Breaking Down Walls

BY : Tales-of-the-Wolfblade
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Breaking Down Walls

By Tales of the WolfBlade


Chapter 1: A Lonely Existence


  In Konoha the village commonly known as the Village Hidden in the Leaves or The Hidden Leaf Village a blonde spikey haired ten year old boy with whisker-like scars on his cheek, his left eye was crimson while his right eye was cerulean blue. Naruto ran along the tops of roofs as he gleefully ran from a pair of Chunin ninjas giving them the middle finger as he ran from them. In the background was a large mountain range with four faces carved into its side. All four faces were covered in graphic graffiti.

  “Naruto get back here” shouted one the Chunins that chased after the blonde boy.

  “You can’t catch me you stupid losers” Naruto spat back his eyes narrowing in hate as he ran further and further away from the chasing Chunins.

  Before long Naruto was out of sight of the chasing Chunins, he continued running until he was in one of the forest parks behind the Hokage Mountain. Soon after losing sight of the Chunins he had turned around and ran along a parallel course that the Chunins were taking except Naruto ran along street level out of eyesight. Sitting on a bench in the park Naruto sighed as he looked up into the midday sky. ‘Hehe that was fun’ Naruto thought as he lazily watched the fluffy white clouds pass through the sky.

  The sounds of multiple voices carried to Naruto’s ears. He turned his head to the side away from the setting sun in the west as he listened to the voices grow closer and closer. ‘What now?’ Naruto thought his good mood slipping away as the thought of people looking down at him slipped into his consciousness. So he sat patiently on the bench again looking up at the sky waiting for the owners of the voices to pass.

  The voices belonged to a group of four adult men who when they saw Naruto sitting on the bench looking up at the sky lowered their voices.

  “Look it’s that damned cursed Demon Brat” said one of the men cracking his knuckles.

   “Yeah look at his eyes” said another

  Naruto hearing this swivelled his head to look at the four men, his crimson and blue eyes narrowed as he stared daggers at the four villagers. This just made the group angry as they spread out to surround the still sitting Naruto.

  “Get up Demon brat!” said the man standing in front of Naruto as he cracked his knuckles. The man got angrier and angrier as Naruto continued to sit where he was and stare at him.

  “I told you to get up DEMON!” shouted the man as a vein on his forehead began to bulge. The man in one swift move balled his fist and delivered a stunning right-cross. Naruto’s head snapped to his right, his momentum causing him to fall off the bench. He landed face down in the dirt at the feet of another of the group who viciously kicked him in the stomach. Thus started another session of kicks and stomping on Naruto’s vulnerable body and psyche. Naruto screamed as one of his ankles were snapped when someone stomped on it.

  “SHUT UP!” roared one of the men as he viciously kicked Naruto in the temple knocking him out instantly.


  Naruto groaned as he woke up, his head throbbed, he could taste blood in his mouth and his body ached. Slowly he tried to open his eyes but only his left eye opened, his right was swollen shut. He tried to take a shaky breath but coughed as the blood in his mouth slid back down his dry and raw throat. He bolted upright in a fit of coughing only to scream in pain as his broken ribs announced their presence sharply, his tattered and shredded shirt flying off his torn and battered body.


  ‘Ah fuck my body hurts all over’ he thought taking shallow breaths.

  ‘I wonder what time it is?’ he thought as he slowly looked up into the night sky. His only working eye widened in shock as he realised he had been out for over twelve hours. The moon was in the western horizon and soon the sun would be rising in the east.

  ‘Oh man out for over twelve hours, hehe’ thought Naruto as he slowly rolled onto his side as he tried to settle his feet under him. His right foot slipped and he fell face down into the dirt, unable to catch himself due to his aching body.

  “Damn” he growled as he balled his fists and pushed himself into a kneeling position on his knees with his knuckles pressed into the dirt. Taking shallow breaths to avoid the pain of his broken ribs Naruto slowly pushed himself into a standing position. Slowly he shuffled his way towards the edge of the park and the top of the Hokage Mountain. As he reached the mountaintop the sun had begun to rise.

  Naruto stood panting atop the carved head of the fourth Hokage looking down up the awakening village, contempt and hatred flaring in his crimson left eye. He slowly sank to his knees as his limited energy was finally depleted.

  ‘Ah at this rate it’ll take me a week to get home’ Naruto thought as he turned his view away from the village to the rising sun before closing his eyes and basking in the light of the rising sun.

  The sun was high in the sky when Naruto had the strength enough to stand up and begin walking towards his apartment. During the few hours that Naruto had spent resting on the mountain side his body had slowly but surely healed. Naruto could now open both eyes, he no longer had a limp due to his shattered ankle and he could breathe deeply without pain.

  It was midday when Naruto reached his apartment, unlocking the door Naruto walked into the living room placing the keys in the bowl at the entrance of his apartment. Naruto walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, sculling it in one go before refilling the glass and walking back into the living room and sitting on his couch.

  “Fuck my body hurts” Naruto grumbled finishing of the glass of water before heading off to have a shower.


  Naruto was awakened by loud banging on his door. ‘Who the fuck is bothering me now’ he thought rolling out of bed yawning. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he slowly made his way to the door as the banging got louder and louder.


  “I’m coming for fuck sake” Naruto shouted as he moved his hand to open the door. Slowly opening the door a hands width so he could look around the gap to see who was bothering him. Standing at his door was Iruka Umino who was tapping his foot on the wooden floor.

  “Sensei?” Naruto asked as he rubbed his sleep ridden eyes.

  “Playing Hooky again NARUTO?” Iruka growled looking down at Naruto whose dual coloured eyes had dangerously narrowed as he glared at Iruka. Iruka quickly took a step back as he saw the pain, hurt and hatred in Naruto’s eyes. He decided to change tactics.

  “Why didn’t you come to the Academy today, Naruto? What happened?” Iruka asked looking closely at Naruto.

  “What do you think happened?” Naruto growled before turning around and slamming the door in Iruka’s face. Naruto walked back to his bedroom falling face down on his bed and let sleep claim him once more.


  Naruto awoke to the ringing of his alarm clock. He sighed as he sat up in bed rubbing his eyes. He got up and walked out into the kitchen switching the electric kettle on before grabbing a cup of instant ramen and settled down to breakfast.


  An hour later Naruto had finished eating breakfast and had showered and dressed. He walked outside and locked the door behind him. He jumped onto the roof of his apartment and headed to the Ninja Academy. Along the way he looked around at the people below him as he ran and leapt along the rooftops. Some of the people noticed him and pointed him out to others who turned and glared at him, while others cursed him as he raced by. Naruto just glared back hatred burning in his red eyes.

  Naruto reached the Academy about ten minutes later. He landed on the top of a tree in the front courtyard. This tree had a swing attached to it and Naruto sat down on it as he dropped down from the treetops. He watched as his classmates and their parents and guardians gathered in the courtyard. As the adults noticed Naruto many glared at him and turned away from him pushing their children towards the Academy entrance away from him. Naruto hung his head as he physically felt the hatred of the adults. He gripped the rope of the swing tighter and tighter, tears streaming down his face. He bolted upright and quickly left the courtyard jumping onto a near-by fence and then onto the academy roof, heading for the stairwell leading down to the class rooms bellow. He walked into the empty class room and sat down at the back of the class and promptly went to sleep waiting for classes to begin.

  He was soon awakened as a shy voice behind him asked. “N-Naruto m-may I si-sit here?” Naruto looked up at the girl that the voice belonged to. The girl was Hinata Hyuga, heiress to the Hyuga clan and the only person that didn’t seem to hate him.

  “Sure” he said looking away from her mentally and emotionally putting up a barrier between them.

  Just as Hinata sat down next to Naruto their homeroom teacher Iruka walked in his eyes falling on Naruto, his eyebrow raised as he saw Hinata sitting next to him. ‘I thought he wouldn’t let anyone near him, not after yesterday.’

  “Alright class listen up, today we start your intermediate Taijutsu training.” Iruka announced.

  Naruto’s head snapped up and faced forward as the announcement was made, his red and blue eyes flashing with an inner fire as they reacted to his excitement. ‘Finally’ Naruto thought his body starting to shake with excitement. ‘Now I’ll be able to dish out the beatings, no one will hurt me ever again.’

  “N-Naruto ar-are you o-okay? Y-you are s-sh-shaking.” Hinata asked leaning closer to Naruto so she could whisper to him.

  “I’m fine” Naruto said refusing to look at her. He was starting to get annoyed and agitated. Thankfully Iruka’s voice broke him out of the darkening trance.

  “Alright follow me and we’ll begin with a review of the basics.” Iruka said watching as the class got up and started filing out of the classroom before leading them to the training field. When they arrived at the training field Iruka ordered the class to line up opposite the three Chunin teachers that had been waiting for the class. These Chunin were the Academy’s Taijutsu trainers who coached all students the basics of Taijutsu forms and taught other students more advanced forms of Taijutsu.

  “Alright for the rest of the day you will be learning Genin Level Taijutsu” Iruka called “you have spent the last two years learning basic Taijutsu techniques now we will improve your skills” he continued making a sweeping gesture towards the three Chunins behind him.


  That night Naruto was exhausted he had spent all afternoon training with the new Taijutsu techniques he had been taught that day. The moon was only now rising even though the sun had set about an hour earlier. Naruto shuffled down the street towards his apartment oblivious to the glares of the people in the street. He was about one street away from his apartment when his vision suddenly darkened as a black hood was placed over his head. All of a sudden Naruto felt a sudden burning sensation in his head as something hard hit him. He was out when the second blow connected.


  Nobody lifted a finger to help him. Many of the villagers turned their back on the scene as Naruto was blinded and beaten, while others grinned and cheered as they watched as the Demon Brat was beaten to death. His lifeless body was dumped in a nearby alleyway less than four hundred metres from his apartment, the black hood still covering his bleeding head.

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