Simmer Down

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Simmer down.

Sasuke/Kakashi, bottom Kakashi, spanking

Sasuke's fury had always been a slow burn. Something that could simmer for hours before he finally snapped, a habit from his teenage years with Orochimaru that he never really let go.

If Kakashi was surprised by Sasuke slamming the door as soon as they had reached their apparment, it was his fault fault. Did he truly believe Sasuke would simply forget that his teacher had duck out of decoding messages by flirting his way out? No, certainly not with Sasuke.

He didn't even had the patience for commands anymore. The last ten hours of travel had eaten it away.

„Sasuke, what the hell?“ Kakashi cried out, when Sasuke sat down on the end of the bed and pulled him down. „Ow...!“

The first smack landed on ass and Sasuke cared little that Kakashi was still dressed. Right now the only fact of importance was Kakashi bent over his lap. With his left hand he held his teacher down and the right smacked him.

„Ah...Sasuke. No, I...“ Kakashi tried to object, but the blows came to fast and forceful to properly concentrate. “Can you least undress me?”

For a moment Sasuke stopped.

“What makes you think, I fuck you after this?” he asked. “I could just spank you, sent you to bed hard and wanting.”

Kakashi wriggled in his lap and Sasuke pinched his cheeks in return.

“Sasuke, please...” Kakashi knew his skin would feel like fire later, but it was better than being ignored.

Spanking his ass was Sasuke's thing, mostly because he knew how much it embarrassed Kakashi. As a shinobi physical punshiment usually meant working out, whenever children acted up. Parents didn't need to raise a hand against them.

Kakashi hated being turned so much by just a few hits on the ass. Again he tried rub himself against Sasuke.

“Nu uh, Kakashi,” his student hissed at him. “I was stuck in the basement with all these books for hours. You don't get to come this soon. If you want to come at all, you better undress now.”

Kakashi scrambled to get back on his feet. Thanks to his trembling hands it took a while to get naked. That Sasuke was looking straight at, waiting patiently and smiling when he noticed Kakashi's blush, didn't help.

As soon as Kakashi was done, he took a step forward.

Despite being the one who had to look up, Sasuke never felt a lack of power.

“Be thankful, Kakashi. You get to chose.” Sasuke smiled when he made the offer, “either you bent over my lap or you get on the bed. But I might tie you up, if you do.”

“...I will get back on your lap,” Kakashi concede with a heavy blush. He kneeled down and twitched around until his hard cock was brushing against Sasuke's jeans.

Last time Sasuke had tied him up, his former student had put him on his back and forced him to spread his legs like bitch. Kakashi had spend hours pleading while displaying the plug Sasuke had put inside him.

“To have a nice view while I'm researching,” he had said and went back to work on his laptop.

Kakashi hoped to avoid it, this time.

Only when he felt Sasuke's thick fingers prodding against his hole, Kakashi suspected he was now in a situation with even less amount of freedom.

“Ah...,” Kakashi cried, when the finger fucked into him.

“Kakashi, attention please.” Sasuke forced Kakashi to look at him by letting his finger rest in Kakashi's ass.

“Y-yes, Sasuke?”

“Start counting.”

Before Kakashi could process the command, Sasuke's hand met his bare ass.

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