Three Deadly Little Words

BY : MisatosPenPen
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Kakashi nearly freaked when he woke up. At first he was nice and warm and comfortable. Then something moved. He opened his eyes to see a head of black hair next to him. And he knew that head of hair. Kakashi pushed himself up No, no, no, no. He leaned over to look at the face. Oh, fuck. It was Sasuke. That’s when he nearly freaked.

The movement woke Sasuke who just turned over, barely registered that he was looking at Kakashi, then put an arm around Kakashi’s abdomen, effectively pulling him down onto his back again and pressing his head against the older man’s chest and falling back to sleep. Sasuke hadn’t found their predicament at all odd.

Kakashi lay there completely confused. He took full stock of his situation. Yep, he was naked. He felt bare skin against nearly his entire left side. And pressed against his hip . . . yep, Sasuke was completely naked too.

How the FUCK did this happen. And he knew he had cum. They’d had sex. Oh, god. He couldn’t for the life of him remember how they’d ended up like this. It’d only been a month since Sasuke’d returned. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. He was dead. Nothing good could come of this.

Sasuke snuggled in even closer. The boy was old enough, but they were still student and teacher. Sempai and Kohai. And until recently, enemies. And there was Sakura. And Ino. And Naruto! It wasn’t entirely clear what were Naruto’s true feelings for Sasuke, but if they were romantic at the heart . . . Kakashi was dead. And the Hokage couldn’t feel too good about this either.

Sasuke was drooling on his peck; he was out again, completely unperturbed by waking up next to his former sensei. Maybe he could use his Sharingan to make Sasuke forget this ever happened. Yeah right, a non-Uchiha use genjutsu on an Uchiha. He was fucked.

Actually . . . his ass didn’t hurt at all. He’d fucked Sasuke.

The only way this morning could get any worse—

Knock, knock, knock.

Kakashi froze as the body next to/on him moved and groaned unhappily. Kakashi slipped out of bed, hurried into a robe and automatically grabbed a surgical mask to hide his face. He hurried to the door before his very unwanted guest could knock again and disturbed his unexpected bedfellow.

Kakashi silently used every curse he’d ever heard, including one’s he didn’t even understand. Naruto.

“Hey, Kakashi-sensei. Have you seen Sasuke? I can’t find him anywhere and I want to try out my new jutsu against him. He’s been putting me off for two weeks, but I thought maybe after last night, he’d stop being such an ass.” That perked up Kakashi’s interest; what about last night? But Naruto kept talking. “I was also thinking with him being fire nature and me being wind, maybe we could combine our techniques. You know how wind is supposed to strengthen fire? What do ya—”

Naruto finally shut up, but not of his own volition. His eyes were wider than Kakashi thought possible. He turned to see what he knew must be behind him. Sasuke had wrapped himself in the blanket, one shoulder completely bare, wearing it like a toga, and was walking toward them without any real expression except his normal morning grumpiness—at least that hadn’t changed in the last four years.

He walked right up to the door. Naruto tried to splutter something, but when Sasuke reached the door he just slammed it shut in Naruto’s face. Kakashi just stood there, almost as surprised and confused as Naruto—who was still standing there staring wide-eyed and openmouthed at the now shut door.

Sasuke shuffled toward the kitchen as if it were his own house. He used one hand to rifle through Kakashi’s cupboard to find tea while the other hand kept the blanket from falling away from his otherwise nude body.

Kakashi hadn’t moved for the last half minute, as openmouthed as Naruto, but it was hidden behind his mask. Sasuke started a pot of water and sat down at Kakashi’s kitchen table, completely unaware of—or merely unconcerned with—the shock and confusion he’d caused this morning.

Kakashi finally walked toward him.

“Do you have any food?” Sasuke asked. Kakashi didn’t answer, just stared at him. “What?”

“I don’t remember last night,” Kakashi admitted.

“I’m a little foggy on the details myself.”

“Then why are you less surprised than I am?”

“I’m pretty sure because it was all my idea. Food?”

Kakashi hesitated, but decided come what may, if Sasuke wasn’t pissed, he could survive this. He hunted up some breakfast for them while Sasuke finished preparing the tea.

Sasuke sat across from him still using one hand to keep the blanket from falling.

“I have another robe.”

“I would like to use both my hands.”

Kakashi fetched the other robe. He was surprised when Sasuke stood and pulled away the blanket—completely unashamed by his nudity—then pulled on the robe. Sasuke was completely unflappable.

Kakashi was hesitant to remove his mask to eat, but he realized Sasuke had a good view of his face in the last few hours. He took his mask off. Kakashi spent most the rest of the meal staring at Sasuke who took no notice.

Once they were finished, Kakashi put his mask back on, feeling nude without it, and asked, “Sasuke, what happened last night?”

“I don’t really remember much. All I remember is Naruto and Kiba, then you fucking me. That’s about it.”

“How can you be so calm about this?”

Sasuke took a long swallow of the cooling tea. “Why are you so not calm about it? If I remember correctly, you were all for it a few hours ago.”

“I don’t remember.”

“I barely.”

Kakashi couldn’t take any more of Sasuke’s casualness. “This has got to be a colossal joke.”

“It’s not. I’ve got the dried cum flaking off my ass to prove it.”

“Oh fuck.”

Sasuke chuckled. “That’s what I said.” Sasuke finished swallowing the dregs of his tea.

“Can we just pretend last night didn’t happen?”

All Sasuke’s humor left. “Now I’m offended.”

“I don’t remember anything!”

“So? So we fucked. If you don’t remember, how do you know you didn’t enjoy it?”

“That’s not the point! I didn’t want to . . .”

Sasuke’s eyes narrowed. “You were more than willing last night. And saying you don’t remember doesn’t get you off the hook.”

“What hook?” For a heart stopping moment, Kakashi thought maybe they were engaged.

“Well, you were the first one to—as I thought—mean it when you said ‘I love you.’”

“You didn’t mention that earlier when I asked you what happened.”

“A revised list: Naruto and Kiba, you fucking me, you telling me ‘I love you, Sasuke,’ my screaming ‘oh fuck’ when I cam, and falling asleep with you spooning me. Happy?”


Sasuke growled. “I’ll leave then.” Sasuke stood, grabbed the blanket from the ground, marched into the bedroom, threw the blanket and robe on the bed, and dressed quickly. Kakashi was still too confused to move. Sasuke slammed the door as he left.

“What the fuck is going on?” Kakashi said out loud.

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