Slaves of the Maelstrom

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Slaves of the Maelstrom

Chapter One: For Whom the Bell Tolls…

The girl gaped as her top-knot wearing opponent pulled a shuriken from his thigh pouch. Against her will she felt her body mirroring his actions, reaching in to her own thigh pouch and pulling one of her own bladed throwing stars.

“What…what are you doing!?!” she asked, both angry and suddenly very nervous as to her lazy foes actions. “If you throw that, then I’ll throw mine too! We’ll both be killed!”

Some twenty feet in front of her, Nara Shikamaru grinned. “Eh, probably,” he admitted, “But, it’d be too troublesome to lose to a girl like you. Guess we’ll both just have to take a fall.”

“S-Stop!” the girl, Tsuchi Kin of Otogakure shouted, trying to break free of the Nara boy’s Kagemane no Jutsu. Her eyes widened in panic as her arm reached back, guided by the boy’s own actions.

“Now, try this!” Shikamaru shouted, hurling the blade forward.

Kin gaped as she too released her weapon, the two stars passing each other midway between the two combatants. “You’ve killed us both!” she shouted.

“Have I?” Shikamaru countered, before he demonstrated some impressive flexibility by bending over backwards.

*So that’s his plan huh?* Kin thought, even as her own body began to bend like his, *Scare tactics? Please, I’ll…*

Suddenly, her world exploded in a burst of pain and light, her head screaming as it impacted against the wall behind her. The one she had failed to notice from the very start of the match.

Soon, all went dark.

Shikamaru had quickly released his jutsu, before the girl’s head had impacted against the wall. “Huh,” he grunted, “A shinobi has to be aware of not just his or her opponent, but the environment as well. Call me stupid? Heh, who didn’t notice the wall right behind them?”

He rubbed a sore spot on his back, wincing slightly. *Pulled a muscle there,* he noted absently, even as the sickly proctor declared him the winner. *Man, now I gotta go get an ice pack. Troublesome.*

He paid no attention to the cheers from his fellow teammates and the loudmouth Naruto, choosing instead to think about his next shogi match with his dad. *Maybe a gambit instead of my usual corner strategy? That might throw him off…*

No one noticed as the Oto kunoichi was carried out by the medics.

Ibiki, standing near the Hokage, gave his leader a pointed look. A few discrete hand motions signaled his request.

The Hokage gave the slightest of nods, before turning to resume his examination of the fights. Ibiki, while he maintained his usual stoic façade, could barely retain his glee.

The old man had basically given him carte blanche in regards to his request.

A few more hand motions signaled his orders to the various ANBU scattered throughout the room, and his subordinates leapt into action. Two quickly vanished from their posts, disappearing into the hallway outside of the arena, and moving towards the infirmary. Two more activated their com-links, tapping out a quick sequence of Morse code to the main office of the ANBU T.I. division.

The message was very simple; just four little words.

“Prepare for a guest.”


The two ANBU listened as the base medic listed the girls injuries.

“There’s not much damage,” he informed them, “A minor concussion from striking the wall at high speed, and a few scratches and bruises caused during the second exam. There’s some evidence of prior abuse that I noticed; her left leg seems to have had a broken tibia at some point that healed slightly off. It wasn’t enough to hamper her during training obviously, but it does seem to have happed some time ago. I’d say when she was seven or eight most likely.”

“So, she’s healthy otherwise?” the lead ANBU asked, a male lieutenant wearing a horse mask. “Ibiki-taicho wants her in the I.T’s headquarters for interrogation a.s.a.p. We need to know what she knows about Orochimaru’s little operations.”

“Give me about ten minutes to clear up the concussion, and she’s all yours,” the medic replied, “I’ll make sure she stays unconscious for you while you take her over to your headquarters for processing.” He turned to his conscious patient. “What about the other one? The boy who’s been…‘disarmed’, so to speak?”

“Not our concern,” the other ANBU replied, this one a private bearing an Eagle mask, “He’s probably already gone mad from losing his arms…he’ll never be coherent enough to answer the questions.”

“I understand,” the medic replied, holding a glowing green hand over the girl’s head. “Anything special I need to do with this one before you take her?”

“No, we’ll have the I.T. medics take care of any problems,” Horse replied, “Just keep her knocked out. We’ll need her off balance when the interrogation begins, and waking up in one of Ibiki-taicho’s ‘rooms’ will do that to anybody.”

The medic nodded. “Tell him to go a little easier on this one, will ya?” he asked, “She’s got pretty face…break her, train her properly, and she might make a good concubine for one of the nobles.”

“Heh, we’ll see what we can do,” Horse laughed, “Depends on how fast she breaks though.”

The three men laughed, even as the medics hand continued to glow.


The preliminaries had just ended, and Naruto was bound and determined to find his sensei. Neji would no doubt be a fierce opponent, and the orange clad ramen lover knew he needed some serious training if he was to have any hope of beating the smug bastard for what he did to Hinata.

*I may not know her that well, but she’s always been a kind person,* Naruto thought as he ran through the corridors of the testing hall, *She didn’t deserve that! I swear, I’m gonna pound an apology out of that asshole even if it kills me!*

He rounded a corner, headed for the infirmary. Sakura had mentioned that Kakashi-sensei had taken Sasuke there after his match, and Naruto was almost certain that his chronically late teacher would be there now.

He was surprised to see the scarred proctor of the first exam standing there, talking to some ANBU. He tried to remember his name…Ibiki, he thought it was.

“Oi, Ibiki-sama!” he called out, skidding to a halt in front of the surprised jounin and his masked subordinate.

“Uzumaki-kun,” the scared man replied, “Shouldn’t you be headed back to the village now? I’m sure you want to get started on preparing for your match. That Hyuuga kid isn’t someone to take lightly.”

“I do!” Naruto replied with a serious nod (though female ANBU found his look to be somewhat more cute than serious). “I’m trying to find Kakashi-sensei. Sakura-chan said he’d brought Sasuke here for treatment after his match, and I thought he might have come back.”

Ibiki frowned. Kakashi had said that the Haruno girl knew about the Uchiha boy’s curse seal, but this one didn’t? *Doesn’t quite fit with his ‘teamwork’ preaching,* the interrogation expert thought.

“He’s not here,” Ibiki replied, “He took Uchiha-kun to the hospital for monitoring. I’ll take you there myself. Let me finish up with Neko here, and we’ll head out.”

“Really!?! Thanks Ibiki-sama!” Naruto grinned.

“Heh, just call me Ibiki, kid,” the older man replied, “I’m not nobility, I’m just a soldier for the Hokage. Though if you actually come through on those boasts of yours, I might wind up calling you ‘sama’ someday.”

Naruto blushed slightly, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. The bald man couldn’t help but notice the strange similarity between this action and the actions of an…old friend.

*Kid does have Minato’s heart, that’s for sure,* he thought.

Ibiki turned to his subordinate. “Was the transfer completed subtlety?”

“Completely sempai,” Neko replied, “She’s being kept unconscious until you arrive. Any special orders for the men while we wait?”

“No, just tell them to keep her sedated,” Ibiki replied, “I’ll be there in about an hour…we can start once I finish the paperwork for Hokage-sama. Dismissed.”

“Sir!” the woman replied, vanishing in a swirl of leaves. Naruto stood there, gazing in awe.

“I have GOT to learn that jutsu!” he muttered. Ibiki laughed.

“Kami-sama help my troops if you do,” the man replied, “I still remember the ‘face-mask’ prank you pulled. What ever gave you the idea of pasting pictures of naked women in the girls masks, and men in the guys?”

“I figured that nosebleeds were outdated,” Naruto replied, “Besides, I knew at least a couple of those guys and girls would get nosebleeds anyway.”

Ibiki laughed.


Ebisu was quite surprised when Ibiki spoke up.

“You really are a piece of work, Kakashi,” he muttered.

“Hmmm? You have something to say, Ibiki-san?” the silver haired jounin asked.

“You preach all about teamwork, yet here you are abandoning your students,” the scarred man replied, “Its not just Uzumaki-kun here, but that kunoichi on your squad too. She may have demonstrated some good book smarts, and a surprising amount of grit in her match against the Yamanaka heiress, but the rest of her skills were pathetic!”

Naruto almost interrupted at this jab at his beloved Sakura-chan’s abilities, but Ebisu’s hand on his shoulder kept him silent.

“You haven’t even seen fit to inform him about the mark, have you?” Ibiki asked, causing Naruto’s eyes to widen. “That kind of information is of vital importance to your entire team! Hell, this kid was there when it happened! He needs to know what’s going on, especially since it directly involves him and his comrades.”

“It would only serve to distract him,” Kakashi replied, “How I teach my squad is of no concern of yours, Ibiki-san. I made arrangements for Naruto’s training, as you can see…”

“You chose to fob him off to focus on the Uchiha in there,” Ibiki replied, “I wonder how Minato would’ve reacted to that.”

Naruto didn’t understand what happened next. Everything seemed to get quiet…and in an instant, Ibiki was lying on the ground, holding his jaw. A thin trickle of blood seeped out from his split lip.

Kakashi stood there, staring at his outstretched fist in surprise. Ebisu was gaping, even as Naruto bent down to help Ibiki to his feet.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Kakashi-sensei!?!” the blond boy practically shouted, drawing several nurses ire at the loud noise.

“Stand down, Uzumaki-kun,” Ibiki growled, rubbing his sore jaw. He leveled a harsh glare at the cycloptic jounin. “I’ll let that one slide, Hatake. I think we both know how Minato would’ve reacted to that little act.”

The scarred man turned to Ebisu. “Ebisu-san, you can go back to your normal duties,” he instructed, “After I take Naruto to see Hokage-sama about something, I’ll take over his training. If you want to do some good, see if you can find my sensei.”

Ebisu’s eyes bugged out from behind his sunglasses. “Y-you mean…”

“Yeah, Neko-chan spotted him a day or so ago,” Ibiki replied, “Its Tuesday right? That means he should be at the Suzuka hot springs…they have a two for one special on Tuesdays.”

Ebisu nodded. “Yes, my sister visits them regularly,” he replied, “Why do you need him?”

“Because he can help out…and he owes me a favor,” Ibiki replied. “Just tell him its about our ‘old friend’. That ought to get his attention.”

Ebisu nodded, before glancing at the confused blonde standing next to the torture expert. “Naruto-san, before I go, I should thank you for something,” he said, surprising the blond. “I always had such trouble with the Honorable grandson…”

“Konohamaru,” Naruto interrupted, earning a sharp glare from the bandana clad jounin. “He hates being called ‘honorable grandson’. He wants people to know him for who he is, not because ji-chan is his gramps. Call him Konohamaru and he’ll listen better.”

Ebisu couldn’t help but grin at that. “I see,” he mused, “Anyway…before you taught him that…unique…jutsu, he’d always try and take the easy way out. I humored him a little, thinking it was just a phase. Then, after you spoke to him…”

Naruto grinned. “He said he wouldn’t take any more shortcuts, didn’t he?” the blond asked, surprising his silver haired sensei behind him.

“Yes,” Ebisu replied. “He works hard now, even if he isn’t the best academically. He pushes himself daily, trying to beat you for sheer stamina. One day he’ll become an outstanding shinobi…and its really thanks to you.”

Naruto grinned, rubbing the back of his head. “Eh, just tell him that I’m not slacking off either,” he replied, “He’s not going to beat me to the Hokage’s hat! Dattebayo!”

Ebisu grinned. “It should be an interesting race,” he muttered. Turning to Ibiki, he said, “I’ll find him as fast as possible. Where should I send him?”

Ibiki took a glance at Naruto. “Hmmm,” he grunted, before shrugging. *Kid needs to learn about the facts of shinobi life anyway, and this will help him understand what’s really going on,* he thought. “Send him to the ANBU I.T. headquarters. Tell him its been located to near our old haunt. That will clue him in.”

Ebisu eyes widened, but he nodded, and walked off.

Ibiki turned to Kakashi, who had remained silent till this point. “Go on and train the Uchiha,” he muttered, “But pray that I don’t hear that you abandoned that kunoichi of yours, or you and I will have words before Sandaime-sama.”

He motioned for the blond boy to follow, leaving behind a thoughtful copy-nin.


Horse stood next to the table where the girl was laid, his eyes checking the rise and fall of her chest.

“She’s still out,” he informed his partners, Neko and Eagle. “The sleep seal is holding. Any word from Ibiki-taicho yet?”

Neko shook her head, her purple locks swishing behind her. “Not yet,” she replied, “I thought he’d be here by now. He was just taking the Uzumaki boy to Kakashi-sempai so the kid could get started on his training.”

“Heh, woulda thought that gaki would do so well,” Horse chuckled, “Kid’s got some real guts. Give him some decent training and he’d make a decent ANBU assault team member.”

Eagle chuckled. “Heck, give him some real mental discipline and he’d probably make lieutenant in a month,” he replied, “Remember those chases we were on because of him? I swear, he’d have at least two traps or escape routes for everyone we covered.”

Neko chuckled as well. “He is growing up interesting,” she replied, “Did you see how he helped out the Hyuuga heiress? Girl was like a frightened kitten, but a few strong words from the kid, and she turns into a lioness.”

Horse nodded. “Just glad the field medic we had was as good as he was,” he replied, “Girl took some bad blows from that Neji kid. If the other jounin hadn’t stopped him she’d probably be buried right now.”

Neko nodded. “Well, I think I’m going to place my bet on Naruto for the finals,” she said, “He’s going to really work that punk over I think.”

Horse chuckled. “Odds are going to be big time against you on that,” he muttered, “Hell, I’ll go halfsies with ya on it. You don’t usually make bad bets.”

Eagle nodded. “I’m in for a chunk,” he replied, “Ibiki-taicho thinks well of the kid, and I trust his judgement.”

Neko nodded, then turned as a light began to flash on a nearby consol. She walked over, and pressed a switch, activating the voice com-system. “Neko here,” she spoke.

“Neko, this is Ibiki,” the stern voice of their commander spoke, “Situation has altered a bit. Keep the package under wraps for a few more hours. I’ll be there in a bit…with a possible new member. Ibiki out.”

The three ANBU glanced at each other.

“New member?” they all asked.”


Ibiki couldn’t help but smile as Naruto gaped at the old man who had just walked into his office.

“You taught the Yondaime?” the blond was shouting, “And you write those dirty books Kakashi-sensei reads all the time!?! You’re a pervert!”

“Ha! Show’s what you know, gaki,” the white haired man replied, “I’m the Gallant Jiraiya, legendary Sannin of the Toads, and author of the most outstanding literary series of all time! I’m no mere pervert!”

Naruto frowned, even as Ibiki chuckled behind his desk. “Oh yeah?” the orange clad boy shot back, “If you’re not a just a pervert, then what are you, huh?”

Jiraiya, teacher of the Yondaime Hokage and Morino Ibiki, smiled at the young genin, kneeling in front of him. “I…am…a SUPER PERVERT!” he shouted, bowling the kid over with his voice.

Ibiki sighed, even as he recalled a similar event with his own team. *So many similarities,* he thought. *If Minato and Mikoto were both really here it’d be like a family reunion.*

“Naruto-san, as much as Jiraiya-sensei is an acknowledged pervert,” he spoke up, earning a growl from his old teacher, “We do need to get down to business. You’ve got 30 days to get into shape if you want to have a chance at paying that Neji boy back for hurting your friend.”

Naruto blushed lightly. “Friend?” he asked, “I…I wouldn’t call Hinata my friend…I mean, we hardly know each other, but she’s always been really nice…and she is pretty…”

Jiraiya smirked. “Oh ho,” he muttered, “The princess of the Hyuuga clan, and he wishes to play the heroic warrior defending her honor…oh, this could make a great book!” He quickly pulled out a scroll, jotting down some notes. “Now, all I need are some pictures…”


There was silence for a few moments, before something happened that frightened both Naruto and Jiraiya to their cores.


“HA HA HA HAAAAAAA!” the scared man bellowed. “Almost EXACTLY like Mikoto’s reactions to your hobby! Kami-sama, its like this kid’s an amalgam of all of the team!”

If he’d been a less observant man, he’d have never noticed the slight twitch Jiraiya gave.

“Well, maybe,” his sensei continued, “But we can discuss that later. You said you needed a favor, Ibiki-kun. What’s up?”

Ibiki’s face cooled, settling into its normal taciturn façade. He motioned for the two to sit, then steepled his hands in front of his face.

“Sensei,” he began, “…I watched this kid throughout first three exams. He’s got real potential, but its being squandered because of his burden.”

Naruto’s eyes widened, and he tried to speak.

“Jiraiya-sensei knows about it, Naruto-kun,” the scared jounin cut him off, “In fact, odds are he knows more about the seal than anyone, including Sandaime-sama. He was the one who taught the Yondaime all about seals.”

Naruto frowned, glancing over at the white haired hermit. The man nodded. “I wasn’t in the village for the actual sealing, but I did examine it afterwards,” he replied, “Its probably the most complex seal in the world to date, and I’m one of only roughly five people who would be able to understand it.”

“I know how much he taught the Yondaime,” Ibiki said, “I was a part of his squad, along with Uchiha Mikoto. Ironically, we were also called Team Seven.”

Naruto’s eyes widened, and he seemed to be in shock.

“Jiraiya-sensei, I want to help this kid achieve his goal,” Ibiki continued, “But, part of that goal is going to be acknowledging the…darker asptects…of being a shinobi. I want you to help me train him for the finals, and then I want your help to get him ready…for ANBU.”

Jiraiya frowned. “Did Danzo…” he began.

“Old one-arm hasn’t got any idea I’m doing this,” Ibiki replied, “I personally ended the careers of a number of his little ROOTs, and if he tries to start it up again, I’ll see too it he’s left hanging in the village square before the day is out.” He sighed. “Kakashi has been neglecting Naruto-kun’s training in favor of Mikoto’s boy. I called him on it, and decided to take Naruto on as my apprentice.”

Jiraiya nodded, turning to the awestruck blonde. “So, you want me to start teaching him about some of the more esoteric arts,” he said, “While you show him some of the things Hokage’s have to do, even if they don’t like it?”

“Basically,” Ibiki said, “That, and I want to see him knock that Hyuuga boy down a few pegs. I have a bet with Anko that Naruto will get promoted over him.”

Naruto’s eyes narrowed. “A bet?”

“Loser buys the winner dinner,” Ibiki clarified, “And with Anko’s appetite for dango? That could ruin me.” He smirked. “Mostly though, I just want to see you put on a good show.”

Jiraiya laughed. “Relax kid,” he said, “Lots of people bet on the Chuunin exams. Even the Fire Daimyo does…he’ll be here mostly to see if his bookies steered him right.”

“Regardless, it is still a test, Naruto-kun,” Ibiki continued, “And I want to see you pass it too. Becoming chuunin is a requirement for becoming a true ANBU member.”

Naruto nodded. “If…if I do pass, and get promoted, does that mean you’ll become my sensei full time, Ibiki-sama?” he asked.

“Yes, it does,” the bandana clad man replied, “Jiraiya-sensei will teach you things I can’t, like sealing and maybe even some of the Yondaime’s moves.” Jiraiya chuckled at that. “But if you pass, I’ll induct you into ANBU and get you trained up so you can achieve your goal.”

Naruto smiled. “Hokage isn’t just my goal!” he replied, “Its my dream! I’ll become Hokage, and I’ll protect everyone with all my strength.”

Jiraiya smiled lightly. *He’s just like both of them, with a bit of Ibiki and Mikoto-chan too,* the toad sage thought. *I hope Ibiki’s right about that potential…he’s gonna need it if those rumors are true.*

“Okay, Ibiki-kun,” Jiraiya replied, “I’ll do the favor. A month to get a loudmouth ready to take on a prodigy from Konoha’s ‘strongest clan’? Heh, should be a challenge.”

Ibiki nodded. “Naruto will train with you during the day then,” he said, “At four in the afternoon, he’ll come here and work with me. We can start up his training with you tomorrow.”

Jiraiya nodded. “Okay then,” he said, turning to Naruto. “Where should we meet before we start your training kid?”

“Ichiraku Ramen!” Naruto replied, “Best food in town!”

“Ramen…Kami-sama, you’re like Mikoto and Kushina combined,” the toad sage whispered. In a normal tone, he replied, “Okay. Seven a.m. sharp! We’re going to work you to the bones, and then grind those bones into powder. No slacking at all!”

“Hai, Ero-sennin!” Naruto replied.

Jiraiya found himself meeting the floor very quickly, while Ibiki laughed.


“But you are an Ero-sennin!”



*What have I done?* Ibiki wondered.

After a while (filled with creative insults and a mild scuffle [read; Naruto getting pounded into the floor]), Jiraiya left, reminding the orange clad boy to meet him at seven. The pair sat there for a few moments, until Naruto finally voiced a question in that had been brewing in the back of his mind.

“Umm, Ibiki…sensei?” he asked.

“Yes, Naruto-kun?”

“Ero-sennin said that you’d be teaching me about…the darker aspects…?” the kid asked.

Ibiki sighed. He’d been waiting for this question all day. “Naruto,” he said, “I want you to listen to me for a few moments. When I’m finished, then you can ask any questions you might have.”

Naruto nodded, sitting on his chair and focusing his attention on the cared man.

“Now,” Ibiki began, “First off, I want to tell you about the ANBU corps. You’ve probably heard about how we’re the ‘elite of the elite’, and a bunch of other ‘romatic’ tales of our feats.” At Naruto’s nod, he continued. “Its mostly a load of crap.”

“Huh?” Naruto voiced, shocked at Ibiki’s response.

“ANBU is among the best of the best of the best,” he went on, “But its hardly ‘romantic’ by any means. We’re the ones who do most of the assassinations, or deep cover operations in other countries. We’re supposed to be faceless and unemotional, our only focus on the Hokage’s will and the defense of the village. Exceptions can be made with people like myself, Anko-san, and even Kakashi, but for the most part, we don’t get real glory.

“Being ANBU is like being a shadow. People will know you are there, but they won’t really think much about you. You won’t be ignored, but you won’t be the ‘center of attention’ either.”

Naruto frowned. “Sounds…lonely.”

Ibiki shook his head. “Its actually not,” he replied, “While you maybe a shadow amongst the villagers and the majority of the shinobi populous, you’ll find comrades and friends amongst the corps. They’ll be the people who will comfort you when you’re hurt, and who’ll nurse you when your sick. They’ll be the ones who spill their blood with you, and who’ll you’ll spill blood with.

“The ANBU is like a brotherhood, and once you become a member you’ll always have a place in it.”

Naruto’s eyes were wide. “Like…like a family,” he whispered.

“A family with several darker parts,” Ibiki nodded, “As an ANBU, you’ll be called on to kill. You might have to assassinate a whole family because of only one member, or you might be called on to kidnap a child to be used as a hostage.” At Naruto’s frown he sighed. “Those kinds of events are very few and even farther between, but they can and do happen. The ANBU do the dirty work, and while we do get paid well for it, the price can sometimes be your soul.”

Naruto swallowed. “I…I almost killed Mizuki,” he muttered, “Back when he tricked me…and on my team’s first real mission there was this guy…”

“The incident with Momochi Zabuza and the boy Haku,” Ibiki replied, “Kakashi filed a report with Hokage-sama. I read it…you did an honorable thing, trying to spare the kid’s life. However, as an ANBU, you won’t usually have that option. In most cases, it’ll be kill or be killed.”

“I…I think…I understand,” the blonde boy replied.

“Now, its not just always killing that can make this an…unpleasant job,” Ibiki continued, “Sometimes, when we’re in need of information…well, you remember my scars from the first exam, right?”

Naruto looked ill. “Yeah…” he muttered, “You’ve been…”

“Tortured,” Ibiki nodded, “And as much as the Yondaime, and Sandaime-sama wished otherwise…we also use torture to extract information from captured enemy ninja. The division of ANBU I’m in charge of is the Interrogation and Torture department. Its my job to get the info our prisoners have for the village’s defense. I’ve even earned an ‘A’ ranking in Iwagakure’s bingo book because I’m very good at what I do. There’s a special note that tells all of their ninja to swallow cyanide pills if their captured, because no matter the conditioning they might have…I can, and will break them.”

“So, when you said you were gonna teach me about the darker aspects…” Naruto trailed off.

“Yes,” Ibiki replied, “Part of your training will be to help me break a prisoner.” He stood up, and walked to Naruto’s side, kneeling next to him. “I’m not gonna lie to you kid…this job is gonna be disturbing to you. You’re gonna be asked to do some things that you normally would never think of doing. You’re gonna see things done to people that WILL give you nightmares. The most important thing to remember in all of this is that these people would use the information they have to hurt those you care about…that they want to destroy our home.

“Torture isn’t all that effective a means of getting information, but it can yield results if you know how to play with the mind. That is the main lesson I’m going to be teaching you over the next few days…how to play with the mind.”

Naruto’s face scrunched up. “If I learn how to play with the mind…can I use that against Neji?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ibiki said, “A person’s greatest weapon, yet also their greatest weakness, will always be the mind. If you learn how to play with the mind, then coupled with your skills at tactics, and the training Jiraiya-sensei will give you, and you’ll not only beat that Hyuuga, you’ll get your promotion.”

Naruto seemed torn. “I don’t like the idea of hurting people,” he muttered, “I always knew I’d have to…I’m a shinobi after all.” He sighed, then looked into Ibiki’s dark eyes. “Teach me…Ibiki-sensei.”

Ibiki smiled lightly. “Are you sure?” he asked, “You can still change your mind. Jiraiya-sensei will still get you ready for the finals I’m sure…”

“I may not want to hurt people,” Naruto said, “But if I learn this stuff, I can protect the one’s I hold precious better.” The blonde stood, before bowing to the scarred jounin. “Show me how, sensei. Teach me what to do, so I can use it for the good of my village.”

Ibiki smiled again.


Neko stared.

“Ibiki-taicho, this is really irregular,” she said, as her leader walked into the interrogation room, the orange clad boy coming in behind him.

Horse snorted. “A new member huh?” he asked, looking at the Uzumaki boy, “I didn’t know you’d be robbing the cradle for fresh meat, taicho.”

Ibiki frowned. “I’ve taken Naruto-kun here on as an apprentice,” he said, “He’s going to be training in interrogation methods with us, as well as physical and ninjutsu training with Jiraiya-sama.” The three ANBU members gasped at this. “If Naruto-kun here passes the exams, he’ll become a full time member of the I.T. department, and a full ANBU trainee.”

Neko frowned behind her mask. “I thought Hokage-sama ruled against bringing in youngsters after Uchiha Itachi’s crime,” she muttered.

“He did,” Ibiki replied, “But Naruto-kun here is different, and I believe that ANBU will do him some good.”

“But why the I.T. division?” Eagle asked. “We do stuff here that even the Hunter-nin division shudders at.”

Naruto took this opportunity to speak up. “I know that torture is horrible,” he said, “But if I’m going to become Hokage one day, I need to understand that there are some really bad things about being a shinobi. This may shake me, but it won’t stop me from achieving my dream! I never back down!”

Horse chuckled. “So, let me ask you this then kid,” he said, kneeling in front of the boy, “If you wind up dealing with a captured ninja here, and after he or she’s spilt the beans, could you kill them if necessary?”

“Wha…” Naruto stuttered.

“Can you take a kunai, and run it through an enemies eye, or across their throat?” Horse continued, “The I.T. division does some of the dirtiest work in all the ANBU. We make those who need to disappear, disappear.”

“Can you do that, Uzumaki-kun?” Neko asked. “Can you take a person’s life, when they can’t do anything to stop you?”

Naruto frowned, bowing his head. His mind rushed through memories, of times he begged for help but never received it. Of Haku, and the people of Nami no Kuni.

He thought about what would happen to Sakura, Hinata, and his other comrades…and he made his decision.

“I could,” the boy whispered, looking up into Horse’s mask covered face, “I’ll admit, I don’t like the idea of killing, especially when an enemy is helpless…but to protect my village, and those precious to me?…I can.”

Ibiki smiled. “Then you just passed your first test, Naruto,” he said.


Neko knelt next to the confused boy. “We ANBU are often called emotionless machines, whose only purpose is to kill,” she said, “And sometimes people are right about that. There have been real monsters who came out of ANBU, people like Uchiha Itachi to name an example.”

“Uchiha…” Naruto whispered.

“Later,” Ibiki interrupted, “One of the greatest enemies Konoha has to date was not only an ANBU for a time, but is also one of the Densetsu no Sannin; Orochimaru.”

“Who…is that?” Naruto asked.

“Orochimaru was a member of the only three man squad that was taught by Sarutobi-sama,” Eagle explained, “His teammates were Tsunade-sama, the granddaughter of the Shodai Hokage, and Jiraiya-sama. Together they became known as the legendary three…until Orochimaru betrayed the village.”

“Betrayed…what did he do?” Naruto asked.

“He murdered shinobi, villagers…children,” Ibiki explained, “Orochimaru is obsessed with ninjutsu, and was always trying to find a way to learn more. Recently, we learned that he’s turned his eyes onto your team…in particular, Uchiha Sasuke.”

Naruto’s blue eyes lit up in understanding. “Sasuke’s sharingan!” he exclaimed.

“Exactly,” the scarred jounin replied, “During the second exam, he was the one who attacked your group. In the process, he placed a curse seal on Uchiha-san. Kakashi kept that information from you, though I don’t know why. Regardless, we think Orochimaru is attempting to recruit Uchiha-san for his new village, Otogakure.”

“So, those Oto-nin from the exams…” Naruto muttered.

“Were acting on his orders,” Neko finished. “The one who advanced has vanished, presumably for training, and the one Aburame-san crippled is in the hospital. We couldn’t interrogate either one about Orochimaru’s plans…so we went with the third option.”

Here, she stood, and motioned to the table behind her. Naruto’s eyes widened as he recognized the girl from the exams.

“That’s the girl Shikamaru knocked out,” he said. He turned to Ibiki. “Ibiki-sensei…does this mean…”

Ibiki nodded. “As of the end of the preliminaries, she became our prisoner,” he confirmed, “We’re going to break her, and get whatever information we can out of her. We think Orochimaru is planning an invasion at some point, and this girl could give us clues as to when that might happen.”

Naruto nodded. He turned to the girl. “I think she did something to Sakura-chan while we were in the forest too,” he said, “That fuzzy-brow guy, Lee, said something about them attacking us while I was out.”

“Out?” Ibiki asked.

“That snake freak did something to me,” he said, “All I remember is getting something like a fist to the gut, and then waking up sometime the next day.”

“Hmmm,” Eagle grunted, “Orochimaru might have done something about…”

“Eagle!” Horse snapped.

“Eh, if he was going to mention the seal, I know all about it,” Naruto replied, shocking the three ANBU. “Hey, I was the one who stopped Mizuki when he tricked me into taking the Scroll of Seals…he blabbed about it.”

“Huh, I think I might pay that silver haired twit another visit sometime,” Neko growled.

“I’ll bring the chainsaw,” Horse grumbled.

“I’ll bring the beer.”

“Back to business,” Ibiki growled, shutting the two ANBU up, “Naruto, ask Jiraiya-sensei to look at the seal tomorrow. For now, I want you to watch and learn. At some point during this interrogation, I may ask you to help out. Other than that, I want you to watch and learn.”

Naruto nodded. “Yes, Ibiki-sensei,” he said. He walked over to a stool on one side of the room, hopping on it and observing the proceedings.

Neko walked over to the slumbering girl, pulling out a kunai. “One of the first things about interrogating an enemy prisoner is to keep them off balance,” she explained. Taking the kunai, she started slicing through the girl’s clothing. “Standard procedure for an interrogation, regardless if the prisoner is male or female, is to strip them of all clothing.”

“This can devastate a kunoichi’s will,” Ibiki explained, “One of the greatest fears all kunoichi have isn’t so much the torture, but rape.”

“Rape!?!” Naruto exclaimed.

“Relax kid,” Eagle spoke up, as he wheeled a cart over to the table. Resting on the cart were a set of senbon needles, a set of rings and bells, and a piece of paper. “Ibiki-taicho forbids the I.T. division from raping captured kunoichi. Doing that usually leads to the girls going catatonic and unable to render the information.”


“He means they lose their minds and can’t talk,” Horse explained, “Forgive Eagle. He likes to speak in big words.”

“Keep it up, and I’ll have a few little words for you…”

“Focus!” Ibiki growled. “As for rape…most of the other nations do rape female prisoners. The Tsuchikage is famous for his torturing of enemy kunoichi…and universally hated for it.”

Neko finished slicing away the girl’s clothing, leaving her pale skin bare to the room. “After an enemy is stripped, we search them for concealed weapons, poisons, and explosive tags,” she said, pulling on a set of rubber gloves. “We’d usually do this with the girl awake, but the struggles can get annoying.”

Naruto gulped as he watched the woman penetrate the unconscious girl’s pussy with her fingers, while Eagle and horse searched her hair and mouth.

“Girl’s a tricky one,” Eagle said, pulling a small role of razor wire from the girls raven locks. “Found the wire, and a cyanide pill inside it.”

“No false teeth,” Horse said, “No caps either. Guess she was never told about body and cavity checks.”

Neko finished her examination, pulling her fingers from the girls cunt. “Nothing in that one,” she said, “Turn her over.”

Ibiki motioned to Naruto. “Naruto, come here,” he said, “I want you to do this last check.”

Naruto gulped, but hopped down and walked forward. Neko handed him a set of gloves, which he put on. He leapt a little as a cold goo was poured onto his hands.

“We don’t want to damage her,” Neko said, “Be gentle, but thorough. Don‘t be fast, or you could miss something.”

Naruto turned, watching as the two male ANBU flipped the girl over, revealing her firm backside to the blonde’s gaze. He briefly felt a surge in his face, but forced it down, as he stared at the girls ass.

“It’s a nice one, huh kid?” Ibiki chuckled, causing Naruto to blush and the three ANBU to laugh, “You can admire it more later. Right now we need to finish the cavity check, and then interrogate this girl.”

Naruto nodded. “Y-yes…sensei,” he said, walking forward. He slowly raised his hands up and over the rounded globes, pausing for a brief moment. Then, with a sigh, he placed his hands down.

The girl’s skin was warm, and surprisingly smooth to touch. Naruto enjoyed it for a few seconds, before using his left hand to separate the two cheeks. He stared at the pink rosebud that till now had been hidden by the girl’s ass, and he gulped again.

“You can do it kid,” Horse said, “Remember, she could be hiding an explosive tag inside her ass. You have to find it if its there.”

Naruto nodded, placing his index finger at the puckered hole. He nearly jumped as he felt the girl’s muscles twitch at the contact. “She…twitched,” he said, looking at his new sensei.

“Responsive in the anal region,” Ibiki said, “That could prove useful during her breaking.”

Naruto nodded, not sure what he meant. Turning back to the nude girl, he firmed up his resolve. With a steady push, he slipped his finger inside the Oto kunoichi’s rectum.

“Its...warm,” he said, as he moved his finger further inside. “Kinda…smooth too. And tight, it feels like she might crush my finger.”

Neko shook her head while Horse and Eagle chuckled, and Ibiki snorted. “Just finish checking her ass, Naruto-kun,” Neko said, “After that, we’ll wake her up and start the interrogation.

Naruto nodded, twisting his finger around inside the girl’s ass. After a few minutes, he pulled out, and looked at Neko.

“She doesn’t have anything up there,” he said, frowning, “Doesn’t seem like a good place to put anything either…kinda gross.”

“You’d be surprised,” Neko said, “Courier ninja often hide important documents all over their bodies, including in their asses. Regular samurai and simple thugs rarely check that out.”

“We shinobi know better than to leave anything to chance,” Ibiki replied. “Now, before we wake her up, I want to ask you something Naruto.”

“Yes sensei?” he asked, turning to his new teacher.

“I want to hear you come up with some ideas for breaking this girl,” the tall man said, “You’re skill with pranks demonstrates the ability to ‘think outside the box’. Often, we break enemy ninja with standard treatments…beatings, whippings, hot pokers and the like.”

Naruto looked ill.

“I know, it does sound horrible,” Ibiki said, “For years, I’ve been trying to change that, but to date I have yet to find a way that works. I figure a fresh mind might help. So, given what you know about this girl…how would you break her spirit?”

Naruto frowned, then turned to the girl. “I guess…I should treat this like I was planning for a prank, right?” he asked.

Ibiki nodded. “If you want to think of it like that, then yes,” the scarred jounin replied.

Neko giggled as Naruto’s face took on a scrunched up, serious look. *Kawiii!* she thought.

Naruto looked over at the tray with the needles and bells. “Those were her’s, right?” he asked, looking over at Eagle.

“Yeah,” the masked man replied, “The tags were standard concussion style explosives, and the senbon were Ame no Kuni make - top grade. The only unusual things were the bells. There are some small seal indents on them that allow her to cast genjutsu after throwing them.”

Naruto nodded. “That’s what she was doing to Shikamaru,” he muttered, “All of these Oto nins use sound in some way…” his face scrunched up again, and the group stared as he began mumbling to himself.

After a few minutes, Naruto looked up. “Okay,” he said, “I think I have an idea.”


It was cold.

She didn’t understand why it was cold. It hadn’t been cold when she was called down to her match. Hell, it’d been almost uncomfortably hot since she’d first walked into the kami-forsaken village.

“Wakey wakey,” a voice came, penetrating the darkness.

Slowly, she opened her eyes, squinting at the bright light that was shining in her face. She shook her head, trying to clear the fog that was clouding her thoughts, as she tried to take stock of her situation.

“Where am I?” she asked, finding her voice. She heard several breaths in the room she was in, and she tried to stand up and see who was there.

When her body failed to heed her commands, she knew something was very wrong indeed.

She was sitting in a chair with a wire mesh seat, and her legs were strapped to the front with metal clamps. Her arms were raised up and bent backwards, over the head of the chair, and she felt some kind of rough rope circling her wrists. She tried to pull them forward, only to be rewarded with a rubbing against her womanhood. She looked down, dreading the idea of what she would see.

Her fears were confirmed; she was stark naked.

“What’s going on!?!” she shouted, “Who are you, and why have you brought me here!?! This is kidnapping!”

“Actually, its an interrogation, girl,” a rough voice said, its owner stepping into the light. She frowned as she recognized the man from the first exam.

“You…you had better release me right now!” she growled, “My master will not let you get away with this!”

“If you mean Orochimaru, then he probably would, actually,” the man replied, surprising the bound girl. “I didn’t get the chance to tell you kids what my job is when I’m not testing chuunin hopefuls. Let me correct that.”

He leaned forward, putting his face right in front of hers. “My name is Morino Ibiki, head of the ANBU Interrogation and Torture department.”

The girl’s eyes widened, and she trembled slightly.

“We know that Orochimaru is the leader of Otogakure,” he continued, “And we know he has an…interest in Uchiha Sasuke. What we want to know is why, and what Orochimaru is planning for the final exams? You, being the only Oto shinobi who’s both present and coherent, are going to tell us. Co-operate, and I’ll see if your life can be spared. Konoha does have a few laws that allow for that.”

The girl frowned, before spitting in his face. She smirked at his disgusted look, before speaking. “Tsuchi Kin, shinobi registration number 756-1827B. Genin, age 14,” she said, “That’s all you’ll get from me, bastards. I’ve been trained to resist genjutsu and torture, and I have a natural immunity to sodium pentothal. Do your worst, and I’ll just laugh.”

Ibiki frowned, before pulling a hankerchief from his pocket and wiping the spittle from his face. “Oh, I think my new apprentice can change your mind about that, Kin-chan,” he said, smirking at her growl from the familiar use of her name.

Another figure stepped into the light, and Kin gaped at who it was. “The loudmouth from the first exam!?!” she exclaimed, “If I wasn’t tied up and naked I’d be laughing!”

Naruto frowned at the girl, before walking over and pulling a scuba mask from a rack near by. “I’ve earned a reputation as one of the greatest pranksters in all of the village,” he spoke, surprising the girl with his casual tone, “Part of my genius is that my pranks are all about irony. My dream is to become Hokage, so one day…I took some paint, some brushes, and I tagged the monument of our villages leaders.”

Kin gaped at him.

“One time, because I hate perverts, and I knew that there were some in the ANBU department, I snuck in and pasted pictures of naked girls in the ladies masks, and guys in the mens.” A trio of growls came from the darkness, and he turned and smiled. “Sorry…but you gotta admit, it was original!”

Another series of growls was his only response.

“Anyway,” Naruto continued, looking at the naked girl again, “Ibiki-sensei asked me to think up a way to break you…your master did something to my teammate, and you hurt Sakura-chan. So, I figured I’d take my pranking skills and apply it here.”

Kin smirked. “Torture isn’t a prank, jerk-off,” she replied, “Making me laugh isn’t going to break me.”

Naruto smirked. “Irony can be the best torture of all,” he replied, “You’re from the ‘Sound’ village. So, sound is how you’ll break.”

With that, he slipped the mask on her, making sure the straps were good and tight. The mask covered her entire face, leaving her mouth open for the stream of curses she let out.

“You fucking pig! When I get loose I’m going to cut your balls off and use them for my new bells!” she shouted.

“I hope you like polka,” Naruto replied, flipping a lever.

Kin’s eyes widened as she was flipped upside down, and she let out a sharp scream as her upper body was suddenly submersed in ice cold water.

Neko walked forward, staring as the girl’s body thrashed in the chair. “I can see how cold water will shock her,” she said, “But how is this ironic.”

“Sound is where the irony is,” Naruto replied, “I once hid in the Kodama Lake from you guys after I put hot peppers in your coffee mixes. I was under water, but I could hear you speaking. As I got older, I trained my ears to understand what you were saying.”

“So, since she’s an Oto kunoichi,” Eagle said, walking forward.

“Her ears are probably better than Kiba’s,” Naruto replied, “And who doesn’t hate polka?”

He walked over to the water proof boom-box that Ibiki had brought in, pressing play, and then turning the volume to max. With a few quick movements, the music player was lowered into the small tub, as the girl’s thrashing renewed. The muffled strains of a polka march could be heard rising from the water, and the group collectively shivered.

“You have a sick mind kid,” Horse muttered as he watched the girl squirm in her bonds.

“I know,” Naruto replied.

After about five minutes, Naruto hit the lever again, and the girl was rotated out of the water. She gasped and panted, her tits shaking as she shivered from the cold. Naruto pulled the mask off her, and he smiled.

“What? You don’t like ‘Roll Out the Barrel’?” he asked. “I’m sure twenty more repeats and you’ll love it!”

“Y-y-y-you…fu-ck-k-k-ing bas-s-s-st…ard,” she growled out, her teeth chattering from her ordeal.

“What is Orochimaru planning?” he asked, “Tell me, and we can get you out of this. He’s not worth any more of this stuff.”

“K-ki-kiss…my…ass!” she slurred.

“It’s a nice one, so that wouldn’t be too unpleasant,” Naruto absently replied, “But I’ve got more for you if you don’t talk. Don’t think polka is all I came up with to break you.”

Kin just growled. Naruto sighed, before slipping the mask over her head again.

“Eagle, is the hot wax ready?” Ibiki asked.

“Candles are lit and the wax is melted, Ibiki-taicho,” came the reply.

“Naruto-kun, flip her,” the scarred jounin said. Kin’s eyes widened behind her mask as Naruto put his hand on the switch again.

“Sorry, no time for requests,” the blonde boy said, “But, don’t worry! The CD has five hours worth of polka on it! You won’t be bored!”

Kin could do nothing but scream as she was flipped into the icy water again.


Jiraiya shuddered as Naruto described what had been done to the prisoner that following morning.

“Torture by polka and cold water,” Jiraiya muttered, “Damn kid…that’s just…damn.”

Naruto nodded. “Ibiki-sensei did ask me to be ‘creative’ with my ideas on how to break her,” he said, frowning. “I don’t like doing that stuff, but I won’t let this Orochimaru guy do anything to the village.”

Jiraiya nodded. “Its never a good thing,” the wizened pervert replied, “As ninja, we do the things most ‘respectable’ people would find barbaric and cruel. Nobles frown on us, and samurai think of us as little more than thugs…but the fact is, we’re the ones who give up the most to protect the way of life that they treasure.” The old sage knelt down next to the blond boy. “We walk in shadow, and sometimes let that shadow rule us…but we must always remember that we do this for our homes, our people, and the one’s whom we love. If you keep that in your mind kid, then you’ll grow into a fine shinobi…and a decent human being.”

Naruto smiled brightly, and Jiraiya was forced to quell a surge of emotion in his heart. *He’s just like the both of them,* he thought, *As dedicated and caring as Minato…as kind, yet ruthless as Kushina. He’s…going to be great.*

“Now, we’ve got a lot of work to do,” the toad sage said, “Come on. First, we’re going to see what my ‘old friend’ did to your seal, and then we’re going to get you ready for that Hyuuga boy. I’ve got a few things that could help you out on that…and one of them might even be useful in your lessons with Ibiki-kun later.”

Naruto scowled. “We still have to break that Kin girl,” the orange clad boy said, “Ibiki-sensei said that he and Neko-sempai were going to keep her awake the whole day, but that she’d still have some fight left in her.”

“Sleep deprivation’s a basic interrogation method,” Jiraiya said, walking towards a nearby stream, the blond boy in tow, “It’s not very reliable on its own, but it does help to weaken a prisoner’s resolve. If they’re tired, they tend not to think straight, and might blab something useful without realizing it.”

Naruto nodded. “Kin did blab a few bad words during the…interrogation,” he said, “I don’t think she liked getting hot wax dripped on her butt.”

Jiraiya stumbled, before looking at the boy. “Hot and cold treatment?” he chuckled. “Was that your idea, or Ibiki’s?”

“Mine,” Naruto said.

Jiraiya shook his head. “Kid, you’re going to be a natural in the Interrogation and Torture department,” he muttered, “Though I hope you don’t grow to like it.”

Naruto shuddered. “If I ever do, then I’ll quit as a ninja,” he said, “I wouldn’t be worthy of my nindo if I ever did grow to like torturing people.”



“I swear, I ache in places that should never ache,” Naruto groaned as he walked into Ibiki’s office that evening, the scarred jounin arching an eyebrow at the limping blond.

“Jiraiya-sensei was rough on you, huh?” he asked.

“Ero-sennin’s nuts!” the boy shouted, drawing some chuckles from his new sensei. “What’s so funny?”

“Eh, Mikoto-chan said the same thing after one of sensei’s little ‘training sessions’,” he replied, “It didn’t help that she’d been wearing white clothes that day…water walking while dodging shuriken can get a little tricky, and VERY revealing.”

Naruto gaped. “Sasuke’s mom? In wet clothes!?!” he whispered.

“I think Minato and I both needed blood transfusions that day,” Ibiki continued, “Mikoto-chan…was very well formed.” A light blush graced the bridge of the scarred man’s nose.

Naruto frowned. “Why is it all my sensei’s are perverts?” he grumbled.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a pervert,” Ibiki replied, finishing up some paperwork, “The thing is, if you act on those feelings just for your own pleasure, then you become a monster. We may be interrogating this Kin girl while she’s naked, but we’re not getting any pleasure out of it. If you were, I’d kick you out of this office right now.”

Naruto shook his head. “I don’t think I could get pleasure from torturing someone,” he replied.

Ibiki shook his head. “It depends on the nature of the torture,” he said, “Ever heard of bondage or shibari?”

Naruto frowned, but nodded. “I know they teach shibari at the academy, but only to the kunoichi,” he said, “I asked Sakura-chan about it one time, but all she did was blush and deck me one.”

Ibiki chuckled. “I’ll have to have Anko come in and teach you about it sometime,” he said, “She’s the village’s shibari mistress…and she LOVES her work.”

Naruto shuddered. “That creepy examiner lady?” he asked, “I still shake every time I remember her licking blood off my cheek!”

Ibiki nodded. “She’s…a little quirky,” he replied, “But she’s also just under me in torture and interrogation skills. I talked to her last night, after you left…she thought the polka was a nice touch.”

Naruto smiled. “Really? It was that good an idea?” he asked.

“The prisoner started shuddering when we pumped the music into her cell last night,” Ibiki said, standing up and motioning for Naruto to follow. “Neko said she’s been reacting like she’s been getting dunked every time the song re-starts. We’ve had her on a treadmill almost all day, running as the song’s been playing…she might not be ready to break, but she’ll probably reveal a little bit just to get the music shut off.”

Naruto grinned. “Dang…the tune kinda grows on you after a while,” he said.

“Like a fungus,” his sensei smirked.


Kin moaned as her legs continued to pump up and down, the treadmill’s belt forcing her to run at a steady five miles per hour.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for a kunoichi like her; she’d been trained to run at ten mph for long distances and longer periods. She’d only been on this treadmill for about seven hours, and under normal circumstances, she’d be able to go for at least another four or five hours easily.

Under normal circumstances that is.

The damned music started up again, and the girl whimpered as she felt the phantom cold surge over her aching nipples, her breasts bouncing as she continued her run. Sweat poured down her naked body, seeming to chill her even more.

They’d played the song in her cell all night, splashing her with cold water every time it looked like she was starting to fall asleep. A few times the ANBU Neko had come in, giving her a quick series of spankings and forcing her to sit on the uncomfortable wire mesh chair she’d been given.

Dark bags now highlighted her brown eyes, and her ass sported a redness that didn’t seem to want to fade. The soreness seemed to intensify her fatigue, only a few short breaks for water allowing her to recover some strength.

Neko and Eagle stood by the machine, randomly altering the system and forcing more strain on the young kunoichi.

“Set the incline at nine,” Neko said, “She’s been on flat lands for about an hour now, so a nice steep mountain would probably be a welcome change.”

“A different polka tune would be good too,” Eagle muttered, “I’m going to have that song stuck in my head for weeks now.”

Kin groaned as she felt the treadmill’s front section rise, her calves and thighs straining to keep the pace the machine was set at even as she used her shackled arms to remain standing. “Notsohighnotsohighnotsohigh,” she whimpered, Neko and Eagle looking at her sweat soaked face, her doe brown eyes seeming to plead with her captors.

“Tell us what Orochimaru is planning, and we’ll lower it,” Eagle replied, “A small trade…you get to run a nice flat path, and we get to save our village. Its fair, right?”

Kin shook her head, her legs stumbling as she tried to keep her balance. “I…can’t!” she growled, “I…won’t…betray…”

“Girl, you’ve been betrayed already,” came Ibiki’s voice, the scarred man and the orange clad boy walking into the room, “If Orochimaru was going to rescue you he’d have done so by now…instead, you’re still in our ‘tender’ graces. Things can and will get a lot worse if you don’t start talking.”

Naruto walked up to the girl, looking up into her strained, tear-soaked face. “I came up with some ‘non-painful’ methods to break you,” he said, “But…even I know that sometimes you have to use pain. I came up with some painful methods to, and they’re also pretty ironic. Tell us what we need to know, and you won’t have to go through them. I don’t want to hurt you…but to protect my village and those who are precious to me, I will.”

Kin growled, even as her legs continued to burn, and her tits ached from being shaken around from her ‘jog’. She hawked back…and spat in the boy’s face.

Neko and Eagle growled, but a hand from Ibiki stayed them from attacking the running girl. Naruto frowned, wiping the girl’s spittle from his face, his blue eyes impassive as he stared at the girl.

“Ibiki-sensei?” he asked, looking over at his new teacher, “I don’t think she wants to talk. I’m…still not comfortable about this next bit…”

Ibiki nodded. “I wasn’t going to have you do it anyway, Naruto-kun,” he replied, “Neko will do it, but I want you to watch closely. It was your idea after all.”

Naruto nodded, turning his eyes back to the sweaty and naked Kin. She was surprised to see an almost…apologetic…look in his blue orbs.

“Irony…is the best torture,” was all he said.

Neko quickly lowered the incline on the treadmill, even as Eagle set the machine to slow down. Kin collapsed, groaning in relief as her legs were finally allowed to rest. Her head started drooping, her exhaustion from being dunked and kept awake all night, as well as being made to run, started catching up with her.

“None of that now!” Eagle shouted, hurling a bucket of ice cold water on the girl, drawing a distressed shriek from her. Neko quickly moved over to her, unshackling her arms and allowing Eagle to take one side while she took the other.

The pair dragged the limp girl over to a metallic frame. It was little more than two pipes standing upright, while two more were welded perpendicular to them - one across the top, and the other across the middle.

The pair of ANBU forced the naked girl against the middle pole back first, spreading her legs and strapping them to the vertical poles. Her arms were spread in a similar fashion, while a strap circled her waste and bound her to the middle pole.

“Has Horse finished with those new seals yet?” Ibiki asked, turning to Neko.

“He said it’d be about another hour when I last asked him, taicho,” she replied, “That was about twenty minutes before you walked in, so we still have a bit of a wait.”

Kin tried to ignore what her two captors were saying, instead taking the few precious moments to breath and calm herself. She had to admit, she was surprised that thre had been no actual ‘pain’ during her captivity per se; sure, the dunking had been jarring, and the hot wax on her ass stung, and that damn polka tune was grating on the nerves…but real pain? There hadn’t been any.

*Tayuya-sempai plays rougher games all the time,* she thought, as the three ANBU discussed things out of her ear shot, *But…this kid…* She cast a wary eye on the blond boy, who was busy reading over a scroll of some kind. *He can’t have really come up with these…torture methods…can he? He’s…he seems…to pure!*

She heard a scraping, and she turned to see the horse masked ANBU walk into the room. “I finished up the seals, Ibiki-taicho!” he said, wheeling a cart into the room. “Got to say, the R’n’D department was pretty curious about these…I think they’re gonna want the originals for study.”

Ibiki nodded. “After she spills, we’ll turn them over,” he said, “It’s a fairly ingenious idea. Orochimaru may be a sick fuck, but he does come up with some brilliant creations.”

Horse nodded, wheeling the cart over to the naked girl. “Alright, Kin-chan,” he said, patting the girl on her head and drawing a growl in response. “Naruto-kun came up with the basic idea for this next round, and we played around with it a bit…talk, and we can stop this. You can get some sleep, and we’ll even talk to Sandaime-sama about letting you live. Pretty fair deal, really.”

Naruto looked over at the cart. “How are we gonna use them on her if she doesn’t talk, anyway?” he asked.

Neko sighed, walking over and kneeling in front of the curious boy. “That’s where things will get kind of…messy, Naruto-kun,” she replied, “Let’s see if she talks first…”

“KISS MY ASS!” the bound girl shouted, thrashing in her restraints and causing her breasts to shake. “Go ahead and cut me, burn me…hell, fucking rape me! I WON’T BREAK!”

Ibiki frowned, walking up to the girl and slapping her. The girl gasped, and then turned her hate filled eyes on the tall jounin.

“Girl, lets get one thing straight right now,” he said, leaning forward and staring into Kin’s brown orbs, “I don’t allow rape in my prison. It may be a time-honored tradition in other nations and villages, but it makes me sick.” His hand shot up, and Kin let out a harsh cry as the scarred man grabbed and twisted her left nipple. “That being said, I have broken stronger kunoichi than you. I broke the only female member of the Kiri Shinobigatana Nananin Shu. She’s a slave of the Fire Lord now, and our lord love’s his shibari. She’s quite flexible, so he can experiment to his hearts content.”

Kin’s eyes widened, her breath hitching in her throat. She growled, trying to shake off the offending hand. “So…some Mist slut…squealed,” she panted, “I’m…Oto!…We…don’t break!”

Ibiki sighed. “Horse, get too it. I want her broken before the nights through.”

Horse nodded. “We’ll need to prep her some before we start,” he said, looking at the tuft of brown hair covering the girl’s soft pussy. “The seal tag works best on bare skin. I’ll also need some ice and a few other items.”

“I’ll get them,” Eagle said, “Need a razor and some cream?”

“Yeah,” the other male ANBU said, “And some aftershave…get the bottle from my locker.” Kin’s eyes bugged at the horse masked man’s words. “I use a really harsh style. It might loosen her tongue enough that we won’t actually have to get serious.”

“Doubt it,” Neko muttered.

“On it,” Eagle said, vanishing from the room with a quick shunshin. Naruto blinked.

“Umm,” he started, “I…have a…question.”

Ibiki smiled. “Go ahead and ask, Naruto-kun,” he said, “Remember, you’re here to learn how to interrogate and break enemy ninja. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Naruto nodded. “It’s just that…Eagle-sempai used shunshin no jutsu just now, right?” The adults nodded. “Why did he do that? The door’s right there.” He pointed to the door, which had been only a few feet from Eagle’s previous position.

The three adults and one prisoner gawked for a few seconds, before the adults found themselves tasting the floor, while the naked girl slumped in her bonds.

“Okay…maybe I was wrong,” Ibiki grumbled.

Eagle returned a few moments later, carrying a bucket with ice and a few other things in it. “You use that stuff from the Inuzuka clan Horse?” the bird faced ANBU asked, “Damn man…you know they like it because it helps them train their noses right? That’s why its so strong…”

“What can I say?” Horse replied, pulling the bottle out of the bucket, as well as a small can of shaving cream, a pair of scissors, and a small razor. “I like the sting.”

Kin started thrashing again, her breasts bouncing as she tried to free herself. “You keep that blade away from me, bastards!” she shouted, “Perverts! I won’t let you…”

“And how are you going to stop us, girl?” Neko asked, slapping the naked girl’s ass. “You’re the one restrained, and we’ve got carte blanche to break you. You want us to stop? Tell us what Orochimaru is planning!”

“I…I won’t!” Kin shuddered, “I…you don’t…scare me!”

“It’s plain to see that we do,” Ibiki replied, “And we’re going to scare you even more.” He turned to his new apprentice. “Naruto-kun!”

The blond boy leapt to his feet. “Yes, sensei?”

“I want you…to perform the shaving,” the scarred man replied.

Naruto blushed at that. “Me?” he squeaked, “Shave her? B-but I…I’ve never…”

“Think of it as practice for when you do,” Neko replied, “Just use the scissors first to trim the hairs down…”

“NO! KEEP BACK! DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME!” Kin interrupted, continuing to thrash in her frame, panting and sweating as she strained against her bonds.

“…then use the cream to soften her whiskers, and slide the razor against them to take them off,” the female ANBU continued, ignoring the brunette’s cries. “Be careful not to cut her, but get the hairs off.”

“If you need to tighten her skin a bit to shave properly, stick your fingers in her pussy and pull against her lips,” Ibiki said, “Not only will this let you get her bare fast, but it’ll help to weaken her resolve.”


Naruto gulped, but nodded. “Umm, if I need help?” he asked.

“Just take your time, Naruto-kun,” Horse said, setting a short stool in front of Kin’s trembling cunt. “It’s not a race…it’s more like trimming a bonsai tree. Patience is the key.”

Naruto nodded, trembling slightly as he picked up the scissors that Horse offered him, sitting on the stool and gazing at the struggling girl’s pussy.

The girl was beautiful, almost as pretty as Sakura-chan. Naruto, under any other circumstance, would have likely flown backwards with a massive nosebleed caused by being so close to a naked girl. Even his Oiroke no jutsu was created mostly from looking at old hentai magazines rather than actual girls.

He stared for a few moments at Kin’s trembling cunt, before sighing. As much as he hated the idea…he was an ANBU trainee now. He had a job to do.

“Stay still!” he ordered the shaking girl, “If you keep squirming like this then I might cut you down here. You’ve got a pretty body, and I’d hate to see it damaged.”

Kin would’ve blushed at his compliment, if she hadn’t been so terrified at the moment. Still, the gleaming blades of the tool in Naruto’s hands caught her attention, and his words struck a cord. With a shuddering sigh, she stilled.

“Get your jollies from this, sicko,” she grumbled, “It’ll be as close to a willing girl as you’re ever going to get!”

Naruto’s breath hitched at that. He paused, before turning his eyes up to the nude girl’s. Kin almost gasped at the depth of…pain…she saw in his crystal blue eyes.

“Y’know…you’re probably right,” he muttered, “A lot of people in this village…they see me as a monster.” The ANBU present all tensed at the dead tone of his voice. “I…I’ve never actually known real love. I’m an orphan, and I’m cursed with something no one should ever have to deal with…”

Kin found herself caught in his words, almost feeling the emotional pain the boy was keeping bottled up inside. Deep inside, she could almost…sympathize…with her young torturer; it was as if he’d lived a life far worse than either herself or Tayuya-sempai.

*Who is this boy?* she wondered.

“I don’t…I don’t know if anyone could love me,” Naruto said, his voice taking a hard edge, “But…even if that’s the case, I’ll love everyone, and I’ll protect them! I will be Hokage one day! And I’ll start protecting my home right now, by making you talk!”

He moved the scissors over Kin’s dark pubes…and started snipping away.

Kin trembled as the boy started divesting her of her last covering, baring her pink lips to the room and the gazes of the four adults present. She whimpered slightly as he started rubbing the shaving cream on her, before slipping a finger inside her tunnel, crooking in and pulling it out slightly. She groaned as he started scraping the razor across her sensitive skin, feeling her body begin to react to the subtle vibrations caused by his scraping of her mound, and the impromtu massaging of her inner folds as he probed her while removing her lower hairs.

After what felt like an eternity, the blond boy stood up, stepping back and allowing Neko to observe his work.

“Nicely done, Naruto-kun,” she said, running her own fingers along Kin’s newly denuded pussy and causing the girl to moan. “You even got the hairs near her asshole too.” She looked at him. “A natural at interrogation, and a natural at shaving too. If you get a girl whose into bondage, you’re going to make her one very happy woman.”

“Huh?” he asked.

“Later, kid,” Horse said, “I’ll tell you about it later.” He walked forward, picking up the bottle of aftershave and splashing a few drops on his hand. He turned to the panting prisoner, noting the slightly dazed look in her doe eyes. “Last chance before we get serious girl. Tell us what that snake bastard is doing, and we’ll stop this.”

Kin groaned. “Nooo….” she whispered, her pussy still tingling from Naruto’s administrations.

Horse sighed. “You asked for it,” he muttered, slapping his aftershave covered hand against her sensitive mound.

“AIEEEEEEEEE!” the girl screamed, her eyes coming alive as she started thrashing once more. Naruto watched as her tits bounced up and down during her struggles. “IT BURNS! IT BURNS!”

“It’s aftershave…its supposed to burn,” Neko replied, “Be thankful we decided to shave you girl…the last kunoichi we had in here we waxed instead.” The three men collectively winced at the memory, while Naruto merely looked confused.

Horse moved over to the tray, pulling a set of needles from a small tub that rested on it. “Naruto-kun, grab the bells and the rings from the tray please,” he asked, sitting on the stool. Naruto nodded, walking over and picking up the silver balls.

“M-my…my bells…” Kin whimpered, her pussy still burning from the aftershave.

“We studied the genjutsu seals you had engraved on them,” Horse explained, “Pretty ingenious strategy. Most genjutsu users are strickly long range fighters. With these bells, you can be mid or even close range while still casting your illusions.”

“We had our Research and Development department play around with them a bit,” Eagle said, “We asked them to follow along with Naruto-kun’s idea that irony is the best torture. So…now you get a taste of your own medicine. The seals will react to your chakra alone, so only you will see, hear, and feel the effects.”

“Nothing worse than your own techniques being used on you,” Ibiki said, sitting on a nearby chair. “Now, don’t think that the bells alone are the only part of this session…”

Horse chuckled. “The bells are only one facet of it,” he said, holding up the senbon in his hand, “The big part of this…is giving you some new jewelery.”

He reached up, pinching her left nipple. He started to twist and massage it, forcing it to become erect. Kin gasped and groaned, her eyes wide in fear as she realized what he had planned.

“NO!” she shouted, “NO! NOT THAT!”

“Oh yes, that,” Neko responded as Horse placed the tip of the needle at the base of her nipple. “That and more to come.”

With that, Horse slid the needle in…and through the hardened mound.

Kin howled, her body shaking as Horse sawed the needle in and out of her sore nipple. Her eyes were wide but unseeing, her mind clouded over with pain. After what seemed like a year, Horse pulled the needle out of her reddened teat. He made a quick motion to Naruto, signaling for one of the bells.

Naruto slid the bell onto the small silver ring before handing it to his new sempai, the horse masked man sliding the catch through the new hole in Kin’s breast and snapping it shut. A few quick hand seals later, and his hand was covered in green tinted chakra. He passed it over Kin’s sore tit, the new hole closing around the metal, healing as the chakra reinforced her body.

“Ohhhhh,” Kin groaned, her body sweaty and trembling as her head lolled from side to side. After a few moments, she regained her faculties enough to stare at her new…jewelery. “You…sick…fucks…” she whimpered, her tit still aching from this violation.

“We’re ANBU Interrogation and Torture,” Eagle said, sitting next to Ibiki, “We’re paid to be sick fucks.”

“And we get worse,” Horse replied, picking up another needle. “Now, we can do this again, or you can talk, Kin-chan. What’s it going to be?”

Kin shook her head, tears leaking from her eyes. “I…won’t…”

“Then we move on to tit number two,” Horse said, shoving the needle in. Kin howled again, squirming as Horse repeated his previous actions on her right nipple. A few minutes later, and a matching nipple ring adorned her right tit, a pair of bells now dangling from their new homes.

“You’ll be popular at Christmas time now, Kin-chan,” Neko joked, walking up and flicking on of her bells, causing her to whimper even as the bell tinkled.

“Bi…itch…” the distressed girl groaned.

“The seal,” Ibiki spoke up, “Have Naruto apply it.”

Naruto looked over as Neko pulled the tag that had laid on the cart. “Charge the tag with your chakra, Naruto-kun,” the female ANBU said, “Once you feel that its full, press the tag against her pussy…”

“WHAT!?!” the naked girl cried out.

“…but be sure to leave her clit uncovered,” Neko continued.

“Um, what does her ‘clit’ look like?” he asked, “I…I never studied girls that hard when making my Oiroke no jutsu.”

Neko smiled behind her mask. “Look here,” she said, kneeling next to Kin’s pussy, the brown haired girl struggling in her bonds. Neko reached up, parting Kin’s lower lips with one hand, while she pointed to a small bundle of tissue on the top of the girls pink pussy. “This little bundle of nerves is her clit,” the purple haired woman explained, “For girls, its usually a source of sexual pleasure. Stimulate this and most girls will just melt.”

Naruto’s eyes were as wide as saucers. “So, I need to leave that alone?” he asked, “It’s so small…I’d have probably missed it anyway.”

“Better to be sure,” Neko said, “This next…torture…has to be done just right. Mess it up and we’ll have to go with the messier techniques.”

Kin and Naruto both gulped.

“Okay,” Naruto said, picking up the white paper, focusing his chakra into it. Kin’s eyes widened as the markings on the tag glowed, dimly at first, before turning red and glowing brightly in the darkened room. Naruto walked forward, kneeling in front of the trembling girl.

“Nooooo….” Kin whimpered.

“You were the one who wouldn’t talk,” Naruto replied, pressing the tag to the shaking girl’s cunt.

Kin was surprised at the sensation. She’d been prepared for just about anything…buring, itching, shocking, even cold. Instead, the feeling was…pleasant. Like a gentle breeze blowing across her lower regions, soothing and stimulating at the same time.

She sighed, slumping slightly in her bonds, even as Naruto stared at the sight.

“Ummm, is she supposed to react like that?” he asked.

Ibiki chuckled, one eyebrow raised in surprise. “No, not really,” he said, “Seems like you surprised us once again, my new student. Looks like your chakra…is a mild aphrodisiac.”

“A wha…” the blond boy asked.

“It means your chakra can make girls feel good,” Neko said, blushing slightly behind her mask. “When you do get a girl, make sure you give her massages with your hands covered in chakra…I think you’ll both like the results.” *And whoever the lucky girl is will probably drain you dry, kid,* she added in her thoughts.

Naruto shrugged. “Okay…whatever that means,” he muttered, pulling the tag away (with a disappointed moan from the naked girl.

Horse chuckled. “Well, who wants to do the honors?” he asked

Ibiki stood up. “I will,” he said, walking forward while his hands flashed through a quick four seal sequence.

Inu, saru, hebi, usagi. “Ninpou: Heki Kouchou no jutsu,” he muttered, placing a blue glowing hand against Kin’s naked back, pressing between her shoulder blades.

Kin gasped, feeling her chakra start to surge through her, her new nipple rings drawing it from her chest and sliding it into the bells. A low ringing started echoing through the chamber…and Kin started to moan.

“What’s she seeing?” Ibiki asked.

Horse chuckled. “It’s more like what she’s feeling,” he said, “The auditory genjutsu matrix is bringing her most erotic memory to the forefront of her mind. Her chakra is being used to hyper-stimulate that memory, causing her arousal to increase. Basically…she’s feeling herself get fucked senseless, without actually being fucked.”

Naruto frowned. “But, isn’t that…”

“It’s her own memory, Naruto-kun,” Eagle interrupted. “We’re not making her feel it…she’s already felt it. What we are doing is making her relive it.”

“And that’s were the seal you put on her cunt comes into play,” Ibiki said, ignoring the displeased grunt from Neko, “The seal will keep her from actually coming…” As they spoke, Kin’s moans started to take a desperate edge, and she started shaking in her bonds again, her hips thrusting forward against some unseen lover. “See? We’ll leave her like this for a little while, and then we’ll see if she talks. The irony of this? Its her own pleasure and bells that’s going to break her.”

Naruto nodded, smirking slightly. “That’s…one heck of a prank,” he chuckled.

“Yeah,” Ibiki grinned.


*PleaseletmecumIneeditpleaseletthisstopohKamipleasemoremoremoremoremore,* Kin thought, her body sweating and under the torturous assault of her sexual memories.

“KAI!” a voice came, penetrating her thoughts. All at once, the pleasure surging through her nipples and pussy was gone, leaving her with the ache of non-fulfillment. She slumped in her bonds, gazing blearily at her five tormentors, moaning at the loss.

“Well?” Naruto asked, “Have a nice dream?”

“….bastards…” she moaned, “…so…good…bastards….”

“You tell us what we want to know, and we’ll let you feel the full thing,” Neko said, walking up to the trembling girl, flicking her rock hard nipples lightly. Kin groaned at the abuse.

“We could leave you under your own genjutsu for the rest of the night,” Ibiki spoke up, causing the girl’s eyes to widen in fear, “But that’d probably drive you mad. So, we have another option…”

Horse held up another needle, as well as a third ring and bell. “This time…you get it in your clit girl,” he said, “And then we activate the jutsu and leave you to writhe for two hours. It’s almost dinner time, and Naruto-kun here has an early day tomorrow.”

Kin groaned, slumping down in defeat. She knew she’d never withstand another round under that genjutsu. “…please…no…I’ll talk…” she whispered.

Ibiki smiled. “Good girl,” he said.

“…please…one thing,” the girl asked, looking up at the scarred man with pleading, tear-filled eyes.

Ibiki scowled. “You’re a prisoner, not a guest,” he growled, “You don’t get requests.”

“Please…let…him fuck me,” she whispered.

The five interrogators stopped dead at that. “WHA….” they all asked.

“You…used my memories,” she confessed, “That…pleasure…it was all him!” she motioned to the blond boy, the adults gaping at him.

“What!?!” Naruto asked.

“The seal…the shave…you…I’d never…felt such…pleasure,” she admitted, panting and blushing from her ordeal. “That…whole time I…was under…was about you.” She looked at him. “I’ll tell you…anything I know…everything…you can do anything you want! Just please! Fuck me!”

Naruto gaped, turning to Ibiki. “Sensei?” he asked, “What…umm, I think we…” he trailed off, motioning to the hyper aroused girl.

The four adults were silent for a few moments…and then Horse and Eagle busted up laughing.

“Oh, now this is RICH!” Horse guffawed, slapping his knees.

“Oh, Jiraiya-sama would love this for his works!” Eagle laughed, pulling a notebook from his vest. “I got to write this down.

Ibiki and Neko sighed, shaking their heads. “You recruited them,” the purple haired woman said, looking at her taicho.

“I know,” Ibiki groaned. He sighed, looking at Naruto. “Kid, we need to talk.” He looked at Kin. “You answer Neko’s questions like a good girl…and we’ll see what we can do.”

He motioned Naruto to follow, and the pair walked out.


“Okay, Naruto,” the scarred jounin started, pulling a pot of coffee of its base and pouring himself a cup. “We’ve got…an issue here.”

“Sensei?” the blond boy asked.

“You’ve successfully broken your first enemy kunoichi,” the head of the Interrogation and Torture department said, “Once you pass the exams, we’ll bring you in for an intensive training course for the ANBU. Congratulations…you are now and official ANBU candidate.”

Naruto smiled brightly. “YATTA!” he shouted, jumping up in joy.

“Hold it!” Ibiki snapped, causing the boy to sit back down. He smirked at the contrite look on his face. “We’ve got to deal with the issue first.”

Naruto frowned. “Kin?” he asked.

“Yeah, Kin,” Ibiki replied. He took a sip of his coffee, enjoying the bitter liquid as it burned its way down his throat. “She’s willing to talk…but she wants you as well.”

Naruto blushed. “To…fuck…me,” he whispered.

“For you to fuck her,” Ibiki corrected, “She let out a slip of the tongue. She offered herself to you, to do anything you want.” The scarred man leaned forward, staring into his pupils bright blue eyes. “That provides us with an opportunity.”

“Huh?” Naruto grunted.

“There’s a clause in Konoha law regarding captured ninja,” Ibiki explained. “In most cases, we kill them once they’re broken, and we’ve squeezed them dry of info. However…if one offers his or her services too the village or to a member of the village in particular, we can enact a ‘slavery’ clause.”

“Slavery?” Naruto frowned, “I…”

“This gives you a chance to gain a loyal follower,” Ibiki said, “Kin’s got some skills as a kunoichi, and she knows something about Orochimaru’s plans. You enact the slavery clause, and we not only get the info, we get her skills as well.”

Naruto continued to frown. “But…I don’t want to…”

“Its either that, or she dies Naruto,” Ibiki sighed, drawing a gasp from the blond boy. “She’s admitted to being a loyal servant of our potentially greatest enemy. The best she could hope for is a quick injection of poison. Most likely, she’d be sent to the Fire Lord’s executioner, and be tortured to death.”

Naruto frowned. “But…if she could be useful…”

“The only way to convince the council and the Fire Lord of that is to enact the clause,” Ibiki replied. At the blonds troubled look, he sighed. “Look, it wouldn’t be the first time, or for that matter the last, that we’ve envoked this clause. The Shodai had five slaves…one of whom he went on to marry. His brother had a slave-girl from each of the five major villages, including this one! The Aburame clan head, Shibi, has two slaves - a boy and a girl - from Kusagakure. Hell, even Minato had a slave girl.”

Naruto’s eyes shot up. “Yondaime-sama…had a slave?” he asked.

“He did,” the scarred man replied, “A girl from Takigakure. She tried to assassinate…a good friend of his. He caught her, and after she broke, he claimed her. It turns out she was being blackmailed by Iwa to act like she did. Minato killed the man who was blackmailing her.”

Naruto sighed. “So, its not against the law,” he muttered, “But…what about how she’ll be treated? The Kyuubi…”

“At worst, the fools who see you as the Kyuubi will just see a willing servant to the beast,” Ibiki replied, “At best? They’ll see you with property. It might actually help your standing with some of the more ‘respectable’ clans.”

The blond boy sighed again. *Sakura-chan’s going to kill me,* he thought. Looking up at his sensei, he nodded.

“Okay…I’ll claim her.”


Kin was kneeling on the floor of her cell when Naruto walked in. Her bells jingled as she shifted position to look up at the blond boy.

“You offered yourself to me,” Naruto said, “Are you sure about that?”

Kin trembled, staring into his blue eyes. “…Yes,” she whispered.

“Konoha law says I can spare your life…if I take you as my slave,” the blond replied, staring at her shocked eyes. “Ibiki-sensei says he’ll have the necessary forms ready by tomorrow afternoon, and Neko and Horse will spend the day putting seals on you. The seals will bind you to me. You’ll be my…toy…nothing more than property after that.”

Kin shuddered. She hadn’t expected this, but even she knew what would happen if she didn’t go through with it. *Well…he is cute,* she thought.

“…Take me then,” she said, bowing her head to the floor, her bells jingling as her nipples touched the cold stone. “I’d rather live as your slave…then be chopped to pieces.” She lifted her eyes to his once more. “All that I am…is yours now…


Naruto sighed. “Then stand…my slave,” he muttered. Kin rose to her feet, and Naruto walked up to her. He gulped slightly, before pulling her face down to his.

The kiss was slow, gentle, and surprisingly good for both of them. Kin sighed as Naruto broke the kiss, her eyes slightly glazed as her body started to recall the pleasure the genjutsu had caused her.

Slowly, she slid own to her knees, her hands tracing the wasteband of Naruto’s orange pants. “What are you…” the blond started.

“Shhh,” Kin whispered, drawing his pants down, her eyes glued to the bulge hidden by his black boxers. “I…want to give you something…master.” Slowly, she drew the black garment down, her eyes widening at the sight of his manhood.

Her new master wasn’t huge really, though he was certainly ‘above average’ for his age and size. His shaft was probably about six, six and a half inches long, and about two inches wide. What surprised the doe eyed girl was the lack of pubic hair around his lower region. He’d obviously hit puberty some time ago…but he was smooth, much like her own mound now.

*Naturally bare?* she wondered, even as she started to caress her new owners cock, *You are a strange one…master.*

She gave the tip a tentative lick, causing the boy to moan. “Kin…chan,” he muttered, causing the girl to blush. She breathed deep of his scent, giving his shaft a long, slow lick, kissing each of his balls as she reached the base.

“I’ve…never given…a blowjob before, master,” she said, looking up at him, “Please…tell me if I’m doing good.”

With that, she sucked his length into her mouth, keeping her teeth covered as her tongue started lashing at the fleshy rod.

“K-k-kami-sama!” the boy groaned, grabbing his new servant’s head as she bobbed up and down his prick. “Kin-chan…so…good! GOOD!”

Kin smiled around his cock as she savored its flavor in her mouth. She’d expected the smell to be horrible, and the taste even worse. Instead…he smelled woodsy, like the trees that surrounded the village. His taste was quite salty, but with an undercurrent of…lemon almost.

She…liked it!

“Kin…I…I feel…” Naruto started to groan. Kin instinctively knew what was coming (pardon the pun), and she leaned back, leaving only the tip of his cock in her mouth. She gave a strong suck on her ‘flesh-pop’ causing the boy to growl, as a burst of hot liquid surged into her mouth.

*Its salty…but kind of bitter too,* the brunette thought as she swallowed the boys cum, licking the tip of his cock clean of its juices. *I’m not sure it tastes too good, but I can live with it.*

The girl was surprised when her master pulled her to her feet, planting a deep kiss on her mouth, thrusting his tongue into her wet cavern. She squealed as she felt his fingers reach down and play with her petals for a few seconds, before lifting them up to their faces. She stared, wide eyed, as he licked his fingers before smiling.

“Nice,” he said, “Not as good as miso ramen…but nice.” He held the finger to her lips, and she obediently sucked on the offered digits. She found her own taste to be…pleasant.

She felt her master push her to the small cot she’d been given, and she stumbled as he forced her on it. “Open your legs,” he said, “I’m…going to return the favor.”

Kin gasped, her legs parting and her face flushing at his declaration. Her new master lay down, his nose right at her entrance. She giggled as a puff of air from his nostrils tickled her clit.

Naruto wasn’t sure how to start, so he decided to improvise. He stuck out his tongue, placing it at the base of Kin’s pussy, almost touching her asshole. With a long, slow move, he drew his wet organ up her sensitive folds, before thrusting it hard against her clit.

Kin screamed in pleasure as the blond repeated the action, her hips thrusting up to meet his probing organ. “MASTER!” she shouted, her body seizing up as an orgasm washed over her nerves, leaving her a trembling, babbling wreck.

Naruto just kept licking, driving her wild and into another earth shaking climax. She panted and groaned, laughing even as tears streamed from her eyes.

And still he kept licking.

He drove her to six more orgasms before she begged him to stop. Her body tingled as he stood up, looking down on her with…a surprising look of fondness.

“We’ll finish up tomorrow night,” he said, leaning down and kissing the girl’s cheek, his fingers toying with one of her nipples, causing her to moan. “I…like how you taste,” he chuckled, “I think I’ll make it a rule that I lick you for a couple hours each night.”

Kin’s eyes widened, her body shaking in pleasurable fear. *Kami-sama…how could I survive that!* she thought.

“Till tomorrow…my slave,” the boy said, walking out.

“What…have I…gotten…myself…in…to?” the girl moaned, her pussy twitching as she continued to ride the waves of pleasure she’d just been given.

Slowly, she slipped into a realm of dreams, filled with tongues and tortures that caused her more pleasure than she could ever have known…

End Chapter 1.

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