A Soldiers Duty

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Character profiles

Of cause these are the changes of the real characters or added character
More will be added later and profiles may be added to.

Name (sex) - meaning sex used(only used for E) --
Character profile

SAKU (E) - Remembrance of the Lord F
Sakura’s new name. She has long Pale Light pink hair down to mid thigh, Emerald eyes, and fair skin. First appears by this name 33 years old and married to Gaara. most powerful fighting Medic-nin.
Amarante Kura no Sabaku (F) - Flower that Never Fades of the sand
Saku’s and Gaara’s daughter and appeared at age 4. One of the most powerful nin and growing stronger following in her parents’ footsteps. Controls sand like Gaara and heals like Saku. Long, bright red hair down to the smalls of her back, emerald blue eyes, and fair skin.
Kuma (F) - Bear -- 
A skinny old medic-nin. Snowy white hair, brown eyes, and dark tanned, skin. Age appears is unknown.

MAEMI (E) - Honest Child M --
Dark Blue hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. One of Gaara’s student’s team members. He is very outspoken when need be.

Mitsu (E) - Light or Honey/Nectar M --
Dark Blonde hair, Honey Brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Son to Kuma, and a Student of Sakura who is learning to become a medic-nin.

KAIYO (F) - Forgiveness --
6 years old. She has white eyes and long blackish brown hair. She is the daughter to Hinata and Kiba.

KEIJI (M) - Lead Cautiously --
his hair pulled back and spiked (like Shika). His eyes were a dark blue shade. He is 6 yrs old and is the son to Ino and Shikamaru.

SAMURU (M) - His name is God --
7 yrs old, long black hair tied back in a long braid and has white eyes. He is the son of Neji and Tenten.

It has been two years since the day she left. Why Did Sakura Haruno leave? She couldn’t take the pain of seeing her two teammates not only sneaking behind her back, but not even coming clean when she found out. That had been ten years. At the time she was eighteen, and NOW she was twenty-eight and returning to the village the same village she had once called home now married. Though only her, her husband and his family knew of it.
“Saku... Sakura?!” A loud voice shouted through the crowded village. At that everyone stopped and looked at the young blonde woman. “Is that you Sakura Haruno?”
“Uh… Sort of.” a man stood bye her as every one looked from Sakura to the two on the other side of the village.
“How Can you be sort of Sakura Haruno?”
“Well, You see…” a loud voice rang out. She knew that voice very well
“Hi Temari, were are the guys?”
“Huh oh they……” They all looked back the gate to find Gaara Choking Kankarou with sand while Kankarou sent charka latching at him. The two fell back and started to fight. As they went for their last attack Sakura appeared in the middle of them.
Gaara flashed in front of her and put up a sand shield. When the sand left went down Kankaru and Temari were right beside them. And found Gaara knelt done over her. Temari Shouted
“Huh, Gaara it’s ok.” Gaara stood and help Sakura up to “yeah I’m fine. Now what were you two fighting about?” Gaara gave Kankaru a deadly look as he looked away. Kankaru said
“I just said he is like an overprotective killing Panda.” Gaara started to growl but was held back by Saku.
“Well you stop it. We are on a mission, NOT a vacation trip. Temari, can you go get me some icy water?”
“Sure thing, Excuse me can I have this thanks.” *SPLASH* Gaara was dropping wet from his hair.
“Temari, I didn’t mean to dump it on Gaara and that wasn’t water.” Temari took a sip from the cup.
“Nope it was Vodka... Too bad that was the good stuff, Sorry bro.” Saku help dry Gaara off with a spare shirt of hers. Then Turned to a silver haired man and said
“Sorry sir, I didn’t mean for her to take your drink.” He looked at her shocked
“Huh, Kakashi?”
“What are you doing we thought you were taken as a prisoner.”
“Nope Tsunade Secretly Sent me to the Sand Village and I stayed with them.”
“Why, when we went to look…”
“I didn’t want to be found. It was better that I left. Tsunade made sure that I was safe from being found until I wanted to be.” Kakashi pulled her into a hug and said
“Naruto and Sasuke were worried about you.”
“Please don’t tell them of this.”
“Well you might get seen. Sooner then you…”
“All we were told was to make sure the hokage had gotten this. We weren’t told that we, ourselves had to do it, and I asked if we could hand it through people. I trust you with this. Please hand it to the hokage as well as erase your memory of this… of me. I’m no longer the Sakura that you taught.” Gaara’s voice said
“Saku, Let’s hurry back.”
“Kakashi promise me at least that much. Here tell them that I am died.” Sakura handed the head band to Kakashi with the package. “Tell them I died after giving this to you.”
“Goodbye, Thanks for everything Kakashi. tell everyone the same.”
“Saku let’s go I’m hungry and we left all of the food back at the house. Gaara what are you doing?” Sighing she ran after her team.

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