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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Note: This story will explore how a D/s relationship works with Ninja issues involved. It will be Sasuke/Kakashi mainly, but Obito/Kakashi may appear as well.

This is also AU since the Uchiha Clan never died. Orochimaru still took Sasuke under his wing and while not everyone agreed with this, neither of them are traitors. 


Sasuke looked a bit doubtful, when he approached the apartment. Obito had asked him to watch Kakashi, while he was away. Normally a short time of seperation would not be an issue, but Obito had been sent back to Kirigakure to restablish a former undercover identity and did not know how long it would take.

„Please look after Kakashi and make sure he behaves,“ his cousin had said. „The Hokage only allows Kakashi to remain on active duty, because I handle the … issues.“

Obito hadn't needed to explain further. While Sasuke had never truly bonded deeply with the jonin, who had been his sensei for a brief amount of time, he felt bad for him. In the recent years the long life of a shinobi had begun to affect Kakashi's mind. His lateness was no longer a quirk, but a hindrance in daily life, just to name one.

As his oldest friend Obito had taken it upon himself, to restructure his friends life. Since one of Kakashi's issues steemed from inability to interact with other people. Aside from Obito - well and Gai - he had no close friends and Sasuke found these two spoke for themselves.

When he reached the front door to Obito's apparment Sasuke hesitated, not knowing what exactly he would find.

Fortunately Kakashi was sitting on the kitchen table halfway undressed already, when Sasuke let himself in. Obito had given him the key as a sign of permission to Kakashi. Barriers would be harder to breach if Kakashi could decide for himself if he opened the door to the person, who was in charge of him for the next weeks.

Sasuke nodded as greeting, when he closed the door behind him.

One glance at Kakashi told him that the jonin was more nervous than he probably wanted to show. His hands were folded, but restless and his bare feet were shifting beneath the table. Dressed in shorts, a casual tshirt and his mask Kakashi looked more like a person who sexually prefered to submit in bed. So far Sasuke had trouble to imagine who would surrender to Obito of all people.

He knew his cousin as cheerful but often wild and ruthless person.

After he had the full picture of the circumstances, Sasuke guessed he could with a getting involved sexually with Kakashi of all people. It helped that he wasn't looking at his jonin sensei exactly.

I can't ask anybody else,” Obito had told him. “Gai is uncomfortable with the situation and I need to know Kakashi is in good hands.”

Isn't it going to be a bit awkward?” Sasuke wanted to know, but didn't refuse outright. “I'm related to you. Not to mention he was once my jonin sensei.”

Obito waved Sasuke objections aside.

I have a lot of relatives, so it doesn't really count,” he said. “And for your other question: Kakashi sees this as a reason to trust you. Besides we all know that you don't hail him as the mentor, who ultimately shaped your fighting skills.”

Exactly. I don't really follow his belief system.” Sasuke snorted. Between Itachi and Orochimaru there hadn't been much space left for Kakashi. “But I guess he is a friend? Of sorts.”

Lowering his voice, Obito leaned across the table to state “We both know you think yourself superior to him. The fact that you are and that you still treat him with respect is the reason I chose you. I can count on you not to cause any damage while I'm gone.”


Since Sasuke was not romantically involved and had done these kind of missions before, many intel he gathered came from women who demanded sex as payment in return, he did not expect this to be exciting or satisfying for him. It was also less about the sex itself. Had this been the issue the Hokage would have hired a prostitute to be his lover, in the worst case. Many whores saw this as profitable, because they got their own flat, a steady income and a customer who regually left the village.

Unfortunately casual touching was a hardship for Kakashi. Obito had been forced to sexual means to punish Kakashi, if he started to forget meetings, neglected his schedule or retreated into his head too often. Any other approach Kakashi either brushed off or showed no visible effect. It was easy to see why. As shinobi Kakashi didn't care if they shortened his income or threatened him. The village needed Kakashi to function. Violence he was used to, injuries and imprisonment kept him from doing his job and most blackmail material was classified. If Sasuke remembered correctly, it was the perspective of never seeing Obito again that made Kakashi agree to this arrangement.

When the thoughts stopped running through his head, Sasuke stettled on the couch, far away enough from Kakashi to give him some space. Skipping any unneccessary small talk also seemed to be the best option.

“Obito has filled me in what will happen between us until he's back,” Sasuke said. “Do you have any conditions about things you don't like or wish to do?”

“If we could, I would like to not use Obito's commands while I'm with you,” Kakashi requested.

His gaze dropping and the shuffling of his feet were not hard to miss. Sasuke was glad Kakashi already showed signs of submission. His own social skills sort of stopped at the point, when he got to point of breaching sensitive subjects tactfully.

“Of course,” Sasuke agreed. “I'm not trying to be Obito. I will just fill in his position for now.”

After a moment he added, “You will adress me as Sasuke-sama. Mostly because it is not something you would use in public. Any preferences how I should call you?”

“Kakashi will do,” the jonin said.

Eyebrows rose in surprise. Sasuke was aware of how Obito kept things between him and Kakashi and had thought about if he could really call a man he had to work with in the future puppy in the bedroom, but this was just as unexpected.

“I guess I will stick to Hatake in the future,” he mumbled to himself. To Kakashi he said, “Do we start now or do we wait until tomorrow.”

Even from the distance he saw Kakashi's breath hitch.

“Now. Please,” Kakashi requested in haste. Sasuke guessed Obito had left him hard and wanting to make the first step easier.

Sasuke smiled. “Good.”

Then he pointed his finger to the carpet in front of him.



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