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A/N: This is what happens after watching yaoiismy's NC-17 livestream porn being created. Pointless smut. Heavy on the hell, heavy on the smut too. XD Don't click this looking for plot!

He'd never considered how menacing the side of the building could be. Not once did he judge how cold it would feel against his bare skin, nor did he think to imagine the roughness of the texture, the way the jagged wall would just scratch into his forearms like thousands of tiny claws. But still, he remained where he was. Shoved against it and forced to maintain contact as long as balance was desired.

His hands broke the fall, sparing his forehead the injury, but not his palms. Not even their slightly calloused surface could escape the burning scrape as they slid upward, wrists following. Heavy breathing grew heavier as the solid weight of a body closed in on him from behind. Rather than unleashing the sound rising from his throat, Sasuke controlled it, opting instead to furrow his eyebrows and close his eyes.

A clothed cheek settled itself between his shoulderblades, and Sasuke could feel the imprint of the half-smile as if it were engraved into his back. Simultaneously, arms wound around his half-naked body, the worn out leather breathing fiery paths all along the skin of Sasuke's torso. The material was so thin from use that Kakashi's rough fingers proved a stark contrast. And Sasuke's head fell forward, barely cushioned by his own hand.

His tongue ran repeatedly against the insides of his teeth, fighting to find the right words to say, though coming up short against the feeling of sharp nails dragging along his nipples. Kakashi's nails were brittle and uneven because he didn't care enough to maintain them. Kakashi's nails were brittle and uneven because he did care enough to put them to good use.

"Not supposed to be here," he finally growled out, back hunching as those nails drifted lower. They traced heavily along the heaving planes of Sasuke's stomach. Up and down, back and forth, switching from nail to fleshy finger and back again until Sasuke's voice hitched halfway through his next accusation, "Said you have a mission tonight..."

"Mmm...I do," the husky voice answered back. And Sasuke shook slightly as the tip of Kakashi's nose stroked the sensitive skin of his neck.

Reckless wasn't the word. Kakashi had been reckless on several occasions. What he had done tonight--that being snag Sasuke on his way home, duck into this disgusting alley, and strip him of his morals and clothing, all while putting his reputation in jeopardy--it was just unacceptable. It was barbaric.

And, oh God, it was getting Sasuke hard. His body may have been pressed uncouthly, and quite uncomfortably for that matter, against the apartment building, but something about Kakashi pulling his lower body backwards, something about that thick cock trapped against Kakashi's pant leg did things to Sasuke that caused everything else to evaporate.

Near his ear, Kakashi hissed and then moaned. A short, punctuated sound coming from a man abandoning his obligations to the world. Sasuke absorbed it, letting the noise inside his body, savoring it, and finally released one of his own. The closest thing Kakashi would ever get to consent, and clearly serving its purpose. Both of those hands delved into Sasuke's pants.

His head tipped back at the feel of so many fingers on his flesh, surely more than ten--there had to be. He followed the movement, thrusting forward into that tunnel of flexing digits, and meeting the upward grind of Kakashi's hips each time he reared back. Unbelievable, it was so unbelievable, the way his surroundings just melted away as long as those hands were on him.

Again, his head fell forward, crashing hard against the bony bumps of his knuckles. And his eyes fell shut as another, less distinguishable sound, parted his lips.

So long, it had been so long since they had last been in the village at the same time. Even this moment was fleeting. Kakashi had to leave now, Sasuke in the morning. In two different directions, neither knowing when another opportunity would arise. Suddenly, Sasuke understood Kakashi's desperation. "Hurry up."

Kakashi, who hadn't exactly been taking things slow, hummed in affirmation.

In nearly the same breath, both pairs of uniform pants were down, Kakashi's slumping slightly further once his thighs came forward to reconnect them. Identical moans drifted out amid the skin-on-skin contact, and Sasuke's back bowed so he could better slide against the hard flesh jammed between his legs. The heat of it twitching against his hole, along with the slippery trail it left along his inner thighs, had Sasuke pushing back harder and harder.

They could both get off just from doing this, he knew. They had before. But when Kakashi drew back, he knew they were both craving the same thing.

Sasuke worked to steady his breath, parting his legs as much as his pants would allow--which wasn't much. The unflattering sound of Kakashi gathering spit into his palm shouldn't have made his cock drip the way it did. But, fuck, it did.

The time frame didn't allow for much preparation, and Sasuke found he didn't mind all that much. But when the wide tip of Kakashi's cock matched up with his entrance, he couldn't for the life of him stop his lungs from locking up. He could feel literally every millimeter, the not-so-subtle widening of his muscles as Kakashi shifted forward, the initial panic of this isn't going to work.

And then Kakashi reared back, yanking their bodies apart so roughly that there was an audible pop, forcing Sasuke to moan and clench, feeling both relieved and empty. More spit, and Kakashi was back, not taking no for an answer.

Sasuke's fingers were scrabbling at the wall, the pain and heat and sound of Kakashi's deep, uneven breaths making him dizzy with desire. His cock throbbed, veins flooding with blood, as it took on a darkened flush. He used the wall this time, taking advantage of the stability to push back, bearing down on that stabbing piece of flesh with everything he had.

Kakashi stopped halfway in, and Sasuke could feel against the back of his head where the sweat had pushed Kakashi's forehead protector down. He wondered briefly if Kakashi could see anything at all, but quickly realized it didn't much matter. He was definitely feeling it.

Leather palms left his hips, the motion shaky and fast, so Kakashi could yank up his own shirt. Sasuke could hear the protest of fabric and judged that a few threads had been snapped, but quickly learned not to care because Kakashi was back and his body was like liquid fire along his spine.

There was a brief withdrawal, Kakashi nudging his hips back ever so slightly, and then slamming home. Sasuke felt his insides rattle from the punch, and swallowed before his mouth fell open, eyes going wide as he felt Kakashi bottom out somewhere in his colon. The pressure was unimaginable, and Kakashi held the position through the tight clasp of arms around Sasuke's waist.

Seconds later, Sasuke shifted, circling his pelvis and extracting the most guttural sounds he had ever heard from Kakashi's mouth. They rang in his ear and made him twitch, so he did it again, swiveling in all the directions possible, arching his back as Kakashi massaged all the perfect spots.

Once again, a hand left him, and only when a husky voice flowed freely into his ear did Sasuke realize Kakashi had lowered his mask.

"Just like this," he said, canting his hips to climb ever deeper into Sasuke's body, "it's going to shoot so deep that it'll never come out."

The sound of exasperation quickly turned into a heady moan of disbelief when Kakashi reached back around to stroke him. Punishing, the pace of it, with no intention of dragging this out any longer. And Sasuke squirmed under the hand that was jacking him, knowing the leather would leave a nasty burn later. He could feel the muscles of his ass being lifted, being forced out of the way by Kakashi's body, by that delicious upward grind that only a man balls-deep would be able to pull off.

"I don't even have to move," Kakashi's voice continued to purr, "I'll lose it as soon as you start clamping down."

"Uggnnh...God," he would have bitten his tongue clean off trying to stifle that one, especially with those fingers working magic on his dick. The way they spread that wetness around, all over his tip, down the shaft...

The fingers coming to rest against his neck were cold, as if all of Kakashi's blood had been forced elsewhere. Sasuke swallowed against them.

"Keep going, I want to feel every sound you make vibrate my fingertips."

Sasuke's eyebrows were slipping down again, content to risk biting his tongue off this time. Kakashi was still grinding, still massaging his insides with the slowest of movements, and yet Sasuke still found himself being pulled towards that edge. He knew more than he felt his balls were rising against the base of his dick, beginning to experience the swirl of the undeniable urge to fuck and get off from it.

And he succumbed to it, bucking into Kakashi's hand in the same instant teeth landed harshly against the back of his neck. He was moaning, he was screaming, he was coming. He didn't think to glare, didn't think to pull away from those jaws marring his flesh, he could only concentrate on the cascading spurts being milked out of his shuddering cock, soaking Kakashi's glove.

But most of all...he could hear the sounds of a man come undone by primal need. The hisses, groans, whimpers of a man being milked by the muscles of another's body, twitching hard and uncontrollably, reduced to utter, infantile fragility.

Sasuke could have come again just from that, could feel the aftershocks still assaulting his body in waves even long after Kakashi kissed him hard on the mouth and left.

Sometime later, it was with belated embarrassment and outrage that Sasuke realized two things. First, and foremost, his shirt had undeniably gone missing. And second...Kakashi had been right about it not coming out.

...At least that night.

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