Family Bonds

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~Family Bonds~

Sasuke's eyes flew open as a loud crashing sound was heard coming from somewhere in his house.

'What the hell was that?'

Sasuke stood up from the warmth of his bed, only clad in a pair of black boxers, and opened his bedroom door enough to peer through. There was another loud crash, whoever was in his house wanted to be known to him.

Sasuke walked slowly, careful not to make a sound, as he followed where the noise was coming from.

'The kitchen?' What idiot would be in his kitchen at two in the morning!? They must be extremely hungry, or just plain stupid. Sasuke tiptoed until he was a few feet away from the intruder. His eyes widened as he saw who was in his house.

"Itachi." The words themselves were forbidden to him. The man whom he hated the most in the world was standing right in front of him and he was frozen in place, unable to do a thing about it.

The older man turned around, looking at Sasuke with hunger. Sasuke stood under the soft moonlight coming through a window. The soft light caused a beautiful shadow across his small body. His hair was ruffled, his body was shaking. His little brother portrayed the perfect picture pure innocence, but that all was going to change tonight.

Itachi licked his lips as he moved closer to his little brother. Sasuke backed away as fast as he could, which was as slow as a slug! He felt ... unable to move away from the taller man. Even as the man drew closer, even when that hand touched his face, he still couldn't move. He was frozen, and trapped, as he soon realized he had backed right into a wall.

Itachi slid his forefinger across Sasuke's soft lips as he stared into the dark eyes of his younger brother. Sasuke flinched as Itachi caught his chin in-between those long, slender fingers. Itachi drew his face closer to Sasuke's, brushing his lips softly against his little brothers, whispering, "Tonight Sasuke, you are all mine."

Sasuke gasped as Itachi pressed his lips against his own, allowing a tongue to invade his mouth. Sasuke grabbed the other man's shirt, trying to pull the him off, but he soon realized that this was a battle that had already been won.

Itachi broke the kiss, biting Sasuke's lower lip as they parted. He caught Sasuke's wrists, ripping them away from his clothes and pinning them over the smaller boys head. His older brother smiled at him, but it was a smile that frightened Sasuke, he knew Itachi was going to hurt him, was going to humiliate him, but something inside him told him otherwise. Did he want this ... needed this?

"Little brother, are you trying to push me away?" Itachi grabbed both of his wrists in one hand, holding them tight. Sasuke hissed in pain, shaking his head and trying to break free from his brothers grasp, but failing again.

Itachi smirked, leaning close enough for Sasuke to feel his warm breath against his ear, "It's useless, don't fight it."

Their lips met again, more bruising than passionate, but it still held passion. Sasuke felt Itachi stroke his side, the soft skin of his fingers sending tingles of pleasure through his body. Sasuke arched into his brother, breaking their kiss and rolling his head to the side. Itachi took this to his advantage, and began kissing the pale skin of Sasuke's neck.

The smaller boy closed his eyes, moaning as he felt Itachi's tongue trail patterns all across his neck. Suddenly, he gave up on fighting, there was no use in trying to stop Itachi. He felt his older brother smile against his skin, he knew that there was no more resisting.

The same tongue that was licking his neck moved down, leaving a wet trail down his chest. Itachi took a nipple into his mouth, sucking softly, causing his small brother to moan his name. How long did he yearn to hear his name from those lips. He let go of Sasuke's wrists, holding his waist instead.

Sasuke found himself breathless and aroused as his brother teased him with that marvelous mouth. He knew exactly where to kiss, lick, bite, and suck. He had never felt so good in his life, and still he knew this was wrong. He didn't care though, not when Itachi was slipping his boxers off his body.

The black cloth pooarouaround his ankles, leaving him bare against the cool wall behind him and his warm brother only inches away from his erection. Itachi grabbed Sasuke's hips, pulling him closer, causing Sasuke to tangle his fingers in his brothers soft hair.

"My, my Sasuke, look how much you've grown," Itachi said as he licked his arousal.

Sasuke moaned, throwing his head back. The older man took his erection in his mouth, sucking the head softly. Itachi felt the hands in his hair fist, as Sasuke began to push his hips forward. He continued to please his younger brother, swirling his tongue around and taking as much of him that he could.

Sasuke felt himself getting closer, heard himself getting louder. Pleasure like this was unknown to him, but just as he was getting use to his brothers warmth around him, it was gone.

Itachi rose to his feet and swallowed a moan of disappointment that came from the smaller boys lips. This time when their lips met, Sasuke responded. Itachi licked his brothers lips, then dipped inside. Sasuke could taste himself on his brother, and he moaned, kissing Itachi with equal passion.

The older man began to take off his clothes, throwing the unwanted garments somewhere on the floor. Once free from the unwanted barrier, he kissed Sasuke again, picking him up in his arms. Sasuke wrapped his legs around Itachi's waist. He felt his brother position himself at his tight entrance and he tried to relax, knowing that it was going to hurt, a lot.

Itachi kissed Sasuke, thrusting into him in one fluid motion. Sasuke broke the kiss, throwing his head back and screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure. Itachi didn't stop, didn't even give him one minute to adjust, he just pulled out and thrust back in.

Sasuke screamed, gripping Itachi's shoulders as he was being pounded. Itachi lifted Sasuke up until only the head of his erection remained inside, then he slammed him down, hitting a spot inside that made Sasuke see different colors.

Their lips met again, in a passionate and bruising kiss. Their hands touched each others sweat-soaked bodies and their screams and moans got louder as the pace increased. They screamed each others names out as they came together, both holding onto the other as they slowly fell onto the cool floor.

They laid there, recapturing their breath in each others arms. Sasuke huddle close to his brother, enjoying the warm feeling between them.

'If only this would last forever.' Sasuke closed his eyes as this last thought flew out of his mind and lost itself among the soft sounds in the night.


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