Mend Me

BY : AccioLucius
Category: Naruto > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naurto or any of its characters. I do not make a profit from writing this story.


“There’s a faint trail leading away from the compound. Two sets of feet. Should we follow?”

The snake lord Orochimaru sat at the head of his dining table. His breath was shallow and uneven, spurring up occasional coughing. “No,” he simply replied.

Two Sound ninja exchanged glances at each other on the other side of the room. The younger, more daring of the two stepped forward. “But Akira’s missing, along with his belongings. He has to be the one-”

“I said no!” Orochimaru shouted as his gaze shot up to meet the young man. He continued to stare until a wave of pain shot through his ribs, causing his eyes to wince in response.

Meanwhile, a feverish Kabuto sat near his lord. He reached out a supportive hand, but Orochimaru harshly smacked it away. Kabuto straightened in his chair and nodded for the two shinobi to leave. Once they were gone, he turned back to Orochimaru.

“He won’t last long; he has nothing or nowhere to go. I say good riddance. Akira hasn’t been fully cooperative in years.”

Orochimaru held his head in one of his hands. The other lay obstructed with a cast in his lap. “He has her.”

Anger flared within Kabuto as his comforting demeanor dripped away. “Good riddance to her, too,” Kabuto replied with a darker tone. “She was nothing but an incompetent distraction to you. Then again, Akira is the one who chose her. Maybe the two runaways will start a life together.” Kabuto finished with a laugh.

“Shut your mouth,” Orochimaru spat. He saw nothing amusing about the situation. It was strange then that a smirk spread across his face when he lifted his head. “Don’t worry, Kabuto. She’ll be back, one way or another.”   

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