Kakashi and his Raven

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First off, I know Itachi means weasel, but I'm borrowing the 'raven haired Uchiha' image from Sasuke. And Itachi uses ravens (or crows) in his jutsu.
I had the idea that Kakashi and Itachi were probably in ANBU together and might know each other. I hint at it in my other (unrelated) Naruto story 'Walking a Mile.'
I receive no money from this story. Nose bleeds are my only reward. ^_^


Chasing down another rumor of Sasuke’s location. Kakashi was sent alone. People had seen something: a dark haired young man with red eyes in the company of a man who did not look human. Perhaps Orochimaru.

But he’d found nothing but rumor. Kakashi was weary of the cold leads and his hopes rising just to be dropped like one of the Hokage’s losing lottery tickets. His own failure with his only students weighed on him. Naruto and Sakura had been taken under the wings of two of the Sanin while Sasuke was seduced by the third by power. He’d failed Sasuke the most. He and Sasuke were really much alike: no family, young geniuses, the elite, and they were the ones left with the Sharingan. Well, the two of them and Itachi.

Itachi . . .

Kakashi walked back to Konoha. Let the Hokage say what she will, he wanted to walk. Walk and remember.

Itachi. They wore masks in ANBU, but you could recognize voices. The two young prodigies, Itachi and Kakashi. They usually fought on separate teams, but some missions required the two prodigies together.

It was perhaps against all the rules, but when they were alone, they took off their masks and talked. Itachi talked about nothing but his little brother. Kakashi mostly listened. Sasuke was the only thing that brought a smile to Itachi’s face. Kakashi told Itachi about his Sharingan eye and Itachi’s cousin who gave it to him. He also told Itachi about the one thing he never shared with anyone: his father.

Itachi was sympathetic.

The two prodigies were sent out alone a few times. They were the perfect team. But during one mission Kakashi was wounded. Itachi, the younger of the two felt it was his fault.

“It’s not your fault, I was carless.” Kakashi removed his ANBU mask.

Itachi ripped off his mask. “I should have been able to see those two Shinobi. What good is the goddamn Sharingan if I can’t protect you?” Itachi demanded, too upset to realize what he’d revealed.

“Itachi.” For the first time in front of Itachi, perhaps the first time in front of anyone, Kakashi pulled down his face mask. Itachi couldn’t have hid his adoration if he tried. “I’m fine, love.”

Itachi kissed like he fought: with brutal passion. He tasted like fire. Now in retrospect, the fact Itachi, like most of his clan, favored spitting fire at people like dragons probably had something to do with the ashy taste. It went with those sometimes red, coal black eyes.

To Kakashi, he was the most beautiful thing in the world. And he wanted to worship this idol kissing him, pushing off his own clothes, and yanking on Kakashi’s. But Itachi was in earnest, untying the mask pushed down around Kakashi’s neck and kissing down that flawless pale throat. Covering his throat and lower face to even the wind made that skin sensitive to anything but his familiar mask.

Itachi pried the armor off Kakashi’s chest. Kakashi pulled his black shirt off as quickly as possible, tearing it in the process. Itachi’s mouth felt like fire as he licked Kakashi’s collarbone and traced the definition of his pectoral muscles. He sucked at his nipples like a hungry infant, sucking Kakashi’s soul out in the process.

“Itachi,” Kakashi whispered in a husky voice. Within moments all thought was driven from Kakashi’s mind as Itachi took his cockhead in his mouth. Kakashi’s supported himself with one hand, the other gently mused Itachi’s hair.

If Itachi was a virgin, he took to this amazingly quickly. He took all of his senpai’s length down his throat and caressed Kakashi’s bare left thigh, mindful not touch his wounded right leg.

Itachi pulled back, leaving a thick trail of saliva. He pulled off his sandals and pushed his pants and underwear off then crawled up and straddled Kakashi’s hips. He kissed Kakashi again, letting Kakashi taste himself on that slithering tongue.

Itachi reached behind him and used his right hand to guide Kakashi into him while his left hand clung to Kakashi’s shoulder. Kakashi nipped at Itachi’s nipple as Itachi rocked back to ease the head of Kakashi’s cock into him.

Itachi gasped and dug his fingernails into Kakashi’s shoulder as he impaled himself. He hesitated only a moment before he eased himself down. Eventually he hit bottom and Kakashi kissed him to take his mind off the pain he must be feeling. Itachi started rocking against his new lover for the friction on his cock against Kakashi’s abdomen. In the process he gently fucked himself on his nearly immobile lover.

“Senpai . . .”

Kakashi lowered himself down to the ground and let Itachi ride him. Kakashi caressed those perfectly formed hips and sculpted waist.

Feeling himself coming close to completion, Kakashi wrapped a hand around Itachi’s hard weeping cock and spread the precum up his length using it as lubrication to jack him off. He brought Itachi to climax first, spraying his seed on Kakashi’s chest. Itachi’s body tensed and convulsed around him bringing Kakashi to his own release deep inside Itachi’s lithe body.

Itachi rocked forward allowing Kakashi’s deflating length fall out of him. He laid himself down next to Kakashi. He cuddled next him, Kakashi offering his arm as a pillow.

Once their breathing returned to normal, Itachi asked, “Why do you wear that mask? Even under the ANBU mask?”

“I wore it because I was ashamed of my father. But now I wear it in his honor.”

“How’s that?”

“He always said only the ANBU knew the true spirit of the Shinobi: the darkness, the shadows, selflessness, secrecy, and anonymity. A Shinobi should avoid bonds because Shinobi die. He never took his own advice of course. He disgraced himself by protecting his men. Those bonds were the rope that hung him. I agree that we should embrace the shadows, but I think his actions were more correct than his words on bonds.”

“I agree with everything he said.” Kakashi shifted to look at the top of Itachi’s head. “I wish I was cold and unfeeling. I wish I didn’t love you so much. I wish I didn’t love my brother so much. It would kill me to lose either of you.”

“It would kill me to lose you, love.”

“All the more reason to stay alive I guess.” He gave Kakashi one last kiss before falling asleep.


Kakashi had to stop and brace himself against a tree as he remembered, his legs threatening to fail him. How could that boy slaughter his entire family?

They had slept together three more times after that. The last time Itachi came to his home and they made love to each other until they were both exhausted. The pillow talk that night was far more ominous.

“Kakashi, would you train Sasuke?”

“Me? I thought you’d do that yourself.”

“Would you?”

“It’d be on honor. I know how much he means to you. I’m honored you’d entrust him to me.”

“He’ll be a great Shinobi one day. There will be known to rival him. Not even me.”

“With instructors like the two of us, he’ll even surpass the Forth.”

Itachi didn’t answer.

Two nights later, Itachi was gone and the Uchiha were all but destroyed.

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