Three's company

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Fire Nation University's newest student stood just outside it's gates staring up at the very large, very old looking building that would house her for the next three years. Sakura Haruno had transferred to FNU from Suna University and today was her first day. For some reason, unknown even by her, she was nervous. It was like being a child at a new school all over again. Though she had already attended a university in Suna in the land of wind for an entire year, being at a new school never seemed to get any easier. No matter how old she got.

She'd filled out all the paperwork and received all the information she'd need for her new school even before she'd made it to Konoha. All she had to do was find her assigned dorm, settle in and prepare herself for her first day of school, which happened to be the next day. Sakura found a map of the school grounds just inside the gate and searched it for Shinobi Hall. That just so happened to be the name of the dorm she'd been assigned to. It didn't sound too bad, but she hoped that her room mate would be friendly, at the very least.

After asking a few people around campus, Sakura finally found Shinobi hall. It was located near the very back of the school's campus ground, furthest from the entrance where she'd come in, so carrying all her things had made the trip tiring, but she managed. Because it was still pretty early in the morning, most of the students must have been in class, she guessed, because Shinobi Hall was like a ghost town. It was empty and as silent as she'd ever seen a dormitory. Still, though, she hoped that her stay would be fun and enjoyable.

Room number 303 was what she looked for as she searched the halls. There were three floors, she quickly noticed so her room had to be on the very top. And what do you know, she found it.  While trying to hold all her thing, Sakura struggled to find her door key. Unlike her room in Suna, the doors here had sliding cards for keys. All she had to do was fish it out of her pocket and slide it through and the door would unlock. How fancy. However, in the midst of her struggle, one of her bags fell on the handle and the door just opened. Though it kinda freaked her out, Sakura stepped in the room anyway. She'd make sure to report the faulty locks to the dorm advisor once she met her.

Inside the room was pretty normal, though it was pretty big, much bigger than her last dorm room. There where two beds: one sat close to the door she'd just walked through. It was only a twin-sized bed with a lumpy-looking old, dusty matters rolled up above a thin metal box spring. It was hers, most likely, since the other bed, which sat settled against the wall across from the first one, was already neatly made. The sheets that her room mate chose to have were pretty plain and dull. White sheets with a black comforter folded neatly at the foot of the bed.

Not far from that bed were two moderately sized closets with double sliding doors. The empty one was still open showing it's availability. Next to both beds sat an old, worn brown night stands and finally, to her left were two doors. One, at least, had to be a bathroom. At least she hoped so. There was nothing like having a little privacy when you showered. Though, she did have a moment to wonder where the second door would lead her. No time to waste though, Sakura wanted to have herself mostly settled in, showered and relaxed at least before noon.


It had taken a bit longer than she'd hoped to have all of her things put away nice and neatly. The matters on her bed just wouldn't cooperate long enough for her to get her bed together. Plus, it was dusty and smelled of time unused. Nothing a little beating and fabric freshener couldn't handle, but it took a lot of it. By the time she'd hung her last shirt in the closet it was noon and so she prepared herself for a shower. At her last dorm, Sakura had been a bit uptight around the other girl at the beginning. She didn't dare wear anything around her dorm mates that was even an inch above her ankles. She even took her clothes and toiletries in the bathroom with her just to change. After getting to know Ino, though, she'd loosened up enough that she could where comfortable clothes. She wanted to show her new room mate that she would be just as comfortable in her presence.

Today Sakura chose just a t-shirt, some shorts and pair of ankle socks with cute little fuzzy pink balls on the backs of them. It didn't get any more comfortable than this without being naked. After grabbing her towels and other toiletries, Sakura headed to the bathroom. Surprisingly, the first door she'd tried to open was locked so she had no idea where it led, but the second room was the bathroom. Odd though, that it had two doors instead of just the one she'd entered. Whoever her room mate was, she must have kept her things to herself because the bathroom was completely empty. Not one sign to show that someone had been using it save for a roll of tissue. Ino had kept their bathroom full of makeup and hair care products so this was surprising for Sakura.

No matter, though. Sakura sat her things on the counter just next to the sink before getting undressed. A good hot shower would do her tired body wonders. She stepped in the tub and turned the water on and almost instantly the warmth of the water embraced her body. Sakura gave in to the warm, relaxing sound of the water and placed her head under the spray of it to wet her pink locks, however in doing so she'd missed the sound of her new room mate as they entered their bedroom. Even as she showered it never occurred to her that her room mate might return from school soon. It wasn't until she was just about to exit the shower that she finally got to meet her room mate.

"Hey, dobe," they called as they pulled back the curtain to the shower. "don't use all the hot-" his towel dropped...

"Ahhhhh!!!" and Sakura screamed



Sakura stood for a minute, frozen as she and the dark-haired man stared at one another in disbelief. Many questions ran through her head as she stared at the nakedness in front of her, but he asked the one question that stood out the most to her as if he'd read her mind.


"Who the hell are you?" this came from him as he knelt to retrieve the towel that had fallen from his slim waist. In that moment though, all the panic that had been building inside of Sakura seemed to just pore out.


"Get. Out!" she yelled, swinging arms and throwing anything she could get her hands on at the dark-haired man.


Finally, he managed to get to the door and out of it safely without being pelted too badly. Sakura quickly closed the door, locked it and leaned on it with all her weight, just in case. Her pulse thudded in her throat, not just from being seen naked by a strange man, but at the fact that she'd seen everything he had to offer a girl and she liked it. In just that amount of time, she'd taken in everything she'd seen on his body and stored the images in her mind. She was sure it was something she'd never forget. However, that didn't change the fact that he was male and she was female and she'd applied to be transferred to FNU's all girl dormitory.


Sakura looked around the bathroom and saw her towel sitting there on the counter just next to the sink, but it wasn't within arm's reach. She'd have to walk over to the counter and that meant abandoning her place up against the door. She knew it was foolish to worry about it since she'd already locked the door, but what if he knew a way to unlock it somehow? It was cold, though, and she was wet. The towel would at least give her some warmth and help dry her faster than air drying alone.


As quietly and as slowly as she could, Sakura pulled herself away from the door and crept over to the sink to grab her towel, and it was then that something hit her. In her hurry to get the hot shower her body so craved, she'd managed to leave all of her clothes in the bedroom. Including her panties. Sakura pouted and stomped her foot and just then there was a knock on the door. Quickly she ran to the door pressing the weight of her upper body against it as if that would keep him from coming in.

"What do you want?" she asked with a shaking voice. She heard him sigh from the other side of the door.

"How long do you plan on being in there? I need to shower."

"Then go shower somewhere else," she said

"What the hell? Look, Naruto's not gonna be back for at least another two hours. You should just leave now instead of trying to wait on him. Besides, this is my damn bathroom." Sakura could hear the irritation his his voice, but she was confused.

"What? Who is Naruto?"


"Don't tell me you fucked the guy and didn't even know his real name? Typical chick."


"I did no such thing!" Sakura yelled "I don't even know who you're talking about. I've only been here for two hours at the most."


"Wait, so you're trying to say that Naruto didn't bring you in here?"


"You're the first person I've seen since I moved my things into this dorm," Sakura said, a little embarrassed because the thought of how they'd met moments ago was still fresh in her mind.

"Moved your things?" He asked then paused "Are you that Haruno person the dorm advisor was blabbering about, about a week ago?"


"I guess so since my name is Haruno Sakura"


"Oh," he said dryly "I thought you were one of Naruto's air-headed girlfriends."

"Who's Naruto?"

"You'll know when you meet him. Anyway, my question still stands. How long will you be in there? I stink and I want to take a shower."


"I can't come out," said Sakura in a calm, but embarrassed voice. Again, she heard her new roommate sigh.

"Why not?"

"I," she hesitated for a moment,  "I left my things in there on my bed." Sakura's roommate looked across the room at the second bed. He hadn't even noticed that it was made or that someone's things were placed on it when he walked in the room.

"You mean the clothes on that bed over there, right? Then I'll hand them to yo-"


"No, don't touch them!" she yelled almost too quickly. She didn't want him to see her panties, let alone touch them. It was just too embarrassing. It wasn't as if no guy had ever seen her panties, but this guy was a complete stranger. Though, he'd already seen more of her than just her underwear.

"Don't tell me you're embarrassed. You left your panties out on the bed for God's sake." She heard foot steps fading away from the door before she heard him speak again. "They're cute, though, I guess. Lots of.....dots....and a kitten face on the front." she heard him snicker.

"I said don't touch them!" Sakura yelled, smacking the door with her palm, face red with embarrassment.

"What, are you ten or something?" That was it, she'd had enough. Without another thought, Sakura wrapped her towel around her body, opened the door and stormed out. "They really are cute, though," he said before she snatched her polka dot kitty cat panties out of his hands.

"Can't you respect a girl's wishes and her property enough not to touch her panties at least?!" He shrugged his shoulders then turned away from Sakura.

"It worked, at least. About time. You can dress in here if you like. I'm going to take a shower," He said as he strode over towards his bed and grabbed the towel he'd been wearing earlier. Sakura watched him as he headed towards the bathroom in his grey sweat pants and uncaring attitude and couldn't decide whether she wanted to run up and smack him in the back of his head or call him back so she could get a better look at him. Neither was a good idea so she settled for nothing. "Oh," he said, back still turned to her as he walked and lifted one lazy, uncaring hand up high enough to give a wave. "I'm Sasuke"

Sakura's frown stayed intact even after Sasuke entered the bathroom and shut the door. She was so exasperated, so irritated that she walked to the foot of her new bed and fell face first onto it and screamed. Even so, as she lay there frowning, Sakura could feel the heat in her cheeks. She was blushing just a bit too hard for her own liking.


By the time Sasuke exited the bathroom Sakura was fully dressed. She'd decided to ditch her earlier choice of shorts and a t-shirt and had instead chosen a pair of jeans and a less revealing t-shirt. She still kept the cute fuzzy ball ankle socks though. She was sitting up in her bed hugging her pillow when Sasuke finally noticed her, but she was too deep in thought to notice him at the moment. He plopped down on his bed and grabbed the football that sat on the opposite side and tossed it in the air idly.

"What's eating your grapes?" He asked and Sakura jumped at the sound of his voice, but she'd heard the question.


"Nothing that you need to bother yourself about," she said with just a bit too much snap to her voice, but if it bothered Sasuke even the slightest bit he didn't show it. He shrugged.

"You don't want to talk about it? Good because I really didn't want to listen. I was just asking because you looked like you needed someone to ask." He continued to toss the foot ball in the air as if she wasn't there.

The two of them sat in silence for the longest time. The only sound came from the football as it landed in Sasuke's hands. Sakura stared across the room at the rude man and was finally able to get a good look at him. Sasuke was handsome, beautiful even, but his attitude dulled that beauty. If things didn't work out then she'd be stuck with him for the next year, at least, and his attitude towards her would determine whether the next year would be pleasant or not. She focused on him starting at his head. The identical darkness of his eyes and hair were the first to be seen. They were the darkest and deepest black she'd ever seen, yet so shinny and eye catching. His pale skin was a drastic contrast to all that darkness making it stand out even more. His lips were thin, but not overly thin. She'd have preferred more fullness to them, but they were still kissable.

His body was slim, but fit with broad, square shoulders. He didn't have very defined muscles, but they were there showing that he did some kind of sport like swimming or running. He had long leg, but he wasn't very tall, only about a foot or so taller than she. Even his feet were nice and Sakura definitely wasn't a foot person. The only thing that threw off his perfect handsomeness were his glasses. He didn't seem the type that wore glasses. It just didn't fit him, but it didn't ruin his image either. She guessed it was something you just had to get used to with certain people.

There was a soft knock at there door and Sakura jumped so hard she nearly fell from her bed before running to answer the door. Sasuke only shook his head and continued to do what he was doing. Sakura bolted for the door and swung it open as fast as her hands would as if the person on the other side of the door were her knight in shining armor ready to take her away from that wretched place. However, it was just the dorm advisor. For her though, that was good enough.

Sakura smiled, staring into some of the most beautiful big, dark doe eyes she'd ever seen up close. The person before her was pale and beautiful with long, flowing dark hair and delicate features. Just looking at them made her want to hug them and she didn't even know them. Yet, the smile they gave her was enough to make Sakura want to have them as a best friend, or a lover. Well, not that she was a lover of women, but it was just something about this particular dainty person that oozed of love and pheromones.

"Hi," they finally said, tilting their head to one side, smiling even more. "I'm Haku, Shinobi Hall's dorm advisor. You're Haruno, Sakura san, right?" Sakura watched Haku for a moment, something about this person was mysterious as if there was some sort of riddle about them that needed to be solved. Yet, that fact seemed obvious to Haku.

Finally, Sakura bowed and said, "Yes, I am Haruno, Sakura"

It wasn't until Haku did a bow that Sakura discovered why she'd considered this beautiful person a potential lover. She'd never been attracted to another female and that fact remained. Haku was male. He'd been holding a clip board in front of his chest up until he bowed, and that small movement caused his shirt to pucker revealing the slim, flat plane of his chest.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Haruno san. I'd been expecting you. Forgive me for not being here to greet-"

"You- you're not a girl! You're a boy!" Sakura said almost a little too dramatically, pointing her finger towards Haku. He looked puzzled and little embarrassed under her gaze before he stood straight.

"Well, yes, Haruno san. I am male. That's-"

"And he's a boy, too," she said, successfully cutting Haku off for the second time as she pointed that accusing finger of hers at Sasuke who looked a little lost and shocked by her loud voice.

"Yeah, I am," Sasuke said after regain his composure. "But you already know that, right? You made sure of that with your own two eyes earlier, didn't you? Perv." His words both shocked and embarrassed Sakura and for a moment her mouth hung wide open.

"Okay, I think we should all just calm down and talk this over. I'll come in and the three of us-," Haku was cut off, yet again.

"Perv? Pervert?! Who's the pervert here? I wasn't the one that opened the curtains on someone else while they showered! I wasn't the one who dropped their towel! I wasn't the one who was playing with someone else's panties!" Sakura said all this while pointing at Sasuke and storming towards him. He continued to toss his ball in the air and catch it as she grew closer. Haku had already come into the room and closed the door by the time she made it to Sasuke.

Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and said, "Oh yeah, the pink and white polka dot kitty panties. Cute." he sat his football down on the bed next to him and sat up. He acted as if Sakura had already walked away from him, but she remained standing by his bed. He slipped on his glasses and stood, but Sakura wasn't done. Not yet.

"You!...You, you bastard! You're too cruel! I hate you!" She glared at him as best she could through her embarrassment, but Sasuke didn't pay that any mind. He only came closer. So close, in fact that she could feel his breath as he spoke, tickling the loose hair around her face.

"Too bad then, huh? Welcome to FNU, roomie" With that, Sasuke walked around the trembling female and headed for the door. However, just as he made it to Haku he was stopped. Haku placed his hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

"Aw, leaving so soon, Uchiha san? That's no good. I don't think you've properly greeted your new room mate," Haku smiled as he said this, but the sound of his voice didn't match those sweet and gentle words. He pushed Sasuke back away from the door. "Take a seat."

Sasuke glared. He didn't like being touched so much or having Haku order him around and it showed clearly on his face, but what choice did he have?  He went over to his bed and plopped down.

Haku walked over to Sakura and said, "Are you okay, Haruno san? Pay no mind to the emo, ever-sulking Sasuke. He's just picking with you because you're new and you're a girl. You'll get use to him and soon you'll learn to look past his childishness. Okay?" Sakura nodded and tried to calm herself.

"Why?" She asked low and Haku didn't understand.

"Huh? Why what?"

"Why am I here? In this dorm, why? I'm a girl. I don't understand."

"Oh, I think I understand what you're asking. It's simple. You were selected to be placed in this dorm, Haruno san."

"But I applied for an all girl's dorm not an all boy's dorm. Did they get my name wrong? Did I mark down the wrong sex on my application? I just don't understand why I was place in a dorm where my room mate is a boy." Sakura was confused and Haku could understand, but he knew the answer.

"I can understand your concerns, Haruno san, but there isn't much you nor I can do about this particular situation. You see, even though you applied to be placed in Leaf Hall, the all girl's dorm, it's full. There are four dorms here, Haruno san: Shinobi Hall, Leaf Hall, Konoha Hall and Fire Hall. Both Shinobi Hall and Konoha Hall were all boy's dorms while Leaf Hall and Fire Hall were all girl's dorms. However, within the last few years Konoha's male to female ratio has changed. There are at least ten female's for every three males attending FNU now and because we didn't want to turn our students down, we had to find a way to accommodate. Because there haven't been enough males to fill both Shinobi Hall and Konoha Hall, it was decided that one of the boy's dorms would become co-ed. You, though, are the first transfer student we've gotten this year and you're female so you are the first and only female in this dorm." Sakura, without thinking, plopped down on Sasuke's bed just next to him and stared.

"So, you mean to tell me that there is nothing I can do about this? Nothing at all?" Sakura asked then looked up at Haku "Are you sure?"

"Well, there is always the option of finding a job and moving into one of the local apartments located off campus. I'm afraid there isn't much else you could do. The only other thing would be to stay here until the end of the school year and apply for the all girl's dorm as early as possible for the next year. Even then, I'm not sure about it since they usually end up reserving those rooms for the one's who were already accepted the previous year. The only way a room would open up is if someone moves off campus, is kicked out of the dorm or transfers to another school." Sakura's hands fell heavy into her lap and once again, she stared out into the room at nothing at all.

"So that's it, huh? I'm stuck here. I have nowhere else to go. I can't afford to get a job right now. I'm a full time student and I'm studying to become a doctor. I don't have time enough to do much besides study." With that she placed her hands over her face and started crying again.


"I'm really sorry you have to go through all of this, Haruno san. I really am," Haku said as he knelt down in front of her, placing his free hand on her shoulder.


"Tch, typical female," Sasuke said and a heated glare was directed at him from Haku. It was kinda scary, but Sasuke would never admit that. He only shrugged his shoulders.

"I'll try and talk to the head of the administrations office and see if I can get your name placed on the waiting list for one of the girl's dorm, but I can't make any promises that you'll get in any time this year. Until then, we at Shinobi Hall will try to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. As a matter of fact, Uchiha san had already agreed to be your tour guide. He'll show you around the building and even around campus if you want."

"Hey! What the hell are you blabbering about, Haku? I never-"

"Shut up, Sasuke. I'm talking," was all Haku said without even looking at the Uchiha

"C-can't there be anyone else besides him to show me around?" Sakura asked.


"Hmm, I'm afraid not. Sasuke's one of the only available people living here in Shinobi Hall that can show you around today. There is one other person, but he's so hard to catch up with that I couldn't ask."

"You didn't ask me either," Sasuke mumbled, but was ignored.

"I guess I have no choice then, huh?"

"Again, I'm sorry about this mix up, Haruno san. I'd hoped to make your stay here as enjoyable as possible from the very start." Haku stood "I have to prepare for my classes, but if there's anything you need then please feel free to ask. My last class ends a six PM, but if it's an absolute emergency then feel free to call my cell. The number is written on a chart next to the phone in the main office. Sasuke will show you where that is."

"Okay," Sakura said with sad eyes, but there really wasn't anything more Haku could do for her so she left it alone.


"Alright then, Haruno san. I'll be seeing you around. Bye bye"

"Bye" Sakura sat watching as Haku made his way out of her room and sighed. Her last ditch hope to find a way out of Shinobi Hall had just been diminished. What else could she do? The room was quiet for a moment as she sat watching the door, but suddenly she felt a soft kick to her lower back.


"Hey, you plan on sleeping with me or something?" Sakura turned big green eyes and red cheeks around only to be met by Sasuke's impassive face.



"You're still on my bed. Unless you plan on sleeping with me, get off." Sakura frowned.


"You're a bastard, you know that?" she said, but didn't wait for a response before standing and walking back over to her bed. She plopped down on it, leaned to the side, pressed her face into her fluffy baby blue pillow and screamed.

An hour must have passed before any noise other than Sakura's crying was heard. Sasuke stood from his bed and the sound of it caught Sakura attention. She turned her head to look in his direction. What she saw made her go stiff. Just across from her, Sasuke was, with no hesitation, striping.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked, face pressed into her pillow. Sasuke stopped in mid motion and looked over his shoulder at her.


"What does it look like, baka? I'm changing."


"Why are you doing that here?"

"Because I live here. This is my room. It's not like I have something you haven't already seen, but if you don't want to see it again, then don't look. Either way is fine with me." Sakura looked over at him, eyes fierce, but the moment she did, her cheeks took on that familiar pink tint. Even from where he stood Sasuke could see her blush. He could only shake his head and give her an all knowing smirk. "If you insist on staring, I could give you another good look. You'll have to pay me though." Sakura frowned and put her face back in her pillow.


"I hate you!"

"Yeah, right," Sasuke said, chuckling to himself. After getting his clothes on, he headed for the door. "I'll catch you later, roomie. Have fun." Sasuke walked past her bed as he spoke, but the moment his hand touched the door knob, it opened.

"Hey, Sasuke!" Sakura heard and sat up only in time enough to see a flash of yellow tackle Sasuke down to the floor.

"Naruto! Get off, damn it!" Sasuke yelled and Naruto laughed. Sakura crawled down to the foot of her bed to get a better look at the two people wrestling on the floor. It wasn't until she peeked her pink hair over the edge that Naruto finally stopped to acknowledge her.


"Huh? A girl?" he asked as he leaned in closer to get a better look at Sakura. Sasuke pushed his way from under Naruto's legs and pulled himself up while the blond was distracted. "Hey, are you crying?"

"She's just pissed that she has to stay in Shinobi Hall. Just leave her alone." Sasuke said, now sitting on his bed again. Sakura sat up and placed her hands over her face. Crying all over again. Naruto knelt on the floor at the foot of her bed with his arms folded on the bed and his chin resting on them.


"Hey, what's wrong? You're the new girl. I think I heard Haku mention something about a girl moving in a while ago, but I didn't think it would be so soon. Do you hate Shinobi Hall that much already?" Sakura sniffled, but didn't remove her hands as she spoke.



"Then why are you crying?"


She sniffled again. "Because.....because I have to share my room with him!" She pointed at Sasuke dramatically. Naruto looked over at said man and Sasuke only shrugged his shoulders.

"What did Sasuke do to you to make you cry?"


"He came in the bathroom on me while I was taking a shower, he was playing with my underwear, and he's been nothing but a huge perverted jerk!" She placed her hands back over her face, but the response she got out of Naruto wasn't exactly what she'd been expecting. He laughed. Sakura slowly pulled her hands from her face, puzzlement was clear in her expression. "What's so funny?" she finally asked.


"You two!" Naruto said barely holding himself up from falling to the floor with laughter. "It's just so hard to imagine Sasuke as a pervert. A jerk, yes, but a pervert? It's just too funny! And you," Naruto said, finally calming himself enough to talk again. He pulled himself up and onto her bed close enough that only his blue eyes filled her vision. "You're just too cute." Sakura didn't know what to say. She could only stare with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. "I'm Naruto, by the way. What's your name?"

"I'm S-Sakura. Haruno, Sakura"

"Cool. Nice to meet you, Sakura chan! I guess we'll be room mates for the next year so please take care of me!" He stood and held out his hand to her. His sudden change in attitude was enough to wow Sakura for a moment. All she could do was take his hand and shake it.

"Yes, me to. Wait! Room mates? I thought he was my room mate?"

"Oh, yeah, he is. We're all room mates. Each room fits three. Or well, I have my own room, but it's not as big as this one and I have to come through here to get to it."

"Wait, do you mean that locked door next to the bathroom?"

"Yep! The other door in the bathroom also leads to my bedroom." Sakura was in shock. Not only did she have one room mate, but two and they were both male. What the hell was she gonna do? "So have you met the dorm advisor yet?" Naruto went on to ask as he sat on her bed next to her. Sakura could only nod. "Yeah, Haku's pretty cool, but he kinda looks like a girl if you ask me. It's sorta like you're not the only girl here when you think of Haku, huh, Sakura chan?"

"Oh, yeah, I guess so," was Sakura only answer.


"Hey, are you still upset about Sasuke's pervertedness?"

Sakura didn't answer so Naruto stood from her bed and walked over towards Sasuke. He climbed on the bed and got up into Sasuke's face much like he'd done to Sakura only moments ago, and the same reaction came from Sasuke as it had from her. Wide eyes and pink cheeks. Sakura was surprised to see such an expression on the dark-haired boy's face. "Hey, Sasuke, apologize to Sakura chan." Sasuke looked away, but his cheeks remained pink and just seeing him that way caused Sakura's cheeks to grow warmer too.

"What are you going on about, Naruto?"

"Apologize to Sakura chan so she'll be happy again."


"What? No way. One apology isn't gonna make that baka happy. Whether I do or not won't change the fact that she has to stay in Shinobi Hall." Naruto frowned then turned to look at Sakura.

"Will his apology make you smile again, Sakura chan?" Sakura thought about that question for a moment before answering.

"Only if he promises to be a little nicer to me." Naruto looked back at Sasuke, but he still couldn't manage to look into those blue eyes staring down at him.


"Do you promise to be nicer to Sakura chan?" Naruto asked, leaning in even closer. Sasuke frowned even more, but the pinkness in his cheeks never lessened.


"Tch, whatever," was all Sasuke managed.


"Close enough," Naruto said then turned to Sakura. "He promises" He turned back to Sasuke and said, "Now apologize"


"Can you get away from me. I can't breath with you all in my face," Sasuke said.


"Okay, fine. Then I'll move, but you're coming with me."  Naruto moved off Sasuke's bed, but grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him along until they stood in front of Sakura. Naruto knelt down on the side of her bed, pulling Sasuke down with him so that they were at eye level with Sakura. "Now, apologize"


It was amazing, really, Sakura realized as she watched the interactions between the two men. Sasuke was an entirely different person in the presence of Naruto. He was almost....cute. Not that he wasn't already attractive enough. Physically, he was beautiful, but even his attitude was cute when he wanted to be and that made Sakura relax. She even teased Sasuke a bit herself. She smiled at him and leaned into his face close enough that only his eye filled her vision.

"Is there something you'd like to say to me?" It may have been her imagination, but she'd swear she saw him blush just a bit more before he looked away.

"I'm sorry," he finally mumbled


"Sorry for what?" Naruto asked

"I'm sorry for being an ass, okay?" There it was. Sasuke finally apologized. Naruto watched as Sakura's face beamed with happiness and it made him smile. Even with her red eyes and pink nose from all that crying, she was still cute. Cute enough that he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Not until he heard Sasuke speak again. "Are we done here?" Naruto released him and Sasuke stood, pulling himself off of Sakura's bed. Naruto watched as Sakura's eyes followed Sasuke all the way back over to his side of the room.


Naruto sat on her bed hard enough to gain her attention and when she looked at him he smiled. "Hey, Sakura chan, did Haku appoint anyone to show you around, because, you know, I'm free."

"Actually, he did. Sasuke is supposed to show me around today."

"Yeah, right. Like I'd do that. I've had about all I can stand of the two of you today."

"Aww, come on Sasuke. Don't be a jerk. Please?" Naruto asked. Sasuke closed his eyes and shook his head.


"Get lost"

"Please, Uchiha kun?" He heard Sakura say and just the sound of his name made him look over at the two people sitting across from him.


The both of them saw that small opening and said, "Please?"

Sasuke frowned before pulling himself up off his bed. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and started for the door, but as he passed Sakura's bed he spoke, "Whatever, let's just get this over with. I promised I'd do it anyway." Both Naruto and Sakura smiled.

"Just give me a second to get my shoes and we can go," this from Sakura. If either one of them had seen Sasuke blushing, they didn't show it and for that, he was glad.




By early evening, Sasuke and Naruto had already shown Sakura most of the school's campus. The last thing on their list was the place they'd started. Shinobi dorms.

The three of them walked through the doors of the dormitory and to the left, Naruto pointed and said, "That's the main office. There's never really anyone in there, but you can find some helpful information like numbers to different places, schedules, and a map of the school campus if you're unsure about how to get somewhere. That is, if you can't ask me or Sasuke."

Sakura made a mental note of everything he said before the three of them left. On the first floor, not far from the main office, there was a supply store. It was managed and run by Haku. There you could buy anything needed like extra soap, tissue and snacks. It was purely for raising money for the dorm.There was also a small social area with a TV, a microwave and a foosball table. No body ever really went in there though. She'd found out from Naruto that the only person in the entire dorm that had their own room was Haku and it was also located on the first floor. From there Naruto started introducing her to some of their other occupants of Shinobi Hall.

There was a guy name Neji who shared a room with two other guys, Shino and Kiba. Neji and Naruto didn't seem all that friendly towards each other which caused Sakura to assume that there was some kind of history between them that had gone bad. She wondered what it was and wanted to ask, but it wasn't really her place. She didn't know him all that well to be asking such personal questions.


There was also Shikamaru, Chouji and Lee who lived in the room right across from Neji and the others. On the second floor was Zabuza, Gaara and Sasori. They were all nice enough, but kind of scary-looking. Across from them was Juugo, Suigetsu and a third guy named Kurosaki, Tomoe. He, unlike everyone else, wasn't in the dormitory at the moment. Just hearing the name didn't strike any interest in Sakura, but then again, nothing can ever really prepare you for the future.


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