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Disclaimer: This story has some of Masashi Kishimoto's characters from Naruto in a universe of my own devising. I do not own Naruto. I do not make any money from these writings.

Heartfelt thanks to my beta and muse, Small Fox. Thanks also to The Horseman of Death because the idea for this story started in a discussion with him. Thank you to Dawn, richon, disembodiedvoiceofthedying, sadie237, unneeded, GreenEyedCat, cynaga, YamanashiOchinashiIminashi, v and angelj232000 who left a review after chapter five was posted. As I have said before, it is feedback from readers that keep me writing this story.

The flashback scene is was inspired by Kyuubi1010’s wonderful picture of Shikamaru and Haru. You can find it at or by putting “Shika and Haru” (with the double inverted commas) into deviantart or Google. I really recommend you look at it before reading the flashback.



This flashback is to Iteration, when Shikamaru and Haru had been kidnapped by Pein and were being held at one of his secret bases. Haru has had a run in with the Zetsus’ plant-based security system, which almost killed him, and it is taking him a long time to recover with the limited medical technology available. Haru is five.


Haru was fed up with feeling bad. There were times when there wasn’t any pain and he wasn’t too tired. Then he’d try to do something, it would start hurting and he’d end up so exhausted that he couldn’t stop crying.

It had been like that this morning. In the end Konan-san had persuaded Shi-chan that he should have some of her special tea. It stopped him crying and dulled the pain but left him in a weird, dreamy place where he couldn’t sleep.

It was raining, so they couldn’t sit in the garden. Instead Shi-chan carried him to the conservatory. Haru sat in his favourite position; straddling Shi-chan’s lap with his head resting against Shi-chan’s chest.

He could hear the patter of rain of the glass and Shi-chan’s heart beating.

Shi-chan’s hand was on his back. It reminded him of Papa and thinking about Papa made him think of To-chan.

He missed To-chan so much. A few tears trickled down his cheeks into Shi-chan’s shirt.

“Do you want a story?” Shi-chan asked.

Haru nodded.

“Which one?”

“Supertronnies,” Haru whispered.

Shi-chan chuckled, which sounded funny from inside his chest. “Supertronnies are meant to be baddies, Ha-chan. You aren’t meant to like them.”

Haru didn’t understand why Supertronnies were meant to be baddies. They weren’t scary; they were interesting. “Supertronnies,” he insisted.

“Very well,” Shi-chan agreed. “Long, long ago all humans lived on a planet. It was the planet where the first ever humans had evolved.”

“Evolution is cool,” Haru observed. Shi-chan had taught him about evolution ages ago using the quiggles.

“Yes, evolution is cool,” Shi-chan agreed and Haru could hear the smile in his voice. “No one knows the name of the planet,” he continued, “or the name of the star that the planet orbited or even what galaxy the star was in.”

“Some people say it was called Earth,” Haru volunteered.

“Yes, some people say it was called Earth,” Shi-chan agreed. “Lots of people call their home planet Earth, Ha-chan.”

“I know that,” Haru agreed. He listened to Shi-chan’s heartbeat. “You can carry on with the story now.”

Shi-chan rubbed his back, which was nice. “The problem was that no one knew about holes or gates. There were no Mulligan drives.”

“Because Mulligan hadn’t invented it,” Haru added.

“Because Mulligan hadn’t invented it,” Shi-chan agreed.  “So the only way humans could get to other stars was in ships with ordinary drives, which took decades to get to the nearest stars...”

“...and centuries or millenniums to get to the others,” Haru murmured.

“That’s right,” Shi-chan confirmed. “So most people stayed on their home planet and the planet got more and more and more crowded. There wasn’t enough food to go around, or water, or oxygen, or even energy. There were terrible wars that killed billions of people but within a few decades so many people had been born that they were back to where they were before.

“Then someone had an idea. They worked out how to transferred people’s minds from their brains to a data crystal. It was like putting the person into storage.”

Haru suddenly made a connection. Pein mindprinted clones. “Like a mindprint onto a crystal instead of a brain.”

“Maybe,” Shi-chan admitted. “It’s an interesting thought.”

Haru liked that Shi-chan had found a thought of his interesting.

“Shall I carry on?” Shi-chan asked.

“Yes, please,” Haru replied.

“People without bodies did not need food or water or oxygen. They needed a bit of energy, but not much. It seemed better than dying. It was decided that each person got to live a short real life and then was put into a crystal.”

“How short a life?” Haru asked.

“I don’t know, Ha-chan.”

Haru thought what a short life would be. Papa and To-chan were twenty-three and Shi-chan was twenty-six. “Maybe thirty standards?” he suggested.

“Perhaps,” Shi-chan agreed. “Anyway, being put into a crystal and stored wouldn’t be much better than dying but there was more to it than that. If you linked the data crystal to enough processors, the mind in the crystal could think.

“Electronic brains,” Haru whispered. “Tronnies.”

“Tronnies,” Shi-chan confirmed. “So most people lived their short lives, were transferred to data crystals and got to spend some time thinking using processors. It was better than dying.”

“Like being in a simulation,” Haru suggested.

“Maybe like being in a simulation,” Shi-chan agreed. “But some Tronnies began adding processors. They made the thinking parts of their electronic minds larger, more complex and faster. They became...”

“...Supertronnies,” Haru completed.

“And the thing about Supertronnies is that they could think in new and different ways. They thought so differently that they discovered holes and invented the Mulligan drive.”

Haru wondered about the person who had started off as Mulligan and ended up as the Supertronny who invented the Mulligan drive. Had that person been a boy or a girl? Did Tronnies and Supertronnies think of themselves as male and female? They no longer had bodies with male or female bits.

Shi-chan was continuing with the story. “Knowing about holes and having Mulligan drives meant that the humans could get off their planet. They found new planets around other stars. They no longer had to live short lives and then go into data crystals. They could live long lives in their proper bodies.”

Haru knew that Shi-chan could end the story there but he wanted the rest. “What happened to the Tronnies and the Supertronnies?” he asked.

“The humans who were living long lives in their proper bodies felt bad about the Tronnies. The Tronnies had given up most of their real lives so that the food and the other resources would go around. They made flesh and blood bodies for the Tronnies and worked out how to transfer their minds into them.

“And most of the Tronnies were grateful for the opportunity. They would get to live the lives they had given up. Most of them went out into space and helped colonise new planets.”

“What about the Supertronnies?” Haru whispered, even though he knew and it made him sad.

“It was different for the Supertronnies. Their minds were huge. They wouldn’t fit inside a human brain. If they decided to transfer into a flesh and blood body they had to give up most of their minds.

“Some Supertronnies did that but others didn’t. The others stayed as Supertronnies.

“And, over time, the people with bodies forgot. They forgot that the Supertronnies had once been Tronnies who had given up their bodies so that younger people could live. They forgot that the Supertronnies had found holes and invented the Mulligan drive, releasing them from their single planet prison. All they saw was that Supertronnies were scarily clever and scarily different.

“They looked at the Supertronnies and they saw monsters.”

Haru shut his eyes; he knew what came next.

“They passed laws that said you had to have a human body to be human. And then they passed another law saying that only humans were allowed to think like humans.”

“But Supertronnies were humans,” Haru objected.

“Not according to the law,” Shi-chan reminded him. “Killing a Supertronny was no longer murder. It was decided that destroying the Supertronnies was the safest thing to so. They pulled their processors apart and they smashed their data crystals.

“They didn’t stop until every Supertronny was dead.”

Haru listened to the rain and Shi-chan’s heart and wondered what the Supertronnies would have invented if they had been allowed to live.

“They’re all dead?” he queried.

“Almost certainly,” Shi-chan replied.

Haru perked up. That was a different answer than the usual one. Usually Shi-chan answered ‘yes’.

“But not absolutely certainly,” he checked.

Shi-chan’s hand stroked his back. “Well, possibly some Supertronnies invented ways of getting away from the people who were out to destroy them.”

Haru liked that idea. “Could you build a Tronny?” he asked. Once there was a Tronny, it could develop into a Supertronny.

“No,” Shi-chan answered. “Even if I could I wouldn’t. Part of what it means to be human is to live and die in a human body. Destroying the Supertronnies may have been wrong, but not making any more was a good idea.”

“But humans would have never found holes and Mulligan drives without them,” Haru argued.

“It is only a story, Haru-chan,” Shi-chan reminded him. “Perhaps Supertronnies are just a myth. Maybe holes were discovered by people with flesh and blood brains. Maybe Mulligan was a normal human with an ordinary body.”

Haru was certain that Shi-chan was clever enough to discover holes and invent a drive. Even so, he believed in Supertronnies.

And he was pretty sure that Shi-chan did too.

Back to the present


Chapter six: Schemes

Haru wanted to run to Shi-chan and tell him that Sai might be a Tronny.

Only he couldn’t, because Sai was in Shi-chan’s abandoned array and Haru wasn’t meant to have a connection to it. He wasn’t meant to have a network. He certainly wasn’t meant to have connected that network by getting Ran and Kazuki to crawl through the ducts and the voids while To-chan and Kiba-san were tanked.

He imagined Papa’s reaction when he realised that he and Ka-chan hadn’t told him everything after they had been caught playing in the voids and Hi-chan had almost fallen down the shaft.

No, he couldn’t tell Shi-chan about Sai.

He couldn’t even ask him about Tronnies because Shi-chan would wonder why. Even researching Tronnies was risky because Shi-chan or Papa or Iruka-sensei or To-chan would ask him why and he would have to choose between lying and getting into trouble.

He needed someone else to ask, but who?


Then he remembered; Klenn-san would be at the biwa thing the next day.


Papa was going to take Hoshi to hear a famous biwa player rehearse in Klenn-san’s Arts Complex. He had pointed out that it might be a bit boring and then asked the rest of them if they wanted to come.

Only Yuki had said yes. The rest of them had breathed a sigh of relief that Yu-chan was willing to sacrifice himself so that Hoshi didn’t have to go on her own.


Papa did look a bit surprised when Haru announced at breakfast that he had changed his mind and would like to go. He also looked pleased, which made Haru feel a bit guilty.


To-chan reminded him that he would have to go and find Izumo-san to apologise for not being able to do his duty that afternoon. After that it was a normal morning until after their midmeal when he, Hoshi and Yuki had to make themselves neat enough to satisfy Kiba-san. Then Kiba-san delivered them to the lobby, where Papa and the others were waiting.

Papa had his biwa in its case across his back, like Hoshi.

Haru hadn’t realised that To-chan was coming. He HHe was wearing his tags, which looked amazing. He crouched down in front of Yuki and helped him put a device into each of his ears.

“Audio filters,” Hoshi explained. “The musical instruments won’t be calibrated for hybrids, like ours are.”

In-ear filters were an excellent idea. Without them Yuki and To-chan would have to pretend to like the music when it made their fur stand up and their skin creep. Haru wondered if they blocked all the music out or just some frequencies.

Then Hamaki, Terai and Fu arrived and they were off.


Haru had only used the Tube a few times. The surfaces were all bright, smooth and shiny. There wasn’t furniture; the elevator and rooms were just empty boxes. Haru guessed that made it easier to check that there weren’t any bugs or bombs.

“Stay close, Haru-chan,” To-chan told him as they left the elevator and formed up in the small room that would open into the lobby of the Arts Complex. “No wandering away no matter how interesting something looks.”

But when the door opened Haru spotted Klenn-san and Garner-san and was off. He was almost with them when he remembered that he was meant to be on his best behaviour and staying close to To-chan and Papa. He slowed down and looked back but then Klenn-san was beside him.

“This is a nice surprise, Haru-chan, I didn’t know you liked music so much.”

Haru managed a sketchy bow. “Klenn-san, Garner-san. I don’t. I want to talk to you about something.”

Klenn-san’s mouth twitched, which Haru knew meant he was smiling. “Something that you don’t want to share with your parents or Shika-san,” he suggested.

Haru felt his face going red. “Maybe,” he admitted. In some ways Klenn-san was like Haku-san; he always knew when Haru was up to something.

“We’ll find time later,” Klenn-san promised and moved smoothly to greet Papa and To-chan.


It wasn’t anywhere near as boring as Haru had feared it would be. The lady biwa player, Fuki-san, turned out to have known Papa’s mother. They had been girls together, so she went a really weird colour when she saw Hoshi.

Haru imagined growing up and Ran dying and then having a child version of Ran walk in decades later.

Which was a bit like what had happened to Konohamaru-san, except that Kono-san hadn't known Ranmaru as a child.

He had a sneaky feeling Klenn-san had known and was enjoying watching everyone’s reactions.


Fuki-san recovered quickly; Haru was impressed. They decided to carry on as planned, which meant that Fuki-san would rehearse with the other musicians for the concert.

Haru could see that Fuki-san was very good at playing the biwa. She could play lots of notes very quickly and each one sounded perfect. She could make the biwa loud or soft. Even so, he preferred it when Papa played.

Haru decided that listening to the rehearsal was probably more interesting than being at the concert. He liked finding the patterns in the music and how the patterns were bent when everyone didn’t get it quite right.


Partway through the rehearsal, Klenn-san spoke to Papa. Papa agreed that Haru could go see the technical stuff for the sound as long as Hamaki-san went with him. Next thing he was with Klenn-san in the control room, which was high up and had a big window that looked down on the auditorium.

The room was small; Klenn-san suggested that Hamaki-san stay on the other side of the door and, surprisingly, Hamaki-san agreed.

Haru peered out the window. To-chan was looking up at him so he smiled and waved.

“So what do you want to talk about, Haru-chan?” Klenn-san asked as soon as the door was shut.

“Electronic brains,” Haru admitted. He had decided not to use the term Tronnies because Tronnies were from stories.

“Ahh, Tronnies,” Klenn-san acknowledged. “And is there a reason why you can’t talk about Tronnies to Shika-san?”

Haru had an answer ready. “I got interested doing something I shouldn’t,” he admitted.

“So it would help if I sent you a study module that included stuff about Tronnies?” Klenn-san suggested. “Perhaps using a mathematics link so it didn’t seem odd?”

Haru thought that was a wonderful idea, although he was beginning to see why he wasn’t usually allowed to speak to Klenn-san alone.

“Are you interested in the types of Tronnies in the stories, who started out as humans, or in artificial intelligence?” Klenn-san asked.

Haru had never even heard of artificial intelligence. “I didn’t know there was a second type of Tronny,” he admitted.

“Artificial intelligence is Centre’s biggest taboo,” Klenn-san told him. “Like engineering the human genome but worse.”


Haru wasn’t sure he understood about Centre. It was very big, very powerful and a very long way away. He knew that Klenn-san and Garner-san had worked for the Central Civil Service and could live in Centre if they wanted to.

He was about to ask more questions when there was a polite knock at the door and Terai-san informed them that Naruto-san felt it would be better if Haru-chan rejoined Hoshi and Yuki.

Haru had wondered how long it would be before To-chan realised that Hamaki-san wasn’t in the room with him.


The musicians were having a break and Fuki-san was talking about how she and Papa’s mother had studied with the same music teachers when they were girls. She asked to hear Hoshi play and Hoshi sounded really good; so good that the other musicians came back into the room to listen.

“You have huge potential, Hoshi-chan,” Fuki-san praised, “and a phenomenal level of skill for one so young. You must work very hard.”

Hoshi went pink and bowed. “Thank you, Fuki-san. If I grow up to be even half as good a musician as Papa, that would be wonderful.”

Haru saw Fuki-san’s gaze go to Papa’s biwa in its case. “Is that Mikoto-san’s biwa?” she asked.

Haru found it interested that Fuki-san still thought of it as Papa’s mother’s biwa, when they all thought of it as Papa’s.

Papa nodded, undid the case and lifted the biwa out.

The look on Fuki-san’s face was interesting. Haru had never seen someone look at a thing that way. He had thought it was the way people looked at someone they loved.

“Play, Papa,” Yuki suggested.

“Yes, please play, Uchiha-sama,” Klenn-san added, indicating the chair on which Fuki-san had been sitting when she played.

Papa still wasn’t going to do it, Haru could tell, but then To-chan removed his in-ear filters and smiled. “How many times will I have a chance to hear you play in a place like this?”

So Papa played for To-chan.


It sounded amazing. Haru put finding out about acoustics on his list. Then he began registering the musicians’ reactions. Some of them were surprised while others looked like they had just opened a present.

Fuki-san looked strange. Her mouth was twisted, as if she was sucking something sour, but her eyes were hungry.

When Papa stopped the musicians applauded, which was nice. Haru could tell that Papa was a bit embarrassed but he hid it well.

“You have exceptional touch, Uchiha-sama,” Fuki-san acknowledged. “Combined with what is undoubtedly the best biwa in existence, the sound is remarkable.”

Haru did not miss Klenn-san’s smirk.


Then they listened to the rehearsal a bit more before going home. The others were all doing their individual duties but Haru, like Hoshi and Yuki, had given their apologies so they ended up in the playroom until their evemeal.

Hoshi sat at one of the shared tables rather than going with Yuki into their usual bay. Haru recognised the invitation and sat down opposite her. Yuki sat next to Hoshi.

“Papa sounded much better than Fuki-san,” Yuki observed proudly.

Haru had been about to say that Papa’s biwa had been built for hybrids to listen to, while Fuki-san’s had not, when Hoshi spoke.

“Yes, it must have been a shock for her. She’s a professional and Papa’s only an amateur.”

“Papa is a better biwa player than Fuki-san?” Haru queried.

Hoshi reconsidered. “Well, she is more skilled but being a musician isn’t all about skill. And his biwa has a nicer sound. Given the musicians’ reactions, I think we weren’t the only ones who thought Papa was better.”  She paused for a moment. “I wonder if Papa would have been a professional biwa player if he had not had to be Uchiha-sama.”

Haru wondered if Hoshi wanted to do that. Would she be allowed to if she did? Uchihas were Uchihas. The job came with the genome.

He decided not to ask.


They talked about other stuff, like the Tube and the Arts Complex, until Yuki had to go use the lavatory. Then Hoshi looked at him.

“I don’t think that Darrent-san is a nice person,” she stated.

Haru gave a small nod, encouraging her to explain.

“The invitation was nothing to do with me getting to hear Fuki-san play. At first I thought it was about giving Fuki-san a shock, because I look like Mikoto-san. Then I realised it was about Papa. Darrent-san knew Papa was a better biwa player than Fuki-san and he couldn’t resist showing her. It was mean.”

Haru remembered Klenn-san’s smirk and knew Hoshi was right. “I still like him,” he admitted.

Hoshi smiled. “That’s because he likes you. You, Shika-san and Garner-san. I don’t think he likes anyone else.”

Haru didn’t think that could be true. Surely Klenn-san liked more than three people? He was about to tell Hoshi so when Yuki came back, closely followed by Kazuki and then the others.


After the evemeal, Haru found himself at a loose end. Kazuki was in the gym with Kuuya, Yoshimi and Yasushi. Ran was with Iruka-sensei and Kakashi-san. Shi-chan was putting Su-chan to bed.

He decided to speak to Sai. He sat at his desk in the nursery, put in his earpieces and began activating his interface.


There was a poke between his shoulderblades. He turned around, pulling out his earpieces, and found himself facing Hikaru’s chest.

“Why did you do that?” Hi-chan demanded, looming over him. “Was it to make me look bad?”

Haru didn’t have a clue what was going one, but he could see that Hikaru was cross. He stood up. It didn’t bring them eye-to-eye, but it helped. “Do what?” he asked.

Hikaru shoved him. “Don’t act dumb. Go to hear the biwa player. You knew that Papa wanted me to go.”

Haru hadn’t known that. It made sense because Hikaru was still learning to play the biwa, only he didn’t practise enough and was nowhere near as good as Hoshi.

“You could have said something this morning, when I did,” Haru argued, which earned him another push.

“It would have looked like I was only going because you’re going.”

Haru was going to tell Hi-chan that had only gone to see Klenn-san when there was a growl; Ka-chan was back.


Then it all went crazy. Hikaru couldn’t resist one last shove, Kazuki went for him, Ryuu appeared from nowhere and the two of them were fighting, for real, in the shared area.

Haru ran at them, determined to stop it, only for Kuuya to capture him and pull him away. He struggled but it was hopeless; Ku-chan was far too strong.

Then Kiba-san was there, growling in a way that had Ka-chan and Ry-chan cowering on the floor with their ears flat and their tails tucked between their legs.


Haru wanted to cry. Ka-chan and Ry-chan loved each other. Tussles happened all the time but they had never fought. He watched Kiba-san take them away to talk to Papa.

If this was growing up, he wanted nothing to do with it.

Another shove; he wasn’t expecting it and almost fell over.

“This was all your fault,” Hi-chan accused.

“Stop it, Hi-chan,” Hoshi ordered.

Haru shrivelled up inside. Hoshi was usually careful not to give orders outside a simulation. Here, in the real world, Hi-chan was likely to do the opposite to what she said.

“Yes, stop it,” Ku-chan agreed. “You’ve already got Ry-chan and Ka-chan into heaps of trouble.”

“Ka-chan started it,” Hikaru complained.

“No he didn’t.” Yoshimi challenged. “You did. You were picking on Haru.”

“Yes,” Yasushi concurred. “If one of us hit you, Ry-chan would lose it. You hit Haru, Ka-chan defended him. It’s how it is. It’s how it’s always going to be.”

Yuki displayed his fangs. “If anyone laid a finger on Ho-chan, I would rip them apart,” he added.

Haru stared at him. Yu-chan? Sweet, cute Yuki?


He didn’t want to be there anymore. He didn’t want Yuki threatening to hurt people or Ka-chan and Ry-chan fighting. He wanted everything to be like it was before, which meant, oddly, that he didn’t mind Hikaru pushing him because Hi-chan had always pushed him.

He went to find Ran but he wasn’t in his room because he was with Iruka-sensei and Kakashi-san. Haru went in anyway, even though he knew he shouldn’t. He sat on Ran’s bed, in the corner, hugging Ran’s pillow.

When Ran arrived Haru looked at him, silently begging him not to be cross but unable to speak because if he spoke he would burst into tears.

Ran, being Ran, understood.


After a while there was a knock at the door.

“Ran-chan, is Haru-chan there?”

It was To-chan. Ran looked at Haru. Haru knew Ran would lie if Haru wanted him to. He also knew that To-chan could hear him breathing and smell him.

He slipped off the bed and handed Ran his pillow.


To-chan had him in a close cuddle almost as soon as he opened the door. He lifted Haru up, thanked Ran and slid Ran’s door closed with his foot.

They went to To-chan and Papa’s room, which meant that To-chan thought he might cry. It was close but sitting in To-chan’s lap and being groomed calmed him.

“Are Ry-chan and Ka-chan all right?” he asked.

“They are fine,” To-chan assured him. “A few nips and bruises that will be gone by morning. They have said sorry to each other and made up. Hi-chan went to your Papa and admitted that it was his fault.”

Haru wondered what had happened after he had hidden in Ran’s room.

“Hi-chan has decided to give up his biwa lessons for now. Instead he is going to have singing lessons.”

That was a clever idea; Haru wondered if it was Papa’s. Hikaru liked music but he didn’t like being so much worse at the biwa than Hoshi.

“You could have music lessons if you wanted them,” To-chan reminded him.

Haru shook his head and snuggled close to To-chan’s chest.


He woke up next morning in his bunk. Kazuki was watching him. Haru pulled himself out of bed and Ka-chan followed him into the bathroom.

“Not like you to let Hi-chan upset you,” he suggested.

Haru scowled at him. “He didn’t. You did. You and Ry-chan. Fighting.”

Ka-chan’s whiskers drooped. He pushed up again Haru, seeking forgiveness, and Haru stroked his tail, confirming that he gave it.


Later that day a puzzle arrived from Klenn-san. It didn’t have anything to do with Tronnies but Haru hadn’t expected it to; it would look suspicious if the Tronny-stuff turned up the day after they had met. Haru completed the puzzle, showed it to Shika-san, and sent his solution back to Klenn-san.

Sooner or later they would reach a point when Klenn-san could send stuff about Tronnies or ‘artificial intelligence’ and it would look as if it had been Klenn-san’s idea all along.


Meanwhile, Haru talked to Sai. He was interested in where Sai had come from but Sai couldn’t, or maybe wouldn’t, tell him. Sai insisted he had no memory of being anywhere else but in the isolated data crystal array and that the first time he had got out was when Haru had connected the array to his network.

Haru had decided that there were four possibilities.

The first was that Sai wasn’t a Tronny. He was some complex simulation that had been programmed to behave like a Tronny. Haru had decided not to think about that for now because it raised lots of questions like who and how and why.

The second was that Sai was a Tronny who was pretending to have lost its memory, which was a bit scary because it suggested that the Tronny was up to something.

The third was that Sai was a Tronny who had lost its memory. Haru could imagine that happening. A Supertronny could have been on the run from people trying to destroy it. It could have gone from one set of processors and data crystals to the next and, maybe, bits got left behind on the way.

Haru really liked the idea that Sai might have been a Supertronny.

The fourth was that Sai was right and he had never existed anywhere but in the data crystal array. If that was true, where had he come from and how?

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