Aligning the Stars

BY : Blackkitten23
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(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

"Demon / summon / ghost speaking"

(Demon / summon / ghost thinking)

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Pairing: male harem - fem Naruto 'Naruko' x Shikamaru / Kiba / Shino / Neji / Gaara / male Hinata / male Tenten


“Sasuke please, don’t do this!” screamed Naruko as she stood on the statue of Hashirama across from Sasuke.

“shut up! I won’t stay in that village of weaklings! You’re holding me back” growled the Uchiha.

“your not thinking clearly … so I’ll drag you back!” a clone appeared and helped her form a spiraling ball of ball of energy.

Sasuke snarled “as if a weakling like you could stop me” his hand was consumed with electricity creating a loud chirping noise.

They charged each other …

Naruko felt something slice into her chest  … it was Sasuke’s fist …

The Uchiha was blown backwards as the spiraling ball nicked his arm. They both it the earth hard, but he staggered to his feet and moved over to the bloody form of his teammate as he clutched his broken arm “for a demon you’re very weak” he spat at the girl’s face before walking away ignoring the blonde cough up blood.

“I f-failed” she choked out painfully as tears flowed from her eyes …

The demon fox started to heal her punctured lung and she tried to get to her feet, but kept slipping on the loose blood soaked earth under her. Finally she managed find some solid ground and dragged herself upright using a tree for support.

“I … have to … get back to … Konoha” she panted in strained voice as she fought to stay conscious …

She only made it a few steps before someone landed in front of her “Ka-kashi-sensei” she smiled in relief as her sensei came closer to her … she was safe …

“where is Sasuke?” asked Kakashi who didn’t even glance at the badly injured girl.

“I’m sorry sen …sei h-he got away” Naruko coughed up some blood and noticed her sensei was oddly quiet “sensei?” she saw his fist clench so hard that his knuckles turned white …

“can’t you do anything right?” Naruko was shocked at those hurtful words, but she didn’t get a chance to say anything … she froze in horror as she looked at her sensei’s eyes …

Those eyes were filled with so much hate …

Kakashi took out a kunai and stepped towards the frightened girl …

Cold metal carving up her flesh … that’s what she felt as she was stabbed several times in places that would make for a slow painful death and she fell limp on the ground … the sensei she once admired loomed menacingly over …

“you deserve this you fucking demon” he laid his foot on her side … nothing could stop him, not even the tears pouring out of the girl’s eyes … he kicked her into the rigid waters below …

Even as she sank deeper and water filled her lungs she could see him through the water that was tainted with her own blood …

He was just standing there on the ledge waiting for her to die …

Kakashi’s hateful eyes were the last things she saw before she was consumed by darkness …


Silence … that’s all Kakashi received when he gave his report …

“ummm … hokage-sama? Did you hear me? I killed the demon” he eye smiled thinking he’d hear cheering … unfortunately for him the civilian council and Sakura weren’t there there cause they were setting up a huge party to celebrate the demon’s demise.

“yes … I heard you … I’m not the first person you told” said Tsunade.

“no sorry, I wanted to tell everyone the good news. The party is starting soon” exclaimed a far too happy Kakashi as the shinobi clan heads walked in with the surviving retrieval team and the sand siblings. Save for Shibi and Shino who were on a mission everyone was present.

“hokage-sama what’s with the party? Is Sasuke back? Where’s Naruko?” asked Shikamaru.

“Kakashi Hatake killed her” stated the hokage with a tone that seemed indifferent. Temari and Kankuro flinched and glanced at Gaara … the sand whipping around the red head was a very bad sign …

The silver haired eye smiled at them, but after going a few minutes without the praise he expected he looked at them with confusion “what’s wrong guys?” he became even more confused as everyone looked at him with disgust and anger on their faces.

Neji glared “why? She trusted you!”

“who cares? She was just a demon” scoffed the jonin.

Shikamaru was shaking in anger “why? Because of the nine tails being sealed inside her?”

Tsunade, the clan heads and Kakashi looked shocked “how do you all know?”

Kiba frowned “Choji and I were good friends of hers for years … she told us after the incident with Mizuki”

“I knew even before that … it was pretty easy to figure out and I’m assuming Neji figured it out when he fought Naruko during the chunin exams” Shikamaru concluded and Neji nodded.

The clan heads smiled at them in pride, but Shukaku frowned “killing him will be a bad idea hokage-sama” Kakashi almost laughed, he didn’t believe the hokage would kill him after he did something so heroic, but sure enough he saw the hokage’s hand holding a chakra scalpel and she had a look of pure hate on her face.

“he deserves it” Tsunade growled. Kakashi looked on in shock, they really wanted him dead!

“he does, but think about Naruko’s loved ones. If you give the civilian council any excuse to remove you and the first thing they’ll do is execute those who cared for Naruko … I have a more effective punishment … tell him Naruko’s full name” said Shikaku.

A sadistic smile crept onto Tsunade face “a brilliant idea, but first” she punched the jonin so hard that he went crashing through two walls out through the side of the hokage tower … he landed in the middle of a crowd that was gathered around a bonfire.

Sakura screamed “hokage-sama what are you doing to the village hero!?”

Tsunade didn’t spare her a glance as she casually swung her arm effectively bitch slapping the pinkette into a dumpster “look at me Kakashi … the beautiful selfless girl you butchered was Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze, she was your sensei’s daughter”

”you’re lying!” snapped Kakashi.

“think about it you foolish man, would Minato use any other child to seal the demon away if he had one of his own? Besides that Naruko looks exactly like him, and no, that has nothing to do with the fox since the fox has no illusion abilities” Tsunade smirked as she saw Kakashi pale … it was sinking in.

“she isn’t dead!” everyone turned and saw Jiraiya standing there with the toad contract.

“Jiraiya what are you-”

“Tsunade, I asked the toads, she is alive” said the toad sage.

“I want every ninja out there looking for Naruko NOW!” the hokage smacked Kakashi as he tried to leave to make some sort of amends “everyone except you” the jonin wanted to argue but was knocked out cold before he could.

The search was on, but everyone went looking outside the village when they should’ve checked her apartment …


Naruko’s eyes snapped open and gasped for air “it’s ok, you’re safe” the girl jumped as she heard an familiar voice and turned to see an unfamiliar … and odd looking man sitting backwards in a chair and leaning on the back. The man was wearing a dark purple ankle length jacket with a black vest and under the vest was a white shirt. His pants and shoes were black and perched on his shaggy lime green hair was a dark purple top hat. She couldn’t see his eyes because they were covered by black goggles with square shaped lens. On his hands were white gloves and his right cheek had a red birthmark shaped like a sun.

“who are you? And … how did I get back to my apartment? Did that really happen?” wondered the confused girl.

“yes you were almost killed by some silver haired guy with issues. My name is Taiyo Furea and I took you back here to heal you- … umm miss?” as the strange man with a constant grin was talking Naruko noticed something else … she was naked!

“WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?!” screamed the girl as she tried to cover herself with the flimsy sheet.

Taiyo was so startled by the outburst that he lurched back with his arms flailing … he almost tipped the chair over, but somehow it froze in midair and the chair moved back to it’s original position “I had to remove your clothes to heal you, but I couldn’t find any other clothes here. I’m sorry” the grin didn’t falter.

Naruko glared “what do you mean? The closet is right there- …what?” her closet was empty … there was trash all over her room … and the smell of smoke from a fire wafted into the room from outside. She knew what happened … the villagers ransacked her place and burned her things … it wouldn’t be the first time “I see … it’s ok, it’s not your fault. Thank you for saving me” she shivered, it almost felt like something was crawling in her mind … searching …

His grin became bigger and almost cold “no I should’ve dug deeper, my apologies Naruko, but I understand now” Taiyo stood up and snapped his fingers and the trash disappeared. He waved his hand and a light blue sundress appeared on Naruko.

“h-how did you do that?” asked the girl in amazement as she admired the dress.

The man looked at her for what seemed like several minutes “come with me … leave this place behind and let me show you, teach you” he offered her his hand with a warm grin on his face …

The blonde bit her lip in thought … did she want to leave? She had people who cared about her … Teuchi … Ayame … Iruka … Tsunade and all her friends, but could she really stay after what happened? …

No … it was too much …

She reached up and took his hand … he guided her to her bedroom door and opened, but instead of leading the hall like one would expect it opened into a forest …

“before you go through that door I have to remove a pest” Taiyo pinched her stomach and in his fingers was a mini fox!

The fox was shrieking obscenities in a squeaky voice “what are you doing you fucker? Put me back or release me! I’m the all powerful Kyubi, obey me!”

“not a chance, you caused enough problems” a portal opened up and the fox was tossed into it before it was closed “shall we?” Naruko followed him as he said something strange “the colors in you will put the northern lights to shame”

Naruko tilted her head in confusion … she found herself a very strange sensei, but strange was better than cruel … what will she learn? She couldn’t wait to find out …

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