Bits and Pieces: Naruto

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Title: Summer Time Fun

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Shikamaru/Naruto, some Asuma/Sasuke

Word count: 602

Warnings: fluff

AN: The next few posts (or reposts) are back Bits and Pieces that I have been edited. New ones are posted on Friday’s and started with Seven Children, Seven Barns. I will post the rest of these over the next couple of days. Thank you for understanding.



It was supposed to be some time to be alone or at least time to do as he wished but apparently his friends had to be pains and drag him with them to a giant bar-b-que that Sakura was throwing in an attempt to draw Sasuke out of his shell again. They found them rather hilarious to watch since everyone knew that the Uchiha despised the ground she walked on, preferring the company of men.

But why had he been dragged along? Oh, that was very easily answered. It was because one annoying blond teammate had decided that he needed to do something outside of cloud watching.


Opening one eye at the snicker that came from Choji next to him, he turned his head to the side just in time to see Naruto dodge Sakura's fist as he sipped from his cup. Raising an eyebrow, he looked to Choji for an answer as the big man continued to relax next to him.

“Naruto shattered her dreams of being the next Mrs. Uchiha by shoving Sasuke into Asuma's arms. Odd pairing, but rather cute,” Choji hummed, working on a piece of rib by the look of it. “Sakura was not amused.”


Shifting slightly, Shikamaru looked around and raised an eyebrow at the sight of his sensei and the Uchiha locked at the lips, Asumas hands plastered to Sasuke's ass in a way that was anything but innocent.

“About damn time,” the lazy nin finally muttered, covering his eyes with one arm as he settled back. He barely twitched when his large friend got up and headed off to do something or another. He finally moved his arm as Naruto flopped down next to him and used his stomach as a pillow, looking decidedly smug about his actions. “If the woman starts to shriek, I'm blaming you,” Shikamaru drawled, drawing blue eyes up to him as a smile spread over his sweet lips.

“If she starts, I'll give you a full body massage, including chakra points,” the fox like male purred, flipping to rest on his side, back facing the rest of the people. “I'm surprised you're here. How did Ino drag you on out?”

“She told me everyone, including you, would be here. I couldn't very well allow all those fans of yours have you alone, as troublesome it is,” Shikamaru grumped, getting a snort of laughter from his lover.

“Right. What fans?” Naruto drawled, snoring and rolling his eyes, a smile dancing on his lips. “You've chased all of them off.”

“Good, then they won't try for you again,” the lazy nin teased, once more getting an eye roll from the other man. Naruto shifted and poked his mate in the side as he settled back into a comfortable position again.

“So, Asuma and Sasuke huh? How did you come up with getting them together?” Shikamaru asked. He looked to where Sasuke had his tongue being sucked on by the big man while Sakura was trying to get their attention.

“Get Asuma drunk and he'll babble about how great Sasukes ass is, and how he'd enjoy mussing the neatly done hair often,” Naruto smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at his companion before sitting up to slowly stretch. Shikamaru shifted and pinned his fox with a dark, lusty look, watching him shiver before smirking down at him. “Come on. My job here is done and I owe you a long, full body massage.”

“Sounds good to me,” Shikamaru purred, standing up quickly and dragging the tanned man up with a smirk. Naruto laughed softly as he grabbed their stuff and allowed his lover to drag him off to their home, leaving behind a fuming Sakura behind and soon followed by a new, needy couple.

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