Of Sex and Misconceptions

BY : Cha's Aegis
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Sakumo studies the young woman in front of him. He never thought of her as a girl despite her being seventeen. In fact, she looked older, around twenty-five or so. Then again, he hasn’t seen many teenage girls sporting C-cup cleavage and shapely hips and thighs. The dual-ponytailed blonde was every hormonal teen’s wet dream and every hot-blooded adult man’s Lolita fantasy come true. Though, heaven help the fool who dares tell her that to her face. That, and they better have excellent medical coverage.

Tsunade was no man’s sex toy.

She was a science geek and proud of it. She’d happily beat that fact into anyone’s skull who dares say otherwise. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she’s already a black belt in Tae Kwon Do to back it up.

Sakumo thought she sprinted hard out of childhood, barely touching upon puberty before racing headlong into womanhood. It wasn’t simply a case of her body maturing faster than her peers. It was simply a case that she had no choice.

Thanks to all the shit she’s endured in recently Tsunade had to grow up faster than anyone else. Sakumo had a front row seat to it all. Not that he could help it. Tsunade was his prized student since starting at Konoha High School. She was the only freshman in his advanced sophomore Biology class. In fact, she had taken all of his advanced science courses and was currently in his college prep Anatomy class. She was a dream to teach and he became her mentor.

So he knew every detail of her life. He knew how her parents basically abandoned her and her little brother Nawaki to live with her grandparents. Her parents went through an acrimonious divorce that eventually resulted in a murder/suicide by her father. Sakumo was there when she learned her grandparents were killed in a car accident a year later when she was a sophomore.

He gave her advice on dealing with Nawaki and his grief induced rebellion since she became his guardian. He was her ear whenever she needed to unload her worries while trying to figure out how to get her thirteen year old brother back on track. Sakumo supported her when Nawaki died suddenly from a previously undiagnosed food allergy last year.

Just when he didn’t think things could get worse for the young blonde, her steady boyfriend Dan died in a freak accident months ago. The silver haired Senior was at his track team practice when a poorly thrown javelin bounced off the post of a protective barrier and nailed him in the chest. It pierced his main artery and he bled to death before help could arrive.

Tsunade survived it all. Just barely. In brief, light moments of macabre humor she joked she was cursed with bad luck. Sakumo often felt there was more than a touch of truth to that statement.

Her love of the sciences drove her through it all. She pushed herself to excel in order to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor. She hoped to spare another person the agonies she experienced at losing all her loved ones. She wanted her life to mean something more than the poor tragic victim of circumstance with the rotten luck.

All these tragedies and the ensuing loneliness significantly altered Tsunade’s personality. She became sullen and withdrawn, isolating herself from nearly everyone except Sakumo and her best friends Shizune and Jiraiya. All three managed to pull Tsunade through it all, but she wasn’t the same lively personality she was back when she started high school. She became blunt and crass, developing the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The words ‘no’ or ‘can’t’ were no longer a part of her vocabulary. Outright defiance and impulsiveness became her most dominant traits.

So, Sakumo isn’t surprised to be standing in the middle of his deserted classroom, right after the final bell, listening to Tsunade admit she’s in love with him and wants in his pants. What twenty-five year-old man wouldn’t be taken aback to hear his favorite student has the hots for him? He certainly wasn’t expecting that to come out of her mouth.

He originally asked her to see him after school to serve detention because she was twenty minutes late to class. He might’ve let it slide if she hadn’t mouthed off to him. Knowing her well enough to sense something was bothering her, he gave her detention after school. She may be his favorite student, but that was no excuse for her to disrespect him.

So here he was, leaning back against the edge of his desk at the front of the classroom. His sinfully attractive, favorite student stood before him, having just spent the better part of an hour revealing her feelings and reading him the riot act for not noticing sooner. When finished, she stood before him with her arms crossed, tapping her platform sandals in an impatient rhythm.

When the silence stretched out too long for her liking, she demands, “And?”

“And, what?” Sakumo asks non-chalantly. He knows he’s being an ass, but it buys him more time to absorb what she’s told him.

Unfortunately, it serves to piss off Tsunade more.

“You goddamned, mother-fucking, bastard, son of a…”

A strong hand over her mouth cuts off her tirade. Ignoring both the glare and accompanying, muffled growl Sakumo admonishes her in a quiet, but firm voice.

“Calm down,” he orders, charcoal eyes boring down into steaming gold. “Out of the blue you tell me that you love me and want me in your bed. How am I supposed to react to that? This may be 1975, the age of free love and everything, but underage high school students falling for their teachers is frowned upon socially and morally. More so when said student and teacher are sleeping together.”

Twisting her head free, Tsunade viciously slaps his hand away. “I don’t give a fuck about that! I’m nearly eighteen and I know what I want. I want you, you son of a bitch.”

Crossing his arms, Sakumo studies her while letting the silence stretch out between them. “We need to talk about this,” he finally states. Gesturing over to the blackboard behind the desk, he adds, “But you need to grab a piece of chalk and start writing, ‘I will not disrespect my sensei.’ until I say stop.”

When Tsunade opens her mouth to protest, he presses his hand over her mouth again. “We spent nearly four years around each other without me knowing your true feelings. It’s a lot for me to think about. You also need to cool off. This gives me time to think while you complete your punishment for being late and talking back to me. Got it?”

Grudgingly, the blonde nods and moves over to the far end of the chalkboard. Sakumo moves behind his desk and alternates between grading papers and watching her over his shoulder. The heavy silence is broken by the scratching of his pen across the stack of assignments and by the sound of the chalk tapping against the dark green slate.

Sakumo mulls over his student’s revelations. The longer he thinks about it, he realizes he really shouldn’t be surprised at all. Even his own colleagues joked that he and Tsunade behaved more like an old married couple with their constant bickering. He won’t deny that he’s looked at Tsunade as more than a student. He’s certainly fantasized a time or two about her.

It’d be hard not to. He’s seen her more than a few times in a bikini. He’d have to be dead or gay not to get hot over that body. Even now, in glancing over his shoulder to see how many lines she’s written in the last 45 minutes, his mouth waters at the sight of her. The white halter top looks like it’s painted on her because it’s so tight and the short, black tennis skirt leaves little to the imagination while showing off her shapely legs.

Sakumo knows he’s not being a dirty old man by any means. It’s easy for him to get laid and does just about every weekend. However, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Tsunade. In thinking about it, he realizes it wouldn’t be such a stretch hooking up with her. He wonders if she’s really interested in a long-term relationship, or is she just interested in the short term.

It’s something they’ll definitely have to discuss later as he’s more interested in relieving the tightness of his pants. Too many dirty thoughts are clouding his head because he’s all alone with Tsunade. Listening carefully he can tell the school is empty. Being it’s Friday everyone cleared out as quick as they could to start their weekend. He doesn’t know if he loves Tsunade as she claims to love him, but he does care for her. So this certainly will mean more than his usual weekend trysts.

Silently he puts the papers away before rising from his chair and stealthily stalks over behind her. Tsunade gasps in surprise as he presses himself into her back and wraps his arms around her waist. She turns her head to look at him over her right shoulder, but is stopped by his lips fusing onto her own. Her eyes slide closed as sighs softly into the kiss, opening her mouth to allow him access. Her clenched fists press against the chalkboard, pushing her away from the wall against the force of his body pushing hers forward.

She vaguely notes his erection poking her ass, but does feel his left hand caressing the bare expanse between the hem of her halter under her breasts and the waistband of her skirt. His right hand reaches up to tenderly trace the outer shell of her left ear before proceeding to stroke along the taut column of her throat.

The need for air forces Sakumo to break the kiss. He notes her dazed, lidded gaze as she pants for air through lips glistening with their saliva. Moving his hand from her throat, he tenderly wipes the excess off with his thumb.

“I didn’t say stop,” he says quietly.

Confused, Tsunade frowns at him as he grins. Gesturing with his head, he indicates the chalkboard. He grins at her glare as she angrily resumes writing. Her eyes close briefly with a loud gasp as his hands begin roaming her body. Her left hand steadies her against the chalkboard while she writes. She relishes the feel of his hands darting in and around the folds and openings in her clothing to caress bare skin. She specifically chose this outfit that morning intending to get Sakumo one way or another.

She doesn’t even try holding back the soft moans punctuating her increasingly heavy breaths while Sakumo’s hands roam. His mouth alternates between trailing kisses wherever he can reach and his tongue exploring every crevice in and around her ear. One hand eagerly invades the cleavage of her halter. Sakumo loves halter-tops for the sole reason women can’t wear bras with them. Easy access. He squeezes and tugs each breast in turn, loving the feel of them.

His other hand caresses all along her lower body. He spends several minutes firmly massaging her mound through her skirt. He loves how she twitches and arches while trying valiantly to continue writing. Sakumo grins against her neck when he notices how sloppy her usually meticulous handwriting has become. Reaching up, he gently scrapes his fingers across her belly, causing her to throw her head back against his shoulder with a gasp as she arches. With a moan she straightens up as he probes and rims her belly button with his index finger.

Soon, both hands slide lower along her body. They disappear under her skirt and Tsunade jumps when he feels them crowded in her panties.

“Keep writing,” Sakumo orders huskily before nibbling on her ear with his teeth.

She whimpers and moans as his fingers invade some very private places. Her legs automatically spreads when she feels her crotch palmed. Eager fingers probe and stroke every fold, crease and crevice in and around her patch.

“You’re so wet,” Sakumo murmurs against her shoulder, rolling his hips and thrusting his erection repeatedly against her ass.

Tsunade can only whimper in response as she feels a hand roughly squeezing her ass. She no longer feels his hard cock, but her hole being probed and rimmed, causing her to cry out in surprise.

“Please, s-sensei,” she stutters, pushing her ass against his hand. His hand slides lower, along her ass and between her legs before feeling it press up into her dripping hole. She then feels the slickened fingers slowly dragged back up.

“Please, what, Tsunade?” he asks huskily as he pushes his slickened finger into her ass.

Tsunade cries out from the intrusion since he already had another finger rammed up into her folds. Her hips buck and roll against the rhythmic thrusts of both hands.

“Please, f-fuck m-me,” she begs hoarsely when she finally manages to speak.

“You haven’t written enough sentences. Why should I reward you when you haven’t even finished your punishment?” Sakumo whispers seductively in her ear.

Tsunade whimpers and turns her head to look over her shoulder with hooded, glazed eyes. “P-please, sensei, I need y…”

Her plea is cut off by Sakumo’s tongue in her mouth. He feels her throaty moan vibrating along his tongue followed by several whimpers as his fingers curl and rub that sweet, rough patch hidden within her. She jerks against him as his thumb begins playing with her clitoris. His hands work slowly. He doesn’t want her to ignite too quickly since he has a lot more in store for her.

Pulling away from her mouth he slides his hands free of her panties. He watches as her shoulder slumps against the chalkboard and she whimpers as the abrupt exit.

Raising her eyes, she softly asks, “Sensei?”

Sakumo doesn’t answer. Holding her gaze, he brings up his coated hand and proceeds to lick his fingers slowly and provocatively. He muses she must be getting the silent message he’s sending if the pathetic whimpers she’s making as she watches are any indication.

When he notices her right hand disappearing under the front of her skirt, he reaches down to pull it out, causing her to gasp desperately.

“Please, sensei, I really need…”

Sakumo doesn’t answer. Nor does he release her wrist as he guides it up above her head and pins it to the chalkboard. She drops the chalk in her hands as grabs her other wrist to pin it above her head while her back flattens against the chalkboard.

Tsunade groans in frustration as he leans in to claim her mouth, kissing deeply and sensuously. She twitches and cries into his mouth when she feels his knee rub up between her legs. Desperate for release, she rubs her crotch against his knee.

Straightening out of the kiss, Sakumo gazes down at the silently pleading Tsunade. He felt a surge of lust at knowing he completely controlled this self-proclaimed brass-balled bitch. He releases her hands to slowly caress her body as he slid down to one knee in front of her. Stopping at her skirt, his hands disappear underneath and slowly slide down her thighs, dragging her panties with her. Soon they’re down to her ankles and she steps free of them.

Sakumo isn’t much for sniffing panties and throws them aside. Besides, his sense of smell is perfect and he can easily smell the real thing right in front of his face. Lifting the skirt up with both hands, he takes a moment to admire the view her slightly spread legs are affording him. The neatly trimmed, dark blonde pubic hair around her slit is plastered with her fluids. He nudges Tsunade to hold up the skirt for him.

Lifting one leg on his shoulders he reaches up to part her folds wide for him, causing her to twitch again. He takes a moment to admire the swollen, glistening view and inhale deeply the aroma before leaning forward to get to work.

With a keening cry, Tsunade bends forward over him, burying her fingers deeply into Sakumo’s silver hair. In the back of her mind she notes this is the first time she begged for sex or allowed anyone to torture her so much. Dan never denied her. He also never teased her this much. Sakumo-sensei completely took away her will. Odd thing was, she really liked it.

Sakumo delights in the feel of her muscles contracting under his mouth. He reaches around with one hand to resume kneading her ass and probing it. His other hand holds open her folds while gently probing and kneading what he can at the same time. His mouth does most of the work.

His tongue caresses and laps along every fold and bulge before alternating with forcefully probing between every crease encountered. Tsunade screamed when he jammed his tongue hard as far as he could into her and wiggled it around.

His lips enclosed and pulled in as much flesh as he could so he could suckle it. Sometimes he’d gently chew and scrape her with his teeth. His hands had to stop playing with her and move to her hips to hold her steady. He could tell she was about ready to explode, so he focused his attentions on her sensitive, hidden bud.

As predicted, it didn’t take long for her loud, keening cries to give way to a hoarse scream. Sakumo winced as she unconsciously yanked hard on his hair as she arched to throw her head back. He’s certain that if he didn’t have her leg on his shoulder and wasn’t holding her by the hips, she would’ve fallen. He continued attentively lapping at her flowing juices while her muscles twitched and throbbed around his mouth. He could hear her moaning softly at every stroke, while the rest of her body shivered at the coursing sensations.

Tsunade sighs when he finally pulls his mouth away. Holding her steady, he lets her leg slide off his shoulder before climbing back to his feet. Without any preamble, he swoops in to claim her mouth with a searing kiss.

Tsunade’s entire body leans bonelessly back against the chalkboard as she weakly kisses his ravaging mouth. Her legs buckle and if Sakumo wasn’t holding her up by the shoulders, she would’ve definitely fallen.

“You know,” Sakumo chuckles as he tenderly caresses the stray strands of her hair off her face. “You haven’t completed your punishment yet.”

Confusion pierces through her blissful haze as she frowns up at him. She’s not certain that she likes the wicked glint lighting his eyes.

“You didn’t finish writing your lines, Tsunade,” he admonishes with a leering smirk.

Glancing up, he looks at what she had written. Her head lolls to the side to follow his gaze, but she’s still too out of it to bother leaning forward to get a better look.

“I’ll have to punish you another way.”

Tsunade’s head rolls back to gape at him incredulously.

“The amount of lines you’ve written covers your tardiness,” he explains, reaching up around her head to gently tug and release one of the ties holding one of her ponytails in place.

“You disrespected me by mouthing off and I can’t let that lie.”

She watches in uncertainty as he switches hands and tugs off the other tie, leaving her hair loose.

“You forget who rules the roost in here. You’ve known that since day one.”

Grasping her by the shoulders, he gently pulls her forward and guides her over to the desk. Reaching up he pushes her forward down by the neck until she’s bent over at the waist and she was facedown on the desk.

Tsunade wonders what he was going to do to her, but didn’t have the strength to resist him. She was aware enough now to realize he still needed his release.

Still holding Tsunade down by the neck, Sakumo pulls out a kerchief out of his pocket and with a snap unfurls it.

Leaning down, he huskily orders, “Don’t move.”

Tsunade shivers as he releases her to refold the kerchief into a blindfold. He ties it over her eyes before walking across the room to his storage closet. Opening the door, he reaches in to grab a riding crop hanging off a nail.

All his students knew about the riding crop. Sakumo used it as an icebreaker on the first day of class, threatening to use it on students who fail to know the periodic table backwards and forwards.

What his students didn’t know was it was a gag gift from a fellow sensei. They wanted to get him a paddle, but only found that at the sex shop. So it wasn’t a genuine ridding crop as that’d be too hard and break the skin. What Sakumo teasingly taps into his palm as he walks back over to Tsunade was an actual sex toy.

Tsunade hears Sakumo stalking around her and finds her mouth has gone dry. She can almost feel his predatory gaze burning through her. Her inner walls clench with anticipation. Yet, she can’t help but feel apprehensive. He said her punishment wasn’t complete. What was he going to do?

She hears him set something down on the desk next her hip before feeling his hands glide along her ass to push her skirt out of the way.

Both hands firmly knead and caress her flesh, causing her to sigh as he begins speaking in a low, sultry tone. “Tsunade, you know that when you talk, I listen. But not only did you mouth off to me when I asked why you were late to class, but you did it front of everyone. I don’t ask for more than what my students are willing to give. I also worry about my students. I especially worry about you. I only asked why you were late out of concern. I didn’t deserve the attitude.”

Tsunade moans as his hand reaches underneath between her legs and his fingers dig along her slit all the way back up along the split in her ass. “I’m s-sorry, s-sensei.”

“I’m glad to hear it, Tsunade, but it’s not enough. You should’ve apologized earlier. I’ve got to drive the lesson home or you’ll disrespect me again. I’ve always shown you respect, Tsunade, and I expect the same in return.”

Tsunade whimpers, uncertain what he has in mind, but she can tell by his tone it’ll be memorable.

Sakumo clearly hears the whimper and smiles. Reaching over he picks up the riding crop and tests the weight in his hand while letting the tension build up for Tsunade. He’d be the first to admit he’s a sadistic bastard at times, but he meant what he said. She needs to remember whom she’s dealing with. He doesn’t intend to hurt her or he’d use his hand.

Without warning he brings the riding crop down across both cheeks, causing Tsunade to scream and arch back off the desk a little. Sakumo steps closer to hold her down by the neck.

“I’m sorry, Sakumo-sensei!” she cries out breathlessly.

He doesn’t reply as he brings the crop down again. Soon moans punctuate her cries of pain and outrage as she squirms on the desk. The strokes are steady, but Sakumo makes sure not to use enough force to break skin. However, he can’t help but be further aroused by the sight of her pale skin reddening.

Although, he didn’t give her more than twenty strokes, it felt like a lifetime until he stopped. Tsunade was gasping for air as Sakumo gave her a moment before stroking her repeatedly between the legs, up against her core with the riding crop, causing her to moan wantonly.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Tsunade?”

“I-I’m s-sorry, Sakumo-sensei! I swear not to do it again!”

“Good,” Sakumo replies setting down the riding crop on the table before caressing her red skin. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asks, concern coloring his voice.

“No,” Tsunade moans. “I-I know I shouldn’t have, b-but I liked it,” she admits shyly.

“Really?” Sakumo arches a brow while eliciting a gasp from curling his fingers up into her. Tsunade bites her lower lip before nodding. “Then maybe there are other things I can punish you for in the future, hmm?”

“Yes, sensei!” she groans, before quietly asking, “Sensei?”

Sakumo is definitely liking how she says ‘sensei’ when she’s like this. “Yes, Tsunade?”

“Please fuck me,” she pleads.

The hand still holding her down by the neck caresses down her back, causing her to shiver. “Any particular way you like it?”

“No, as long as you pound your cock into me, I don’t care,” she pants out as his fingers tweak and rub her clitoris.

“All right,” Sakumo states softly.

He stops his ministrations, much to Tsunade’s dismay while he begins discarding his clothes. She stays facedown on his desk listening to him. He smiles at the fact she’s being so compliant.

Once he’s naked, he pulls her off the desk and turns her around. He forces his tongue into her mouth, eliciting a deep, throaty moan. Her hands begin roaming his body. She isn’t surprised at the feel of toned muscles. She’s drooled over him when she’s seen him in swim trunks.

She hums in victory when she elicits a moan from him after scraping her nails across his nipples.

His hands make quick work of unfastening her skirt so it fell down around her ankles. Tsunade kicks out of it while sliding her feet out of her sandals at the same time. She figured she might as well kick them off as well. She felt her halter-top being tugged from between them as Sakumo already undid the knot at her neck and the one mid-back.

Now her bare breasts pressed into his torso as they continued kissing. Hands boldly roamed, exploring every inch of skin within reach.

Tsunade reached between them and her hand found its prize, eliciting a guttural groan from Sakumo. Soft hands caressed up and down along his length and nimble fingers alternated between toying with the crown and his sacs. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she gave a firm tug, causing him to gasp in her mouth.

Taking back control, Sakumo releases her mouth. The motion causes him to pull out of Tsunade’s grasp as he drops his head down to aggressively attack her breasts. Reaching down he also starts stroking her again. Arching, Tsunade throws her head back to rasp out a choked cry. She’s too distracted to notice Sakumo maneuvering to sit in his chair while pulling her along.

Next thing she knows she’s straddling him with her knees on either side of his hips while he resumes plundering her mouth. He breaks the kiss to reach up and tug off her blindfold. She blinks repeatedly as her eyes get used to the sudden light. A rough hand caresses her cheek before tangling in her hair, drawing her flush against him. She keens shrilly when she feels his other hand roughly handling her tender ass before plunging into her hole.

She opens her eyes when Sakumo kisses her cheek.

“I want to watch your eyes as we fuck.”

“Hard,” she manages to groan out.

“You’ll see stars,” he chuckles as he grips her hips and lifts her up.

She reaches down between them with one hand to grab him and guide him in. Her other hand clutches the back of the chair to keep her balance. Moaning loudly in relieved ecstasy as she releases him to allow her body to slide down naturally. Reaching up to grasp the other side of the chair back, golden eyes remain fixed on smoldering charcoal as her body eats his entire length.

Once she’s completely impaled, Sakumo buries both hands in her hair to crush her to him in a fierce kiss. Tongues battle it out as he reaches down and lifts her up to set a long, slow rhythm. Moving his hand between them, he begins playing with her sensitive bud, causing her to throw her head back and wail with delight. Picking up the pace, he turns up the heat by latching onto a breast. He alternates between licking and suckling the supple mounds to biting and chewing on them.

Tsunade felt she probably sounded like a total whore, but couldn’t stop herself from vocalizing how good Sakumo was making her feel. She’d happily be his whore is he promised to fuck her like this again.

“Harder,” she leaned down to grit out into his ear.

Deciding to tease her a little, Sakumo gasps out, “Sorry, couldn’t hear you.”

“B-bastard,” Tsunade moans as he pinches her clitoris. “I s-said p-pound me harder!” she screeches. After a few gasping breaths she cries, “Tear me apart!”

Much to her disappointment Sakumo stops thrusting into her. She manages to whimper in protest as he forces her to stand up. He scoots his bare ass forward to the edge of his chair and turns her around, then pulls her to sit in is lap. She groans at the soreness of her ass as she sits down. Sakumo ignores her groan to position her legs on either side of his knees before lifting her up to re-impale her.

A loud, wailing moan escapes her lips as she slides all the way back onto him. She doesn’t hear Sakumo’s grunt as he hits home. Taking a moment to recover, he spreads his knees, forcing her legs apart. It tears another groan from her throat as he pulls her back against his chest. He peers over her shoulder to watch her heaving chest for a moment to give her time to adjust.

Without warning he thrusts upward, causing Tsunade to scream hoarsely. She begins moaning steadily as Sakumo immediately picks up the pace. Looking down her body between her bouncing breasts her mouth go dry at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her. She can see her own flesh drag along his length, as if reluctant to let him go before being tucked back up inside her as he thrusts again.

“Like what you see,” Sakumo gasps into her ear.

She could only nod as she bit her lower lip while one hand ruthlessly toyed with her breasts and the other played along her opening while he slid into her. Her own hands clutched the padded arms of the chair in a death grip.

She squeaks as her worldview shifts again as she finds herself bent over the desk again. She then screams Sakumo’s name as he pulls out and plunges into her. It felt like he was trying to drive his cock up into her mouth from that direction. She continues whimpering, gasping and groaning as he pounds as hard and fast as he can from behind.

When he pulls almost completely out to slam as hard as he can back into her, she screams as her orgasm washes over her. This was far more intense than the one he gave her earlier. Darkness flashes along the edge of vision as she fights for breath. Her body pulses and throbs as she continues rhythmically clenching around Sakumo’s still ruthlessly driving cock.

Watching and feeling Tsunade ride out her orgasm pushes Sakumo onwards. He continues slamming into her a few more times before gasping as his own orgasm gripped him. He shudders as he slows down just enough to thrust in time with every spurt of his seed. Tsunade keens as she feels the physical effects of his orgasm while he gradually slowed to a stop and collapses on top of her.

Both heave for breath as they slowly recover. Reaching up, Sakumo pulls her blonde hair off her face to tenderly kiss her cheek.

“How was that? Did you see stars?” he asked, breathily.

Cracking an eye open she looks back at him over her shoulder. Her eyes close again briefly as she moans softly when he shifts slightly since he was still buried inside her. When she opens them again, she finally answers his question.

“I saw entire fucking constellations,” she rasps out wearily.

Laughter vibrates throughout his body, tearing a louder moan from her as she closes her eyes again to shudder in pleasure. Feeling his hand stroking the side of her face, she looks back at him.

“If you don’t have any plans for the entire weekend, come stay with me. We need to talk about us and I can show you entire galaxies while we’re at it.”

Tsunade smiles and nods as he leans down to kiss her shoulder before lifting himself off of her and pulling out. Both take their time dressing in silence. There’s no need for words right now. Sakumo wondered what’s in store for them as a couple, especially since she was only a couple of months from turning eighteen and graduating. Tsunade mentally relieved every moment of their activities. She was so glad she finally told Sakumo how badly she wanted him and wondered what he had in store for her the rest of the weekend.

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