Do you feel it?” Sasuke whispered into his ear. “Do you feel the pleasure?”

It was a purely rhetorical question. Kakashi was hard and ready to cum. But Sasuke grabbed the base of his cock to stop him.

“Why are you here? Tell me and I’ll let you cum.”

It was difficult, but Kakashi resisted. Sasuke’s voice had woken him a bit. Don’t speak. Endure. Those were the only conscious thoughts in his head, all he could hang onto. It was all he could focus on during all the torture and now in the pleasure. Sasuke continued to thrust into him, keeping a firm hand on Kakashi’s cock, but even as his prostate was hit again and again, torturing him with denied release, he would not speak.

Sasuke wanted to cum and had been denying his own orgasm longer than Kakashi, he said, “Fuck it,” and let go of Kakashi’s cock. A few thrusts later and Kakashi came with a cry; it felt like his mind broke. Sasuke soon followed, filling Kakashi with his seed.

Kakashi could barely keep his eyes open, sexually sated and so tired and weak. Sasuke came around and looked into his eyes with soft, sated ones. “Tell me why you’re here?” he asked, not expecting an answer.

“Tsunade is considering turning against you and sent me to find the holes and weaknesses in your defenses.” Kakashi’s voice was cracked, weak, and tired, but entirely comprehensible.

That was more than what Sasuke even wanted. He was about to thank Kakashi for finally speaking, but Kakashi said more. A switch had gone off in Kakashi’s brain that was his trick to remembering information as a part of his missions. All his data spilt out. He listed every weakness he’d found to Sasuke. Sasuke used his Sharingan’s ability to enhance his memory, the same way it helped him remember long, complicated sequences of hand signs.

“Good boy,” Sasuke purred when Kakashi finished. “I’ll keep my promise.”

Kakashi completely lost consciousness.

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