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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non profit-I am making no money from this.


17th NOVEMBER 2013


AU take involving characters and concepts from the Naruto 6: Road To Ninja movie.

This fic is a Naruto/Genjutsuworld!Hinata pairing.

Warning; violent Female Domination, Bondage and brutal Pegging are present in this story!

'This' means someone is thinking.

Italics alone means the name of something, i.e. Jinchuriki, Katon Jutsu.

Horizontal ruler (a line across the page) means a page break or timeskip. It may be a few minutes, it may be a few hours...

-X- means a scene change, i.e. we start with Sakura in a clearing, then we go to Naruto and Hinata in the street.

Disclaimer; I do not own Naruto or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non profit-I am making no money from this.

On a large bed with a reinforced steel frame a naked Uzumaki Naruto lay on his back, helpless and afraid. His wrists were locked above his head to steel rungs, his legs were in the air shackled to the beds metal headboard forcing his knees to press against his chest arching his body into an uncomfortable position and trapping him in a helpless and humiliating position. He didn't know where he was, all he could see from his position as a bent over bed-bound prisoner was bare walls, and the candles that gave the room its dim illumination. He saw no windows suggesting an underground facility or a basement of some kind. All across the walls were cupboards, one was open showing its contents to be scrolls- used for storage via sealing jutsu maybe. The rest of the room was strangely bare.

He had been kidnapped, the Akatsuki mastermind Uchiha Madara had appeared before him and Sakura, there was banter, battle. Then in a flash of light the masked man disappeared. Since that flash nothing had been right. They had met Kiba, Shino and Hinata... except they were wrong... Kiba was some freaky, preening cat lover, Shino was comically phobic of bugs and Hinata was... nuts.

The Hyuga girl, who was always quiet and shy and gentle... had got up in Sakura's face accusing her and Naruto of being together and making death threats like some crazed jilted lover. When Naruto unwisely got between them, Hinata assaulted Naruto, rendering him helpless with a Juken strike and carrying him off into the night.

He had lost consciousness after another strike from Hinata after trying to scream for help. During his unwilling slumber he had been stripped naked, tied up and left on the bed, for how long he didn't know.

Speaking of the newly psychotic girl, Hinata appeared in... a totally out of character garb; a corset that crushed her waist into a stunning hourglass shape and forced her large breasts upwards and together amplifying her already impressive cleavage to astonishing levels, her arms were covered by fingerless gloves that covered her from palm to near shoulder. As she walked something clicked off the floor and Naruto saw that she was wearing thigh high boots with spiked heels. Across her hips was a strip of material that Naruto struggled to recognise as briefs; they were so small they barely covered her pussy and disappeared up her ass as a thong. The whole getup was of shiny leather coloured purple (like the shade of Hinata's non psycho attire) and it creaked as she moved. Every sound making Naruto's nerves fire. A flash of movement drew Naruto's frightened eyes to Hinata's hands, she was twirling something.

"You brought this on yourself Menma-kun, we had an appointment... and you hanging around with that flat chested, decongestant colour haired, boring bitch Sakura..." Her eyes went Byakugan, the girl more inhuman and terrifying than Neji ever was.

"Menma-chan, you know making me angry makes me want to hurt you more..." She spoke sweetly but the killing intent coming off her was staggering and Naruto struggled not to whimper in terror at it.

'Sakura's coming... she'll save me... Yeah! She saw Hinata- or whoever this crazy bitch is drag me off, she's looking for me right now!'



'I feel like I'm forgetting something...'

Haruno Sakura sat on the sofa of her home with- she never thought it possible- Uchiha Sasuke. A Sasuke interested in her and rubbing her shoulders affectionately.

'Ah, it's probably nothing...' Sakura leaned back happily and let Sasuke feed her a grape, her mind free of all concerns.


'Yeah I can always rely on Sakura!'

Hinata smiled evilly as she held something up to him. Naruto had no idea what it was; a three prong strap with a long rubber... sausage on it?

Naruto was frightened and had no clue what was happening as Hinata put one leg inside the strap thing, then another, then slid the whole thing up her legs. Drawing out the motions she tightened the strap around her thighs, her back facing Naruto so he could see her awesome ass showcased by the leather briefs disappearing between her ass cheeks.

She turned around and Naruto saw the sausage was positioned on Hinata's crotch like a guys...

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" WHAT! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT?!" Naruto screamed in terror.

"What? This?" She began rubbing the plastic cock in her hands like she was masturbating.

"Sakura will come. Sakura will come. Sakura will come. Sakura will come..."

"Oh, don't start babbling nonsense yet, I haven't even touched you yet..."

She stepped onto the bed dramatically placing a heeled boot next to Naruto's trapped and shivering form. She towered over the blond the thick imitation dick looming as lethal as a sword. She bent over and Naruto's eyes couldn't stop from looking deep into Hinata's cleavage- large as mountains and deep as a valley thanks to the crushing corset. He snapped out of his staring only when something warm touched his ass. Naruto flinched as Hinata stroked him up and down across his ass, thighs and balls with her fingers and taunting him;

"Why were you hanging around with Sakura? Were you lowering your standards so you'd fully realize how good you have it with me?"

Her teasing fingers became a flat palm. She brought her hand down in a hard slap on Naruto's thigh.

"Well?!" She demanded. Naruto, red as a tomato in embarrassment and frozen by fear could only stammer.

Hinata scowled. "Sakura's stupidity rub off on you? Who cares about that bitch anyway?! Let's talk about something not fucking useless..."

She slapped Naruto again across his ass this time causing him to yelp in pain.

"Like which part hurts the most?"

She slapped him again, on his testicles no less, causing his eyes to water up in pain.

"Which part feels the best?"

She smacked his cock shaft, her hand pausing and remaining on organ, rapidly hardening dispite Naruto's terror in his situation.

"Which part... do I intend to use later?" She jabbed a finger right against Naruto's asshole when she said that causing Naruto to shriek like a girl much to Hinata's amusement.

Hinata giggled, taunting Naruto as she spanked Naruto up and down his ass, focusing on one cheek until it turned deep red, then the other.

Hinata's fingers formed the Juken alignment, she jabbed a point on Naruto's thigh. Naruto blinked as the feeling was unlike the times he had been hit by Neji, he didn't feel a loss of power, if anything he felt energized. Hinata pressed a finger against the part she'd just struck.

"Aah!" It felt like a Senbon needle was sticking into him.

"The gentle fist does more than just block chakra and damage organs Menma-chan... I can boost chakra flow increasing healing, strength, power levels, even sensations such as touch..." She slapped him again. Naruto couldn't help but cry out as each finger hitting his skin felt like the strand of a whip. Hinata jabbed Naruto in several more points, then slapped the hypersensitized body parts to painful effect.

She began striking Naruto in a side to side motion when the tormented male started comically twisting his body to try to avoid her shots. With amazing strength, Hinata grabbed Naruto's left leg with one hand and held the larger male in place seemingly easily. She bounced her hand up and down on both ass cheeks causing him to spasm in pain as Hinata admonished him.

Naruto screamed as Hinata 'gently' brought her palm down on Naruto's balls. He closed his legs instinctively. Hinata jabbed points on his thighs with Juken and his legs dropped open as his nervous control of his legs was disrupted, if not severed by Hinata's gentle fist mastery. She slapped his balls again smiling evilly at his torment. She began slapping him all over; ass, thighs, the sensitive soles of his feet and worst of all- his cock and balls. The whole of his legs turned red, his cock felt like it was on fire, his balls throbbed and felt like they had swollen to twice their ordinary size. Naruto felt his eyes rolling into the back of his head unconsciousness promising relief from the pain.

"Hey! Don't pass out on me Me-chan! I'm haven't even used this yet!" The loud, vicious (and weirdly arousing) voice of the girl above him woke him up. She slapped Naruto in the face and shouted again gesturing at the purple thing on her crotch.

"This! Is going to tear you apart Me-chan! It's gonna core you, ream you, make you feel..." Hinata continued to rant as Naruto fully realized this woman was completely insane.

Finally stopping her rant, Hinata took the strapon in her hand and bounced it off Naruto's ass showing its flexibility. Naruto shook his head, as close to begging as the gutsy ninja had ever got.

She poked the cold plastic against his asshole and rubbed it up and down.

"No... please... not in there... not in my... please." He choked.

"Not in the ass?" Hinata asked confused. "Sasuke told me you love it in there..." "I'M NOT GAY! FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME I'M NOT FUCKING GAY!" Naruto screamed up at his depraved captor.

His rage seemed to turn Hinata on. "Ooo, angry... stress no doubt... you should, heh... unclench!" With that, she pushed forwards, the plastic cock pushed against Naruto's anal ring, stopped for a moment then forced through invading his anal canal and headed for his rectum as Naruto gaped and gasped in pain and horror. Hinata began to thrust her hips back and forth- she wasn't fully buried yet- she needed to loosen him up a bit. Her binding corset creaked as she moved her wide hips back and forth.

It felt wonderful to her, crushing and demeaning this male beneath her. To Naruto it felt awful, like someone was shoving a log up his ass. His anal muscles clenched the unyielding plastic vice tight making it even more painful as the false phallus moved back and forth inside him.

Hinata cooed down at Naruto in seeming concern before grabbing his cock and pumping it up and down as she slowly inched deeper and deeper into his bottom as she adjusted position. She slapped his ass with her free hand as Naruto (knowingly or not) began moving his body to aid in Hinata's invasion of his ass- each stroke sent plastic deeper and deeper into his backside as both moved towards a twisted climax.

Naruto's eyes were closed at the pain of being anally speared, the grip his inner muscles had on the strapon caused so much friction the smooth unmarred plastic felt as sharp as if it were a steel rod covered in sandpaper. The hand on his cock was pumping so hard and fast it felt like she was trying to rip his cock off from his body and the vicious slaps from Hinata's hands as the Hyuga heiress remorselessly hammered into him harder and faster. Hinata grabbed Naruto's throbbing cock with both hands and held it death grip tight as she buttfucked him relentlessly. She adjusted her position so she was sitting on top of the bent over Naruto putting all of her weight on to the thick, hard fake cock driving into Naruto in a sort of piledriver position. She bounced up and down getting much greater penetration into Naruto's rectum- probably spiking his colon given how much Naruto was crying out in pain. Naruto was screaming- or shrieking in pure agony. Hinata cried out even louder in pleasure as she anal-jackhammered Naruto- the feeling of power and the dildo itself rubbing and ramming her clit was driving her crazy-er. She grabbed a hold of Naruto's balls and pulled and tugged on them almost like they were sick handlebars nearly ripping them clear off the traumatised males shuddering body.

With deafening screams they both came; Naruto spurting over Hinata's gloved hands, Hinata cumming over Naruto's ass and thighs.

Hinata bent over Naruto inches from his tear strewn face.

"Give me a kiss Me-chan." She whispered softly but commandingly.

Confused and gasping in pain, Naruto kissed her, in bewildered adoration because the feelings he'd just received... were incredible. She was incredible...



I see Naruto as someone who'd latch onto anyone who'd show him any affection, or made him feel any emotion except despair or isolation. Even someone who brutally ass raped him, which basically is what Hinata did here.

The cupboards contain storage scrolls, for weapons and sex toys, the facility belongs to Hinata so everything is for her personal use. An early idea for this fic was for Hinata to pull out an assortment of BDSM and S&M toys from those scrolls such as paddles, buttplugs, whips, etc. I decided to go with a more streamlined, personal approach; Hinata using just her hands (Juken) and her "cock" on Naruto.

Send an email or PM if you're interested in seeing those ideas or something else in a future chapter or if you're interested in a future chapter to start with.

On a related note, I have been thinking of future chapters for Comfort Levels (the Naruto/Tayuya fic), one of the ideas is Tayuya helping Naruto in training. Do you think I should go with Naruto's canon post timeskip growth (none), or have Naruto at a higher power level?

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