Black Swan (not at all connected to the movie)

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Note: I started writing this before I heard of the movie ‘Black Swan’ and I still haven’t seen it, so there is absolutely no connection. Explanation for the title is in the story, so don’t be expecting any ballet or anything.

Okay, this originally began as a response to the challenge here (, the “Melcryptovestimentaphilia - Attraction to women's black underwear (You choose...).” However, it grew until I couldn’t really call it a challenge fic. So I’ll say it was inspired by this challenge.
Oh, and I blame Krito1389 for all the Kakashi/Sasuke fics I’ve been writing. Krito1389’s to blame for me being distracted from my Kakashi/Itachi fics. Address hate mail appropriately (you can go ahead and send them to me, but address them to Krito1389). But if you like these K/S fics, thank Krito1389. ^_^

More proof Sasuke can’t confess anything unless he’s drunk.


Kakashi had never been happier. Sasuke had returned to Konoha, Akatsuki was destroyed, Orochimaru and Kabuto dead, and he still wasn’t Hokage. Not to mention that bastard Sai was assigned to another team. Nothing could make him happier.

He looked over as Team Kakashi leaped through the trees. Okay, one thing made him happier than the rest of this.

Sasuke was focused on their path through the branches and he didn’t look over at Kakashi even though he knew the man was looking at him. Sasuke cursed silently. He hated when Kakashi looked at him like that in public. This wasn’t exactly public, but Naruto and Sakura were within two yards of them.

The pair had been lovers since Sasuke had been pardoned by the Hokage. The whole thing had started a few days after he was pardoned in fact. The day he was pardoned, Naruto practically kidnapped Sasuke to celebrate—though Sasuke abstained from alcohol the entire time around Naruto, pronouncing they and the other participants were under age.

Finally, after three days of parties and crashing on random sofas, Kakashi was able to speak with Sasuke while Naruto lay passed out on his own living room floor. Kakashi asked Sasuke out for a quiet drink. Sasuke accepted. If anyone he lectured the last few nights had seen him, they would have pronounced him a hypocrite, but Sasuke would have merely shrugged at them. In fact, the bartender couldn’t care less if Sasuke was of age or not: he was as good as with a guardian and he was Jounin—the Hokage seeing no reason to beat about the bush about the young Uchiha’s skills.

Though Sasuke had lived well outside the law for four years with men like Orochimaru, Kakashi found the teen had no head for alcohol. Then Kakashi remembered: none of the Uchiha had much of a head for alcohol. He remembered Minato making jokes about Sasuke’s father, Fugaku, being unable to hold his liquor. Obito had also made comments about his relatives and Minato had pronounced the Uchiha lightweights. “That’s why you’ll never see one in a bar, at least none outside the Uchiha compound,” Minato explained.

After three drinks, Kakashi was nicely buzzed, but Sasuke was nearly slobbering drunk. He leaned over onto Kakashi’s shoulder as they sat next to each other. Kakashi had come over to sit next to him when Sasuke first got dizzy in order to keep him from falling out of the booth. Sasuke’s arm reached over Kakashi’s chest and gripped his shoulder like he was pillow and nuzzled in.

“I love you, Kakashi.”

Kakashi nearly sprayed his drink over half the bar. He forced the liquid down, but coughed a few times as a consequence. Sasuke barely noticed as he was rubbing his face deeper into Kakashi’s shoulder.

“I think you’ve had too much to drink.”

“I feel fuzzy.”

“Come on, let me take you home.” Then Kakashi realized: Sasuke didn’t actually have a home. Naruto had dragged Sasuke to party after party, sleeping on whoever’s sofa they happened to be on in the morning. “I’ll take you home with me for tonight.” But Sasuke wasn’t listening.

He helped the inebriated Uchiha up, asked that the bartender add their drinks to his tab, pulled Sasuke’s arm over his shoulder, put an arm around the boy’s waist, and struggled to walk him back to his house.

When the entire village had been destroyed, Kakashi’s family home had gone with it, as had the Uchiha compound. Kakashi didn’t live in the house since his father had committed suicide there, but he had still owned it. Yamato built Kakashi a new house near where his family home used to be. He dragged Sasuke there.

He shut the door and guided Sasuke to the sofa. He was going to just deposit him, but Sasuke hung onto him and pulled him down with him. Sasuke wrapped his arms around him like a pillow and fell asleep.

Kakashi couldn’t help stroking Sasuke’s duck-butt hair. He didn’t agree with the description of ‘duck-butt;’ Sasuke was too beautiful to liken to a duck, more like a swan. He was fair enough for the comparison, but his black hair called to mind a black swan. Sasuke was just as beautiful and just as rare a find. And red eyes, didn’t black swans have red eyes?

My wayward little black swan, Kakashi thought. Then he froze at the thought. My? Come to think of it, the boy’s always been his Sasuke: his student, his responsibility, his apprentice, his subordinate, his successor, his partner, his failure, his burden, his redemption. Why couldn’t he be his happiness? His lover?

Because he’s a decade younger than you and your student. But Kakashi didn’t stop petting the boy.

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