When A Heart Cracks

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When A Heart Cracks

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A/N: Story takes place sometime after the 4th ninja war.

CH 1 As It Cracks and Bleeds

Deep in the woods of the Fire Country, Hatake Kakashi lead eight Konoha Shinobi and one Shinobi dog on an important mission.

They leapt from tree to tree, heading toward their destination in close, twin V-formations consisting of six men and three women.

Kakashi looked among them surveying the mission team.

‘Normally, only three or four Shinobi would have been given this mission. However, even though he had become friends with the nine tailed fox, the council assigned Yamato and Sai to make sure the Kyuubi stayed under control should a situation present its self, and to take part in the mission.

It’s clear they don’t fully trust Naruto’s ability, or believe that he and the Kyuubi have come to an understanding, Yamato’s wood jutsu and Sai’s Root sealing abilities wouldn’t be enough to stop Naruto if he went on a rampage.

Must have been why they sent so many, even though it had been several weeks since the end of the war, we still have a lot of rebuilding to do and these supplies are urgently needed.’

Kakashi looked at the rest of the group consisting of Choji, Kiba and his partner Akamaru, Sakura, Hinata and Ino.

‘Something is not right, there is something out of place I can feel it.

There aren’t any enemies, or animals in the area, it’s just silence. That’s it!’

Kakashi looked back at the young jinjuriki who was dead silent.

His face was cold and empty, but he wasn’t the only one to notice this, the look on Sakura’s face indicated she was clearly worried about him for some time.

Naruto hasn’t said a word during this entire mission. Even when we got it from Tsunade-Sama, he didn’t complain that it was only a B rank mission. I wonder if everything is alright.’

“Hey Naruto, is there something wrong?” a hint of concern clearly in present in Sakura’s voice as she called out to the young blond.

For several seconds, Naruto failed to respond. Kakashi quickly looked over his shoulder in time to see him squint his eyes, and paste a larger-than-life grin on his face as he looked over at his teammate.

“Of course not, Sakura-Chan. what gave you that idea?”

“Umm… never mind, it’s nothing.” Sakura said shaking her head as she landed on the next branch.

Kakashi gave Yamato a signal to take the lead and fell back to match Sakura’s position in the rear, so he could privately speak to her.

“Sakura did you notice anything odd?”

In a soft voice she responded, “Yeah, Naruto has been really quiet. He hasn’t complained about the mission or even rambled on about some pointless topic. It’s like he’s lost or something.”

“With everything that’s happened, Naruto has several reasons to be depressed.

After killing his brother Itachi, Sasuke joined Akatsuki as part of his plan to destroy Konoha, then at the last moment during the war comes to help, only to claim his goal of becoming the Hokage, after he cleansed it of the filth.

He had to kill Sasuke to stop his killing spree.

Not being able to convince Sasuke that we could change everything really hurt Naruto.”

Sakura’s hand lifted to cover her chest for a second.

Are you alright Sakura?”

“Yes, Kakashi Sensei. I was thinking about what happened that day.

When Naruto and I had just arrived outside the walls of Konoha, we were horrified to see Sasuke had already started the killing.

He was standing over seven dead Jounin and I tried to plead with Sasuke to stop.

That he was killing our comrades and fellow villagers

That he needed to stop and come home.

I even promised to stay with him and wouldn’t let anyone hurt him.”

As Sakura spoke, tears were falling from her face.

“Sasuke wouldn’t even listen to Naruto as he laughed at me.

He was determined to fight all of Konoha by himself. 

I begged him. That I would always be at his side and take all the pain and suffering that he was feeling.

That was when Sasuke suddenly tried to stab me with his katana.

It was aimed right for my heart, but Naruto suddenly appeared between us and pushed me back a few feet.

The blade pierced his back and exited his chest only for Sasuke to use chakra to extend the blade into me, driving the blade between my lungs.

That was when he told us his plans, to start with the academy and cut his way to the hospital so the streets would run red with the blood of Konoha.

That it would be vengeance for the spirits of the Uchiha clan, and cleansed the land of us.

Sasuke withdrew the blade and I began to fall, only to be caught as Naruto used what strength he had to try and protect me.

I almost passed out when I suddenly felt Naruto’s chakra flare up combined with the Kyuubi’s, when I looked over I saw Naruto with his fist buried into Sasuke’s stomach, only to rip out his spine.

He screamed out in pain for having to kill Sasuke, but I know it had to be done, he had slipped too far into his madness, he must have thought Sasuke had killed me because when he looked at me with tear filled eyes, I could see that he was relieved.”

Sakura wiped several tears from her face as she continued.

“His attitude slowly started to change about a week after he received some personal items Jiraiya-Sama had left him in his Will.

Most of it was tomes, scrolls and books, half of which were nothing more than the man's perverted writings and notes.

The other half regarded different kinds of jutsu, but there were two that stood out. One scroll contained Jiraiya's detailed notes about the Bijuu, where and when they first appeared, who fought them and what happened after. It was nothing but a biography about them.

The second thing was some kind of journal he had written while training with Naruto, he wouldn’t let me look at it until he had a chance to read it.”

Suddenly, Naruto's head jerked up as the boy started sniffing the air then bolting ahead of everyone, shouting over his shoulder.

“We have to hurry now! Something's wrong.” As if on cue, a gust of wind brought an overwhelming scent of smoke in the air to the others, causing them to desperately try and catch up to Naruto before he could rush right into the thick of things.

Kakashi watched as Naruto cleared the forest and found that he was regrettably correct in his assumption. The sixteen wagon convoy they were sent to protect was under attack by a large number of bandits. The caravan was trapped between a cliff and a large hill. 

One of the small wagons was on fire, apparently set by the civilians as a distress signal. The civilians were trying to defend the caravan armed with whatever weapons they could find.

Hammers, shovels, pickaxes, and axes, along with whatever daggers some of them had on them.

A group of approximately thirty bandits fought the ten civilians brave enough to try and protect everyone else, since most of the civilians were carpenters and merchants. The bandits were merciless as they killed anyone that got in their way.

Kakashi could feel Naruto's anger started to rise as he showered five of the bandits with shuriken and kunai, their bodies looking like pincushions as they fell.

Most of the bandits turned toward him, considering the shinobi to be the greater threat, leaving only a few to continue attacking the caravan.

As the majority of the bandits closed in on Naruto, the rest of his team emerged from the bushes and treetops, ready to aid the caravan and kill the bandits. Seeing the other shinobi join in, one bandit yelled, “Fight them inside the caravan! They'll have to worry about hurting the merchants.”

‘The fighting has intensified, Naruto is becoming more and more ferocious in his attacks. He’s throwing the bodies of the bandits  into trees, over the cliff or into each other as battering rams.

For some reason, Naruto is not holding back, he means to kill them all.’

Kakashi thought as he joined the battle unfolding.

Suddenly noticing a bandit  at the bottom of the hill, using his bow, fired a signal arrow into the sky, the projectile whistling faintly as it flew and exploded in a puff of yellow smoke. What looked like sixty more bandits poured over the hill to join the fight.

Kakashi looked at their numbers, knowing that if it was just the bandits and his team, they would have little trouble dispatching them, but the caravan was a distraction.

They had to protect it and the people as best they could.

'This is going to be a problem. There's too many of them to fight and protect the caravan. We're spread too thin.'

The copy ninja watched them close in on the convoy as he fought seven bandits on his own while he activated both his Sharingan.

The rest of the team was in similar situations when suddenly, several dozen arrows rained down on the approaching bandits, killing several and severely wounding others. Kakashi glanced toward the other side of the cliff to see where the arrows had come from.

Standing ready to fire another wave stood twelve men dressed in green tunics with white shirts underneath, wearing long black hats. He could not tell where they were from, though they looked familiar. Behind the men, protected by trees and bushes, was a medium-sized palanquin. The vehicle was well-decorated with white silk and gold plating.

The twelve men fired their arrows into the charging bandits again, while ten unfamiliar shinobi ran out of the trees near the palanquin toward the cliff in a V-formation.

The strange shinobi were in more traditional black shinobi garb, each of them had arm guards with three blades, evenly spaced along the outer forearm. Their forehead protectors were molded metal instead of cloth, with pieces coming down and covering their cheekbones, similar in shape to Yamato's partial mask.

Unlike the one the wood-element shinobi had, these were painted red, green, blue, white or silvery-blue, and in the sunlight they seemed to have the shimmer effect of scales. The head gear was also attached to a cloth face masks, each one matching the color of their head piece.

There were two wearing green masks that jumped toward the cliff, making identical hand signs until they both landed, slamming their hands on the ground, causing large beams of rock and earth to shoot forward and create a bridge leading to the center of the caravan allowing several civilians to escape.

The group of foreign shinobi leapt into the air, drawing various weapons, and attacked the bandits, returning the savagery they showed the merchants.

The strangers began cutting down the criminals left and right, without hesitation. Even though several of the bandits begged for mercy, they received only death.

Sakura faced off with three bandits, one of whom was looking a little too appreciatively at her figure for comfort. Two wielded katana and the third brandished a long spear. As they closed in on her, she smiled grimly, slamming a chakra enhanced fist onto the ground as she yelled her trademark war cry, “Hell Yeaaah!!,” creating a crater and throwing the three men into the air only to be crushed by the rocks.

She was soon fighting side-by-side with one of the shinobi wearing a green mask, the shinobi fighting with a pair of Kama, hacking one bandit repeatedly to insure he died on the spot.

Looking around as he fought another six bandits, Kakashi noted that every one of the strangers had paired with a member of his team.

Naruto was fighting side-by-side with one of the strangers wearing a blue mask, the strange shinobi efficiently killing off several of the bandits with a katana while watching the blonde boy’s back.

‘Who the hell is this guy?’ Naruto thought to himself as he eyed the stranger up

The foreigner blocked and parried an attack from a bandit holding a large battle axe, then brought his sword across the bandit's stomach, slicing it open and spilling his insides before decapitating the man preventing him from even letting out a scream.

‘Damn this guy is good, at least he appears to be on our side.’

The blue-masked shinobi then suddenly ran off, Naruto quickly looked and saw a bandit chasing a young woman toward the cliff, Naruto being busy with three others growled in frustration unable to help.

The bandit had finally caught the girl and was holding her in a harsh grip, by the time the shinobi reached them, the girl struggled as he ripped at her long brown skirt and sleeveless blue top, his intentions toward her crystal clear.

The bandit was groping at the unfortunate girl while trying to remove his own clothing when the shinobi attacked.

The blue masked stranger appeared to be filled with anger as he made two quick slashes across the man's back and one down it, cutting through his spine and allowing the young woman to jerk away from the bandit's suddenly slack grasp, the tip of the katana cutting deep into the bastard's body, he kicked the paralyzed would-be rapist off the cliff, blood splattering his boots and the ground around him while the bandit screamed to his death.

The shinobi was just about to offer his hand to the woman who was now several feet from him, to show that he meant her no harm when a kunai with an exploding note attached flew into the ground at the cliff's edge near her feet.

Seeing the danger to the woman, the shinobi lunged at her, grabbed her by the arm and threw her high into the air towards Naruto.

“BOY, CATCH!” shouted a frantic voice.

Naruto had killed the last of the three bandits he was fighting, turning just in time to see the blue-masked shinobi as he threw the woman toward him right as the exploding note detonated next to the man.

The force of the explosion sent the man flying away from the cliff to fall to his death.

After quickly catching the girl, Naruto moved at blinding speed towards the falling stranger.

As he fell, the shinobi crossed his arms over his chest, accepting his fate. He would die with pride and honor, refusing to cry out as he fell toward the ground far below.

All of a sudden, something grab his legs stopping his fall with a jerk.

Looking towards his feet, Naruto saw brown eyes looking back at him.

The widening of his eyes told Naruto that the stranger was clearly surprised to see a chain of at least twenty copies of the blond hanging over the cliff, swaying back and forth trying to swing them up closer to the edge, saving his life.

Once he was close enough, the one holding the stranger’s feet let go, allowing him to somersault and land safely on the cliff's edge.

The clones vanished in a puff of smoke, revealing the real Naruto standing before him. The woman they had saved was hiding behind a large rock close to the caravan with a single remaining clone trying to calm her down, assuring her she was safe.

The shinobi faced the real Naruto, or would have if he wasn't a full head taller than the boy, looking him in the eyes and extending a hand to him.

When the blond took it, the shinobi pulled the boy's hand forward so that he was holding on to his thumb, his arm directly in front of his chest, as was the reverse. The blue-masked stranger tightened his grip on Naruto's hand, though not enough to cause pain.

“Looks like this battle is over,” the shinobi said, looking at the countless bodies, while a handful of the bandits fled.

“As long as the bastards suffered for what they did.” Naruto answered cold heartedly.

As the two made their way toward what remained of the caravan, a lone, shadowy figure watched the battle from the depths of a tree's branches.

Armed with a long bow, already primed with an arrow that held a large smoke bomb attached to its tip. There was also a special arrow with a tip resembling the head of a canine, the tip beginning to glow with purple chakra as it rested along the handle of the bow, ready for use.

The figure released the smoke bomb arrow and quickly drew the other, waiting for the detonation and spring his trap.

Sensing the arrow flying at them, Naruto and his companion jumped high into the air, a cloud of purple smoke billowing from where they had just been standing.

A second arrow flew from an unknown location, heading right for Naruto's chest.

Naruto unable to completely dodge the attack from his position in the air was able to move enough that his vital organs would be missed, yet the arrow still pierced his body.

The searing pain proved that he'd been unable to dodge the projectile as it entered his shoulder with enough force that the tip exited on the other side.

Naruto yelled and squeezed his eyes to try and block out the pain, his distraction preventing him from seeing the arrowhead glow bright purple, and the chakra bleeding from the tip into his body.

The blue-masked shinobi was the first to land.

He ran quickly towards Naruto catching him as he fell, and drew the boy down to sit.

The sudden boom of the smoke bomb alerted both the Konoha shinobi and the strangers, instantly moving as a group to provide backup, should another attack be on the way.

Sakura and Hinata were the next ones to arrive at Naruto’s side, both clearly worried.

Hinata held both fists to her mouth and stared, while Sakura watched as the stranger ripped Naruto's jacket in order to inspect the wound.

“Tell me your name, please.” The masked man asked.

“Uzumaki Naruto,” he answered, wincing at the pain.

“It is an honor to make your acquaintance Naruto-san. I am Bishamon.

I must tell you that what I'm going to do will hurt.” As he spoke, Bishamon broke the arrow, leaving a small piece of the shaft sticking out of the wound. With his left hand, he grabbed the arrow just behind the head, ready to do what he needed. “You are a shinobi of Konoha, are you not?”

“Yeah we were here to... GAAAAH!!! Ah ha, that hurt like a son of a bitch,” Naruto bellowed.

Bishamon had pulled the arrow out so suddenly that the only pain Naruto felt was from the arrow suddenly being gone. A small stream of blood began to trickle from both sides of the wound. Bishamon used his right hand to force green chakra into Naruto's wound to heal it, looking curiously at the arrow in his other hand.

“N-Naruto-kun, are you a-alright?” Hinata stuttered, the fledgling stages of panic setting in.

Sakura watched the stranger help Naruto as she gave him an analytical stare.

“The way you treated the injury, distracting him so that he would not notice what was going on until it was already done, and healing him with only one hand when I would have had to use both of my own to do the same job is amazing.” Sakura said more to herself than anyone

Bishamon simply gave her a nod as he finished healing Naruto, Kakashi and a red-masked shinobi walked up to the young blond and assess the situation. The two watched in silence, side-by-side, occasionally glancing at each other.

Kakashi was the one that broke the silence. “Thank you for your help.”

“It would have dishonored our clan and our Village if we hadn't helped defend civilians from cowardly bandits that prey on the weak and defenseless. Even if you had outnumbered them, honor would still demand we aid you.”

“That is an admirable sentiment, seeing as how you're not from this country. Who are you, and why are you here?”

“I am Akio, leader of this unit. We come from the Demon Country and are escorting our charge, as ironic as it may be, to Konoha and then back home once she is finished. Our client has some business with your Village, though we do not know what.”

“The Demon Country you say. What Village are you from?” asked Kakashi, now looking directly at Akio.

Akio looked back at him; then closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he opened them again smiling behind his mask, to reveal eyes that had changed from light brown to a glowing emerald green with reptilian slits. “Our Village is that of the Dragon. I must say, Hatake-san the copy ninja, I am glad our Villages can meet under friendly terms like this.”

Akio's smile grew when he saw the look of shock in Kakashi's eye at the name of their Village.


End CH1


Special Thanks:

To my wife for listening to me babble about the story and the betas I have had over the time of this story, you have all helped in some way or another.


Palanquin - a covered litter carried on poles on the shoulders of four or more bearers

The ninja arm guards http://www.darkknightarmoury.com/p-15560-spiked-ninja-bracers.aspx

Kama weapons http://www.karatemart.com/ninja-kama-set


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