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Disclaimer: I do not own the anime/manga Naruto in any way or form, nor am I recieving any payment for this.

Disclaimer: I don't own the anime/manga Naruto, or any of it's content, nor am I receiving any kind of payment

Hello everyone, I'm a new author, and I just recently joined AFF. This is basically a story idea I had, and I just want to see what everyone thinks. If most like then I'll be happy to continue. Thank you.


‘This pain…it hasn’t gone away. It’s been weeks now. Why can’t I just let it go?’ thought a sixteen year old boy with messy blond hair, bright sapphire eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek, was grudgingly lying down on his bed with a depressed aura around him. The boy was Naruto Uzumaki, a student of Konoha High School, and was considered an outcast by mostly everyone because of his most hated rival Sasuke Uchiha, captain of the football team, the guy who stole is first and only girlfriend Sakura Haruno, and humiliates him every day.

Naruto had been rejected by many girls, but for one moment in time he was happy because one girl finally said ‘yes’, and that was his former pink haired ex-girlfriend. However, when they started dating, Sakura would refuse to go out with him on dates, would constantly complain about everything he did, and would always berate him, ‘I was only trying to be a good boyfriend, I even respected her wishes of having sex when she got married. How could I have been so stupid?’ thought Naruto after trying to surprise his girlfriend with a bouquet of roses only to catch her and Sasuke having sex in her room.

He confronted Sakura about this only for her to start berating him once again and confessing as to how she never liked him, that every time he would ask her to go out she was really with Sasuke having sex shattering the last of Naruto’s confidence and dignity. He only saw Sasuke with an arrogant smirk on his face while shoving him outside, only to whisper to him that it was him who stole the other girls as well by sleeping with them and told them to reject Naruto. Sasuke shoved Naruto outside as the two continued to fornicate despite knowing that Naruto was standing outside.

After that, Sasuke and his football goons would humiliate and bully Naruto constantly with Naruto not even willing to protect himself, even though he could. Not many people knew that Naruto was actually a well trained kendo expert by his late grandfather, and godfather, Jiraiya the Toad Sage, a master of many forms of swordplay and fighting style that he passed down to Naruto until his untimely death during a plane crash on one of his business trips. Jiraiya had left Naruto a large inheritance that would be his until he turns of age, as well as a paid off large house for him to live in.

 ‘Why am I thinking about this again? It just makes me feel even more depress.’

Knock Knock “Naruto-kun? Are you okay?” asked a soft feminine voice from his doorway.

Naruto turned his attention to the doorway when he spotted a girl around the same age as him with smooth creamy white skin, long midnight blue hair with a hime cut on the front, and two beautiful white-lavender eyes that reminds Naruto of the moon. She was wearing a bulky lavender jacket that she mostly hid behind with a dark blue mini-skirt that consisted of their school uniform. The girl was Hinata Hyuga, Naruto’s roommate for more than a few weeks. Because of her shy attitude and choice of clothes she was considered weird by everyone except by Naruto.

“Hey Hinata-chan.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Hinata.

“Don’t worry Hinata-chan, I’m just tired that’s all. I’m fine”, said Naruto in a monotone voice.

Hinata felt a sharp pain in her chest every time she would hear Naruto talk to her that, ‘Naruto-kun…it feels like his heart had been torn to pieces, like there’s no hope left.’

“Dinner will be ready soon, I’m making your favorite ramen”, said Hinata hoping to lift his spirits.

“Hinata-chan…you don’t have to pretend to be my friend to keep living here. I know all the girls hate me, practically every girl has rejected me. I promised you that you’re free to live here for as long as you want, and I never go back on my word”, said Naruto remembering all of his past rejections that all ended up in him being humiliated.

“I’m not pretending Naruto-kun, I don’t hate you”, said Hinata, ‘In fact, I love you, I want us to be a couple. I want to prove to you that I still care about you, and maybe…’ thought Hinata blushing.

“Thanks Hinata-chan”, said Naruto, ‘I don’t know if she’s lying or not, but even if she is, it’s comforting to hear her say that. I don’t want to know if she really is lying, because I don’t think I could stand it’, thought Naruto.

Naruto had found out that all of his so-called friends that he made when he was with Sakura all turned out to be frauds who only tolerated him because they all knew that Sakura was cheating on him with Sasuke, and thought it would be funny to see his reaction to it. The only person who truly stayed his friend was Hinata. Naruto had thought of Hinata as an attractive person making him wonder why no other guy had tried hitting on her, but considered it a bit of a blessing since he would miss her a lot if she did leave, ‘She’s always been there for me ever since that day. Even my…my…I don’t even want to think about…him…touching someone as innocent as Hinata-chan. Sigh Looks like I did end up having a crush on her, even when I told myself I wouldn’t’, thought Naruto remembering all of the humiliation he’s suffered from all of the girls he’s liked with Sakura’s being the worst.

Naruto reluctantly got up from his bed and headed down to eat dinner with his roommate. He felt slightly better since he always admired Hinata’s cooking ever since the first day she moved in with him. Once dinner was over, they both watched a bit of television before heading to bed.

Later That Night

Hinata suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with her throat feeling dry. Deciding to get a drink of water, she wrapped her blanket around her, and got out of her bed making her way towards the kitchen, but not before hearing moans coming from Naruto’s room. Hinata blushed at the mental images that were running through her head as to what Naruto was doing when she heard Naruto whispering something.

Hinata blushed harder as to what he might be doing, ‘I-I shouldn’t…b-but…m-maybe…No! This is N-Naruto-kun’s p-private time a-and I shouldn’t d-disturb him!’ thought Hinata looking at the door handle, ‘B-But…I-I…am a bit c-curious’, thought Hinata slowly reaching for the door handle with a trembling hand.

She grabbed the door handle with her heart beat beating loudly as she slowly turned the handle slightly opening the door. Hinata peeked inside only to see Naruto with a pain expression on his face, “P-Please…stop…” moaned Naruto in his sleep, “I can’t lose her…not her…d-don’t take her from me…”

‘Naruto-kun…he’s probably having a nightmare of Sakura-san from that night’, thought Hinata entering. Hinata was about to wake up Naruto when he suddenly talked again, “H-Hinata-chan…not her…give Hinata-chan…back…”, moaned Naruto freezing Hinata in place, ‘H-He’s dreaming about me?!'

“H-Hinata-chan…don’t leave me…I won’t…let…let him steal you…Hinata-chan…come back…c-come back…please…come back…” moaned Naruto with tears on his face as he started to reach out, ‘He’s dreaming…about losing me?’ thought a blushing Hinata.

“Hinata-chan…don’t go with him…I…I love you…” moaned Naruto making Hinata blush, “…don’t go…with Sasuke…please…”

‘He’s dreaming that Sasuke-san stole me away. Naruto-kun…’ thought Hinata taking Naruto’s hand as he visibly calmed down, “I’m here Naruto-kun, I’m not going anywhere”, said Hinata in a soft tone.


“Sasuke-san will never have me Naruto-kun because…I love you…I’ve always loved you…” said Hinata with tears of joy, “You’ve always been there for me, Naruto-kun. You never once thought of me weird, you took me in when my family abandoned me, and you were always there when I needed someone. Please wake up Naruto-kun. Wake up”, said Hinata leaning over to give him a gentle kiss on his lips, “Please…open your eyes, Naruto-kun. I’m still here, I’m still with you.”

Naruto suddenly flinched awake to see Hinata’s smiling face when he suddenly surprised her by kissing her lips, “I won’t let him have you! I’ll steal you back! I-”

Naruto’s rambling was interrupted when Hinata gently placed a finger on his lips effectively silencing him, “Naruto-kun, it was a nightmare. Sasuke-san hasn’t stolen me, he’s never even come on to me, and…w-we’re not dating”, said a blushing Hinata making Naruto realize that he was wide awake, and that he had just kissed the real Hinata, “I-I’m sorry! I heard your voice and-”

Naruto’s rambling was once again interrupted when Hinata kissed him shocking Naruto as he slowly wrapped his hands around Hinata’s waist feeling her figure, ‘Wow, Hinata-chan’s more curvy than Sakura.’

Hinata broke the kiss looking deep into Naruto’s eyes with both admiring at how their eyes glowed in the moonlight, “I meant what I said Naruto-kun. I won’t let anyone touch me but you because I love you. I’ve always had a crush on you when I first saw you, but when everyone was picking on me, you stood up for me, you called me ‘beautiful’, and you liked my eyes. I just couldn’t help but fall in love with you. I tried to tell you so many times about Sakura-san, but the others would threaten me. I wanted to tell you, I really did”, said Hinata with tears flowing down.

Shh “Its okay Hinata-chan, I don’t hate you for it. I’m the one who should be apologizing. I should’ve seen that those jerks were bothering you, but instead I was so busy trying to impress that pink haired banshee”, said Naruto holding Hinata close as she unconsciously snuggled on his chest making each other blush, “S-Sorry.”

“It’s okay Naruto-kun, I don’t mind”, said Hinata wiping away her tears smiling. Naruto wiped away one of her tears admiring at how smooth her skin felt against his touch as they both leaned in for another kiss. Naruto felt Hinata licking his bottom lip as if asking for something. Naruto opened his mouth with their tongues intertwining causing Hinata to moan in pleasure as she straddled him to lean better. Hinata suddenly felt a growing sensation between her legs shocking her as it continued to grow bigger and harder. Hinata looked at Naruto with an embarrassed look on his face, “S-Sorry, I-I couldn’t help myself.”

“Wow, Naruto-kun, you’re really big”, said an amazed Hinata rubbing against it causing Naruto to groan, “I’m sorry! Am I hurting you?”


“N-No, um, a-actually it felt good…really good”, said Naruto causing both him and Hinata to blush, “H-Hey Hinata-chan, is it okay if we…you know…”

“Have sex?” giggled Hinata with Naruto nodding his head, “I would love to Naruto-kun if y-you don’t mind h-having me, but it’s my first time so please be gentle”, said Hinata giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Me too Hinata-chan”, smiled Naruto slowly pulling down Hinata’s blanket revealing a short frilly nightgown that hugged her curves and revealed Hinata’s large DD-cup breasts shocking Naruto.

“D-Do you l-like them?”

“Wow Hinata-chan, they’re huge”, said Naruto gently rubbing one of her breasts making Hinata moan, “So soft and warm, they look beautiful.”

“I always thought that they were too big, and that you wouldn’t like them”, said Hinata blushing.

“Not at all, to be honest, I love big breasts. Since Sakura is the only girl who’s ever agreed to go out with me I didn’t mind that she was flat-chested. They actually suit you well Hinata-chan”, said Naruto slowly lifting up Hinata’s nightgown getting a better view of Hinata’s large breasts. Naruto laid Hinata down giving her a passionate kiss when he suddenly started traveling down to her neck until he started sucking on one of Hinata’s nipple causing Hinata to moan louder. Naruto turned his attention to Hinata’s other breast while gently rubbing her other breast, Moan “I could suck on your beautiful tits all night Hinata-chan”, said Naruto putting her breasts together as he sucked on both her nipples at the same time making Hinata moan louder

Hinata loved the attention Naruto was giving her breasts as she wrapped her arms around his neck, Giggle “You look like a baby while sucking on my breasts.”

“I can’t help it, your breasts look so delicious” chuckled Naruto leaning forward to capture Hinata’s lips while Hinata unbutton his shirt when Hinata broke the kiss, “Naruto-kun, do you mind if I try giving you a blowjob?”

Naruto blushed at Hinata’s question when he just chuckled a bit, “You’re so cute Hinata-chan. I don’t mind, go for it”, said Naruto with an encouraging smile leaning down to give Hinata a quick kiss.

“I’ll try my best Naruto-kun”, giggled Hinata switching positions with Naruto. Hinata leaned down passionately kissing his lips while admiring the feel of his toned chest. Hinata left a trail of butterfly kisses down his chest until she reached the hem of his pajama pants staring at the huge bulge in his pants that was stretching the fabric to its limits. Hinata pulled down his pants and boxers when she was lightly slapped by Naruto’s cock letting out a small surprised squeal, ‘H-He’s huge! He’s so thick I can’t even put my whole hand around it!’ thought a shocked Hinata gently grasping Naruto’s thick, twitching, twelve inch cock in her hands.

‘Naruto-kun couldn’t possibly fit this inside me! He would probably split me in half!’

“Is everything okay Hinata-chan? I guess I am too big", said a worried Naruto, “You don’t have to push yourself if you don’t want to.”

Hinata simply nodded her head and looked at him with an encouraging smile, “You’re not just big Naruto-kun you’re huge! I’m a little scared I’ll admit, but I’ll do my best just for you”, said Hinata smiling gently, ‘He’s as thick as my arm! He would probably make me scream, and…make me feel wonderful…After all, I know Naruto-kun would be gentle with me…’, thought Hinata nuzzling against his cock while gently stroking him making her lover groan in pleasure, ‘It feels so hot’, thought Hinata giving the head of his cock a gentle kiss before she started licking it, ‘And it taste delicious’, thought Hinata in a dream-like state.

Hinata slowly licked his dick enjoying his taste while slowly stroking him, ‘Damn! Hinata looks so hot, and her hands feel so good! Moan She’s really good at this!’ thought Naruto when Hinata suddenly started massaging one of his large balls, that were about the same size as her palm, sending jolts of pleasure all over his body.

Hinata took the head of his cock into her mouth twirling her tongue around it before opening her mouth completely wide taking in as much of Naruto’s cock as she could. Hinata could hear Naruto’s moan feeling a sense of pride as she repressed her gag reflex slowly taking Naruto in two more inches until she saw that she wasn’t even halfway. Hinata slowly backed up licking the underside of his cock until only the head remained inside her mouth when she suddenly went back down slowly bobbing her head up and down. Naruto suddenly bucked his hips causing a surprise squeal from Hinata, but not completely unwelcome with Naruto grabbing the sheets trying to hold on. As much as Naruto wanted to grab Hinata’s head and ravish her warm throat, Naruto restrained himself not wanting to cause Hinata any discomfort.

Hinata slowly kept taking in more of Naruto’s cock after several minutes all twelve inches were inside her warm mouth and throat causing Naruto to bulk his hips more. Hinata looked up to see Naruto’s face with a dreamy expression causing Hinata to increase her pace.

Moan “H-Hinata-chan!” moaned Naruto bucking his hips while Hinata’s head was bobbing her head up and down. Hinata started moaning vibrating her throat causing Naruto’s eyes to widen at the sudden pleasurable sensation, “H-Hinata-” Groan

Hinata interrupted Naruto by increased her pace again where she was able to pull back halfway and deepthroat him comfortably with Naruto thrusting upwards matching Hinata’s rhythm. Hinata kept moaning and licking his huge cock wanting to make him cum inside her mouth with a glossy look in her eyes showing how much she was enjoying sucking on Naruto, “H-Hinata-chan…cum-!” Groan

Hinata's eyes bulged as she felt Naruto's cock expand before she felt a rush of hot liquid start filling up her throat. Naruto released a large amount of thick cum down her throat that sent pleasurable shivers down her spine while licking the underside of Naruto’s twitching cock. The large amount of cum Naruto was pouring down her throat wasn't able to go all the way down as some of it was forced back from her tightly stretched lips. Hinata was amazed as Naruto's orgasm seemed to just stretch on and on as he continued to pump massive amounts of cum down her throat. After a while, the flow of cum tapered off, and Hinata slowly pulled Naruto’s cock out of her throat savoring the taste of his cum.

Pant “Wow Hinata-chan that was…pant…that was amazing! Where did you learn how to do that?” Pant, asked Naruto.

Hinata had a hard time trying to swallow all of Naruto’s cum that didn’t go down with some escaping her lips traveling down to her breasts. Hinata absolutely loved the taste of Naruto’s cum, and the fact that he just released more than a bucket load inside her mouth made her drench herself more than she already was. Once she swallowed all of his cum, Hinata cleaned his cum that escaped with her fingers while slowly, and seductively, licking it making Naruto even harder. Hinata leaned down and slowly started licking the head of Naruto’s cock enjoying more of his taste unaware that she just buried his cock between her huge breasts, ‘It tastes kind of sweet. I always heard that cum tastes bitter.’

Giggle “Sorry, my mouth was full from all your delicious cum Naruto-kun”, smiled Hinata when she saw his cock twitching between her breasts that she slowly pressed her breasts together while rubbing his cock between them that only the head was exposed, “I hope you don’t mind, but I learned it from watching your porn videos.”

Naruto’s eyes widen at Hinata’s answer pouncing on her and capturing her lips with their tongues intertwining with Hinata happily moaning into the kiss, “Mind if I return the favor?” said Naruto as he pulled down her panties.

Hinata’s only response was a small peck on his lips as he left a trail of butterfly kisses only stopping to enjoy sucking on Hinata’s breasts again making her moan in pleasure. Naruto traveled down her tone stomach, down to her thighs and legs, and down to her feet as Hinata giggled at the sensation. She slowly spread her legs apart as Naruto slowly kissed his way up until he stopped at her drenched pussy lips, “Wow, Hinata-chan, you’re really wet.”

“N-Naruto-kun please!” begged Hinata shaking her hips in anticipation.

Chuckle “Don’t worry Hinata-chan, you don’t have to beg with me”, chuckled Naruto as he slowly licked Hinata’s pussy lips.

Hinata let out a surprised squeal that slowly turned into squeals of pleasure, ‘Damn, she tastes better than ramen!’

Hearing Hinata’s loud squeals and moans were music to Naruto’s ears making him want to lick her more until he felt her clit poking him. Naruto gently sucked on her clit making Hinata nearly scream at the sudden jolt in pleasure. Hinata felt a knot growing in her stomach that she knew she was close to cumming. Hinata’s hands traveled down her body until they reached Naruto’s head as she tried to make him lick her deeper inside her pussy with Naruto more than happy to obey, “N-Naruto-k-kun…c-cumming!” AHH

Hinata screamed loudly as she came hard arching her back with Naruto happily enjoying Hinata’s sweet taste. Naruto started scooping up all of Hinata’s cum with his tongue while Hinata was still cumming hard. Hinata slowly came down from her high when she started shivering from her excitement, ‘I-I never f-felt so g-good! N-Naruto-kun’s t-tongue is-!’ AHH

Hinata gripped the sheets hard as she came hard once again with Naruto grabbing her plump rear while hungrily drinking all of her cum, ‘She tastes sweet. Leave it to Hinata-chan to taste just like cinnamon buns. I’m definitely gonna do this to her every night…and day…and every chance I get!’

Hinata slowly came back down from her high letting out small quivering squeals, Squeal “N-Naruto-kun…w-what Ahh…what a-are d-doing? I-I’m s-sensitive” asked a shivering Hinata letting out a pleasurable moan. Naruto looked up as he kept kissing and licking Hinata’s pussy with Hinata letting out pleasurable squeals and moans with a small smile on her face. Naruto quietly chuckled giving her pussy one last kiss before he went up to kiss Hinata passionately making each other moan.

Naruto broke the kissed and stared lovingly into his lover’s white-lavender eyes, “Hinata-chan, are you sure you want to continue? I know I’m not exactly um… ‘normal’ size…not to mention that I don’t have a condom that actually fits me”, said Naruto mumbling the last part while scratching his cheek with a blush on his face.

Hinata gently cupped Naruto’s face giving him a loving kiss, “Then I guess we’ll have to do it raw”, said Hinata smiling.

Chuckle “Wow Hinata-chan, I’ve never seen this side of you before. I didn’t know you could be such a kinky pervert, I like it”, chuckled Naruto feeling a bit surprised at her answer.

Giggle “Oh? If I’m the pervert, then what do you call the one who couldn’t stop licking my pussy?” giggled Hinata.

Naruto leaned down and kissed Hinata passionately swirling their tongue enjoying each other’s taste when Naruto broke the kiss, “A lucky bastard, and who do you think couldn’t stop sucking my dick”, whispered Naruto.

“Only if it’s you”, moaned Hinata, “As long as I get to suck on that monster dick of yours again.”

“Sure”, chuckled Naruto, “As long as I get to lick that sweet pussy of yours.”

Both lovers kissed each other passionately again moaning into their kiss. Naruto rubbed his hard cock against Hinata’s wet crotch as he aligned his cock with her entrance. Hinata felt herself growing more excited and anxious by the second letting out a massive flood of her pussy juice. Naruto pushed the head of his cock into Hinata’s tight virgin pussy making Hinata moan loudly, ‘This feels incredible! He just put in the head and I feel like I’m gonna cum already! It doesn’t even hurt!’

 Naruto groaned as well gritting his teeth at the tight feeling, ‘This feels…amazing! I thought her throat was hot, but her pussy is so tight!’ thought Naruto slowly pushing in more of his cock.

Ahh “S-So thick!”

“Sorry Hinata-chan I’ll pull out!”

“No!” yelled Hinata wrapping her legs around Naruto’s waist pushing more of his cock inside her making them both moan out loud, “Feels s-so g-good!” happily moaned Hinata feeling Naruto stretching out her pussy.

“Hinata-chan…” moaned Naruto getting Hinata’s attention with their noses nearly touching feeling each other’s warm breath, “Is it okay if I move?”

Hinata responded by nodding her head as Naruto slowly pulled back until only the head remained inside Hinata. Hinata felt empty when Naruto pulled out making her whine a bit, but suddenly felt a strong pleasurable jolt when Naruto slowly thrust back in making Hinata squeal in pleasure.

Moan “So tight”, moaned Naruto staring into Hinata’s eyes sharing a kiss as he slowly increased his pace thrusting two more inches inside her. Hinata’s moans were muffled by their kiss with Naruto slowly increasing his thrusts stuffing two more inches of his cock that Hinata broke their kiss moaning loudly feeling Naruto’s cock touching her cervix. Hinata looked down and was shocked at what she saw, ‘A-Amazing! H-He’s only h-halfway and I feel so full!’ thought Hinata excitedly watching six inches of Naruto’s cock penetrate her already stretched out pussy while the other remaining six inches were coated by her continuously leaking pussy juice mixed in with some of her blood from Naruto’s penetration. Hinata happily smiled after noticing a small bulge starting to form, Ahh “Naruto-kun! Deeper! I want you to fuck me deeper! Ahh! I want your huge cock completely inside me!” moaned Hinata when she suddenly arched her back as she came hard.

Groan “Your pussy’s so fucking tight! Uhh! That’s it! I’m gonna plow your tight little cunt until you can’t think straight Hinata-chan!” groaned Naruto as he grabbed Hinata’s waist and pulled her up with him so she was sitting on his lap. Naruto slowly pulled out his cock until only the head was inside when he suddenly slammed Hinata down on his lap while thrusting upwards burying his huge cock inside Hinata’s tight little cunt that Hinata let out a ear-piercing screamed as she came hard coating Naruto’s lap.

Naruto roughly started thrusting directly into Hinata’s womb that Hinata experienced another orgasm in the middle of her first one. Hinata started bouncing on top of Naruto’s lap holding onto his shoulders for support with Naruto holding Hinata around her waist. Naruto couldn’t take it anymore and started sucking on her one of her huge bouncing breasts causing Hinata to ride Naruto even faster. Naruto growled in pleasure when he started thrusting even faster determined to plow Hinata’s cunt for all it’s worth.

Hinata experienced overlapping orgasm after overlapping orgasm as she continued to scream in pleasure encouraging Naruto even more. Hinata was able to momentarily regain some of her sanity that she looked down and saw a large bulge pushing up against her stomach every time Naruto thrusted upwards. Naruto felt Hinata’s pussy clench around him again when she suddenly stopped bouncing on his cock burying it deep inside her, and screamed loudly. Naruto saw his cock being outlined against Hinata’s stomach that he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for a brief moment that he quickly laid her down once again and started plowing into her tight pussy prolonging Hinata’s orgasm as he captured her lips for an intense kiss.

Hinata’s passionate screams were muffled by her kiss wrapping her arms and legs behind Naruto when she suddenly arched her back having another intense orgasm. Naruto loved the feeling of her breasts rubbing against him that he broke their kiss and started sucking on her breasts again wanting to hear Hinata scream in pleasure. Hinata felt like she was experiencing one long continuous orgasm with her thoughts becoming cloudy and her eyes were starting to roll back from the intense pleasure she was feeling.

Naruto continued relishing in the fact that he was giving this divine angel in front of him such intense pleasure, but he knew he wouldn’t last long when he felt the pressure in his balls building up more than the first time he came. Naruto’s thrusts shorten while picking up speed with his hips becoming a blur, “H-Hinata-chan…g-gonna c-cum!”

“Inside me! Cum inside me!”


“I-It’s a s-safe day! I-I want it! Make me yours! Only yours!”

Naruto couldn’t hold back after hearing that and let out a loud grunt as he started pumping Hinata’s womb with a massive amount of cum filling it completely on his first shot. Hinata suddenly experienced an orgasm that was unlike anything she’s ever experienced. Hinata’s eyes rolled back letting out another ear-piercing scream with her tongue sticking out as she felt her lover’s cock expand inside her with a thicker rush of hot liquid pouring inside. Naruto kept thrusting picking up more speed while cumming inside Hinata when he felt a bulge growing. Naruto lifted himself still thrusting and cumming, and saw Hinata’s belly slowly swelling from all the jizz he’s pumping into her tight cunt. Naruto was amazed as he kept thrusting and pumping his huge load inside Hinata’s tight cunt when he looked up at Hinata’s face noticing that her eyes were rolled up with her tongue sticking out. He felt a strong sense of pride when a pleasurable jolt ran up his spine causing him to slam balls deep inside Hinata.

Naruto instinctively grabbed Hinata’s hips letting out loud groan releasing a more massive torrent of splooge than before sending Hinata into another massive orgasm as she let out another ear-piercing scream. Some of their combined cum escaped from Hinata’s pussy spraying both their lower half of their bodies, and a puddle of cum forming underneath Hinata’s plump bottom. Naruto kept releasing his massive load inside Hinata’s delicious pussy with some of their combine cum occasionally spraying their lower half of their bodies for more than several minutes when he slowly stopped.

Naruto gently lowered his lover’s hips enjoying the sensation of Hinata’s convulsing pussy squeezing his hard dick, Moan ‘It’s like she’s trying to milk me for more. Feels great’, thought Naruto looking down at Hinata who was shivering in pleasure with her eyes half closed, and her tongue still sticking out. Naruto looked at Hinata’s swollen belly from all the thick cum he pour into her that she looked several months pregnant, ‘Damn! I came gallons inside her! Awesome!’

Naruto slowly pulled back with a lot of their mixed cum escaping from Hinata’s pussy making Hinata experience several mini orgasms. Hinata felt Naruto pulling out that she tried to her best to keep him inside by tightening her trembling legs around his waist which she found difficult since every time some of their combined cum escaped along with Naruto slowly moving inside her would send her into a small orgasm easily. Naruto felt Hinata’s legs slightly tighten as he was pulling out knowing what she wanted. Naruto suddenly got an idea as he continued to slowly pull out of her until only the head remained inside letting their combined cum pour out deflating her swollen belly. Once he saw Hinata’s belly returned back to normal, he slowly pushed back in all the way creating a large bump once again, and leaned down to capture his angel’s luscious lips.

Naruto slowly pulled back out of Hinata with Hinata once again trying to prevent him unaware of what her lover was planning. Naruto kept pulling out until only the head of his cock remained inside, and slowly pushed back in making Hinata moan loudly in their kiss. Naruto felt Hinata shivering more uncontrollably underneath him combined with her still convulsing pussy and her pleasurable moans let him know that she absolutely loved what he was doing to her. Naruto and Hinata broke their kiss staring lovingly into each other’s eyes with Naruto still slowly humping inside Hinata when he started to lightly shiver in pleasure as well, “You okay Hinata-chan?”

“Y-ah-Yes. I-It f-ah-feels w-wonderful. Ah Y-You’re st-ah-still h-hard N-ah-Naruto-kun.”

“I can’t h-help it, I love h-how you keep s-squeezing me. I love h-hearing you m-moan like t-that, moan I’m c-completely addicted t-to you my little b-bunny.”

“T-ah-That’s b-because m-my ah b-big s-strong f-ah-fox k-keeps m-ah-making m-me ah f-feel w-wonderful”, moaned Hinata reaching up wrapping her hands behind Naruto’s head pulling him down between her large breasts. Naruto gently kissed her breasts when he started traveling upwards leaving a trail of butterfly kisses up to her collar bone and neck until he kissed her cheek, “Looks like we need to completely change the sheets”, chuckled Naruto.

“A-And a sh-shower. I-I’m s-sticky f-from all y-your cum”, happily moaned Hinata.

“What do you say we have round 2 in the shower my little bunny?”



“R-Round 2…and 3…in the sh-shower.”

Chuckle “Keep this up and we might have to change the sheets on your bed too”, chuckled Naruto.

Giggle “Well…it is Friday”, giggled Hinata when she suddenly let out a small surprise squeal as Naruto lifted her up while groping her plump rear. Hinata locked her legs around Naruto’s waist making sure that he didn’t completely pull out, and her hands wrapped behind Naruto’s neck. Naruto stared lovingly into Hinata’s lavender eyes with a small mischievous smile on his face, “And that, my sexy little bunny, just earned you an all-nighter and all day tomorrow.”

Hinata blushed brightly at Naruto’s comment with a small smile on her face as she snuggled against him, “Will my foxy stud still massage my pussy with your big thick cock like earlier?”

“Hmm…Only if you agree to go out with me”, smiled Naruto.

Giggle “I think we have the order reversed”, giggled Hinata.

Chuckle “I guess we do”, chuckled Naruto, “I just want to hear you say it.”

“Then yes, I would love to go out with you Naruto-kun”, smiled Hinata feeling happy being in the arms of her lover.

Naruto gently pressed Hinata against the wall to passionately kiss her with both lovers moaning in pleasure, “Why don’t we just call this a practice round, and go take that shower together.”

 “Oh Naruto-kun”, happily squealed Hinata as Naruto rushed towards the bathroom with his lover attached at his hips.

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